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    When Nedry is stealing the embryos in JP, labels for 'Stegosaurus' and 'Tyranosaurus' are spelled incorrectly on the container.
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    News Archive
    Here's a quick index to what's happened so far on
    • October 10th - October 22nd
      'Hidalgo' Script Review, Sam Says He'll 'Possibly' Be Involved in JP4, Billy on JP4: 'I Hope Not', Operation Genesis Interview, Stan Hints at JP4, Again

    • July 17th - September 26th
      Will New IOA Attraction in '04 be a JP4 Ride?, Crichton Announces Next Book, Movie Deal, Project Genesis to Feature Hammond, Rex Voted #5 Best CG Character, 'JP: Dinosaur Battles' Game Announced, Crichton and Sega Team Up

    • June 7th - July 8th
      Spielberg 'Pretty Much Decided' to do JP4, SS of Upcoming JP Game, Spielberg Talks Sequels, Spielberg to Introduce 'Project Genesis'?, Stan Winston Says JP4 A Go

    • April 26th - June 6th
      Malaysian Universal Studios Planned, "Project Genesis" Officially Announced, Last TLW BO Records Fall to Spiderman, JP Named 9th Best Sci-Fi Film, Spielberg Writing JP4?, A Look at the JP Arcade Game, JP3 Nominated for World Stunt Awards, More Details on new JP3 Game

    • March 22nd - April 19th
      A Look at the UK DVD, JP3 Nominated for Best Sci-Fi "Saturn", "Hop-On" Phone Controversy?, Dan Taylor Checks In to DJP3P, JP3 Nominated for Christian Movieguide Award, German Universal Studios Planned, Crichton, Spielberg Working on JP4?

    • February 18th - March 10th
      JP4 Plot Tid-bit?, more JP4 rumors, JP3 Arcade Game Shipping, New JP Game for XBox, PS2 and PC announced, Complete JP3 Script + Clips, Camera Used in JP3 Receives Technical Oscar, T-Rexey in a Clown Outfit?

    • December 28th - February 12th
      DVD sales reports, JP3 arcade game released by March?, review of "hop-on" phone, new toy releases, JP3 'Considered' for Oscar, JP3 on Pay-per-view, Johnston's next, Neill receives award, Universal Super Bowl Commercial Features JP, Buy Your Own JP3 Bouncy Castle, Read JP3 Deleted Scenes, JP3 Not Nominated for Oscar, JP3 Nominiated for Razzie Award


    • December 4th - December 22nd
      Dan Reviews the JP3 DVD, 'Lost World' series on BBC, 'Prehistoric Beasts' sponsored by JP3, JP3 DVD commercial for download, Spielberg slips, Leoni prego, Grant's Hat up for grabs on Ebay, JP3 DVD released, DVD news bits, LOTR fails to beat JP3's opening-day record, 'Universal Studios' Gamecube game released.

    • November 17th - December 3rd
      Hasbro credits JP3 for earnings, Potter smashes TLW box office record, 'Survival' continuing development?, 'Survival' fans might be in for long wait, JP3 prop auction begins on Ebay, JP3 'Cardz' released, JP3 DVD promo site opens, more DVD reviews, Home motion simulator does JP, JP3, Universal passes $1 billion gross overseas, first disposible cell phone features JP3, A visit with Stan - 8 part video interview, JP3 cast and crew give one last interview.

    • October 30th - November 11th
      Free DVD offer details, info on JP bonus disc, first JP3 DVD review and look at "Beyond JP", 'Jurassic Park Survival' canceled, Savage talks about Survival cancellation, more JP3 DVD reviews, JP3 arcade game in the works, JP3 in 3-D?

