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    A dinosaur called "Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima" (a type of ankylosaur) was named after the cast of JP. The letters in the name come from 'Sam NEill, Laura DErn, Jeff GOldblum, Sir Richard Attenborough, Bob PEck, Martin FERrero, Ariana RIchards, & Joseph MAzzello. (From Utahraptor)
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    Irrfan Khan Says He is Not A Villan
    Despite being cast as a "billionare CEO", Irrfan Kahn wants to set the record straight that he is not going to be an evil CEO. "Yes I've been offered Jurassic Park 4", he tells website BollywoodHungama (via IMDB). He adds: "[But] it's not a villain's role, as has been reported in the international press... [A]t the moment I cannot reveal any more details." (Thanks Joshua)

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