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By Michael Crichton
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    A 10-minute long JP cartoon pilot was produced, though rumor has it the animators caught Spielberg on a bad day, as he refused even to look at it. (From: Erine)
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    The Slushie Bandits 1x05 Crime Fall
    By Aragorn


    We hold on the one-story city police station for a moment. A single squad car is in the parking lot, though we see another pass our foreground view down the street.


    The chief of police, FRED DIAMOND, is seated before his big desk. A clean top with a neatly stacked set of paper on one side next to a pen, and an open box of bear claw donuts on the other side. Fred just sits there, nearly dozing off with his hands held together atop his black hair.

    He jerks upright, hands off his head… his left hand reaching for a bear claw. He pulls it up to his opening mouth and takes a bite. Now bending back a bit, chewing with his eyes closed. He smiles with a slight chuckle.

    Suddenly another male cop, DENNY FRAMPTON, enters with a small package in brown wrapping paper, which he raises.

    DENNY: Package, sir.

    Fred sets the donut back in the box and leans forward.

    FRED: Thank you, Denny.

    Fred is suckling his fingers as Denny slowly places the small package in front of him between the paper and the donut box.

    FRED (still suckling): What’s wrong?

    DENNY: I just hate that sound.

    The suckling becomes increasingly annoying. Denny stares at Fred in disgust.

    FRED: What sound?

    DENNY: That sound, sir. Ugh!

    He turns to leave the room, but as he's in the doorway, he turns back.

    DENNY: Still no calls?

    FRED: No, we're still in that mysterious crime rate slump.

    Denny leaves.

    FRED: Asshole.

    Chief Fred Diamond picks the package up, looking at it at first. Then he starts to rip it open. Inside is a white box. He opens the box with a pull from the top right side. And inside, to his horror… is a severed right hand.

    He’s about to say something, then quickly covers his mouth as he pukes in the bear claw box. The package tips over with the sudden movement and the hand rolls out onto the table. Fred then notices a tattoo of a star on the hand’s palm side.

    FRED (under his breath) My God...Mac!

    We hold on the severed hand once again as we fade out.

    The opening credits play with the song ‘Downfall’ by Trustcompany. We see various action scenes from upcoming episodes, and then we see a collage of scenes of each main character as his or her name is shown in the credits. One on side of the screen is three blocks, each with a different scene of the character, from a future episode. On the other side of the screen is the same thing, only with the character in their Slushie Bandits costume. Overlapping, in the middle, is a close-up of the character’s head.
    Jeff – Slushie Man
    Karsen – Slurpee Dude
    Dane - Froster
    After the main cast, we see a few clips of them in some action shots, including some with their upcoming vehicles (hover board, leg jet boosters, and the Slushiemobile), as well as some shots of them out-of-costume interacting with other characters. The final scene shows the Slushie Bandits walking side-by-side as something explodes behind them.
    Opening credits end.

    Jeff is on the bench, relaxing… staring at the tall bush patch just around the near-by white ageing Gazebo. His fingers play with the Slushie Bandits ring given to them by Dane in the last episode. Dane is standing beside him with a hand to his ear, holding a cell phone, talking into it.

    Crime Fall

    DANE: Yeah, Mom. I got it. (listening) Yeah. (listening) Right, right. See you soon. (listening) Bye.

    Dane hangs up just as Amber approaches them. Jeff stands up and Dane shoves his phone into his back left pants pocket. They notice Amber carrying a bag of something. She smiles at them as she approaches.

    AMBER: Hey!

    She hands Jeff the bag as she has a seat on the bench.

    AMBER: You two didn’t wait long, did you?

    DANE: No, but I gotta run actually. Gotta pick up my Mom at her work. I kinda used the car to get here.

    Jeff sits up on the bench and shoves a hand in the bag, pulling out a wrapped burger labeled “Double Cheese”. He tosses it against Dane’s chest, and Dane puts a hand over it to catch it.

    DANE: Thanks, Jeff.

    AMBER: Well, why don’t you meet me and Karsen at the theatre tonight? About eight. We're seeing the new Saw movie. Jeff, you’re welcome to come too, of course.

    JEFF: Kick ass, I’d love to. I love the Saw series.

    DANE: I can’t. I’m actually leaving this afternoon for a couple of days. A family thing over in Grand Prairie.

    Amber sighs.

    AMBER: I see. (cheerier) You have fun then!

    Amber stands up and hugs Dane.

    AMBER: Drive safely. We’ll see you when you get back.

    Jeff looks back at the tall bushes and catches a glimpse of a police cruiser passing by. Amber unwraps her arms from Dane and Dane begins to step back. He holds his double cheeseburger up with a smile, just before turning toward a parked car a quarter mile in the distance, across a grassy field. Amber sits down and digs out the last two double cheeseburgers. She hands one to Jeff, and he takes it.

    JEFF: Is Karsen ok with me coming?

    Amber picks the pickles off her cheeseburger.