    • October 3rd - October 25th
      Neill hosts 'Hyperspace', JP3 Cinefex on sale, Johnston on possible JP4, JP3 Editor talks uh..editing, first look at JP3 DVD, excerpts from Cinefex magazine, 'Dinotopia' set for April 28, JPI launches 'Rangers Club' website, JPI profits will fund JP Foundation, Star Wars: Ep 2 uses JP3 cgi Models, JP3 props to be auctioned on Ebay, more DVD info

    • September 4th - September 24th
      Baby Trike at IOA, Horner special on Discovery, 'Survival' delayed?, JP3 DVD announced, 'Park Builder' shipments delayed b/c of 9/11, Dern a mom!, unreleased JP3 music tracks for download, DVD cover art announced, JP3 on TV starting in 2004, DVD collection 4 discs?, Park Builder tips, Johnston interview, DVD details, Universal offers 4th disc to everyone.

    • August 14th - August 30th
      Australian promo, on Sound effects, 'Survival' details, new TV show spoofs JP, Spielberg called JP3 "for the people", 'Rush Hour 2' surpasses JP3, 'Universal Studio' VG shots, About Universal's "Jurassic Park Million Dollar Package", Neill Apperas on Aussie TV show, talks about possible JP4.

    • July 30th - August 13th
      What was the dino poo?, London firm taking bets on JP3's performance, Macy says he apoligized to Spielberg for his negative comments, more 'Survival' shots, JP3 in 2nd at box office, JP3 better reviewed than POTA, new JP DTS DVD released, posts JP3 'B-roll', Kirby 'Paint and Tile Plus' ringtone, box office reports, What's next for the JP3 cast?, JP3 feature on CanalPlus, SGI boasts about JP3 SFX.

    • July 20th - July 29th
      JP3 takes in $11.5 million on second day, new JP3 newspaper ad sparks controversy, Bozeman, MT premiere report, 'DNA Factor' GBA review, Dan Reviews JP3, JP3 takes in $20 million on fourth day, more JP4 rumors, Ed Verraux talks about building sets around Phantom of the Opera, AIM JP3 buddy icons, JP3 given higher rating in Australia, review of 'DNA Factor', Discovery channel special on JP3, JP3 passes $100 million, Davis interviewed by IGN, VCD pirates arrested, Ebert sticks up for JP3, Winston justfies animatronics, POTA beats JP3 in its opening weekend.

    • July 14th - July 19th
      More big promo pictures for download, Cinefex magazine to feature JP3, download long clip from JP3, more JP3 reviews, Johnston talks 'shimmys', some talk about the JP3 DVD, Johnston reveals that JP3 was trimmed for the MPAA, 'How Animatronics Work' feature on the web, JP3 released!, Ebert posts postive review of JP3, Johnston comments on Spielberg's 'wild' Jp4 idea, Laura Dern pregant, JP3 takes in $19 million first day, LA premiere pics.

    • July 9th - July 13th
      Sam Neill chats with fans, NY Post grills Johnston about filming challenges, Dan interviews Sam Neill, Commercial #10 and #11 for download, LA premiere guest list announced, JP3 all over the TV, Leoni talks JP3, Univeral announces plans to release JP3 in 10 digital theaters, Don Davis interview, JP3 VCDs spotted on the internet, more JP3 reviews, JP3 given a higher rating in UK, big promo pictures for download, Nivola comments on JP4.

    • July 4th - July 8th
      Dan reviews the JP3 soundtrack, JP3 site updated with new production notes, spinosaurs animatronic on display at Universal Studios, first JP3 review spotted, Commercial #8 and #9 for download, Leoni takes her character seriously, new contests, another JP3 review, Johnston moves out of production offices, comments on running time, NBC announces 'Jurassic Saturday', Johnston talks to Film Journal, BK cups spotted in Canada, JP3 NASCAR's race.

    • June 28th - July 3rd
      Johnston tells DansJP3Page that reporters "applauded extensively" at screening, JP3 cd reviews, JP3 premiere in NYC announced, Macy on Leno, shows new scenes, download demo soundtrack clips, Johnston talks about 'substitution' rumor, number of JP3 FX shots, Spino spotted on display at Universal, More commercials to download, Don Davis interview, Hollywood JP3 premiere announced, Jim Mitchell talks JP3.

