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    The big gun used to blow up the plane in JP3 is a BAR .50 caliber BMG. The round used is a .50 cal explosive/incendiary tipped round, which go for about $1,500 to $3,000 each. (From: NuclearRaptor)
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    Spielberg Talks JP:3D
    In a video at the top of the same USA Today story, JP director Steven Spielberg talks about the conversion of the film to 3D, admitting he originally shot it in 3D "in my mind", saying he used a "trombone effect", where "creatures and people are running towards the camera", making it perfectly suited to the 3D format. He also names a few of his favorite scenes that work in 3D, including the kitchen sequence where he says the 3D adds a new sense of perspective.

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