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    McDonald's briefly considered making JP toys for their Happy Meal's, but the PG-13 rating forced them to offer collectors cups instead. (From: 'Drakkenfyre')
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    Treatment for Nightshade
    By Aragorn

    Ok, now here's the back-story as to how this came about. One day me and my friend Curtis were super-bored. My parents were out of town and he was staying over for the weekend. So what we did was take out my video camera and start making a movie titled 'Our Cool Life', however this movie we were making it up as we went along (Improving). It started off with me (Wearing various articles of clothes bunched up under my shirt as breasts and a dishcloth over my head as long hair) playing as Allison, a girl pissed off with her parents. She packs her bag and run anyways. The next day Jeff gets a call from his friend Curtis saying that Allison is missing. Then we cut to Allison hitchhiking (Keep in mind ALL of this was filmed in one room of my house) where she gets kidnapped by a truck driver with a lesbian daughter (The daughter is never seen, only talked about). Jeff becomes Nightboy, Boy of the Streets, and goes and saves her. Running time was 24 minutes.
    Then a half a year later the same situation, so we decide to make a sequel that we ended up calling 'Our Fun Life'. Again, completely improv. It starts off with Jeff moving back to Newfoundland, his ex Roberta getting into a fight with her boyfriend Neil, and Jeff telling his best friend Ryan, his secret about being Nightboy. Neil gets injured and goes sees a Doctor. Roberta disappears and Neil gets blamed for it until he shows up dead. Two detectives get on the case and start investigating. They discover that the truck driver with the lesbian daughter from the first movie had escaped prison and tracked Jeff down to there, posing as a dr (Yes, he's the dr from earlier). However before they could apprehend him, they get blown up in their car. Jeff learns of this and becomes Nightboy and goes off to save Roberta, fighting many henchmen (All invisible oddly enough, lol) and then shows down with the Truck Driver with the Lesbian Daughter (No, we never gave him a name), right before he was about to kill Roberta. Bad guy gets killed and Nightboy saves the day. Running time was 46 minutes.
    Then we rushed and started making the third and final film titled 'Our Scary Life', once again, improving it. Basically what happened was a killer (Dressed in a gray blanket as a cape and a skeleton mask) was killing off Jeff's friends and Jeff had to become Nightboy and find out who was doing the killing. It was more of a horror then action, but we never did finish filming it. Running time was 20 minutes, but we never finished making it, so if we did it would have been a lot longer. It was shaping up to be longer then the second movie.
    After that the tape with all those on accidentally got taped over, making me extremely pissed off. I haven’t talked to Curtis in over a year now, plus I've moved a few times since then, so we can't really re-enact them and re-film them. Plus the thing that made them so hilarious and fun to watch was the fact that we were making them up, line-for-line, as we went along.
    Anyway as a way to deal with stress, what I'll do is write short stories (Anywhere from a page to twenty-odd pages) about Nightboy doing what I want to do. Like if I'm pissed off at someone stabbing me in the back and I feel extremely upset over it, I'll write a short piece about Nightboy being stabbed in the back by the person and him going after them or something. He's basically my dark side. He smokes, does drugs, kills people (Crooks and thugs) just to relieve stress. Then as I got older, I realized Nightboy was a really childish name for a 19 (Almost 20) year old. So I changed his name from Nightboy to Arch Angel. I kept his look complete the same though. Anyway, after all that, I decided to write a treatment for a script based off my Nightboy/Arch Angel hero. Then after THAT, I discovered that Arch Angel was already the name of a copyrighted superhero, so I had to change it yet AGAIN. This time I changed it back to something similar to the original name: Nightshade. It wouldn't start off with him being so dark, but I planned, over the course of a few scripts, to have him slowly turn darker and darker each time. And now without further adu, here's the treatment for Nightshade:

    We open up on a night shot with a pretty 18 year old girl walking down the sidewalk of a town, long past midnight, drunk, heading home from a party. She stumbles by an alley and a soft snicker floats through the air, emitting from the dark path in the alley.
    Three gang members walk out. They wear long trench coats, spiked hair, knuckle rings, and muscle shirts. One is tall with green hair. He wears a medallion hung around his neck in the shape of a circle with a green jewel in the middle. On his left is a shorter, chubbier punk with black hair. On the right side of the leader is another tall person, who also has black spiked hair. However in his hand, along with the knuckle rings on his knuckles, is a baseball bat.
    They surround the drunken girl and begin to harass her and eventually move in to rape her, despite her pleas. One of the punks is about to hit her with his baseball bat when a hand in a black glove shoots out and stops it from moving down on her.
    The figure pulls the bat back, causing the punk to step back as well. The newcomer is dressed in black from head to toe. He wears a black baseball cap with a giant ‘N’ on it in white. Below that, the figure is wearing a pair of sunglasses and covering his mouth and nose is a black bandage. Whichever parts of his face is still visible, is painted black with facepaint. The figure wears a black leather jacket, opened up revealing a dark gray shirt. Below that is a pair of black jeans, toped off with a pair of black boots.
    He suggests they leave the girl alone and the punks smile and circle in around the figure. The small Punk and the Tall Punk both charge, one swinging the bat forward, the other swiping a switchblade forward.
    The figure jumps in the air, flips, and lands on his feet behind the girl. He grabs the girl from behind, twirls around, causing them both to turn, and after they have turned, he lets go and continues turning, so he is facing the punks again, the girl behind him. He jumps in the air once again, swinging his foot up, catching the bottom of the chin of one of the Punks.
    The Short Punk with the switchblade stumbles back and trips, falling down. The Tall Punk runs with the bat and swings down, just as the figure dodges to the side, and slams his elbow on the back of the Punk, causing him to stumble forward. Then he half-turns the other way and elbows him in the face, then swings his foot down and back, causing the Punk to trip and fall.
    The figure raises his foot up and slams it down on the back of the Tall Punk, causing him to yelp in pain and let go of the bat. The Figure swings his foot out again and kicks the bat away from the Punk’s grasp.
    The figure tells the three punks to get lost and never come back and the lead punk asks who he is in which the figure replies, “I’m Nightshade.”
    Nightshade turns and runs off into the darkness. The girl runs away in another direction and the lead punk stares into the darkness where Nightshade ran off.

    Roll opening credits over the song ‘Whisper’ by Evanescence. The credits roll over various parts of Nightshade’s attire, starting with the rims of his sunglasses, moving from one end, to the front, around the lenses, and to the other end. Then we cut to his hat, showing a close-up of the symbol, then the bandage laid out on a shelf in the closet, then it shows his jacket hung up on a coat hanger, then the boots.

    We open on a shot of a high school. Scott, a Grade 12 student, is walking the halls, bags under his eyes, yawning. A girl, Ashleigh, comes up to him and they begin talking and we can tell by the conversation that Scott has feelings for her. She leaves with her friends when they come by and Scott goes to catch up with a group of his friends, talking about school work. One of them asks him why he’s so tired and he just replies with ‘Long night.’ One of them remembers it’s Scott’s birthday and wishes him a happy birthday. They come across Mark, a nerd, and make fun of him.

    Some place else in the town, in some ‘underground’ location, thugs and street gangs are meeting to do dealings, and what not (Think of the area in the first Ninja Turtles movie where the non-recruited teenagers hung out, only more ‘dirty’ with nude dancers and stuff as well.) ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool is playing in the B.G.
    The leader of the gang from the intro is meeting at a table with a fat, but strong, crime lord, bodyguards around him. We find out the leader’s name is Jonas and the crime lord’s name is Mr. Becker. Jonas tells Mr. Becker about Nightshade and how he can be a potential threat if allowed to roam free. Mr. Becker agrees and allows Jonas to recruit more people for his gang to draw Nightshade out into a trap and kill him. ‘He’s only a boy.’ Mr. Becker states. ‘He may be strong, but he can’t be that smart.’