    • June 22nd - June 27th
      Neill on JP3, Macy in Maxim, Bob answers script questions, We sneak into the official JP3 site!, new JP3 pics, Bozeman, MT premiere tickets on sale, voice of the JP3 commercial revealed, Kennedy says JP3 going "down to the wire", Malaysians warned about fake JP3 VCD's, JP3 popcorn tubs spotted, Johnston, Winston talk Rex/Spino battle, JP3 contests, Official Jp3 site launches!

    • June 12th - June 20th
      JP Institute website opens, new JP3 commercials spotted, Davis' score called 'earshattering', download commercials!, more merchandise from IOA, Franco says JP series will go on until 'we've had enough', Johnston talks to DansJP3Page about filming, delays, and JP4, Fangoria looks at JP3, soundtrack track listing announced, Johnston comments to DansJP3page on the DVD, Winston, Kennedy on JP3, DC premiere announced, JP3 spoofed on 'Daily Show'

    • June 2nd - June 11th
      Interview with Horner, Kennedy, and Winston, new JP/TLW DVD promo announced, JP3 DVD Dec 11th?, Johnston talks JP3, more JP3 products spotted, inkWorks details, Johnston comments on running time, JP3 called "hot" by teen magazine, Johnston says dream sequence is in!, new pics, Johnstons talks to Movieline magazine, JP 8 years old, Johnston tells DansJP3Page he is not interested in directing JP4.

    • May 27th - June 1st
      Free inkWorks JP3 promo card, new JP3 theater display, new GBA previews, early look at Jurassic Park Institute: Dinosaur Field Guide, new poster for sale, JP3 PS2 game actually called "JP3: Survival of the Fittest"?, Davis talks JP3 score, Horner museum town to see JP3 early, JP3 behind the scenes look on MSN, New Zealand premiere set for August 23rd, Macy on JP3, More on Canadian BK promo, Pteranodon have teeth in JP3, Randy Newman song to be featured in JP3, Johnston comments on test screenings, or lack thereof.

    • May 19th - May 25th
      New promo pics from the movie, more pics from the JP3 storybook, Neill talks JP3, Burger King announces Canada-only JP3 promo, Possibility of a JP4?, trading cards to be released July 5, JP3 segment on Entertainment Tonight, Macy chats with fans, talks about the sets, his characters, the rex/spino battle, new JP3 trailer released, No making of JP3 book?, more info on upcoming "Scan Command" JP3 game, JP3 to be released in Dolby Digital Surround EX, Maxim talks to Neill, First look at Don Davis' score.

    • May 13th - May 18th
      First looks at upcoming Knowledge Adventure CD-ROM games, Johnston talks JP3, new pics from 'JP: Survivor', JP3 lunch boxes, Neill wants JP3 to "get his character right", soundtrack to be released July 10th, pics from JP3 Movie Storybook, clips from Game Boy Advance games, JP3 game on Nintendo GameCube?, description of a funny scene from JP3..

    • May 7th - May 12th
      Big version of new poster, Neill talks special effects, more pages from Bob's JP3 script, toys to arrive by May 29th, Spielberg documentarian working on JP3 DVD, cool new publicity still, pics from "JP: Survivor", upcoming PS2 game, JP3 to open on record number of screens, Macy ready for a JP4, JP3 fan screensaver, JP3 posters spotted at Cannes, three games for Game Boy Advance announced, an early look at 'JP: Survivor', Neill calls JP3 'sensational', a few new publicity stills, Leoni, Macy talk about working on the set, JP3 game for Dreamcast, PC?, ILM animator talks about JP3 CGI.

    • May 3th - May 6th
      Big, big day! 'Survivor Trailer' airs (narration, pics, download links), Theatrical trailer shown before TMR, theatrical trailer available for download on (pics), Johnston comments on Dan's JP3 Page comments, more pages of the JP3 shooting script, action figure comparison, info on first JP3 'edutainment' game for PC, various plot details from Bob.