    AMBER: Probably not, but I don't care. I'm not feeling very picky right now, in regards to his feelings. I was hoping that things would get better after the whole Sobeys thing happened weeks ago, but they never. They did for about a week but they quickly got bad again. It's like he doesn't care about my feelings at all.

    She throws the pickles to the ground.


    Karsen stands by Amber with just five other people ahead of them in line. Behind them are about another ten or so. Karsen and Amber are holding hands, but Amber seems tense.

    KARSEN: So, Jeff’s going to make it, and Dane isn’t?

    AMBER: Yeah, Dane has a family thing in Grand Prairie that he has to be at.

    They move forward a couple steps in the line.

    KARSEN: I was thinking we could go out for a nice drive after the movie.

    AMBER: I don’t think so, Karsen...I’m already kind of tired.

    Karsen looks way solemnly. Amber picks up on it.

    AMBER: But maybe. We'll see.

    Jeff suddenly walks up to them with Sonum. He is fighting a giant smile.

    JEFF: Hey guys, I'm here. I brought Sonum too.

    They turn to look at him, and Sonum smiles and waves at the pair.

    SONUM: Hi!

    Amber smiles back.

    AMBER: Hey, Sonum.

    JEFF: I figured instead of being a third wheel, I'd bring someone too.

    Jeff and Karsen grin at each other behind Sonum and Amber's backs, as Jeff is excited he got Sonum to go to the movies with him, and Karsen is excited for Jeff. They once again move up in the line and reach the ticket counter.

    KARSEN: My treat, I'll pay. (turns to ticket lady) Four for the new Saw movie, please.

    The female teller rings up four tickets.


    Karsen and Amber lead Jeff and Sonum through the crowds of people and up to an empty counter top.

    KARSEN: Snacks are on me. Jeff, I know you like Root Beer. Sonum, what do you want?

    SONUM: I'll have a Pepsi.

    KARSEN: Alright, anyone want anything to eat? Amber, what size of popcorn do you want?

    AMBER: Actually, I’m not that hungry.

    KARSEN: But you always get popcorn.

    AMBER (snapping a bit): Well I'm just not hungry, is that ok with you?

    The group is silent for a minute until Jeff speaks up.

    JEFF: I'm not all that hungry either.

    SONUM: Ohh, do they still have skittles here? I love skittles.

    Karsen turns to the cashier.

    KARSEN: A large Root Beer, three large Pepsi's, a bag of skittles, and a large popcorn.

    Amber sighs heavily and Karsen turns to her.

    KARSEN: Just because you don't want any, doesn't mean I don't. Take a chill pill.

    JEFF: Hey Karsen, you mind if I speak with you privately?

    KARSEN: Hey girls, can you get this stuff when it's ready?

    Without even waiting for Amber to reply, Karsen gives the cashier the money and leaves Amber and Sonum behind to carry the drinks and food while he and Jeff go into the men's bathroom.


    Jeff and Karsen pass by a departing older man on their way in. Jeff and Karsen each, as if instinctively, look under the bathroom stalls. No one in any of the four stalls. Jeff and Karsen turn to the mirror, facing themselves - their reflections.

    Jeff: What's wrong with you and Amber?

    KARSEN: Dude, I have no idea. It seems we fight over everything lately. You saw it yourself just now; She's so uptight over everything and snaps at me over nothing.

    Jeff is silent for a minute before speaking again, this time in a whisper.

    JEFF: Have you been seeing the news reports on the crime rate?

    KARSEN: Not really, just a bit here and there.

    JEFF: So you know about the decline in it? It’s going down and I don’t like how it’s doing it.

    KARSEN: What do you mean?

    Jeff turns from his reflection to face Karsen.

    JEFF: Maybe I’m edgy. Hell, you can even call me paranoid. But if you look at all these cities - whenever a hero shows up - take you, me and Dane for instance - the shit starts burning like the sun.

    KARSEN: Jeff, shhh. You’re starting to raise your voice.

    Jeff goes back to whispering.

    JEFF: Every city… Gotham, New York, Metropolis, St. Wainluk...(pause-stares at door for a moment)...Crime rates always, and I do mean always… raise with each hero turning up to do some unbelievable good. Something's fishy about all this.

    KARSEN: Or maybe we're just better at our job then them.

    Karsen chuckles and Jeff forces himself to smile.

    KARSEN: Maybe we could stay on the downlow, keep an eye out for anything weird. But still try and keep a name for ourselves. You know, help out around town with the basics? Heroes for hire, or something like that. You know, we need money if we plan to do what we plan to do. You know?

    JEFF: Sounds good to me. But let me just say one last thing. The Order, a notorious gang from St. Wainluk, expands out and comes here and shortly after, there's next to no crime. Coincidence?

    KARSEN: With Nightshade gone from St. Wainluk, they managed to finally take the city over, which is allowing them to expand outward too. I doubt it's a coincidence, but it still doesn't make much sense. (pause) Whatever happened to Nightshade anyway?

    JEFF: I think he was killed awhile ago. That's what I heard. It was all over the news for awhile. They even broadcasted his funeral.


    While Amber and Sonum wait for their order, they chat.

