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    TLW star Julianne Moore collabarated with JP3 star William H. Macy in 'Boogie Nights', 'Psycho', and 'Magnolia'. (From: 'livinglikeaking')
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 2: Mr. President
    By My Name is Earl


    After waiting awhile, Mallory and Fawcett walked in. “Presenting the President of the United States.” announced Fawcett. Snake rolled his eyes. The President walked in, with the Holy Bible held closely to his chest. “Hello, Plissken.” said the president. He motioned Mallory and Fawcett to leave the room. “So how is things going?” asked the president. Snake remained quiet. “How did you make out in that little fiasco back in Boulder?” asked the president. “I killed 54 of your men.” said Snake with a small grin on his face. “Now your going to listen to me, Plissken. I have a little job for you. And you’re going to do it since you didn’t finish your last job!” said the president. “How’s your daughter?” asked Snake. “I had her executed on November 13, 2013 at 11:30am Eastern Time in Washington, D.C.” answered the president. “Now, Snake, here’s what your going to do: My younger daughter, who I must add is armed and dangerous, launched an escape pod from Air Force Four two months ago, and stole a remote to a nuclear bomb that if launched at the U.S., it has enough power to take out 9 states. You are going to go in, kill my daughter, and bring the remote back. When you do, we will launch the bomb into space, where it will self-destruct after several million miles. But before we do that, we want to extract the bomb from the island and examine it. Simple enough, Plissken?” said the president. "Who gives a crap about your problems!" yelled Snake. Snake then jumped up and thrusted his fist toward the president. His fist went through the president but didn’t hit him. He couldn’t figure it out. “I’m a hologram, Plissken. No use in fighting me.” said the president. At that moment, a gun-like machine popped out of the wall and shot Snake in the neck with a dart. Snake passed out a moment later.


    Snake woke up in a strange room. He had a digital watch on his right wrist. He was sitting upright in a leather chair. Fawcett walked in. “Right now, you are going to do what we say. You have a killer virus going through your system.” said Fawcett. Snake jumped up from the table. "Get this crap out of me!" yelled Snake. Suddenly, the watch activated. “You have 10 hours before termination.” said the watch. “Come with me. We’ll get you ready to go. Times wasting.” said Fawcett.

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