Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (XBOX)
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    Taylor Nichols (JP3's Mark Degler, Ellie's Husband), also appeared in another movie based on a Crichton book, "Congo". (From: RaptorVinny)
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    Potential Script Details Surface
    A source Joblo.com says is "trusted and reliable" has spilled a few beans about some plot points in a JP4 script that may or may not be current. According to this source, JP4 will take place on Nublar on a active, "actual theme park". This park "garners 10 million visitors a year and is completely safe - until it's not." The park has a aquatic area and show with "dinos jumping out of the lagoon and eating a strung up great white shark." More info can be found here. It should be noted later in the day the Twitter account of The Film Stage reported another source has corroborated the above, but said the info is from an "old script" (potentially the Jaffa/Silver one) and doesn't include Trevorrow's changes (or Spielberg's potential changes).

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