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    Trevor Morgan wanted the role of Eric in JP3 so much, he practically begged director Joe Johnston for it, saying (referring to the pteranodon scene): "Peck at me! I can take it! I'm from Chicago!". (From: Ashley)
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    Escape from Miami- Chapter 1: Snake Arrives
    By My Name is Earl

    July 3rd, 2020
    Deportation Center
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    At the deportation center, Hummers and Jeeps and hundreds of men surrounded the entrance waiting for the “Most Wanted Man in America and the World”. Outside a CNN anchorwoman was informing the viewers that Snake Plissken, now wanted for more than 30 moral crimes against America and one international crime, had finally been captured after a robbery and shootout occurred in Boulder, Colorado a week earlier. As a heavily armored vehicle came through the gates, soldiers swarmed the outside. As the armed vehicle pulled up to the entrance, Lt. Mallory, an old friend of Snakes, and Marie Fawcett, a military spy, waited for Snake. Two soldiers approached the armed vehicle and opened the doors. Inside sat Snake, calm as can be. He was tall, had long hair, and had an eyepatch over his left eye. They ordered him to get out, so he did. He walked over to Mallory and Fawcett. “Welcome to the sunshine state, Plissken.” said Mallory. Snake looked at his boots then looked up and said, almost in a whisper, “Call me Snake.” He looked down at his boots again then looked up and said, “Got a smoke?” “You know the rules, Snake. No smoking, no drinking, and no love making unless you’re married, here in this moral America. Come on Snake, you gotta love America, home of the free!” said Mallory. “That died a longtime ago.” said Snake grimly. “Now let’s get you ready to meet the president.” said Fawcett. Snake followed the two into a dark, depressing building that was painted completely black on the outside, and completely white on the inside. As he walked down the hall, a man read information to Snake. "S.D. Plissken. Special Forces. Two Purple Hearts. Youngest man ever decorated by the president." Snake walked along thinking of how his career turned out. He kinda chuckled inside to the thought of that. Then, he was sent to a room and ordered to sit. Snake, as he sat there, though of ten bad things he could possibly say to the president when he met him again. For the first time since 2013.

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