    • April 25th - May 2th
      Johnston talks JP3, more on the PDA JP3 games, pics of some upcoming toys, set report from an extra, first trailer review, toy spottings, No-Spielberg-as-Exec-Producer? controversy, finally settled by Johnston, Johnston talks to Dan's JP3 page about production status, info on JP3 and Honda racing, Macy tries to set the record straight, JP3 commerical during Survivor finale.

    • April 14th - April 24th
      Vince Vaughn arrested, another crew t-shirt, in People Magazine!, Leoni on JP3, new poster unveiled, about the SAG strike, JP3 soundtrack July 17, PS2 JP3 game Nov 14, "America's Sweethearts" moves up against JP3, Macy talks stunts, big pics of JP3's finale, first decription of the trailer, new pic from EW (first site to have it, all the others stole it from me), HMT posts page 1 of JP3 shooting script, Neil, Leoni, Johnston on JP3, the "missing ending", pic of JP3 call sheet, Univrsal home video announces buy the DVD's, get a ticket promo, JP3 on your mobile device, Johnston interview in DVD mag.

    • March 24th - April 12th
      JP3 NASCAR to debut July 7, school supplies, another JP3 trading card, lots o' merchandise including JP3 bop-bags, a look at a crew t-shirt, more scene decriptions, Macy talks JP3, another trailer description, Kodak announces JP3 tie-in, yet another crew t-shirt, a look at the wall filming and construction, Jack Horner spills some JP3 beans, posts plot description, JP3 trailer 'amazing', first toys spotted, why no JP3 promotion?, new fan trailer, JP3 trading cards to feature 'new 3-D printing technology', scene filmed at IOA?, first JP3 newspaper ads..

    • March 8th - March 21th
      JOHNSTON speaks to! -- talks about Macy's comments, adds some cast info, description of the trailer from ShoWest, about the JP3 junior novelization, Attenborough on JP3, What is the 'JP Institute'?, pics of the JP3 NASCAR cars, author of JPI: Dinosaur Field Guide speaks, Knowledge Adventure to make CD-ROM games, trailer to play before 'The Mummy' on May 4, will JP3 have legs?, JP3 95 minutes?, Winston talks pteranodons, Don Davis status report, JP3 DVD in the works, underwater dino in JP3?, JP3 script review!.

    • February 20th - March 7th
      Article about ILM, about the raptor boat, more toy pics, about the "tapejara", pic of the robot raptor toy, Winston gets a star, Universal shuts down JP3 script auction, pic of the pteranodon, more trailer info, about JP3's "Dino Battle", JP3 sleeping bag, JP3 engineer interviewed, info on trading cards, new "rex cage" pic, IMDB reports negative Macy comments.

    • January 8th - Febuary 18th
      Toy overload! New spino and raptor toy pics, lots of toy information (and prices), Tiger Electronics toy pics and descriptions, even more toy pics, description of the JP3 trailer, Crichton signs big book deal, Japanese JP3 logo, pics of kids clothing.

    • January 19th - Febuary 6th
      Super Bowl ad speculation, JP3 to be released in China, about the finale + big spino paw pic, no superbowl trailer, Neill calls JP3 "bigger than Christmas", more international release dates, filming wraps, toy details - robotic raptor, 'Dino-Chi', report that Spielberg unhappy with JP3 production?, pictures from Toy Fair 2001, JP3 game announced for Gameboy Advance, Ed Verraux comments about JP3's sets, LEGO announces JP3 products, pictures from JP3's finale.

    • January 7th - January 18th
      New shots from Hawaii re-shoot, first pic of the JP3 spinosaurus, 5 out of 7 experts agree - Potter will beat JP3, new toy details + food chain tie-in, Superbowl ad speculation, first JP3 publicity still released, theater owners 'banking' on JP3, filming completed at Universal, long interviews with Macy, Nivola, Morgan, Neill, Leoni, and Horner, feathered raptor crests confirmed, production finishes on Hawaii, JP3 DVD by end of 2001?, detailed spinosaurus images, possible release date change?, more Superbowl ad speculation, 'Info brochure' for sale.


