Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    According to Crichton's JP novel, John Hammond's middle name is "Alfred". In the film, however, it's "Parker". (From: 'eggy')
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    JW "Map" Photos Surface, Name Dinos & Park Areas
    Some illicit-yet-interesting-looking photos of some sort of "park map" have appeared on the JPLegacy.org forum, featuring what appears to be features of the "Jurassic World" park. Besides some fun sounding attractions like the "creation lab", "underwater observatory", "gondola lift", and of course, a golf course, it also hints at some of the dinos we might see in the film. "Mosasarus Feeding Show" reads one, suggesting at the oft-rumored "aquatic dino" scenes. "Pachy area", "Gallimimus Valley", "Triceratops Territory" and "T-Rex kingdom" indicates some old friends will return, and a "Botanical Gardens" and "Gentle Giants Petting Zoo" brings to mind some good ideas for scenes featuring rampaging dinosaurs. Check JPLegacy.org for the full details! (Thanks Brandon)

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