    After school, Scott walks Ashleigh home because he has to walk by her house to get to his anyway. He ends up asking her out to a movie and she accepts.
    Scott soon gets home and his parents tell him they have a surprise for him for his birthday. They lead him to the garage and he sees that they got him a new jet black motorcycle. “We know black’s your favorite color’ his mom states. Scott is speechless, but he gets a big smile on his face.

    He brings it for a ride and stops by Ashleigh’s house and asks her if she wants to go for a ride. She accepts and hops on. We see montage shots of them on the bike. After a thrilling ride, Scott stops by a couple of his friend’s houses to show off his bike. He drops Ashleigh home and goes home himself. ‘Chained to You’ by Savage Garden plays during the B.G. of all that.

    That night, Scott is on his computer in his room and is printing something on some kind of special paper. Once it’s printed out, he goes to the hall and carefully and quietly goes to his parent’s room and peeks in, making sure they’re asleep. He quietly heads back to his room. He opens his closet and we see a black shirt on a hanger with a black leather jacket on top of it. He reaches for the hanger. Fade out.

    Fade in. We next see Scott with the shirt and jacket on, fixing the sleeves. Next we see him reach for his black jeans, which are on another hanger. Fade out.

    Fade in. From behind him, we see him tying the bandage around the lower part of his face. Fade out.

    Fade in. We then see him reach onto the floor of his closet and grab a pair of boots. Fade out.

    Fade in. We see him finishing tying his shoes and he stands up, reaching for his sunglasses that are on his desktop. He puts them on and opens a drawer, taking out black face paint. Fade out.

    Fade in. Nightshade opens the door to the garage carefully, not making a sound, and turns on the light, closing the door behind him. We see he now also has his black gloves on. He goes over to his new motorcycle and bends down, taking a shape off the sheet of paper he had printed off. He puts it on the side of his bike, pressing to keep it there. He steps back and we see it’s a giant ‘N’. He goes over and does the same thing on the other side. He goes over to a shelf and takes off a black helmet and puts an ‘N’ on the front of that as well. He folds the beak of his hat up as he slides the helmet on, lowering the black visor. He gets on the motorcycle and starts it up, pressing a button on a remote to open the garage doors. He zooms out of the garage into the night.

    A random thug is breaking into a store, shattering the glass. He stops and hears an engine getting closer and closer. He turns around just to get a motorcycle tire to the face as a motorcycle flies through the air above him. He gets knocked to the ground as Nightshade lands and skids the bike to a stop. He gets off, still wearing the helmet, and runs towards the thug, picking up speed. The thug is slowly getting up. He stands up just as Nightshade reaches him and Nightshade does a back flip, but as he does, puts his leg out, so he ends up kicking the thug as he flips back, sending the thug flipping back in the other direction. Nightshade lands and goes over to him, leaning down and punching him to knock him out. He hears sirens in the B.G., getting closer, so he goes over to his bike, gets on, starts it up, and takes off, going around a corner just as police cars arrive.

    Next we see a couple of people dealing drugs and Nightshade shows up, walking from around a corner, his helmet off, his hat on. ‘What’s up fellas?’ he asks as he approaches them. They turn and attack him. A small fight ensues, in which Nightshade actually gets hurt quite a bit, but manages to knock one of them out none the less. By the end, he breaks the leg of the other, and Nightshade limps away himself, bruised and hurt.

    We see Nightshade bringing the bike back to his house.

    The next morning Scott wakes up, getting ready for school, trying to hide his bruises the best he can. He walks into the kitchen and his parents both look at him with stern looks. His father asks where he was the night before and Scott says he was sleeping. His parents get mad at him for lying, saying his dad woke up to get a drink in the middle of the night and saw the motorcycle missing and Scott wasn’t in his room. Scott said he just wanted to go for a midnight run. His parents get mad and tell him he can no longer take the bike out after dark. Scott gets mad and storms off, taking the bike to school (Which no longer has the stickers on it).

