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    'Moveable feast' is a rarely-used phrase that refers to a holiday that can fall on a different date each year (like Easter). So when Roland yells 'Let's get this movable feast underway!', refering to his large group of potential T-Rex snacks, TLW scribe David Koepp is ironically changing the definition.
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    Trevorrow Announces JW Will Use Only Stop Motion Effects
    In a surprising tweet this morning, JW director Colin Trevorrow suggested that making movies might be trickier than he first thought. Saying "CG is hard", he provided an "in production" shot of a "dinosaur encounter" with an angry looking Triceratops. "Obviously this is not final, but it is near-final," he added. "We have yet to composite in the scared people, which we filmed separately in my backyard yesterday."

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