Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (XBOX)
By Blue Tongue
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    In 1975, the rock/jazz/pop group Steely Dan released an album called "Katy Lied" with a song titled "Dr. Wu". Crichton's inspiration? (From: Holden)
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    The Slushie Bandits 1x04 Zero Hour
    By Aragorn


    We are in some kind of office room, which is cluttered up the wazoo, with barely any free space to walk. In the middle of it, is Vanessa, tied to a chair and gagged. She struggles against the rope holding her tightly, but to no use. She begins using her nails to try to cut through the rope, but stops when the door to the room opens and Keven Skinner walks in and stops on the spot, staring at Vanessa.

    KEVEN: Were you trying to escape, my dear?

    Vanessa sits there in silence, eyes wide. Keven goes behind the chair and sees that the rope is slightly frayed. He looks at her and then unexpectedly hits her across the face. She closes here eyes in pain and whimpers.

    KEVEN: Do not test me, girl.

    A phone starts ringing and Keven pulls a cell out from his pocket, looks at the number, and answers it as he glances out his window, moving a couple blinds out of the way.

    KEVEN: I see you guys are good at following directions. I'm impressed. I once had a dog that didn't listen as good as you bunch.

    SLUSHIE MAN (v.o.): So what now?

    KEVEN: I have one last order to bestow upon you, and then my game will be done. It's actually an easier order then what you just had to do. My order is to do nothing. Let Sobeys go up in flames without interfering, and your girlfriend will be safe. If you decide to screw my plans over however, I'll kill her without thinking twice.

    Vanessa's eyes bulge in fear.


    We cut to a close-up of a bomb timer, location known, as it counts down from 5.


    Cut to black.


    The opening credits play with the song 'Downfall' by Trustcompany. We see various action scenes from upcoming episodes, and then we see a collage of scenes of each main character as his or her name is shown in the credits. One on side of the screen is three blocks, each with a different scene of the character, from a future episode. On the other side of the screen is the same thing, only with the character in their Slushie Bandits costume. Overlapping, in the middle, is a close-up of the character's head.

    Jeff Slushie Man
    Karsen Slurpee Dude
    Dane - Froster

    After the main cast, we see a few clips of them in some action shots, including some with their upcoming vehicles (hover board, leg jet boosters, and the Slushiemobile), as well as some shots of them out-of-costume interacting with other characters. The final scene shows the Slushie Bandits walking side-by-side as something explodes behind them.

    Opening credits end.


    Two cars zoom neck-in-neck down a dirt-covered straight away, a crowd of thousands sitting and cheering from the stands. 'Boys of Summer' by The Ataris is playing.

    Zero Hour

    One car, which is a shining red 1970 Buick GS with a thick black stripe going straight down the middle, starting with the front of the hood and ending at the end of the trunk, slightly speeds up, gaining just a bit of distance on the other car, a perfect gleaming white 1973 Firebird with dozens upon dozens of advertising decals cover it, as they blur down the road, the crowd roaring with cheers and shouts, both nice and not so-nice.

    One Day Earlier...

    Dane grits his teeth from inside the red GS as he fights with the steering wheel to stay in control of the car as it goes up on a slanted turn, nearly going onto its side. He ride the slanted turn down and is safely back on a perfect straight-away again. He lets out a sigh of relief.


    In the stands, are Jeff, Karsen, Amber, Jenna, and Vanessa, who are all cheering madly for Dane. Jeff has a huge hot dog in his hands, which he stops cheering to take a big bite out of, and Amber is wearing the necklace that Karsen bought for her in the previous episode.


    The Firebird is only a split second behind Dane going around another corner, this one made of orange pylons, but it quickly overtakes him on the straightaway and gains a bit of distance on him, engine ripping loudly. Dane changes gears and starts speeding up some more. Just as soon as his front is starting to pass the Firebird's back, he hits a large rock in the track and slams hard into the side of the Firebard just as they were going around another corner, sending the car spinning out of control off to the side. It spins around and slams directly into the side of Dane's car, now on the other side, and both cars spin wildly out of control, locked together in a death grip. They come out from the spin, aiming backwards, but completely stopped. The other driver is dazed for a few seconds, but that's all Dane needed to roar his GS back around in a half-circle and roar off down the track again, gaining speed every second. He's past the finish line before the other car can even gain all its speed back, much less come close to the finishing line. The song ends as the crowd erupts with cheers.


    Dane, still dressed in his racing outfit, helmet under his arms, is now walking with Jeff and the gang through the crowd filling the grounds, the sounds of racing in the background behind them. Karsen and Amber are holding hands as they walk.

    JENNA: That last race was so intense, congratulations Dane!

    JEFF: Yeah, that was pretty kick ass.

    DANE: I thought I was going to throw up in my helmet there at the end, with that spin.

    The group laughs.

    KARSEN: Well it was definitely kick ass, and you really showed that other driver.

    AMBER: How many more people do you have to race?

    DANE: If I plan to win and beat everyone, I still have another six races left to go.

    JEFF: Well I'm sure you'll kick ass with those ones too.

    DANE: I don't know, I've raced some of them in the past and they can be pretty tuff. I'm sure they've upgraded their cars since then too.

    JENNA: Well I'm starving so I'm going to make my way to one of the food stands.

    VANESSA: I'll come too. Jeff eating that hot dog gave me a craving for a hot dog.

    JENNA: Hey Amber, you should come with us. It'll be a Girl's trip.

    Amber smiles at her.

    AMBER: Sure.

    She kisses Karsen on the cheek as she lets go of his hand and goes with Jenna and Vanessa, the trio disappearing into the crowd of people walking to and fro. This leaves Jeff, Karsen, and Dane by themselves.