    SONUM: So what's going on between you and Karsen?

    Amber sighs.

    AMBER: I don't know. Things have...changed between us. He's always blowing off our plans at the last minute, sometimes leaving in the middle of them to go hang out with friends, and there's been more then one time I've woken up in the middle of the night and he had left while I was sleeping. It seems he doesn't want a real relationship anymore, just the sex. But yet he gets mad at me for hanging out with other people, like my ex. And the worst part of it all? Jeff is normally the person I talk to about that kind of stuff, but now he's friends with Karsen.

    SONUM: That doesn't mean anything. I know Jeff pretty well, and he's always there for his friends, no matter what. He doesn't give his opinion unless asked, and he doesn't pass judgment. He's just a set of ears to listen when you need someone to and he'll never tell anyone anything you don't want him to. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without someone like Jeff in my life.

    Their food and drinks are served to them and they walk away.


    The group of four sits alone in their own row, watching the movie. Jeff slowly turns to look at Sonum staring at the screen, and she turns to look at him staring at her, and she smiles as Jeff quickly turns to look back at the screen again, trying to cover his actions up quickly. Sonum smiles and tries not to laugh as she also turns back to the screen. Karsen glances at Amber in the same manner that Jeff did to Sonum, but Amber just sighs and moves her hand away when Karsen goes to hold it.


    A shot of the police station under the blanket of night. Only two cars in the parking lot.


    Denny Frampton enters with hustle, the chief looking up from his face being buried in his hands. His desk completely cleaned off of everything.

    DENNY: We found nothing, and it's getting late now.

    FRED: How many times did you check his house?

    DENNY: Just once before it got dark.

    Fred leans back in his chair.

    FRED: Check it again in the morning, after you've had some rest.

    He sits back up in his chair.

    FRED: And what about those…Slushie men? What's the newest on them?

    DENNY: The Slushie Bandits. And I don’t know. They've been staying off the radar recently. Why do you ask?

    FRED: As much as I hate outside help, they've helped us a lot since they've gone public, even when we didn't want it. Maybe we can consider bringing them in on this.

    DENNY: We don’t even know where to find them.

    FRED (sighs): I know. Damn. Okay, Denny, go home and get some rest.

    DENNY: You gonna’ lock up, sir?

    Fred buries his face into his hands.

    FRED: Yeah, of course.

    DENNY: We’ll figure this out. You have my word.

    Denny almost waits for a reply but then shuts the door behind him after about three seconds of silence. We pan back over to the Chief. We pan in close, now face to face with him.

    FRED (v.o.): Mister Mac Edison.


    All’s quiet as a cop with a pistol in his hands, walks out into the middle of the street. He looks from side to side, at the one-story buildings at both his sides, then moves on down the middle of the road. A close up of the badge across his heart reads “Edison”. Now Edison turns into an alleyway, pointing his pistol into the darkness. He grips it tightly.

    MAC: Are you coming out of there, or am I coming in after you?!

    No answer. Mac expected this, as he now just walks right up to the dumpster against the building side. Mac stares at the end of the way, peering into pitch black. His gun set directly ahead of him.

    Suddenly a seven-foot tall man dressed in a black robe walks out. Mac jerks the gun, aiming it right at him. The man puts his hands up.

    SEVEN-FOOT TALL MAN: You got me, copper.

    MAC: Hands on the wall.

    The mysterious tall man does so and Mac gives him a one hand search.

    MAC: All I did was call for you. You didn’t have to run. (pause- as the search halts) You see, now I’m nervous.

    SEVEN-FOOT TALL MAN: You should be.

    Mac turns and is now faced with three more black robed men. They cut off the alley exit. The seven foot tall man turns and simply takes the gun out of Mac’s hand. So easily, as if Mac was handing it to him. This black robed man smiles.

    SEVEN-FOOT TALL MAN: I hope you said goodbye to your wife and friends.

    MAC: What?!

    Not another word, as the seven foot tall robed man smacks Mac’s gun into his nose. Mac falls back with blood streaming out his nostrils. The tall man walks out of the alley as the other three advance on the cop. They continue, dragging him by his feet, as the seven foot tall man chucks Mac’s pistol back into the dumpster. We notice a star tattoo on the unconscious Mac’s hand.


    We end the flashback as Chief Fred Diamond spins around in his chair and stands up. He walks to the window in front of him and lifts a blind with his right index and middle fingers.


    We move from side to side, viewing the parking lot, with taller buildings in the darkened distance.


    The hand moves away from the window. Fred turns around to an opened pizza box on a chair in the corner.


    Fred leaves with the pizza box in his hands. He’s digging in now with his hand, pulling out a precut slice. He shovels the first part of it in his mouth, pulls it away and chews. We notice he’s walking to the last vehicle left. He sets the box on the trunk of the car, and proceeds to pull the keys out of his front pants pocket. He now walks to the driver’s side door, looking out upon the quiet street beyond.