    • December 17th - January 6th
      Macy calls JP3 a "$100 million ship without a rudder", other mean things, more webcast shots, Australian release date, Leoni with broken finger on Leno, JP3 theater standees, Universal set ready to be removed?, Leoni calls JP3 "fun", Macy is a bit more positive, strange spinosaurs coloring?, Spielberg to be knighted, JP3 production returns to Hawaii, UK, Netherlands release dates, t-rex battle in first 10 minutes?, Junior novelisation, explosions and smoke spotted from Hawaii JP3 set.

    • November 28th - December 15th
      Tea Leoni interviewed, says there will be a lot of running in JP3, 80-year-old Aletha McGrath joins cast?, Rush Hour 2 moves release date to avoid JP3, potential list of dinos in JP3, big report from the set, the webcast with Stan Winston -- reveals Spinosaurs, hints at a spino vs. t-rex battle, and other cool stuff, Don Davis named as JP3 composer, filming completed at JP3 cliff?, JP3 and Honda Racing, Neill interviewed, hints about plot, says filming will take 5-6 months to finish, Davis getting help from John Williams, Macy says JP3 will be "tight", more pics from Universal backlot.

    • November 14th - November 27th
      New poster spotted, the Universal cliff is actually a volcano?, black tarp set up around cliff, Tea Leoni interview, stampede scene in JP3?, Macy to play "wealthy businessman", pteradactl model moved to stage 28, pics from the backlot set, delays push Hawaii filming to Jan., trailer speculation, JP3 poster for sale, Leoni's character parachuts off cliff?, USA Today piece on JP3, DVD commercial with first shot of a spinosaurs arm, Ask the crew your questions.

    • November 2nd - November 13th
      JP featured on "world's largest digital image", filming in Hawaii moved up to December, Plot details: plane crash, possible plot details: species that was never bred?, night filming at Universal, plot details: raptors in a tree, JP3 ending scrapped?, about the building being on the Unversal baclot, plot details: Spino vs. plane, possible plot details: documentary?, More pictures of the Universal cliff, plot details: group stumbles on a skeleton, DVD "hotlink" will require DVD-ROM?

    • October 20th - November 1st
      Win a trip to the JP3 set, JP3 trailer before "The Grinch"?, more pictures from Universal backlot, DVD sales stats, Waterfall?, pic from Hawaii filming, the toys are coming!, Muren not involved in JP3, cliff mystery revealed, Taylor Nichols joins cast, about the DVD "hotlink", major scene scrapped?, plot speculation - prequel?, filming at LA studios, more news from Universal - "cat walk"

    • October 7th - October 19th
      Report from JP DVD screening, development begins on JP3 game for PS2, JP DVD's released, DVD trailer differences, some contests, JP3 filming at Occidental College, pictures from Universal backlot, plot details - "Ingen Compound", JP3 on X-Box, more pictures from Universal, Laura Dern in JP3, Sarah Danielle Madison joins cast, plot details - "Grant + hearing room".

    • September 25th - October 6th
      Filming on Oahu?, Universal prepares for JP3 filming, Leoini to play Macy's "estranged wife" in JP3, interview with Stan Winston, JP3 Cast list, involvement of Pteradons in JP3, "Crash" working on the film, Plot Details: airfield scene, Final Fantasy moves release date, filming to return to Hawaii in December, News from Universal: lake drained for JP3 filming, Plot Details: Grant's Dream?

    • September 14th - September 24th
      News from Hawaii set, Helen Hunt working on JP3 script?, John August working on JP3 script, JP DVD reviews, Para-gliding intro to JP3?, River filming completed in JP3, Winamp Skin, Plot Details: Raptor attack on boat, Plot Details: "Nightmare" sequence?, More on the possible intro to JP3, Hawaii filming at reservoir, Logosaurs controversy settled, no composer chosen yet?, Konami to make X-Box Jp3 game, JP DVD in North Carolina, Additional actors join JP3 cast, Possible news from Stan Winston studios, Pictures from the set, news about a scene with an explosion.