    DANE: How're things between you and Amber now?

    KARSEN: Still not good at all, but I guess a tad bit better then before. We're at least not yelling at each other as much these days.

    DANE: You guys will get through it, I'm sure of it.

    KARSEN (changing topics): Have either of you heard any word on Chase? I haven't seen him since...all that went down last week.

    JEFF: The day after that, Chase was supposed to work but he never showed up. After three unexplained absences, he was automatically fired.

    They stop talking as a couple people that walk by them, quickly congratulate Dane and shake his hand, Dane thanking them. They wait until the people are away before continuing.

    JEFF: Are you guys working tomorrow?

    KARSEN: Shale has just about everyone working. It's the grand opening of the Slushie Center, and she expects it to be pretty busy.

    DANE: It's a shame, really. I think the Slushie Bandits should make some kind of appearance at it, if even just to monitor the place, but that'll be impossible since we're all working.

    KARSEN: Don't worry too much about it. Shale said that there'll be cops all over the place in case the Slushie Exploder shows up and tries to do anything.

    Dane's parents push through the crowd and Dane stops as they rush over to him, his father hugging him tightly as he smiles widely.

    DANE'S FATHER: You really are showing you're my son today. I remember when I used to race on these tracks when I was your age. You're doing your old man proud.

    DANE'S MOTHER: Now, have you had enough to eat today? You know you shouldn't be racing on an empty stomach.

    Dane rolls his eyes and Jeff, Karsen, and his father laugh at him.


    Karsen drives his mom's car down the highway.

    INT. CAR

    In the car are also Amber, Jeff, Jenna, and Vanessa. Karsen is driving everyone home after the races, except for Dane who can obviously drive himself home with his own car.


    Pretty much the only crowd left now is some of the racers and some of their family and friends as they pack their stuff up and prepare to depart. Dane is pouring some coolant into his engine when MICHAEL BANNO, another racer, walks up to him.

    MIKE: Dane Lucas.

    Dane closes his trunk and turns around.

    DANE: Oh, hey Mr. Banno! You were really good out there. Congrats on winning. Out of everyone to lose to, I'm honored to have lost to you.

    MIKE: Please, call me Michael. And you put up a damn good series of races yourself. Hell, if it wasn't for your engine giving out towards the end, you just might have beaten me too. It was actually one of the closest races I've had in a real long time. Normally these drag races are hardly a challenge for me.

    DANE: Wow, thank, you. I've read about your exploits online. You're a pretty big name in the drag racing community, so I'm honored to hear you say that.

    MIKE: What do you say to getting a bite to eat in town?

    DANE: That sounds great!

    MIKE: Alright, well I'm a fast food junkie, so McDonalds good for you?

    DANE: McDonalds is great.

    MIKE: Good, I'll meet ya there in an hour.


    Karsen pulls his car up into the parking lot of Jeff and Jenna's apartment building.

    JENNA: Thanks for the ride, Karsen.

    KARSEN: Not a problem.

    JEFF: I'll call you later.

    Jeff, Jenna, and Vanessa climb out of the car and walk towards the building as Karsen drives off.

    JENNA: I'm so proud of Dane, he did such a good job today.

    VANESSA: Yeah, it was pretty exciting. It was my first drag race.

    JENNA: Really?

    VANESSA: Well back home in New Brunswick, we don't have them.

    JENNA: Yeah, that's true. I guess I'm so used to being out here now, I forgot they don't have things like that back home. Not legally anyway.

    They get to the doors and Jenna unlocks the building door, allowing them to enter into the building hallway. They start walking down the carpeted hall towards their apartment.

    JEFF: So tomorrow's the big day at Sobeys.

    JENNA: I'm SO not looking forward to working tomorrow. It's going to be a nightmare.

    VANESSA: Maybe the Slushie Bandits will make an appearance. That'd be pretty cool.

    Jeff laughs.

    JEFF: I really doubt it. They seem to be pretty busy people.

    They stop at a door so Jenna can unlock it.

    VANESSA: That's true.

    She turns and looks at Jeff.

    VANESSA: They're probably working anyway.

    Jeff glances back at her and sees something in her eyes...content knowledge maybe? Does she know? Jenna unlocks the door to her and Jeff's apartment and the three of them walk in.

    JENNA: Urg, I'm so sick of hearing about the Slushie Bandits. It's ALL I ever hear these days. I turn on the TV, people are talking about them. I'm at work, people are talking about them. Now even here at my home, people are talking about them!

    JEFF: Well what do you want to talk about?

    JENNA: I want you to finally tell me who you're secretly seeing.

    Jeff opens his mouth to talk, but Vanessa beats him to it.

    VANESSA: He'll tell us when he's ready.

    Jenna glances from Vanessa to Jeff, and just sighs.

    JENNA: Sure.

    Jeff glances back at Vanessa with that same quizzical look he gave her a minute earlier, as Vanessa follows Jenna into the kitchen.


    Karsen is driving down a street away from the apartment building, Amber sitting in the seat next to him.

    KARSEN: How'd your sister recover from that party we had at your place the other night?

    AMBER: She was sick all day. Didn't get out of bed.

    Karsen chuckles.

    KARSEN: She was pretty hammered.

    Amber laughs too.

    AMBER: So were you.

    KARSEN: So are you coming over to my place or going home?

    AMBER: It doesn't really matter.

    KARSEN: Well, I kind of need to know.

    AMBER: It's up to you. I don't care.

    KARSEN: Well what are you in the mood to do?

