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    In the original TLW movie, they planned to have a parasailing scene immediatly after the raptor chase the humans off a cliff. While the scene was ultimately scrapped, a similar scene is rumored to be in JP3. (From: 'Vader')
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    JP Novel Comic (Opening Scene)
    By Kevy Mac

    PAGE 1

    PANEL 1: We see ROBERTA "BOBBIE" CARTER and MANUEL ARAGON sitting in an examining room. Bobbie is staring out the window at the downpour, wearing a tank top and cut off jeans while Manuel inspects some equipment.

    NARRATIVE BOX: Bahia, Costa Rica, 1989

    BOBBIE (THOUGHT BUBBLE): Rain again. Three weeks of rain. So much for sun and relaxation.

    PANEL 2: Manuel lifts his head up.

    MANUEL: Listen.

    PANEL 3: Bobbie continues to stare out at the rain.

    BOBBIE: Believe me, I hear it.

    MANUEL: No, listen.

    PANEL 4: Bobbie pauses, a very perplexed look on her face.


    PANEL 5: Bobbie looks out the window, still perplexed.


    BOBBIE: A helicopter? In this weather?

    PAGE 2

    PANEL 1: A SIKORSKY HELICOPTER is landing on the beach, a blue stripe and "INGEN CONSTRUCTION" on the side.

    BOBBIE: What could be so urgent that they would want to risk flying in this weather?

    PANEL 2: The side door of the helicopter swings open and a uniformed worker jumps out into the rain.

    WORKER: Doctor! Necesitamos a doctor!

    PANEL 3: Bobbie heads towards the helicopter. Manuel watches from the doorway.

    MANUEL: Whatever it is, it's serious.

    PAGE 3

    PANEL 1: Two BLACK CREWMEN carry an injured SPANISH YOUTH, 18ish, while ED REGIS, an older red-haired man in a slicker and a Mets cap shouts at them.

    REGIS: Move it, move it! Is there a doctor here?!

    PANEL 2: Bobbie runs up to them, her cut off jeans and tank top throwing Regis off.

    BOBBIE: I'm Dr. Carter!

    REGIS: You're the-never mind. Ed Regis. We've got a very injured man here!

    PANEL 3: The workers look on as Bobbie and Ed talk.

    BOBBIE: San Jose is twenty minutes away. They're your best bet!

    ED: Can't clear the mountains in these conditions! You'll have to treat him here!

    PANEL 4: They run alongside each other towards the clinic.

    BOBBIE: What happened?

    REGIS: One of the backhoes ran over him!

    PANEL 5: The workers set the young man down on the examining table, his shirt soaked with rain and blood. Manuel is starting an IV line and Bobbie looks at the injured man, holding up a set of shears.

    BOBBIE: Alright, let's have a look.

    PAGE 4

    PANEL 1 (INLET): The shears cut through the shirt.

    PANEL 1: The young man has a HUGE TEAR from his shoulder to his torso, the flesh jagged at the edge and his shoulder bone exposed. A similar laceration is on his thigh as well.

    BOBBIE: So a backhoe ran over him, you said?

    ED: I wasn't there when it happened, but that's what I've been told. Why?

    PANEL 2: Bobbie studies the wounds.

    BOBBIE: Looks like he's been mauled.

    PANEL 3: Regis shakes his head.

    REGIS: Mauled? I assure you it was a construction accident.

    PANEL 4: Bobbie inspects the wounds, poking at a white foam with her fingers.

    BOBBIE: If an earthmover did back over him, his wounds would have dirt forced in deep. All I'm seeing is-

    REGIS: Who cares how he was hurt? Can you help him?

    PANEL 5: Bobbie shoots a glance over to Ed Regis.

    N.B.: Dr. Carter eyes the newcomer, his posture anxious, his tone hurried.

    BOBBIE: Calm down, sir. When did this happen?

    REGIS: An hour ago, more or less.

    BOBBIE: Alright, wait outside.

    REGIS: What, why?

    PAGE 5

    PANEL 1: Regis stumbles back as the door slams in his face, one of the workers holding his hand out to help Regis stand.

    BOBBIE: Do you want me to help him or not?


    PANEL 2: Seen from the patient's perspective. Bobbie takes a couple of pictures of the injuries as Manuel tries to clean blood from the man's chest. Both have a surprised look on their face.

    PATIENT (WEAKLY): Raptor...

    PANEL 3: The patient barely moves, his skin pale, shivering as he speaks.

    PATIENT: Lo sa raptor...

    PAGE 6

    PANEL 1: Bobbie raises an eyebrow while Manuel steps back, terrified.

    BOBBIE: What does that mean?

    MANUEL: Raptor. Means hupia, but 'Lo Sa Raptor' no es espanol.

    BOBBIE: Then please resume washing him, Manuel.

    PANEL 2: Bobbie frowns, becoming irritated with her assistant.

    MANUEL: Bad smell. The foam in his wounds is from the hupia. It bit him.

    BOBBIE: Manuel, this is not the time for your superstitious ghost stories! Now get ba-

    PANEL 3: The injured man immediately SITS UP AND PROJECTILE VOMITS BLOOD. Manuel shrieks in alarm.



    PAGE 7

    PANEL 1: The kid slams back onto the table and begins convulsing violently. Bobbie tries to hold him down.


    PANEL 2: The boy shudders off of the table as Bobbie falls to the floor with him.


    PANEL 3: The boy vomits again, Bobbie cringing a bit as blood splatters onto her.


    PANGEL 4: The door opens and Ed Regis looks on horrified.


    PAGE 8

    PANEL 1: Regis runs past the two workmen, his hands over his mouth.

    PANEL 2: The kid's head falls back, blood covering his chin and his eyes rolling upwards.

    PATIENT: ...

    PANEL 3: Bobbie leans in to give mouth to mouth.

    PANEL 4: Manuel pulls her back, wide-eyed.

    MANUEL: No, doctor!

    BOBBIE: Manuel, for Chrissake-

    MANUEL: NO! The hupia will cross over.

    PANEL 5: The dead worker's frozen face lies in the foreground. Bobbie hangs her head in the background.

    BOBBIE: *sigh* Call them in, Manuel.

    PANEL 6: Manuel opens the door and faces Regis and the other two. Regis is wiping the corner of his mouth.

    MANUEL: I'm sorry, senors. He didn't make it.

    PAGE 9

    PANEL 1: The two workmen take the dead kid out of the room.

    PANEL 2: Ed Regis is talking with Bobbie.

    REGIS: I'm sure you did all that you could.

    PANEL 3: Bobbie and Manuel watch as the helicopter lifts off the beach, their backs to us.

    BOBBIE: InGen's working on an island off shore, aren't they?

    MANUEL: Si, about a hundred, hundred twenty miles from here.

    PANEL 4: Bobbie continues to watch as Manuel heads back in.

    BOBBIE: Pretty far for a resort.

    MANUEL: I hope they never come back, doctor.

    PANEL 5: Bobbie returns to the table, only to find her camera gone.

    BOBBIE: ...Manuel, have you seen the camera?

    2/5/2011 8:34:03 PM

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