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    Udesky's big-ass gun in Jurassic Park III is the Austrian Steyr AUG .223cal assault rifle. (From: Majestic-1)
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    Dark Force Destructor-chapter 3
    By Dac

    Chapter 3

    Icebreaker had to make the hardest decision of his life. Save his friends...or himself? The generous guy he is, he decided on his friends. He has decided to go with his allies and friends, Vader, Evilgrinch and Seth Rex, to a site where they might meet escapees of the Dark Force Destructor, unaware that their every move was being closely monitored...

    15 November 2001
    Abandoned Dragonball Z site
    11.59.59 p.m.

    Seth Rex was at the link controls. As the technical genius of the four, he was working at the super-computerizerar (kidding) to link them to a page. Icebreaker looked at Vader.
    "Which site is this prison, did you say?"
    "Madblast. Seth's hooking us up to go there. We waltz in, bust up their prison, cut down the DFD's stronghold and live to see another day."
    "Are you sure that the four of us can just walk in like that?" asked Evilgrinch. Seth, Vader and Ice exchanged glances.
    "Uh..." said Vader.
    "Hows about I take us to the Animorphs site? I heard Sharkey say there's a street gang there. Maybe we can ally with them." suggested Seth
    Seth punched in the controls. A small disk slot opened on the computer. It was wide enough for four hands.
    "Hands in there,” said Vader.
    All put their hands in the slot. At once, a sharp force, like a giant windstorm, seemed to yank them into the slot. Ice was spinning, out of control. He thought he was gonna puke...uh, die…when the spinning stopped. He tumbled out of the air and hit solid concrete, then climbed, unhurt, to his feet. His glow was gone, and he watched his friends emerge around him.
    "What is this place?" he asked.
    "Animorphs page. The DD gang hangs around here. Find 'em, befriend 'em, ally with 'em." explained Seth.
    "Seems deserted."
    No sooner had the words left Ice's mouth did some shots ring out, and bullet holes appeared in the walls around them.
    "DOWN! THE DFD FORCES!" yelled Vader, but he was wrong. They dived behind crates marked 'Hork-Bajir' and peeked out at their attackers. They wore loose black t-shirts with the letters 'DD' emblazoned in scarlet, and Reebok pants. They held semi-automatics, and had grotesque, disfiguring scars on their faces. One of them, most likely the leader, sat on a jet-black rocketbike, armed with an M-16 aimed directly at their crates.
    "Hold up, 112, I want them alive." said the leader. 112 turned to him. The back of his shirt had the name TyrannoRex112 stamped in dark green.
    "I think we blow them to hell!" he snapped.
    "I give the orders, 112, and you will follow them." replied the leader calmly. Then he turned back to the crates.
    "Come out, and we may let you live."
    Ice looked at Vader. Vader shook his head.
    "They can't blow this place without risking their own lives," he whispered.
    The leader's voice faltered. He was staring at a hole in the roof they had blown out. Everyone else looked up. A large, circular pod-like ship was hovering above the hole. As they watched, a concealed door opened up, and a thin, pale man stood up. He pointed his finger at one of the DD gang.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH! ESPLINTER!" screamed the gang leader, and he spun his rocketbike and flew away. TyrannoRex112 pulled out a small cube, pressed a button on it, and dived into a battered pod-like ship that appeared. Some more gang members jumped in after him, and it powered away. The newcomer pointed at one of the men on foot. A bright yellow beam shot out and impaled the gang member through the back. The others turned to run. The man watched them sprint away, with a look of glee on his face. Then his attention turned back to the four allies, who stood frozen. He floated out of the pod and landed on the ground in front of them.
    "Well, well, well. So you are still alive," he said, grinning at Icebreaker. "Why did you not return? We waited all these years for you."
    Icebreaker stared.
    "What are you talking about?"
    The grin dropped from the man's face.
    "What do you mean? Surely you..."
    His voice trailed off.
    "Oh, for f@#$'s sake! It can't have happened!"
    "What? What can't have happened?"
    "You fool. You forgot. You don't know your own past! Tell me, did you ever get a serious injury as a child?"
    "Well...yes, once. I got stuck in a compactor. I don't remember anything that happened before that."
    The man now wore a look of pure rage.
    "You mean you...Torbie, you idiot!"
    "Torbie. That's your name."
    "No it isn't. My name is Icebreaker."
    "Your name is Torbie, the Marjinner!"
    "So you were right. Well, to begin with...oh, how shall I put it?"
    "Who are you?" growled Ice fiercely.
    "Hehehe. Of course. My name is Esplinter. I am your big brother."

    2/21/2003 9:45:42 PM

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