    AMBER (starting to get frustrated): I just told you, I don't care.

    KARSEN: What's been your problem lately? It's a simple question and you just get frustrated with me over it. You're always like that now.

    AMBER: We've already gone over this before, Karsen! You haven't done anything to change, even after I've told you the things you do that make me feel this way.

    KARSEN: But...I bought you that necklace.

    Amber looks like she's doing everything in her power to not explode.

    AMBER: You can't just make everything better by buying me stuff! You have to work on You! Buying me stuff won't fix your problems!

    KARSEN: Ok, you want me to decide for you? Ok, I'm dropping you off at home, cause I'm done dealing with this shit.

    AMBER: Fine. Whatever.

    Amber looks out her side window, silently glaring at the scenery as it zooms by.


    As soon as Amber is out of the car, Karsen screeches his tires as he roars off in anger, speeding away. Amber lets out a loud, long, frustrated scream, before taking out her cell phone as she walks up the path to her house, calling someone.

    AMBER: Hello, Scott? Oh thank God. I need someone to talk to. Karsen is getting on the last of my nerves.

    She opens her door and disappears behind it as she closes it behind herself.


    Jeff, Jenna, and Vanessa are at the kitchen table, a board game spread out in front of them. Vanessa moves her piece, which knocks Jeff's piece back a few squares, and Vanessa cheers with excitement.

    JEFF: Oh man, that sucks royally.

    VANESSA: Yeah, for the...(sticks her face in Jeff's)...LOSER.

    They all laugh, before the phone starts ringing.

    JENNA: I'll get it. Adam's supposed to be calling me soon.

    Jenna gets up and goes to answer the phone.

    JEFF: So is Bryce back yet?

    VANESSA: Not yet. He's supposing to be coming back from Camp next week, but he's already supposed to have been back a couple times now before his Leave was cancelled, so who really knows.

    Jenna walks back in, handing the phone to Jeff.

    JENNA: It's Sonum

    Jeff takes the phone from her. During the conversation, we cut between Jeff and Sonum. As Sonum talks on her phone, she keeps twirling the cord around her finger.

    JEFF: Hey.

    SONUM: Hey!

    JEFF: What's up?

    SONUM: What are you up to?

    JEFF: Not much, just playing a game with Jenna and Vanessa.

    SONUM: So you wouldn't want to go out for coffee then?

    JEFF: No! No! I definitely do!

    SONUM (teasing): Oh, no, that's fine. I'm not as important as playing games. Go ahead and play your game.

    Jeff laughs.

    JEFF: I'm sure I can finish it up quickly.

    SONUM: So how about Tim Hortons, say, in two hours?

    JEFF: Sounds good, see you then.

    Jeff hangs up and tries to contain his excitement.

    JEFF: Sonum just asked me out for coffee.

    JENNA: And you guys claim you aren't seeing each other?

    VANESSA: Jenna, remember? Sonum's already going out...

    She stops as she looks at Jeff and remembers that he doesn't yet know about Sonum's boyfriend.

    VANESSA:...for coffee with him tonight. Maybe you're onto something after all.

    Jenna catches on to Vanessa and realizes she made a mistake.

    JENNA: Or sometimes friends just go out for coffee to chat. Nothing wrong with that.

    Jeff looks back and forth between them a couple times.

    JEFF: Oookaaayyy...Well you guys just got weird.

    VANESSA: Let's finish the game.

    JEFF: Can't. I have to get ready. I need to make a really good impression on her.

    As Jeff gets up to go to his room, Vanessa and Jenna exchange saddened glances.


    Dane and Mike are sitting across each other at a table in McDonalds, eating their meals.

    MIKE: So what exactly are your plans for the future?

    DANE: I'm not really sure, to be honest. I'm only 16, so I still got a year and a half of school left. I just always thought I'd know by that point.

    MIKE: I'm putting together a race team of the four best drag racers I can find, plus myself. We'll be traveling all over the world and racing in all sorts of drag racing competitions. With the potential prize money, we'll make quite the big bucks.

    DANE: Wow, that sounds awesome. I've always wanted to travel.

    MIKE: Good. Then you'll consider?

    Dane chokes as he takes a sip of pop.

    DANE: Excuse me?

    MIKE: I thought you'd have figured it out by now. Dane, I want you on my team as one of those racers.

    Dane stares at him, eyes wide, mouth hanging opened, but making no sound as he sits in shock.

    MIKE: Granted we'll be living on the road pretty much all the time, but I can get you a private tutor for your school work, no problem.

    Dane stares off into space, seriously considering the wonderful possibilities.


    The front doors whoosh open as Keven Skinner walks into the store, whistling a little tune. 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynard Skynard is playing over the store's speakers. He walks into the store and immediately starts glancing around in all directions and at every little thing. He walks over to the Deli wall and bends down, inspecting the wood and looking under it. He gets back up and goes around the corner to walk up a grocery aisle, inspecting the shelves. At the end of the aisle, Gavon approaches him.

    GAVON: Is there something I can help you with, sir?

    At this moment, Keven's eyes land on a small grate at the bottom of the wall down near the bathrooms. He turns to face Gavon and flashes a smile.

    KEVEN (creepy-like): Oh no, I've found what I'm looking for.

    Gavon nods and walks away.

    GAVON (under his breath): What a freak...


    Jeff and Sonum sit across from each other at a table, cups of coffee in front of them, the blackness of night in the window behind them. 'Hazard to Myself' by Pink is playing.

    JEFF: So what's the occasion?

    SONUM: What do you mean?

    JEFF: Well we haven't hung out in forever. Not just the two of us anyway.