    Once he gets to school, one of his friends ask him if he wants to do something after school and Scott says he can’t cause he has Tae-Kwon-Do practice. His friend asks him what belt color he is now and Scott tells him that he’s been a black belt for about a year now. Mark passes by them with some kind of weird device in his hands and Scott’s friend makes fun of him saying how Mark is always making stupid inventions. Scott thinks about this as he watches Mark walk off.

    Later that day in school, Scott approaches Mark. When Scott asks Mark if he has any friends, Mark is hesitant. He eventually says he doesn’t. He says that he used to make up stories to sound cooler then he was and because of that, lost what little friends he had when they found out he was always lying. Scott asks him if he’s good at making inventions and Mark enthusiastically says yes and begins explaining about some, but Scott cuts him off, giving him a piece of paper with his address on it and says to meet him there that evening. Mark wonders what the hell is up as Scott walks away.

    Scott gets home from Tae-Kwon-Do practice that evening to find the house empty. His parents have gone to some supper thing. Soon the doorbell rings and Scott answers, in his Tae-Kwon-Do suit, and lets Mark enter the house.
    Scott says he’s going to show Mark the biggest secret in the world, and if he tells anyone, then Scott will come after him and kill him. Mark is shaken by this and says no one would believe him anyway. Scott asks Mark if he has heard about a vigilante taking out various criminals. Mark nods his head, saying he’s heard a bit here and there. Scott says that it’s him and Mark bursts out laughing, saying that Scott is a bigger fibber then he ever was. Scott tells him to stay where he is and takes off up the stairs. He comes back minutes later, dressed in full Nightshade attire. Mark stops laughing and begins to take him seriously. ‘Either you’re messed in the head,’ Mark says. ‘Or you really are the guy stopping all the crime.’
    Nightshade explains to Mark why he choose to become Nightshade. He explains how the crime rates in the town has risen beyond belief and that the police aren’t doing much about it. He’s pretty sure they’re being paid off.
    Nightshade tells Mark he needs his help. He was nearly beaten the night before by common thugs. He needs weapons to aid him. He needs devices that can help. Mark agrees saying how it’s a pleasure to be in on the greatest secret in the world. Nightshade tells Mark he needs some kind of weapon, and as soon as possible. Mark says no problem and that he’ll be back in an hour.

    An hour later, darkness is approaching. Scott is out of his Nightshade attire when Mark walks in the door, bookbag on his back. He unslings in and opens it, taking out a gun and laying it on the table, then taking out another. Two 9MM’s. He says how they are just normal guns, no changes, but he was able to get them off his sneak them out of his uncle’s gun store.
    Mark also takes out a device from the bookbag, the size of a hand palm. He tells Scott to press the button on the side. He does and a small, nearly invisible strip comes out. Mark rips off and explains that all he has to do is stick it on something and hit it once or do something to apply pressure, and the strip will explode a few seconds later. He says it’s an old invention of his.
    Mark takes out one last thing, which looks like a watch. He explains how not only does it tell time, but also has a built-in laser, voice changer/recorder, and gives the temperature. Scott is highly impressed and tells Mark to get to work on some new inventions and to get some made ASAP.