    As Fred begins to unlock the door, he doesn’t notice a group of four black robed men creeping up on him. A brief moment in wait, and just as Fred unlocks and opens the door, he turns to his box on the trunk. And that’s when the four smash him against the passenger’s side door. Covering his mouth and carrying him as his screams are muffled.

    They open the back passenger’s seat door. One robe gets in, then the Chief is shoved in as well.


    Jeff, Sonum, Karsen, and Amber are walking away from the mall that houses the movie theater.

    AMBER: I hated it. It was so confusing and made no sense in the end.

    KARSEN: Oh come on, it was better then the third movie. Remember when we saw that together? Sure it was horrible, but remember what we ended up doing?

    AMBER: I know what you’re doing, Karsen. I’m not in the mood.

    KARSEN: What's the matter with you lately? Why are you always like this now?

    Jeff interrupts the argument.

    JEFF: I'm going to walk Sonum home. See you guys tomorrow.

    Karsen bangs his knuckles against Jeff's, their Slushie Bandit rings clinking together.

    KARSEN: C-ya.

    Once Jeff and Sonum are gone and Karsen and Amber reach Karsen's car, he turns back to her.

    KARSEN: I suppose you want to go home?

    Amber is pissed and doesn't even look at Karsen.

    AMBER: You didn’t have to say that in front of them. It’s a jerk thing to do.

    Karsen is taken a bit aback and his mouth drops a little.

    AMBER: Yes, I want to go home.

    KARSEN: Fine, whatever.

    They get into the car.


    Slushie Man and Slurpee Dude stand on the grass of a park, just before the sidewalk and street. A little old white haired lady with a walker stands next to Slushie Man.

    LITTLE OLD LADY: Lil’ puss is up in the tree. He does that every now and then. I… I’ve got a leash, but he keeps getting loose!

    SLURPEE DUDE: You want to take care of this, Slushie Man?

    Slushie Man crosses his arms with a smug grin.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Hello? Are you awake? Slushie Man?

    Slurpee Dude sighs and decides to walks up to the tree.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Fine, I’ll take care of this then.

    Slurpee Dude begins to climb the tree. Branch after branch, Slushie Man and the little old lady arch their heads up and watch Slurpee Dude enter the thicker top side of the tree. He digs himself in tight, face to face with the fat cat… much like Garfield.

    LITTLE OLD LADY: Oh, and watch out! Heathcliff bites!

    She looks to Slushie Man.

    LITTLE OLD LADY: You like that name, Slushie Man?

    Slushie Man keeps his gaze on his partner up in the tree.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Yes, ma’am.

    LITTLE OLD LADY: My kids got him for me last year. It was my birthday. They said it was a good name to give him.

    Slurpee Dude pulls back a few of his attempted grabs, as Heathcliff swings his paws and hisses at him, hair-risingly pissed. Slurpee Dude reaches for the cat again.

    SLURPEE DUDE (low tone): Damn cat...

    A branch snaps just as Slurpee Dude grabs a hold of the cat and they fall out of the tree.


    Slushie Man leaps over and catches Slurpee Dude, both falling to the ground as Slushie Man breaks Slurpee Dude's fall. Heathcliff immediately runs to the old lady, and he’s meowing as she struggles to attach the leash to his collar. Slushie Man pushes Slurpee Dude off of him. The Little Old Lady starts slowly walking away with her walker.

    LITTLE OLD LADY: Let’s go home and get you some fish, Heathcliff. (to the heroes) Thanks!

    Slurpee Dude is laying down on the ground, in major pain. Slushie Man stands up.

    SLURPEE DUDE: You're welcome.

    Slushie Man reaches a hand down, helping his friend up.

    SLUSHIE MAN: That wasn’t so bad.

    Slurpee Dude shakes his head in disagreement and glares at his friend.

    SLUSHIE MAN: You know, if all we ever have to do is help an old lady out these days, we don't even need powers or these costumes.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Is that a joke?

    Suddenly the two perk up at the sight of a police cruiser passing by. Sirens blaring. They follow it with their eyes, and it seems only one white male officer is within the car.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Want to follow it?

    SLURPEE DUDE: Oh thank God! This non-fighting-crime stuff is boring. Time to finally see some action again.


    The police cruiser arrives. It parks, and Denny Frampton steps out. He straightens his pistol holster on his right hip side and starts to slowly walk across the lawn.


    Slushie Man and Slurpee Dude are crouched down, peering around the corner. They stare across at Denny just as he enters the house. Slurpee Dude looks at Slushie Man, just as he starts moving across to the other side of the street as well. Slurpee Dude follows.

    SLURPEE DUDE: The one bit of action we see in a long time and Dane misses it. Haha, this is great!


    Denny walks into the middle of this room, which is in a state of chaos as everything in it is wrecked and ruined. It's filled with shadowy corners as sunlight shines through the windows and even a few cracks in the walls. Denny turns into the next room.


    This room is in the same state. Denny walks around the island in the middle of this seriously messy kitchen. He looks down at the counter top, wiping some dust off with his left palm. He turns right into the next room, where a black robed figure suddenly moves into the fourth and final room, unseen by Denny.