    SONUM: Oh, no, it's nothing. Just, as you said, we haven't hung out, just the two of us, in awhile and I felt we should catch up. So...what's new with you?

    JEFF: Not a whole lot. Work mostly, which sucks ass. That new person Shale's training to be the new Front End Manager, Cecilia I think her name is? I hate her. She's horrible.

    SONUM: You look like you don't sleep much anymore. You always look tired these days.

    JEFF: I don't sleep much, you're right.

    SONUM: Why not?

    JEFF: I just have problems getting to sleep. But what about you? What's new in your life?

    Sonum looks away, then back at Jeff, sadly.

    SONUM: Well, I now have a...

    But she's cut off as a young man runs into the store, screaming for help. He is severely beaten, bruises and cuts all over his body, with blood dripping from some of them, and ripped clothes hanging off his body. Everyone in the store stops what they're doing to look at him, as he stands there, looking around in shock.

    MAN: PLEASE! I need help! There's...this gang of teenagers...they're trying to kill me!

    The manager of Tim Hortons walks around from the back.

    MANAGER: My god...I'll go call the cops.

    He rushes to go call the cops.

    MAN: It'll be too late by the time they get here...

    The sounds of distant yipping and howling is heard drifting through the store windows as the gang gets nearer. Jeff stands up to go deal with them, but Sonum moves quickly and grabs his arm.

    SONUM: What do you think you're doing!?

    JEFF: Um...

    SONUM: You're going to get yourself killed if you keep stepping in to help people. First me, now this guy. It's not worth it, Jeff.

    JEFF: But it's who I am.

    SONUM: I'm not about to see you get yourself killed.

    She forces Jeff to sit back down.

    SONUM: You're going to sit down right here with me.

    Jeff sighs heavily, and then Sonum sits on his lap so he can't stand up.

    WORKER: Hey mister, come hide behind the counter.

    The man, fearful, runs to hide and ducks down just as the door slams open and an intimidating gang walks in, an unfriendly manner about them. They look around the store, scanning every area they can see. Jeff tenses and starts to stand up, but Sonum uses the table to shove down on, putting more weight onto Jeff, keeping him in his seat.

    GANG LEADER: He's not in here, let's go.

    And with that, the gang turns and leaves. The man lets out a sigh from behind the counter and Sonum gets off Jeff, sitting back down in her seat.

    SONUM: See, you didn't have to do anything anyway.

    JEFF: Those people need to be taught a lesson so they can't do anyone else any harm.

    SONUM: That's what the police and the Slushie Bandits are for. You have your job and they have theirs.

    Jeff smiles grimly at her.

    JEFF: Just feels like I should have done something.

    SONUM: Don't worry about it. You're in the same boat as almost everyone else on the planet.

    Jeff's cell phone starts ringing, which is the theme from Superman, and he takes it out and answers it.

    JEFF: Hello?

    KARSEN (V.O.): Dude, it's Sobeys. Someone just broke in, I was on my way home when I heard the alarm go off.

    JEFF: I'm on my way.

    He hangs up and looks at Sonum.

    SONUM: Jeff, what's going on?

    JEFF: I'm so sorry, Sonum. I have to go. Something just came up.

    SONUM: Like what?

    JEFF: Jenna...she's in the hospital, she had a real bad panic attack.

    SONUM: Oh my god, is she ok?

    JEFF: Yeah, but I have to go see her.

    SONUM: That's fine, don't let me hold you back from that. I'll give you a call later?

    JEFF: For sure.

    He grabs his jacket and rushes off.


    Slushie Man, Slurpee Dude, and Froster are standing outside Sobeys, looking at the forced-opened door.

    FROSTER: Grand opening of the slushie center is tomorrow.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Whoever's in there, could very well be the Slushie Exploder. We need to proceed with caution here.

    SLURPEE DUDE: And we should hurry. The cops will be here soon and we don't want it to seem like we're the ones that broke in.

    The trio steps through the pried-open door and into the dark, empty, lonely store. Slushie Man makes some hand gestures and the three of them split up shortly after entering the store Slurpee Dude inspecting the bakery and Deli area, Froster taking the frozen and dairy areas, and Slushie Man taking the regular aisles. The three move slowly through their designated areas, inspecting each corner, under each display and set of tables that may be in the area. Slushie Man jogs down one aisle, turns at the end, and jogs back up the next aisle over, and keeps doing that for all the grocery aisles.

    Slurpee Dude finishes in the bakery section and moves around a corner into the deli area, walking behind the counter and checking out the deli-making area itself, just as Froster moves away from the frozen aisles and into the dairy section. Nobody sees anything out of place, except for creeping shadows around every corner. Slushie Man turns the corner from one aisle to another, when he hears a crashing noise. He whips around and sees a cloaked and hooded figure rushing away, heading for the exit doors

    SLUSHIE MAN: He's heading for the exit!

    He gives chase and starts rushing after him. As he does, he raises one of his arms and fires blue slushie from his slushie shooter, trapping the Slushie Exploder's foot to the floor under a layer of ice, just as Froster and Slurpee Dude run into the area. The Slushie Exploder reaches behind his back and removes a long metal Bo and swings it, crashing it against Slurpee Dude's head, who crumples to the floor. He twirls it back around and rams it into Froster's stomach, but he slushifies and it goes through him as he melts and snakes his way around the Slushie Exploder's feet and then materializes behind him, grabbing hold of his arms and holding them tightly. Slurpee Dude gets back to his feet and jumps towards the Slushie Exploder, but the Exploder slides his feet out of his shoes and jumps in the air, grounded to his spot by Froster having a hold on him, and slams his feet against Slurpee Dude's chest, however Slurpee Dude had frozen his chest over, so it really had no effect on him. When the Slushie Exploder lands again, he bends forward and flings Froster over his back and into Slurpee Dude, knocking both down. He turns to leave, but gets punched in the face by Slushie Man, who has run up behind him. He stumbles back and thing jabs his Bo forward. Slushie Man dodges and avoids it, and then lifts one of his wrist shooters up, but the Bo connects strongly with it, smashing it into a hundred pieces while also causing Slushie Man to scream out in pain as the Bo slams into his wrist as well.