    Next we see that it’s later and Nightshade is riding out on his motorcycle, helmet on. He sees Jonas and a bigger gang, breaking into cars and causing general havoc. Nightshade lifts his arms off the handlebars, balancing, as he reaches to his sides and take out the 2 9MM’s and begin firing, just warning shots at first, hitting the ground around their feet, causing them to look up at him. Jonas smiles.
    Nightshade rides the bike right past the gang, turning around, the back tire in the air, hitting one of the members, knocking them to the ground (Think of the scene in Tomb Raider where the two bikes clashed). Nightshade skids the bike to a stop and jumps off, flinging his helmet to the ground as he flips in the air and lands on his feet, taking his guns out again and firing, causing the gang to scatter and take cover. All but Jonas who stands in his spot, smiling even more.
    After firing a bunch, Nightshade turns and trains his guns on Jonas. “I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again.” Nightshade says.
    Jonas smiles and says “It should be you that listens to your elders, boy, not the other way around.” And with that Nightshade fires at him, but instead hears a clicking sound. He looks down, surprised, and then back up, placing the guns back in their holsters on his side. Jonas snaps his fingers and the other gang members come out from behind cars and benches, and rush Nightshade.
    He stretches his leg back, kicking one and sending him falling back. He swings the leg to the front, kicking another. Then he ducks and rams his fist into the chest of another.
    A huge fight ensues, and in the end, Nightshade is drained and tired, but he has won. He looks at Jonas and gets ready to fight him. Jonas smiles again ‘Goodbye Boy of the streets.’ and from behind his back he pulls out a gun and fires, shooting Nightshade in the chest, causing him to gasp and fall to his knees.
    ‘I have Nightshade on his knees!’ Jonas says as he walks over and points the gun at Nightshade’s head. Nightshade looks up and smiles. Jonas wonders why he’s smiling. We zoom in and see Nightshade’s thumb press on something on the ground. Next we see him rolling backwards. Jonas fires, but Nightshade dodges, running to his bike, one hand over his wound. Jonas gets him in his sites and is about to fire when the ground right in front of him explodes, sending gravel into the air, causing Jonas to scream.
    He covers part of his face as he tries to train his gun on Nightshade, but he’s already taking off on his motorcycle.
    Before long, there are cops cars following Nightshade, telling him to pull over. A road chase pursues that lasts for several minutes, during which, Nightshade hides in someone’s backyard, and the owner rats him out and he takes off again. It ends in Nightshade getting away, and managing to get to Mark’s house and stumbles to his door and rings the bell.
    Mark helps him inside, asking what happened. Nightshade tells him he’s been shot and needs medical attention. Mark explains his dad is a Dr, but he’s on call at the hospital. However his sister is training to become a doctor. Mark goes to get her and when she comes down stairs, looking tired and dazed for having just been woken up, she is surprised to see the stranger in the living room. Mark explains that Nightshade is helping the police with the crime, but was shot and needs help.
    She agrees to help and takes the bullet out, wrapping bandages around Nightshade. She tells him to get some rest and he passes out.

    The next morning Nightshade gets up and goes into the bathroom to wipe the paint off his face and to get out of his Nightshade attire, except his shirt and jeans, and his boots. He asks Mark for a bag and puts his stuff in that and takes off back to his house.
    His parents get super-mad at him for not only taking the bike out at night again, but also for not coming home and when asked where he was, he says he stayed at a friend’s house. His dad gets mad and ends up taking the bike away, back to his dealership he owns. His mom says the school called and that his marks are dropping. Ashleigh left a message on the machine, mad at how Scott stood her up when he was supposed to pick her up for the movies the night before.
    Scott goes to his room and checks his wound. He has to make a choice now. Stay Scott and leave Nightshade’s life behind, or become Nightshade and leave Scott’s life behind. He realizes now that he cannot be both, for one will always interfere with the life of the other. He thinks over the night before and gets mad at how he helps keep the town safe, yet the people he protects turns against him and the police who he helps, turns on him. He agrees that there is no room for Nightshade in such a town and that he will no longer don the suit. He will apologize to Ashleigh, hoping she will forgive him, work at getting his marks back up, and work at gaining his parent’s trust back. He shoves the bookbag under his bed, leaving it there.
    Scott calls Ashleigh and apologizes and she forgives him. They agree to go to the movies that night.

