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    The original ending to TLW had pteradons attacking the escape helicopter and a longer raptor sequence.
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 4: Old Friend
    By My Name is Earl

    Miami Island

    “Sorry about your sub, man.” said the man, holding a M-16 in one hand and a surfboard propped up with the other. Snake knew the man. The man then suddenly realized who it was. “Snake! Sorry about the gun, man!” said the man as he threw the gun down and laid down the surfboard. It was the surfer he had met on L.A. Island back in 2013. “How did you end up here?” asked Snake, as the walked down the shore. "After that little fiasco with the tech stuff, I escape the island by boat and made it into Mexico. In 2017, I tried to sneak back into the U.S. but the “man” caught me and sent me here.” explained the surfer. “So tell me, where is the president’s daughter?” asked Snake. “You mean Missy? The Princess? She’s planning some kind of nuclear attack, man! She’s gone crazy! Totally kamikaze!” explained the surfer. “Where can I find her?” asked Snake. “Dolphin Stadium. Knowing her, she is “entertaining” men.” said the surfer. “Thanks.” said Snake. “What are you going to do to her?” asked the surfer. “Take her out. And I don’t mean on a date.” said Snake. The surfer stood there looking at him as Snake walked up the beach. Snake turned to the surfer, took off his leather jacket, and tossed it to the surfer. “Thanks for the help. Keep the jacket. I'll find another.” said Snake. “Thanks, man!” said the surfer, as Snake disappeared into a palm tree forest.

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