    Froster and Slurpee Dude are back on their feet and chasing after the departing cloaked figure. The Slushie Exploder slams his Bo into the floor and grabs it with both hands as he swings around it, lifting his feet up into the air and slams them against Froster's chest, knocking him back. Slurpee Dude freezes his arm over and uses it to slam into the Slushie Exploder's feet, knocking them back to the floor. The Exploder swings his Bo around and down on top of Slurpee Dude's head, but he blocks with his frozen arm and then freezes his other arm, slamming it forward. Slushie Exploder goes flying into an aisle, knocking some canned goods to the floor as his Bo rolls away across the floor. Froster rushes to Slushie Man as he checks on him, as he's still crumpled on the floor, holding his broken wrist in pain, while Slurpee Dude approaches the Slushie Exploder.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Forget me, go get that prick.

    Froster nods and turns, joining Slurpee Dude.

    FROSTER: You're under arrest.

    SLUSHIE EXPLODER: Heh, I don't think so.

    He reaches into his cloak and pulls out a device with a single button on he. He pushes that bottom and his metal Bo explodes, sending shards of metal flying in all directions and releasing a thick cloud of fog, obscuring him from view. When the fog clears, he's gone and the Slushie Bandits are left by themselves. Police sirens are heard in the distance, getting loud. Slushie Man is painfully getting to his feet and points his one in-tact slushie shooter at his broken wrist, firing the healing slushiest at it.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Come on, we need to get out of here.

    The Slushie Bandits re-group and run from the building before the cops can show up.


    Amber is sitting at a small table in Starbucks, drinking a coffee, when Karsen enters and walks over to her table.

    KARSEN: Hey

    Amber looks up and sees him.

    AMBER: Hey.

    KARSEN: You wanted to meet me before I went to work?

    AMBER: Yeah, I did. Look Karsen, you're a great guy, even though we haven't really been getting a long so good the last while, and well, you deserve to know. I don't want to keep secrets from you. I've been hanging around with my ex, Scott, and...

    KARSEN: Scott?

    AMBER: Yeah, Scott.

    KARSEN: Are you an idiot? Did you hit your head at some point?

    AMBER: Excuse me?

    KARSEN: He treated you like shit!

    AMBER: It's not anything like that. We're just friends, that's it.

    KARSEN: The guy is psycho! He made you want to kill yourself and you thought about trying to get him locked up, just so you could get away from him! This is all a ploy of his! No, you can't be friends with him.

    AMBER: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you had a say in any of it!

    KARSEN: Of course I do! I'm your boyfriend and he's crazy!

    AMBER: Karsen, if you seriously think you can control me like that, then you're no better then he was, and you better get out of my face before I punch yours.

    KARSEN: Fine, but don' come crying to me when he tries to rape you or something.

    Karsen slams his hand hard onto the table and then turns and storms out. Other people in the coffee shop look at Amber's table, but if she notices, she doesn't make any sign that she does.


    Jeff, Karsen, and Dane are walking down the street together, heading for work.

    KARSEN: I just can't believe she'd be so stupid not to see that this is all planned out by him and she's falling right into his trap!

    JEFF: She'll realize it soon, don't worry. You just need to give her some space.

    DANE: Hey guys, I've got some news of my own for you.

    KARSEN: What's up?

    DANE: Michael Banno, the race driver from the tracks, he brought me out for lunch and gave me a hard offer to refuse. He wants me to go on the road with him, as part of his team.

    JEFF: That is so kick ass! Congrats, man!

    DANE: It's not that easy. It'll mean I have to leave town. No more school, no more Sobeys, no more you guys, and no more Froster.

    KARSEN: What!? Dane, you can't! The Slushie Bandits are like...three legs of a tripod! You can't leave! And what about school? You can't just drop out.

    DANE: I'll do it through correspondence while on the road. But honestly, I don't know what I'm gonna do yet. I haven't decided one way or the other.

    KARSEN: Man, this dya just keeps getting worse and worse.

    JEFF: We'll support you either way, Dane, but I'm with Karsen on this. I really don't want to see you leave. We've been given a gift to use, and we work so well together with that gift, plus Chase is still out there somewhere.

    They walk in silence for a minute, until Dane changes the topic.

    DANE: So who do you guys think that was last night?

    JEFF: I've got money down, saying that was the Slushie Exploder.

    DANE: I wonder if he got the chance to plant any explosives before we showed up or not.

    JEFF: We'll have to keep our eyes opened while we're working today. Check the place out.


    Sonum is with her brother, helping him pick out some food. Behind them, Paul and Shale are rushing around, making sure everything with the Slushie Center is working properly and ready for the opening, doing last minute tune-ups. There are also lots of police walking around the store, monitoring it. Sonum grabs a bag of chips that her brother had just put in the cart and puts it back on the shelf.

    SONUM: Preet, if you're going to have the party be any good, here's a hint; Don't bring salt and vinegar chips. They suck and no one in their right mind likes them.

    VANESSA: Hey Sonum.