    Mark comes over later and talks to Scott. Scott tells him that he is no longer going to be Nightshade. He tells Mark why, and then adds on, that it’s too dangerous. He could die and the people that care about him will be hurt forever.
    Mark gets mad, saying he has to protect the public, and Scott says the police can do it, in which Mark tells him that the few that aren’t corrupted need his help. Scott asks why he should help a public that don’t like him, and Mark says that it’s his job to. He has to protect the public, because no one else will do it and with out him, people will die. Scott says apologizes, saying that he has already decided on staying as Scott. Mark says that he’ll make Nightshade be the dominate ego, because it’s for the good of everyone. Scott tells him to get out and that it’s over. He’s re-staring his life as Scott, starting with making it up to Ashleigh for standing her up the night before and taking her out to the movies that night. Mark storms out.

    Jonas is talking to Mr. Becker, parts of his face burned and scared from the explosion the night before. Jonas is furious at Nightshade and Mr. Becker tells him that he will need to strike at Nightshade where it hurts him the most and Jonas asks how he can do that when he doesn’t know any of Nightshade’s weaknesses.
    ‘He’s just a boy.’ Mr. Becker explains. ‘Every boy has weaknesses.’ He orders Jonas to go out looking for Nightshade again that night, doing whatever he has to, to draw him out.

    That evening Scott walks up to Ashleigh’s house and she asks where his bike is. He explains that his parents took it away. Ashleigh tells him that she doesn’t mind walking, and that it gives them more time to talk o their way to the movie.

    Mark is walking around, mumbling to himself that he has to find a way to get Scott to stay as Nightshade. Suddenly he hears laughing and someone say ‘Well, looky-here. A nerd out past his bedtime.’
    Mark turns and sees Jonas with a gun trained on him. He grabs Mark and shoves the gun to his head. Jonas orders him to shout out Nightshade’s name. Mark pretends he doesn’t know Nightshade and Jonas tells him it doesn’t matter. He just needs to draw him out. Mark gets an idea and quickly admits that he does know Nightshade. Jonas doesn’t believe him, but then Mark tells him stuff about Scott and how they met, and about his parents, and Ashleigh. Jonas smiles and lets Mark go after getting Ashleigh’s address.

    Scott reaches his house after the movie and Mark is sitting on his door step, looking sad. Scott gets mad at Mark, telling him to forget it, Nightshade will not make an appearance again. Mark says that Nightshade has to. Scott looks at him and asks why. Mark his tears in his eyes and apologizes. Scott asks him what’s going on and Mark explains to him how he told Jonas about Ashleigh. Mark wipes tears out of his eyes and says ‘But now you HAVE to become Nightshade in order to save Ashleigh, and unless you want your friends, family, and Ashleigh to continue to be in danger, you’ll have to leave all of them afterwards and if you do that, then you mine as well become Nightshade..’ Scott is furious and sends Mark flying. He turns and runs back to Ashleigh’s house, a few blocks over, but her parents, who are angry at having been woken, say she hadn’t come home yet. Scott goes back to his house and up to his room.
    As the song ‘Taking Over Me’ by Evanescence plays, Jeff reaches under his bed and pulls out the bookbag with his Nightshade clothes in it.
    We see various cuts and fade outs and ins of him changing out of his clothes and becoming Nightshade. After all that, he loads his guns and checks to make sure he has extra ammo. He does a few practice punches and kicks to see how well he can move with his wound.
    He goes to the answering machine and plays the message back ‘Hi,’ His father’s voice plays. ‘You’ve reached Scott, Wendy, and Bill Short’ As ‘Bill Short’ plays, Nightshade presses record on his watch. He goes to the master bedroom and stands above the bed. He looks like he’s about to lean down to kiss his sleeping parents, but decides against it and turns away. Downstairs Nightshade reaches into his father’s jacket and pulls out a set of keys.
    Nightshade goes outside and says to Mark that he’ll deal out punishment to him later. He runs as fast as he can.

