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    Michael Lanteri, special effects coordinator on all three JP films, directed the 1999 film "Komodo". (From: Oviraptor)
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 3: Getting There and Coming Back Alive
    By My Name is Earl


    Snake was suited up and ready to take on Miami. He had a new jacket, and new flame-retardant clothing. Fawcett took him to a weapons room. He was given two pistols, two AK-47s, a mouth dart, a bow knife, some stick matches, and for extreme cases, one stick of dynamite. He walked out of the building when he was ready. “You look like a real Rambo, Plissken.” commented Fawcett. “Thanks.” said Snake. “If you make it back, we’ll have to… get together sometime.” said Fawcett as she leaned up and kissed Snake on the cheek. Snake thought in his head, “She’s just playing you Snake. If you do the mission, you’ll come back and tell you that this relationship was all a lie. A hoax… just to get you to do the mission and get you back alive.” Snake sat there for a moment and said in his mind, “At least she has nice tan skin and beautiful brunette hair.” “Lets get you moving, Plissken!” yelled Mallory. Snake and Mallory walked down a pier to a submarine. “Just like last time, Plissken, but this time its powered by a hybrid nuclear/solar power source.” said Mallory to Snake. Snake climbed in. “See you later, Plissken.” said Mallory. “See you later…” Snake was cut short when the canopy on the submarine closed. Snake started the submarine and was off.


    Snake finally landed on the Miami shore. He check his watch as he got out. “You have 9 hours before termination.” said the watch. At that moment, a sinkhole opened up on the beach. Snake jumped out with his weapons. A second later, the submarine was gone. Snake began walking up the beach but then ran into trouble… or so he thought.

    6/26/2009 4:45:08 PM
    (Updated: 6/26/2009 4:46:35 PM)

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