    In the middle of this room is a smashed dining table, smashed in half. Denny walks right past it, now looking up to cracks in the ceiling.


    Denny steps into this next room, just as a man comes from the side and puts a hunting knife against his throat.

    BLACK ROBED MAN: Now you hold real still, okay?

    The man grabs Denny's pistol from his hands.

    BLACK ROBED MAN: I’m thinking you belong to us now. Hands up.

    Denny obeys.

    DENNY: Who’s us?

    Suddenly Denny hears footsteps coming down the stairwell from the living room. The black robed man puts the gun to the back of Denny’s head, moving him back into the living room.


    Denny, with his hands up, enters. Three more robed men stand. Between two of them, is the seven foot tall man.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Why didn’t you check the closets, Denny?

    DENNY: You mean the first time I showed up?

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: You certainly would have been killed.

    They hear the sound of glass shattering upstairs, and the Seven foot tall man looks up at the stairs.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: You two, check it out.

    The two at his sides pull up an Uzi each. They head back up the stairs as the seven foot tall man approaches Denny. He takes him from the remaining black robed guy, and heads to the door. The Seven foot tall man turns back to his loyal follower.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Stay here. We’ll call for you.

    BLACK ROBED MAN: Yes, sir.

    The Seven foot tall man pushes Denny out of the house.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Let’s go!

    Denny is escorted out of the house, and the remaining black robed man walks over to the torn couch. He sits down, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He lights the cigarette and puts it between his lips, inhaling.


    The other two black robes snoop around, walking along the hall, side-by-side. They enter a room without a door.


    Just as they enter, they notice an open window to their right. Now Slushie Man and Slurpee Dude charge them from the sides. The thugs aim, but the heroes take them away instantly! Slushie Man raises his right leg, and sticks it into the first robe’s chest.


    Back into the hallway, this robe falls back with a grunt.


    Now Slurpee Dude's hand turns slushie and freezes it into a fist of rock-hard ice. He uses that to uppercut the second thug, and breaks his nose. Slushie Man heads into the hall as the first thug gets up weakly. The second thug swings a right fist at Slurpee Dude, catching him in the jaw, and he goes stumbling back onto the bed with short scream of pain.

    The thug picks up both Uzi’s and fires as Slurpee Dude rolls off the bed just in time. The headboard and wall behind it are both torn up by a swarm of bullets. The thug smiles brightly, evil in his eyes!


    The third thug from below, runs up the stairs to see what's going on, but Slushie Man turns to the second thug that is walking backwards out of the bedroom, and takes hold of him, pulling his arms up as the gunfire comes to a halt. The first robe helps the third thug up in the hall.

    The second thug slams Slushie Man back into the wall! Barely crushing him. He pulls back and repeats. A slight crack as he pulls away a second time. Slushie Man drops to his knees, gasping for air.


    The police cruiser takes off with a screech, with the Seven foot tall man behind the wheel and Denny in the back seat, behind the wire mesh.


    Slurpee Dude runs out of the room, just as the second thug aims the Uzis at Slushie Man, who's gasping for air on his knees. Slurpee Dude morphs his left hand into an iced-over hard orb and he slams it into the second thug’s left side. It shatters a bit into his face and the second thug screams, arching up and firing into the roof. He back peddles to the rail and breaks through.


    The thug falls onto the nightstand with small lamp atop it and cracks his head on the floor, he himself, upside down. His broken neck, severely bleeding head and shoulders, pressed against the floor. The rest of his body all mangled and vertically upside down.


    Thugs one and three back away into a spare bedroom with a weak floor, cracks between it and the dining room below. Slurpee Dude looks down at the fallen thug on the first floor.

    SLURPEE DUDE: That’s unfortunate.

    Slushie Man gets up with anger. He steps towards the thugs, who back up. The third thug steps too far back and the floor beneath him breaks.


    He falls with most of the floor and lands on the snapped table. He busts his back some, now rolling back and forth in sudden pain, moaning and nearly screaming.


    Slushie Man walks past the cowering first thug, as Slurpee Dude takes hold of him, wrapping long slushie-turned ice hooks around his torso, holding him in place.

    Back to Slushie Man looking down at the fallen third thug. Slushie Man aims one of his slushie shooters and fires a small wad of white sticky slushie. It lands in a splattered glob upon the third thug’s mouth, covering it. He’s muffled, now even more frightened.

    Slushie Man steps up to the first thug as Slurpee Dude holds him tight. This black robed man just shows his teeth, knowing he’s been defeated. Slushie Man grins at him.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Who do you work for?

    The man just laughs.

    ROBED MAN: You're in so much shit, you don't even know. Welcome to the new evolution of the Order!

    SLURPEE DUDE (almost laughing): Well, I’ll be damned!

    SLUSHIE MAN: Now I know you’re going to invite us to the party, but I’m afraid we don’t know where it is.

    ROBED MAN (under his breath): Go spit.

    Slushie Man pulls back his right arm and slugs the robed man across the left side of the face, knocking him out. Slurpee Dude smiles and Slushie Man just shrugs.