    Vanessa, who is working and in-uniform, approaches Sonum from down one of the aisles.

    SONUM: Hey Vanessa.

    Sonum motions to the Slushie Center across the store.

    SONUM: The store is really shaping up for the Slushie Center opening. When is it happening?

    VANESSA: This afternoon, around 3:00 I think.

    SONUM: Is Jeff working today?

    VANESSA: He starts soon.

    Sonum frowns.

    SONUM: Oh. I was hoping to hang out with him this afternoon.

    Vanessa opens her mouth, then closes it, but then opens it again.

    VANESSA: Have you told Jeff about your boyfriend yet?

    SONUM: No, not yet. I was going to, but I got sidetracked last night.

    VANESSA: Well you really should. It's not fair to him, to keep leading him on.

    SONUM: I know, and I promise I will soon.

    VANESSA: Well I got to get back to work. It's been busy today.

    SONUM: Alright, I'll catch you later.

    Vanessa leaves and Sonum goes to catch up with her brother.


    'Brain Stew' by Green Day plays during the montage scene of Jeff, Karsen, and Dane working, and whenever one of them leaves the Front End of the store, to get a mop and bucket, or to put something on a shelf, or to clean the bathrooms, they scout out parts of the store, searching for a bomb but always finding nothing. During this montage scene, we also see Shale and Paul prepping the store for the approaching opening hour of the Slushie Center, which includes putting up balloons and banners, free cake, and other various things like that.


    Jenna and Vanessa are sitting in the small office, preparing the skims the part of the day where they collect a large amount of the money from the tills to put in the cash office.

    JENNA: It's insanely busy today. I'm not looking forward to going back out there.

    VANESSA: Me either, but this needs to be done.

    JENNA: Uhr, slay me now.

    Suddenly Paul's voice comes over the store intercom and fills the room.

    PAUL (v.o.): Attention Sobeys Shoppers, I am Paul Neilson, store manager, and I'd like to welcome you all to the grand opening of the Sobeys Slushie Center. We'll be opening it shortly, so if you're like to make your way there now, we'll be serving free slushies all afternoon.

    JENNA: Come on, let's go out there and get this done while all the customers are at the Slushie Center.

    Vanessa nods her agreement.


    Kevin sits on his couch and watches on his new really small TV as news crews begin to gather around Sobeys and begin heading inside for the Slushie Center opening. He practically jumps with uncontained excitement.


    A very large crowd of customers and news crews have gathered around the roped-off Slushie Center area, as Shale and Paul stand at the front of them.

    PAUL: This opening is a symbol. A symbol for freedom. No other stores in the city sell slushies anymore, in fear of being the target of terrorism. My store will not give into fear! We are free to sell what we want!

    The crowd applauses.

    SHALE: So it is with great pleasure that we bring to you the city's sole Slushie Center!


    Jeff and Karsen are bagging groceries at the tills, watching the large crowd of shoppers, news people, and security at the Slushie Center from the distance. Dane is seen through the window behind them, gathering carts in the parking lot. Jeff's customer leaves, leaving him with no other customers.

    JEFF: Hey Karsen, I got an idea.

    Karsen turns to look at him as he puts the bag of groceries in his customer's cart.

    KARSEN: What?

    Jeff smiles.

    JEFF: You'll see. Stay here.

    Jeff leaves the till and walks up to Vanessa, who is inside customer service, counting the lotto.

    JEFF: Hey Vanessa, I know it's a bit early, but I'm going to go to the 4:00 bathroom cleaning.

    VANESSA: You'll miss the Slushie Center opening.

    Jeff shrugs.

    JEFF: That's fine with me. I'm not too excited for me.

    Vanessa gives him a 'You're crazy' look.

    VANESSA: Go ahead, I guess.

    Jeff turns and runs off in the direction of the bathrooms. Karsen just watches him, confused.


    PAUL: So without further delay, let's cut the rope. Trish, the scissors, please.

    An older lady in a Sobeys uniform walks over, handing an overly large pair of scissors to Paul. As Paul goes to cut the rope, a small commotion from the back of the crowd causes more reaction throughout the crowd, until Paul is distracted from cutting the rope as the crowd begins to turn away, loud murmurs and talking raising in volume until the crowd breaks and Slushie Man appears, walking up to Paul and Shale at the front. Slushie Man nods at Paul and Shale.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Mr. and Mrs. Neilson.

    Paul and Shale are left speechless.

    PAUL: My...this is a surprise, although we hoped you guys would show.

    SHALE: Please, stand with us.

    Paul and Shale part, allowing Slushie Man to stand between them and he turns to face the crowd.

    PAUL: Thank you so much for coming, Slushie Man. It's an honor to be graced with your presence.

    RANDOM NEWS PERSON: Where are Slurpee Boy and Froster? Can we expect an appearance by them too?

    SLUSHIE MAN: They're busy keeping the city safe and couldn't make it. Oh, and for the record the name is Slurpee DUDE, not Boy.

    The news people in the crowd erupts with an onslaught of questions.

    PAUL: One at a time, please!

    NEWS PERSON #2: Slushie Man, what are your thoughts on the Slushie Center?

    SLUSHIE MAN: Well I'm here advertising it, so I obviously agree with it. It's nice to see at least some people not ready to give in to the fear that has gripped this city thanks to the Slushie Exploder.


    Keven is watching the interview session on the news and freaks out, screaming and slams his fists onto his coffee table.

    KEVEN: I know the real reason you're there, Slushie Man, and I won't let you stop my bomb!

    Keven gets to his feet and runs, grabbing his jacket, and rushes out of his apartment.


