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    The TLW novel mentions dinosaur-like creatures rumored to exist in the jungles of the Congo. Called 'mokele-mbembe', several expeditions to find them have so far turned up nothing. (From: Deinonyclaw)
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    JW to be Shot Partially in 65mm
    In a tweet earlier this month, JW director Colin Trevorow confirmed JW will be shot in both 35mm and 65mm film, a somewhat unique choice these days with many directors turning entirely to digital. postulates the 65mm film will be used for effects-heavy shots, as "footage meant to be enhanced by effects could be more useful with the extra detail captured on the larger negative, and retain clarity through the optical processes required to layer in effects." As the site also notes, this does not necessarily mean the film will be released in 70mm, a rare wide-screen format popular in the past but now pretty rare. Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master was filmed and released in the format in 2012.

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