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    Rather than to create the TLW Mamenchisaurus CGI model from scratch, the ILM animators merely streched out the Brachiosaurus model from Jurassic Park in all the right places and gave it a new skin. (From 'Dilophosaurus')
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    Field of Nightmares
    By dieterstark

    "No!" Ajay shouted; he was out of breath. The men which he had become close friends with over the past day and a half were running like bats out of hell to get away from the jungle. The Rex was just behind them; Henry Bowding a young man from South Africa looked back and was promptly gobbled up like a dog eating a biscuit by the brute. They all wanted to get the hell out of there.
    "No! Not into the long grass!" Ajay yelled but to no avail. The men were shouting things like "They've stopped following us" and "We're going to be alright". But Ajay knew that was far from the truh. Ajay, like a good guide knew not to blindly plunder into tall grass without promptly scouting the area first. There could be snakes, venomous ones not to mention predators which lurk just out of sight. In Africa, lions especially liked to hide in the tall grass and wait for unsuspecting impala or the stray villager or gamesman, making quick work out of their prey. Lions were terryfing, but God knows what else was on this island.
    "Not into the long grass!" He was begging now but they would not listen, he had a choice to make. Abandon his common sense and knowledge of being a life long outdoorsmen and tracker and follow the men blindly into the grass or go back, find Roland. For some reason the Tyranosaur did not follow them into the field. Ajay knew he was the only one these men could count on for leadership. Roland was missing, Dieter was dead and Ludlow was God knows where probably dead too; he did not seem very athletic or fast.
    "Jesus," Ajay mumbled, said a hail mary and tossed his pack aside. He would probably need to be able to run as fast as he could sooner or later. He caught up with the men, and looked around the field scanning it for the slightest movement, the faintest ripple of grass to indicate a predator. Passing a few of the men holding up the rear he reached the center of the group.
    "We have to get out of this field," he said to a large black man with a big flashlight and a bloody vest. He just looked at him and kept on. There were only about fifty yards of open plain left to get through they might make it after all.
    Suddenly a shriek. Not human, a distinctly reptilian shriek followed by a hellish scream quickly cut off, now just a gurgle. Ajay swung around; nothing there but an empty space were a man was. Then the second man was drug under, his form replaced by a strong, muscular tail flapping about.
    "Shit!" someone yelled and another man was pulled under the grass, chaos erupted. The hunter next to the second victim began to spray the ground around himself with fire from his automatic rifle. He wore an Australian army hat, folded on one side; he was scared. Other men began to dart and run in various directions, splitting the heard; exactly what the beasts had planned. The Australian started to run back the other way, proving to be a mistake. A large dinosaur with blood and meat hanging from its jaws stood up, directly in his way. He fired multiple rouds into it, sending it to the ground while it made noises of a wounded animal. IT was by no means dead but the man took the chance to run for the treeline. Men all around where running for their lives and being pounced on and dragged to their death by these dinosaurs that looked like miniature tyranosaurs. No wonder the rex's didn't follow them.
    Ajay saw the black man he had questioned not two minutes earlier raise his flashlight illuminating the entire body of a six or seven foot tall dinosaur with razor sharp teeth and an enormous claw on its toes. God save us, he Ajay thought as the man was brought down screaming, struggling with the beast.
    To his left side Ajay saw Jerry Crat, the Native American paleontologist that acompanied Dr. Burke to the island. Burke was no one to be seen but Jerry Crat closed his eyes, as if waiting for the end. He was hit hard on both sides, two dinosaurs hit him at the same time and started to tear the man to pieces. He saw what was on the inside of himself before he died, he was being eaten alive before Ajays eyes. Sounds of rifle and shotguns going off filled the night complimented by the screams of the lone hunters who were still alive, scrambling to get to the edge of the field to the brief reprive of the jungle. Ajay was alone now. All he could hear was the crunching of bones, the faint wimpers of men at the edge of death. A low growl came from his left, and another from his right; louder. He hadn't much time left. He un holstered his pistol, and frowned.


    Roland Tembo watched as the velociraptors made quick work of the hunting group he lead. Ajay was down there, a few of the men escaped the field of nightmare and scrambled into the jungle. Maybe Ajay was among them. What the hell, how could it have gone so wrong?


    Roland walked back to the tranqulized Tyranosaur, his head hung low. A man approached him, it was a member of the roundup squad, an Australian who had help capture the triceratops.
    "I'm sorry Roland, I don't think he made it." The Australian was white like a ghost, eager to get to the helicopter and off of this island.
    "He tried to warn us." And with that, the Australian sat on a log, and sparked a cigarette.
    Roland walked into the jungle, towards the field of nightmares, elephant gun in hand...

    TO BE CONTINUED, got to go to class

    3/26/2009 5:58:31 PM

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