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    The original ending to TLW had pteradons attacking the escape helicopter and a longer raptor sequence.
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    Sharkey's Bad Post Day-preview
    By Dac

    Universal logo appears, then fades to black...

    Narrator: "Bad days.."

    Shot of a red squirrel throwing up

    Narrator: "We hate them..."

    Shot of a panther roaring at his weasel henchmen...

    Narrator: "Don't we?"

    Shot of a red squirrel walking off...

    Narrator: "But this unlikely squirrel..."

    Shot of the Grim Reaper swinging his scythe at some catfish

    Narrator: "Only wanted to get home..."

    Shot of some swooping dung beetles

    Narrator: "But had a very Bad Post Day on the way."

    Sharkey: "Oh, no!"

    Shot of Sharkey riding a barrel down a hill

    Shot of Rexjaws flying overhead, screaming

    Shot of Sharkey throwing a bone and saying to a raptor, "Fetch!"

    Shot of Sharkey riding a pitchfork

    Narrator: "Don't miss this exciting new release..."

    Shot of two Casualty Department flooders, while one says "It's that bloody squirrel!"

    Sharkey's Bad Post Day

    and Vader

    Guest starring:
    The flooders
    Vito Hardy

    A Dac production

    1/20/02 9:28:21 PM

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