    SLUSHIE MAN: No, of course I'm not going to give out my identity.

    Several more hands raise, others firing off questions without even waiting to be picked. All of a sudden, the crowd goes wild again, and Slushie Man is confused. He turns to look at Paul, but sees Slurpee Dude approaching from that direction, his hand up in the air, waving at the crowd as he joins Slushie Man, smiling.

    SLUSHIE MAN: What are you doing here?

    SLURPEE DUDE: What? I couldn't let you have all the fun.

    NEWS PERSON: What about Froster? Does this mean he'll be making an appearance as well?

    SLURPEE DUDE: He's still out saving the world, unfortunately. Ok, that's a lie, he's flirting with a girl we came across on our way here.

    The crowd laughs at Slurpee Dude's joke.

    SLURPEE DUDE: If I'm not mistaken, I think it's time to finally cut the rope and officially open this center.

    The crowd applauds again as Paul, Shale, Slushie Man, and Slurpee Dude turn to face the rope.

    PAUL: I'll let you have the honors.

    He hands the giant pair of scissors to Slushie Man, who accepts. He opens the scissors up and holds it up to the rope. He closes the scissors, cutting the rope, which gets a roar of approval from the crowd and a thunderous applause. Paul and Shale make their way to the slushie machine and mix the first slushie together, handing it to Slurpee Dude.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Umm...no thanks. Believe me, you don't want to see me with slushie in my system.

    PAUL: Slushie Man?

    SLUSHIE MAN: Thank you.

    Slushie Man takes the slushie and takes a few long sips on the straw. He swallows and looks at the crowd.

    SLUSHIE MAN: This is really good. I approve!

    The crowd moves in to get their free slushies.


    Slushie Man walks past the busy tills and up to Vanessa, sipping on a slushie and handing her one.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Can I interest you in a slushie?

    Vanessa is shocked to see Slushie Man there and talking to her.

    VANESSA: Oh! Uh...well...no, actually. I'm not allowed to have any food or drink on the floor.

    Slushie Man leans in and whispers to her.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Just keep it hidden. It'll be our secret.

    Vanessa smiles and accepts the slushie, taking a sip. As Slushie Man walks away again, the camera pulls back to see Keven watching the scene. Gavon walks up to Vanessa.

    GAVON: It is crazy busy here today.

    VANESSA: Yeah, it is.

    GAVON: So why am I the only courtesy clerk working?

    VANESSA: Jeff, Karsen, and Dane are also working.

    GAVON: Then were are they? They've been gone for awhile, and I'm sick of doing everything myself.

    VANESSA: You know, that's a good point. I'll go find them.

    Vanessa hides her slushie cup inside customer service and then goes off to find her three missing courtesy clerks.


    Slushie Man returns to the Slushie Center as Slurpee Boy and, to his surprise, Froster, is handing out slushies to people.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Da...Froster...what are you doing here?

    Froster just smiles an award-winning smile as he hands a slushie to someone.

    FROSTER: Seemed like you two were having fun. Looked better then working, so I joined.

    Slushie Man leans in to Froster and whispers to him.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Vanessa is sure to notice all three of us missing.

    Froster whispers back.

    FROSTER: I told her that I was going to go clean the lunch room and Karsen is supposedly gone to get some boxes of bags from the back.

    Slushie Man looks over at Slurpee Dude laughing with a couple customers.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Sure he is...

    INTERCOM VOICE: Um, Slushie Man, you're wanted on Line 1. That's Slushie Man, Line 1.

    Slushie Man looks up at the intercom, confused.

    FROSTER: That's weird.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Probably some more news people wanting an interview or something. I'll be right back.

    Slushie Man makes his way over to the nearest phone and picks it up, pressing the button for Line 1.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Slushie Man.

    VOICE: Hehehe, Hello Slushie Man.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Who is this?

    VOICE: I think we had a run-in last night during our midnight strolls.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Slushie Exploder.

    SLUSHIE EXPLODER (v.o.): Bingo. Now for the next stage of our game. This part is kind of like Simon Says. You do what I say, everyone lives. You fail to do so, I blow the building.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I call your bluff. There is no bomb. We stopped you last night before you could plant one. This place has been searched.

    The Slushie Exploder chuckles.

    SLUSHIE EXPLODER (v.o.): Is that a chance you're willing to take?

    Slushie Man sighs.

    SLUSHIE MAN: What do you want?

    SLUSHIE EXPLODER (v.o.): I want all you Bandits away from Sobeys.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I didn't know you cared so much about our well-being.

    Slushie Exploder laughs.

    SLUSHIE EXPLODER (v.o.): Don't fool yourself. It has nothing to do with me being concerned for you. I just cna't chance having you guys around and ruining my plans. Once you guys get away from the store, I want you to call me from the payphone on the corner of 99th and 116th. It's on the other end of town, so I'll know you're far away. And please, don't try to evacuate the store. I'll know if you do and I won't hesitate to detonate the bomb.

    Before Slushie Man could say anything else, the line goes dead. Slushie Man hangs up he phone and waves the other Slushie Bandits over. When they reach him, he leads them away from any crowd.

    SLURPEE DUDE: What's up?

    SLUSHIE MAN: That was him. The Slushie Exploder. He wants us to leave and call him from a payphone on the other end of town. If we don't do it, or if we try to evacuate the building, he'll blow it up.

    SLURPEE DUDE: But there's no bomb, we've checked.

    SLUSHIE MAN: There's thousands of little nooks it could be in. It's not a chance I'm willing to take. We'll play his game for now.