    This gas station is made up of only a single room. Pan away from the obviously bored male station keeper and cashier over to Slurpee Dude fixing two tall cups under the newly-installed slushie machine.


    Slushie Man stands before the first thug stuck in a mold of sticky white slushie in the dumpster. No struggle from him. The robed figure wakes up.

    ROBED FIGURE: What the Hell? Where am I? Where are the others?!

    SLUSHIE MAN: The ones that lived are on their way to jail. You’re going to join them after you tell me where your gang's main base of operations is.

    ROBED FIGURE: And if I don’t tell you?

    SLUSHIE MAN: You can freeze to death. And believe me, I can be a very cold man.

    The robed man hesitates at first, but eventually gives in.

    ROBED FIGURE: Warehouse district, number six.

    Slurpee Dude walks around the way, handing Slushie Man the slushie. And he himself sipping from his own slushie.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Did he talk yet?

    SLUSHIE MAN: Sure did. Warehouse district, number six.

    Slushie Man reaches into the garbage dumpster and digs the black robed man out of the slushie mold.

    SLUSHIE MAN: We’ll send you a thank you card in jail after we find the Order.

    ROBED MAN: You can put me in jail, but don’t bother thanking me. You’ll be dead and I’ll be back on the streets, where we’ll take this whole damn city over!

    SLUSHIE MAN: I didn’t ask for your opinion.

    Slushie Man, with his free left hand, forms it into a fist and shoves it into the robed man's stomach! The robed man falls, coughing, to his knees. Slurpee Dude looks up from this, to Slushie Man sipping from his cup.


    A small brown car passes by this street, with dry lands as far as they eye can see on both sides. Just ahead of this vehicle’s semi-speeding direction is a line of warehouses.


    Slurpee Dude drives and Slushie Man sits in the passenger’s seat. They stare out ahead, listening to 'Sunset Grill' by Don Henley on the radio.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Man, we need to get our own wheels so we don't have to relay on your mom's car being available.

    Slurpee Dude ignores him.

    SLURPEE DUDE: I contacted Dane. I thought we may need his help.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Yeah, good thinking. I still don’t know what we’re going to find. I don’t really understand any of this. He said they’re going to control the city. I'm thinking the Order took over the crime in town, but how?

    SLURPEE DUDE: I don't have a clue, but we’ll find out soon enough.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I’m just saying that would take quite a bit of leadership and responsibility to keep all those people in check. Why do I get the feeling we’re not ready for this?

    SLURPEE DUDE: You just remember what kind of scum they are. Someone has to stop them.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Looks like we’re not retiring early after all.

    Slushie Man smiles as Slurpee Dude turns the car into a huge lot with several rows of towering warehouses. The car pulls up around the back of one of them, slowly but surely. It parks and the two heroes step out.


    The seven foot tall man stands before Fred Diamond and Denny Frampton tied to chairs, back to back. Fred has a cut on his forehead and the blood from it is dried in streams down the left side of his face.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Chief Diamond. We’ve been through this already, but now at the expense of your friend here, what do you say? Do you want to do business?

    FRED: Kiss my ass.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: (snapping fingers) Maybe a drink will change your mind.

    Two robed men walk in. One carries a head in a jar of liquid; the head of Mac Edison. The other carries a large glass of what looks like blood.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: What would you do for an old friend?

    DENNY: You freaks are sick.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: And you’re next.

    The seven foot tall man takes the cup of Mac's blood and kneels before the Chief. He pulls down the Chief’s lower jaw, and pours the blood in.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Let’s see how long it takes.

    The chief spits the blood out and the seven foot tall man is spattered in the face by it. He falls back screaming as it goes into his eyes. The robed man with the head walks out as the other rushes in and slams his fist into the Chief's face. A scream of pain, and his head goes back, knocking Denny's head too.

    DENNY: Shit!


    Another robed man stands on a catwalk with an Uzi. Suddenly Slushie Man glides down via some loose cables hanging down from the ceiling, cape flapping in the air behind him. He kicks this thug’s head hard enough to drop him unconscious. Slurpee Dude is seen running down the stairwell behind Slushie Man, who lets go and drops to the catwalk.


    Slushie Man jumps over the side of the catwalk and lands directly on two more black robed men. They’re down and out, not even knowing what hit them.

    Across the way, Slurpee Dude has two ice picks for hands and he’s charging at two more robed men. They spin around with hunting knives, holding them up and the ice picks connect with the knives! During the shuffle, its obvious that they are pushing Slurpee Dude back as he back steps and picks at their knives repeatedly. Once, twice… three times, now four! Then Slurpee Dude ducks and stabs both their knife wielding hands. They scream and Slurpee Dude tackles them to the floor as his hands return to normal so he can punch each of them out.


    The seven foot tall man pulls out a pistol, followed by pulling a ceremonial mask over his blood-splattered face. He looks off to his left side, all curious as to the noise of fighting. Behind him, the two tied cops struggle with the ropes that hold them together.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Now who the Hell could that be?


