Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    Some paleontologists believe Compys were actually not pack hunters and instead ate small lizards and bugs. (From: 'compy')
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    Apparent JW Plot Tidbits Leak
    Joblo.com has posted some spoilery plot tidbits, with the word that JW will feature, as we've heard, a "real running theme park" with attractions like a "dino petting zoo, a Hologram info center, [and] a 'Gyrosphere' [ride] that you can get in." The main crux of the plot, apparently, concerns our old friend genetic manipulation and why that is bad bad bad: "Business is good at the park, but the powers that be start to dream up new ways to keep customers coming back; namely by splicing Dino DNA with other dinos (and other species)," the site says. "They splice together a T-Rex, raptor, snake, and cuttlefish to create a monstrous new dino that, of course, gets loose and terrorizes the park." The "cuttlefish" reference obviously suggests these new dinosuars have spooky abilities, such as the real-life cuttlefish's ability to camouflage itself like a cameleon. Joblo.com doesn't name where it's heard this information, so feel free to salt these rumor to taste. It's also interesting to note that this story has been circulated pretty widely, even being picked up by Gawker.com and posted with the headline "The Rumored Plot Details of Jurassic World Sound Absurd". (Thanks Rui)

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