Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    One of the sound effects that went into the scene where the Rex attacks the gallimimuses in JP was the sound editors' dog playing with a chew toy. (From: Stephen F.)
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    JP3 Production Designer Slated to Return for JP4
    According to this resume from his agent's website, JP3 production designer Ed Verreaux has been signed to return for JP4. Verreaux took over that project from JP and TLW's designer, Spielberg favorite Rick Carter, and since JP3 has gone on to do production design on "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Looper", and "Rush Hour 3", among others. Back in 2001 Verreaux told Fangoria magazine that while he was happy with his work on JP3, he wasn't certain the franchise had to continue. "Hopefully, there won't be 10 of these things," he said at the time. "At least, I hope I won't be doing them." (Thanks Bert and Oviraptor)

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