Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    A scene in JP was planned where they found Gennaro's leg with a t-rex tooth embedded in it. The idea was scrapped due to its 'gore factor'. (From: 'Writer')
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 8: Realization
    By My Name is Earl


    “So you are Jame’s daughter?” asked Snake.
    “Yes.” replied Ann.
    James stepped in.
    “Snake, you see, she is my daughter. She was one of the children who needed me back in 1998 when I baled out on you.”
    Snake sat there. He had heard enough.
    “Just tell me where Missy is, okay?” said Snake.
    “The Miami Thunder Road.” replied Tom.
    “What is the Thunder Road?” asked Snake.
    “It is the term used for a street battle throught 21 miles of road. Ever seen the movie Death Race 2000?” asked Tom.
    “So it is demolition-type derby?” asked Snake.
    “Correct. The only way you can meet her is if you win?” said Tom. “So… wheres my car?” asked Snake.
    Tom lead him downstairs to a garage and flipped on the light.
    “Pick one.” said Tom.
    Snake looked around. Then one car caught his eyes. It was a modified 1978 Pontiac Trans Am with spikes coming out the front and automatic machine guns mounted on the side of the car. Snake looked at it. It was red with the screaming chicken decal on the front.
    “I like it. Let’s go.” said Snake.

    8/28/2009 7:22:00 PM

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