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    Judging from newer, more complete skeletons, scientists now believe that Compsognapthus may have actually had a fan shaped tail like an eagle rather than the long, slender tail depicted in TLW and JP3. (From: JPJairus)
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 9: The Race
    By My Name is Earl


    “Welcome to another exciting race!” said the announcer. Snake sat in his car, waiting for the race to begin. He looked around him. Racers lining up…to race…and to die. “Now, presenting the princess of Miami: Missy!” said the announcer. Missy appeared. She had blonde flowing hair and an ancient looking robe, making her look almost like a goddess. She walked up to the podium and began to speak. “Hello my humble citizens. Todays race will be a good one. Also there will be a prize bigger than any other at the end: to take my hand in marrage.” The drivers got excited, for they were all men. Most of them rather disgusting slobs. “The rules are simple: 21 miles of road racing, guns at the ready, and anything goes in this race. So are you ready to rumble?” yelled Missy on an excited crowd cheering. Tom and Ann sat in the bleachers. A camera cam on from one of the pace cars. The image showed on an extremely large screen to the audience. Down on the track, engines roared on. Twenty eight cars total on the track. “On your marks…get ready…go!” yelled Missy. The cars were off. Snake in third place. A man pulled up beside him. “Hey, one eye!” yelled the man. Snake looked at him angerly. “Let’s play ball!” said the man as he tossed a grenade at Snake car. It danced on the hood for a second then flew off the hood, back at the man, blowing up his green Chevy Impala and killing him. The explosion caused eight other cars to crash, ending the race (and some of their lives) for them. Snake continued on, reaching speeds of 112 mph down a strech of abandoned highway.
    Back at the bleachers, Ann gasped in fear that Snake could have been killed. She gripped Tom’s hand. “Dad?” asked Ann. “What is it, sweetheart?” asked Tom. “I’m in love with Snake. Is that okay?” said Ann. “Yes. Yes it is, sweety.” said Tom gently.

    3:14 am

    The race was almost to a close. Only 3 miles to go and only 4 racers left. The remaining racers were a man with a 1966 Ford Mustang, a rather fat man with a 1970 AMC Rebel “The Machine, and a short man, possibly an immagrant from Russia, driving a 2003 MINI Cooper. Snake struggled and made it to first. The speed of the race had been lowered to on 50 mph due to dangerous curves which lead to the ocean if you plummeted over the side. The MINI Cooper pulled up beside Snake. The window rolled down. “Hey, you vith the eye patch! Missy vill be mine. I vill be hero of Sovich Union.” said the Russian in his thick accent. Snake looked ahead of him then looked at the Russian. “Hasta la vista…comrade.” said Snake as his car hugged the other side of the road. The Russian looked in front of him but it was too late. He plummeted over the edge into the ocean below. Finally the race was almost over as Snake pulled into first. Missy ran down to Snake’s car. “Brave road warrior, you may take my hand in marriage.” said Missy. Snake stepped out as Missy led him up to her palace.


    As they entered the room, Missy ran to the bed. “Take me, brave warrior!” yelled Missy in excitement. Snake walked over as Missy looked at him excitedly. “Sorry, sweetheart.” said Snake as he shot Missy in the stomach. She slumped over on the bed. Dead. That was that, thought Snake. Now to retrieve the remote to the nuclear bomb and leave. But when Missy’s death is discovered, her army will come after him. And he’ll be ready. Snake jumped out a window onto a canopy then climbed the rest of the way down the rocks on the palace. Ann and Tom waited at the bottom. “How did it go?” asked Ann. “She’s dead. Let’s get out of here before they discover her body.” said Snake as him, Tom and Ann got into the El Camino and drove away. “We have to get the remote to that nuke before it is too late.” said Snake. “Gotcha!” said Tom. “I got a plan.” said Snake, as they drove back to the old movie theater to plan.

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