    Nightshade arrives at his father’s dealership and uses the keys to unlock the door and go in. He goes over to the main computer and boots it up. It asks for a voice recognition and he plays back ‘Bill Short’ from his watch and the computer beeps, allowing him in. He does a quick search for his bike and locates it. He goes to the section the computer told him to and he spots his motorcycle and goes over to it, placing the stickers on it. He goes over to the box on the wall holding the keys for it. He uses the laser on his watch and points it into the electronic lock. After a few seconds it short circuits and he pops it open, taking out the keys to his bike.
    He hops on, putting his Nightshade helmet on and starts up the bike, driving it off the ramp, through the glass of a window, onto the street, driving away. Music fades out.

    Nightshade drives around aimlessly, going to the places he ran into Jonas before, coming up dry. Suddenly he decides to try the theater and drives there. He comes up with nothing. He follows the path he took home and finds Mark gone from his doorstep, but sees a note there instead, stuck to the front door. Nightshade gets off the bike and goes to get it, reading it.
    It says that Jonas has Ashleigh and will kill her if Scott doesn’t show at the old warehouse outside of town within a couple hours. Nightshade growls ‘Scott is dead.’ And takes off, heading for the warehouse.

    Inside the abandoned warehouse, men are walking around, talking. All of a sudden the door bursts in as a motorcycle slams through it. Right away, Nightshade starts firing, bringing a couple of the men down.
    The other men rise their guns and fire just as Nightshade tips the bike to it’s side, allowing it to slide down the length of the floor, using it as a shield, the bullets hitting the bike.
    Nightshade runs away as the bike blows up. Nightshade goes behind a pillar that’s going up into the roof and throws his helmet off, growling.
    Nightshade turns around long enough to fire and goes back behind. He looks up and sees a bunch of men about to sniper him from a landing that goes all the way around the length of the warehouse, about half way up to the roof.
    He aims both his guns up and starts firing, not stopping till all the snipers are dead. Then he moves out from behind the pillar and fires both his guns at a bunch of the men, killing some, and going behind the pillar again just as shots hit the edge of it, where he used to be.
    A few men walk around the corner and Nightshade discovers his guns are empty, so he engages in fighting with them, dodging shots and punching, kicking, and other techniques. After they all go down, Nightshade puts his back against the pillar again and reloads.
    He looks and sees some men coming out from a room that’s on his side of the pillar and starts firing, killing them. He takes out a bit of the tape and places it on the pillar, pressing it.
    Nightshade runs from behind the pillar, just as it explodes, sending rock and fire outward towards the gang men, causing smoke to obscure Nightshade from view. He fires as he runs sideways, going into the room that he just killed the men coming out of.

    Nightshade takes some more ammo from his pockets and reloads his gun once more. He hears a sound outside his door. He shoots a hole through the door and hears a thump from the other side, blood coming in from under the door. Nightshade opens the door, seeing a dead body, and sidekicks the closest man, sending him away. Then he knees another in the nuts and punches him in the head, knocking him out. Nightshade fires at the last man, two shots, one from each gun, going into his head. Nightshade says some one liner along the lines of ‘Piece of cake.’
    Clapping is heard as Jonas walks out from a back room. Then another man walks out. Mr. Becker. Mr. Becker says ‘Imagine, I go from a lowly truck driver, to a respected crime lord, and now all my men are dead. Thanks to you, I’m nothing now!’
    ‘Such a shame.’ Nightshade says back, not caring. He asks where Ashleigh is and Jonas says to follow him. Nightshade follows Jonas outside, leaving Mr. Becker alone in the warehouse.

