Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (XBOX)
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    Recent David Koepp screenwriting hits include the screenplay for David Fincher's "Panic Room" and Sam Rami's "Spiderman". (From: Dino_Dude)
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    Dark Force Destructor: chapter 5
    By Dac

    Chapter 5

    That very time that Esplinter was discussing family matters with Icebreaker, and the two army commanders were talking to Agent Matrix, a few other people were stuck in the Marjinner prison. At the bottom of Madblast Tower, the heavy security cells were in an underground bunker, while the medium security cells were above ground. Cyros and Jurassiclaw were in one such cell, waiting for dinner, which was cooked by mxpx8690. They were about to make contact, however, with a familiar face who had eluded capture...

    16 November 2001
    Marjinner Prison, MS Cell LXVII

    Cyros lay against the wall, staring in disgust at the Toasted Rat sandwich in front of him, on a plate with some frog liver. His cellmate, Jurassiclaw, had overcome nauseousness and eaten these, only to be halted by the glass of cockroach milk he was holding. Standard prisoner rations cooked by mxpx8690. The Marjinner prison was horrible enough in the Medium Security Cells. The beds were solid cement, and the window was 5 inches by 3 inches. 1-inch bars were covering it anyway, and the only other things in the room were a security camera, a door and a shelf cut into the wall. The shelf was filled with books like, "The Rise and Fall of the Marjinners", "Dan Finkelstein, the man who shall pay" and "The Baryonyx Burp". Nothing decent.
    "How can you eat that stuff?!!" demanded Cyros.
    "Hey, I was hungry. Believe it or not, it tastes OK."
    Cyros shuddered. "That's disgusting. What do they taste like?"
    "Well, the rat was like butter, really. And the frog liver was a bit like bacon."
    Cyros looked at his plate. Finally, unable to cope, he vomited. Jurassiclaw dived behind a bed to avoid the goo, but some of it splattered the lens on the camera.
    "Well, at least they can't see us."
    "Lucky for me, means I won't get caught," said a voice by the window. The cellmates spun and stared. There, outside, was Spinoboy11.
    "Hi, guys."
    "Spinoboy! What the...How'd you escape?"
    "I hid in the fan fic billboard to escape the Marjinners. Evilgrinch told me to hide there, and then he, Seth and Vader left to find Icebreaker. I've just lived the worst days of my life! I had to go through garbage for food, damn it! Anyway, I'm gonna go find Grinch, Ice, Vader and Seth. We gotta get a force together."
    "Heard about Dan?"
    "No, why?"
    "He broke out of his MS Cell, and sealed some cocoons or something. They moved him to a HS Cell."
    "Cocoons? What the hell?"
    "D'you know if anyone else has escaped?"
    "Yeah, one guy."
    "Agent Matrix's enemy, Raptormark. He's been sneaking around MSN.com, stealing guns, and he blew the shit through a guy called Sergeant Tapcar. He's suddenly on the Most Wanted lists. Well, guys, I've just come to make sure you're all OK, and I gotta go. I think I better head to the Animorphs page, the DD gang's there, I might ally with 'em. Just remember, guys, we won't let you down."
    And with a small noise, Spinoboy vanished.

    2/28/2003 6:05:32 AM

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