    Several crates are all around. Slushie Man weaves through the darkness, right around a crate, then another, and another. He runs into Slurpee Dude at a crouch. He crouches beside him.

    SLUSHIE MAN: You okay?



    Slushie Man is shot in the back from a pistol. A string a fiery slushie explodes into the face of the thug that shot him. His face aflame, he runs around screaming, back and forth, and Slurpee Dude just stares in horror.

    Slushie Man heals his wound and turns around, breathing heavily, pain playing across his face. He now runs over and tackles this thug to the floor. He starts pounding his flaming face in repeatedly with his fists, over and over, as if he had a sudden anger problem. From his corner view, he notices three more robed men with pistols coming around the corner with haste. Slushie Man rolls off the injured and burned thug, and rolls onto both knees, aiming his arms out - his slushie shooters aimed directly at them. Two long shots of the white sticky liquid, and two of the three are hit in the chest. They fall down from the force, and are stuck to the floor. The last one standing opens fire a couple times at Slurpee Dude, who rolls behind a crate, but is still shot in the arm. He screams loudly as his hand goes to cover the wound.

    Slushie Man rolls to the side and fires again with just his right slushie blaster! The remaining thug is hit in the face with the white slushie right in the face, smothered by the stuff. Slushie Man immediately runs over, and vaults over the crate Slurpee Dude was hiding behind. Behind it, Slurpee Dude props himself up, back against the crate. He looks at his arm, barring his teeth in pain. Slightly whining, but not to much. Slushie Man just looks at the wound.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Doesn’t look too bad.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Doesn’t feel too good either.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I'll take it solo from here.

    He stands up and runs off, vaulting over another crate. Once he's out of sight, Slurpee Dude slumps off to the side, squeezing the wound tight. He just sighs, closing his eyes for a moment.

    SLURPEE DUDE: He could have at least healed it while he was here...


    A crowbar pries open a wooden crate and the seven foot tall man looks inside, pulling the crowbar down to his side. He looks inside to see a load of top-of-the-line concept weaponry. He starts digging in with his free hand.

    SLUSHIE MAN (v.o.): Don’t bother.

    The seven foot tall man turns to face Slushie Man standing there, one slushie shooter aimed at him, the other hand resting on that outstretched arm. The tall thug raises the crowbar and pounds it gently against his palm.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

    SLUSHIE MAN: Name’s Slushie Man.

    The Seven foot tall man raises the crowbar and charges. He swings down with the crowbar, but Slushie Man takes hold of it and twists around, his back to the thug, and the thug just lifts up, wrapping his arms around Slushie Man’s chest and squeezes.

    Slushie Man shoots more slushie from his slushie shooters, right at the man's arms. Burning acid starts to burn through his skin and he growls in pain, quickly throwing Slushie Man across the way so he can try and scrape as much of the burning slushie off as possible. The big thug advances immediately after and kicks Slushie Man in the side as he begins to get up. Down he drops, and he’s kicked again and again in the side. Now he picks Slushie Man up by the throat and shoves him back a couple steps!

    Here comes the crowbar! Slushie Man is pounded in the stomach! The big thug tries again, but Slushie Man topples to the side and the crowbar smashes into the top of a wooden crate. Slushie Man weakly kicks the big thug in the left hip side. He jerks to the side and then swings his fist around, punching Slushie Man right in the mouth.


    A car pulls up to a screeching halt and Froster steps out.


    Slushie Man stumbles up the catwalk as the big thug follows, ever so slowly while gripping the crowbar. Slushie Man turns around and back steps with his fists up. The tall thug steps off the stairwell and onto the catwalk.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: I’ll give you this one chance to join the new Order.

    SLUSHIE MAN: And what did Nightshade say when he was asked?

    The seven foot man just smiles.

    SEVEN FOOT TALL MAN: Nothing. He's dead.

    He raises the crowbar again and swings it, and it catches Slushie Man in the mouth. He spits up slushie in place of blood, and it freezes the crowbar, along with most of the big thug’s hand. The icy sting makes him scream a bit, but he still holds Slushie Man against the catwalk rail. He can barely stand the freezing pain of ice on hand. With a lift of Slushie Man’s leg, the two fall off the side and crash down onto a small crate on the floor below, shattering it.


    The chief and the cop are still tied, almost ready to give up.

    FRED: I can’t believe these bastards.

    DENNY: Your best friend? That Mac?

    FRED (sorrowful): Yeah… (pause) What was that?

    The two cops turn their heads to see a blob of blue slushie seeping through the edges around the window. Once on this side, that blob forms into…

    FRED: Froster!

    FROSTER (slight grin) Evening, Chief.

    He walks over and gets down to one knee. He starts to untie them. Once the two cops are loose, Froster rises again. Fred wipes blood off his shirt.

    FRED: Denny, give me your gun.


    Pan out of the darkness and over to Slurpee Dude standing up slowly, with a hand over his arm wound. He starts his walk towards the fight further away.


    Slushie Man arises, drooling his slushie blood, licking it up with a sick smile, though clearly in pain. He starts walking away and then halts at the sight of Slurpee Dude staring down at the seven foot tall man. He’s down, but still breathing. Slurpee Dude looks up at Slushie Man.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Nice work.