    Nightshade and Jonas get outside, which is an area filled with boxes and crates, cut off from the rest of the world by a high fence. Ashleigh is tied and gagged to a chair in the middle of the maze of crates. Jonas leads Nightshade to her and tells him not to worry, that he didn’t tell her his secret.
    Nightshade raises his guns and points them at Jonas and commands him to untie ‘The girl’. Jonas laughs as a shot rings out and hits the ground in front of Nightshade. He looks up and Mr. Becker is on a ledge above, aiming a gun down at him.
    Nightshade turns and fires until his guns lick on empty. He dodges when gun fire is returned and he goes behind a crate, keeping low. He drops his guns and moves around the crates, moving through the maze of crates. He reaches into his pocket and takes out the device that makes the explosive tape. He rips a piece off and goes to the edge of the crate maze and takes off running straight ahead. Jonas and Mr. Becker fire at him, but he doges the shots and uses a crate as a lift and jumps up from a small crate, grabbing the edge of the ledge where Mr. Becker is standing and flips up and over it, landing in front of Mr. Becker. Nightshade punches Mr. Becker with one hand, and while he stumbles back, Nightshade takes Mr. Becker’s gun and presses his thumb against the crime lord’s head, turning and jumping off the ledge.
    Mr. Becker wonders what Nightshade just did, but next thing we know, his head explodes. Nightshade stands lands in a crouch and stands up and points the gun at Jonas, who changes his gun from pointing at Nightshade, to pointing at Ashleigh’s head.
    “You didn’t save the day.” Jonas says to Nightshade as Ashleigh’s eyes go wide and then she closes them.
    Nightshade shoots his gun, expecting to hit Jonas, but misses. Jonas turns his gun and fires at Nightshade, but Nightshade dodges to the side as he runs at Jonas and does a jump side kick and nails Jonas in the side of the head, knocking him down. Nightshade bends down, out of breath, and picks up Jonas’s gun. “You’ve caused me and this girl a lot of pain.” Nightshade says. Jonas raises one of his hands and pleads to Nightshade not to shoot. Nightshade is going to shoot, but Jonas swings his foot out and trips Nightshade up, the shot missing Jonas.
    Once Nightshade lands on his back, Jonas jumps ontop of him and starts to choke him, knocking the gun out of his hand first. Nightshade’s face starts turning blue, despite the dark shade of black. Nightshade slams his foot down onto Jonas’ back, causing him to loose his balance and get knocked over onto his side, Nightshade getting on top of Jonas, punching him in the face. Jonas pushes Nightshade off, sending him flying back. He tells Nightshade he will make him suffer before killing him and picks up his gun, aiming it at Ashleigh, about to pull the trigger. Nightshade reaches his gun and fires two shots, one knocking the gun out of Jonas’s hands, just as he fires, causing the shot to miss Ashleigh by a fraction, the second planting in Jonas’s neck, killing him.
    Nightshade, out of breath, gets up moaning, and walks over to Ashleigh, letting her loose. She asks who he is and he replies with ‘Nightshade, Boy of the streets.’ He then tells her that there are quite a few cars out front. She can take her pick and go home in one.

    We cut to Mark, days later, who is about to leave town in a car, during the night. Suddenly the tires blow out and he skids off the road. He gets out to go investigate, finding a spike strip in the road. He looks back and sees Nightshade walk out of the forest towards him and he begins to back up, stammering over words, saying how his parents think that Scott has ran away because of his parents being too hard on him, and the fact that the bike was stolen from the store supports that. Nightshade ignores him and moves in on him. We cut away to hear a scream in the darkness.

    In the blackness we hear Nightshade speak. He explains how his parents soon moved away, not wishing to be reminded of how they screwed up their family, and Nightshade wishes he could tell them the truth, but everyone is safer this way. Ashleigh is still upset over Scott running away and its been months now and she’s still not over it.
    However the crime rate has been greatly reduced and Nightshade is still around, watching over and protecting the town from those who wish to do it harm.

    End credits begin to roll as the song ‘You Can Still Be Free’ by Savage Garden plays.

    10/7/2004 1:46:49 PM
    (Updated: 10/7/2004 9:27:03 PM)
    (Updated: 10/8/2004 12:48:10 AM)

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