    • September 5th - September 13th
      Sam Neill says JP3 will be a prequel, theater advertising, filming at Dilligham Airport, filming wraps on Oahu, begins on Kauai, Goldblum says no to JP3, first JP DVD review, filming on 'Powerline Road', Spielberg 'favorite' rumored to be in JP3, more DVD reviews, pictures from the "stating area" on Kawau, Cast arrives, JP3 Teaser Trailer released, major production problems on Kauai, opens, more production problems, possible plot details.

    • August 24th - September 4th
      Wesley Snipes in JP3?, Filming to begin, pictures from the Hawaii set including the "raptor boat", new JP3 poster coming Sept. 16, Michael Jeter cast, filming begins, visitor center renovations?, news from Hawaii, clips from the DVD menus, filming to move to Forest Reserve, Molokai Cliffs to be used for aeral photography, "reservoir" location to be used in filming, John Diehl cast as "Cooper", plot details, more plot details.

    • July 27th - August 20th
      Video game news, Sam Neill to get $15 million for JP3 role, Spielberg to get 20% of JP3 gross, Trevor Morgan cast as 'Miles', JP3 budget set at 83 million, Turner rumored to star once again, to go live Sept. 15, Tea Leoni rumored as casting possibility, Trevor Morgan interviewed, Kathleen Turner confirmed to star in JP3?, Utah police officers in JP3?, 'Trespasser' engine to be used in JP3 games?, a picture from the Universal set, menu shots from the JP+TLW DVD's, pre-filming news from Universal, Jack Horner confirmed to be 'scientific advisor' for JP3.

    • July 7th - July 24th
      Laura Dern involvement questioned, ILM working on new dinosaur, teaser poster revealed, more Universal set news, pictures of the White Wall, JP web browser released, no JP4?, DVD video ad with slightly different JP3 logo, Peter Buchmann info, new plot rumors and JP3 not a prequel speculation, William H. Macy offered Role + 'Election' writers look over JP3 script, possible pic of DVD menu screen, Macy cast?

    • June 17th - July 6th
      Licensing details, Crichton's involvement, Another DP hired?, Sam Neill to return as Grant in JP3, Script troubles, DVD packaging details, rumors about filming locations at Universal, Tag-line announced, Plot rumors, Universal 'Panicked', Filming in Costa Rica?, More casting rumors, Alessandro Nivola in talks to star in JP3, More JP3 merchandise, More set details.

    • May 21st - June 15th
      Main dino in JP3?, What is Tim up to?, Set B set to be used in JP3 filming, more Universal domains, Part of the JP3 script for a character named "Miles", JP3 character news and release date rumors, Hasbro named as official toymaker, Site C rumors, Big DVD announcement, announced, JP3 logo unveiled, DVD cover art, Jurassic Water (1st JP3 merchandise).

    • April 5th - May 19th
      Fan-made trailer, JP3 teaser rumors, Horner confirmation, Tony Gilroy working on JP3 screenplay?, DVD info, more screenwriter names, JP stamps released, JP3 plot rumors, Release date rumors, Dan's Dinosaur Review, JP3 production begins at Universal

    • February 17th - April 3rd
      Universal registers lots of domains, Hasbro to produce JP3 toys, Spielberg's "Potter" decision, Helen Hunt, Elizabeth Shue rumores, Spielberg to direct "A.I.", JP DVD news, first bit of JP3 teaser rumors, Johnston talks about script "problems", my lame April fools joke, more DVD speculation.

    • February 1st - February 7th
      The site opens! Rumors about JP3 from pre-TLW times, Johnston named JP3 director, Koepp not interested in writing screenplay, Michael Latieri is back, interview with Johnston, Mikael Salomon named Cinematographer, Crichton speaks, composer news, filming locations, Universal registering domains, Chris Klein rumored to join cast, Spielberg undergoes surgery.
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