    SLUSHIE MAN (in pain): Thanks.

    Suddenly another black robed man creeps out of the darkness behind them, raising a pistol. Froster witnesses this from a distance as he exits the room that was holding the cops. He morphs into the slushie material and quickly shoots off across the floor until he reaches the man.

    Slushie Man and Slurpee Dude turn around at the sound of screaming right behind them, and they see a slushie material completely covering the goon, forcing him to drop his gun. Froster melts off the man and starts forming into his own natural shape again, however while he's still a slushie in the middle of forming a human shape, a gunshot rings out and blasts through Froster’s mush, to hit the thug square in the chest, knocking him back off his feet. Froster finishes forming into his human form as Fred walks over just as the thug starts to sit up with a groan, and kicks the thug square in the face, knocking him out.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Hey, Froster.

    FROSTER: Sup?

    He glances at the knocked out seven foot tall man, and then to Slushie Man.

    FROSTER: I think we’re all wrapped up here.

    Slushie Man heals Slurpee Dude's arm wound and turns to the Chief.

    SLUSHIE MAN: This warehouse is full of some kind of concept weapons. Stuff I've never seen before. The Order did intend to take over the city and I’d say, with just a little more effort, maybe they could have pulled it off. Maybe they still will. Who knows.

    FRED: You’ve done it again, Slushies! I'm so thankful for your help.

    SLURPEE DUDE: We’re the Slushie Bandits, Chief. Not the Slushies.

    FRED: Bandits?

    SLUSHIE MAN: There a problem with that?

    Suddenly the seven foot tall man stands up quickly. Fred instinctively aims the pistol at him.

    FRED: Get down, Slushie Man!

    The ceremonial mask is off at last. The seven foot tall man moves with a wobble. Fred aims the gun at his head.

    FRED: This is the guy, I know it. (to the thug) You killed my best friend.

    DENNY: Don’t do it, Chief!

    His finger tightens on the trigger, but at the last second he lowers the gun. Slurpee Dude kicks the tall man down, his arms flailing. Froster walks over and puts his hand out.

    FROSTER: Handcuffs!

    Denny throws the handcuffs his way. Froster catches them as Slurpee Dude holds the big guy still with snake-like blue slushie hands around his arms, and then freezing them to ice so they work as a sort of Slurpee Dude-made handcuff system. Froster handcuffs him and now escorts him alongside Slurpee Dude, towards the exit. Denny follows.

    Slushie Man turns to the Chief.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Good thing you didn’t kill him.

    FRED: I wanted to.

    SLUSHIE MAN: But if you did, then that makes you just like him. Having so much anger that you want to kill someone, and thinking maybe you can. And then still not doing it. That makes you the bigger man.

    Fred Diamond puts his hand out again. Slushie Man puts his out, too. The two shake hands with grins on their faces. A new alliance has been formed this day.


    Denny shoves the seven foot tall man into the back seat of his squad car and Froster gets in his own car as 'Sunset Grill' by Don Henley plays again. We start to pan away, slowly but surely, high above the warehouses. Froster’s car drives away. Fred gets in the passenger’s seat of the squad car, and Denny gets in the driver’s side. Slurpee Dude follows Slushie Man out of sight, towards the small brown car around back.


    Karsen and Jeff are in the mall, handing out job résumé's to the various stores. They're laughing at something, when Sonum shows up, a few shopping bags in her hands. ''All out of Love' by Jagged Edge plays.

    SONUM: Hey, Jeff!

    Jeff turns around and sees Sonum, so he jogs over to her. Karsen also turns around to go drop off a resume in another store, but sees Amber walk in to a different store. He changes his path and walks over to her.

    SONUM: What's happening, white slice?

    JEFF: Not a whole lot, Chocolate Chip. Just looking for work.

    SONUM: Well if you want, you can come with me to Blockbuster. I want to buy some movies, and you know how much I hate shopping alone, and then you can apply for a job while we're there.

    JEFF: Sure, that sounds great!

    Jeff and Sonum smile at each other.


    Karsen is talking to Amber, who is not in a happy mood.

    KARSEN: You want to come over for supper tonight?

    AMBER: Not really, no. I have a lot of homework to do.

    KARSEN: Well I can come over and help you with it.

    AMBER: No, that's ok.

    Karsen heavily sighs.

    KARSEN: Look, I know I haven't been the best boyfriend lately and we're going through some kind of trouble because of it, but we'll get through it. I know we will.

    Amber looks at Karsen in the eyes, slight water in them.

    AMBER: I'm not so sure.

    The song reaches its crescendo and Amber leaves, walking around Karsen, to go do some shopping, leaving him standing there by himself, a worried look on his face.

    The End

    The Slushie Bandits
    Episode 5: Crime Fall
    Written by: Brandon Noel Keith
    Produced by: Jeffrey Long
    Creative Consultants: Jeffrey Long and Michael Banno

    6/25/2008 1:48:24 PM

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