    FROSTER: This is going to be impossible to pull off, you do know that. Our other selves are supposed to be working. I'm sure if they haven't noticed yet that we're missing, they will for sure if we don't show up any more for the rest of the day.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I agree. Which is why I can't force you guys to do this. If you two don't want to comply with these demands, I don't blame you. Just change back into your work clothes and go back to work. But I'm going along with it. For now at least.

    SLURPEE DUDE: But...

    SLUSHIE MAN: I know, I'll have to quit and walk out. It's the only way.

    SLURPEE DUDE: No, you can't. You live on your own with Jenna. You need money for rent and bills.

    SLUSHIE MAN: If I don't do this, everyone in this store could die. I can always find another job.

    FROSTER: I'm with you. Slushie Bandits to the end.

    Slurpee Dude sighs.

    SLURPEE DUDE: I guess this means I'm in too.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Let's go change and get this done and over with.


    'Million Miles Away' by Adam Hood plays as Jeff, Karsen, and Dane emerge from the bathroom, bookbags on their shoulders, as they walk towards the exit, passing by in front of all the tills in slow-motion. They glance around the store, getting one last good look before they walk out those doors for good. They look at the other cashiers and Gavon the only remaining courtesy clerk. The slow-mo ends as they approach Jenna. The music goes a bit quieter, but doesn't fade out.

    JEFF: Hey Jenna, have you seen Vanessa?

    JENNA: No, I've been trying to find her for the last while. Why?

    JEFF: We quit.

    Jenna is left speechless as the music picks back up again and the trio walks past her and out the door before she can say anything to stop them. They stop just outside the doors and stare across the car-filled parking lot, into the horizon.

    JEFF: Let's bring this bastard down.


    The Slushie Bandits have arrived at the phone booth and Slushie Man dials the number he was given.


    This room is cluttered up the wazoo, with barely any free space to walk. In the middle of it, is Vanessa, tied to a chair and gagged. She struggles against the rope holding her tightly, but to no use. She begins using her nails to try to cut through the rope, but stops when the door to the room opens and Keven Skinner walks in and stops on the spot, staring at Vanessa.

    KEVEN: Were you just trying to escape, my dear?

    Vanessa sits there in silence, eyes wide. Keven goes behind the chair and sees that the rope is slightly frayed. He looks at her and then unexpectedly hit her across the face. She closes here eyes in pain and whimpers.

    KEVEN: Do not test me, girl.

    A phone starts ringing and Keven pulls a cell out from his pocket, looks at the number, and answers it as he glances out his window, moving a couple blinds out of the way. We intercut between the two locations, depending on who's talking.

    KEVEN: I see you guys are good at following directions. I'm impressed. I once had a dog that didn't listen as good as you bunch.

    SLUSHIE MAN: So what now?

    KEVEN: I have one last order to bestow upon you, and then my game will be done. It's actually an easier order then what you just had to do. My order is to do nothing. Let Sobeys go up in flames without interfering, and your girlfriend will be safe. If you decide to screw my plans over however, I'll kill her without thinking twice.

    Vanessa's eyes bulge in fear.

    SLUSHIE MAN: What girlfriend?

    KEVEN: The one you gave a slushie to at Sobeys.

    Keven removes the gag and Vanessa shouts into the phone.

    VANESSA: Slushie Man, help! I'm in...

    Keven quickly pulls the phone away from her and gags her again before she can give their location away.

    KEVEN: As long as you guys let Sobeys explode on schedule, the girl will live.


    Slushie Man slams the phone down, frowning.

    SLUSHIE MAN: He has Vanessa. Unless we allow Sobeys to blow up without interfering, he's going to kill her.

    Everyone is silent.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I...I don't know what to do.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Well we can't just let Sobeys blow up and kill everyone.

    FROSTER: But we also can't let him kill Vanessa.

    SLURPEE DUDE: We need to find out where he lives, and quickly.

    FROSTER: That's impossible without all sorts of tracking equipment and calling him back, but then he'll know something's up.

    They're silent for a few minutes again, thinking.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Guys, I just thought of something.

    They look at him.

    SLUSHIE MAN: The Slushie Exploder wanted all three of us here at the phone booth, yet only talked to me on the phone without asking to speak to you guys.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Yeah, so? I imagine he has more pressing matters then talking to a bunch of people on the phone.

    SLUSHIE MAN: How did he know that you guys were actually here?

    FROSTER: Of course! He must be able to see us! That's why he wanted us at this booth, cause he can see it from his house!

    They look around at the houses in the area.

    SLUSHIE MAN: He must be in one of the houses with a window facing us. That narrows it down to three houses.

    FROSTER: I'm on it.

    He morphs into his slushie state, speeding across the ground towards one of the three houses. Slushie Man turns to Slurpee Dude.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Rush back to Sobeys as fast as you can and start evacuating the place. By the time the Slushie Exploder realizes what you're doing, we should have found him.

    SLURPEE DUDE: It's a dangerous gamble. If you're wrong about the Slushie Exploder, Vanessa is going to die.

    SLUSHIE MAN: I know. Let's just hope I'm not wrong. Now open up. I'll give you some harmless slushie.

    Slurpee Dude opens his mouth and Slushie Man fires some regular slushie into his mouth. Slurpee Dude swallows it, nods, and speeds off in the blink of an eye just as Froster's slushie state comes out of the house and snakes across the ground to the second one. Slushie Man looks around the empty street.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Come on guys, we can do this...


    Froster enters the second house by sliding under the door and half-forms once he's inside, so he can look around. He slides across in this state a pile of slushie with a human head sticking up from it, until he glances around the corner and see it's not the right house due to the teenage girl yapping on the phone and her mother cooking supper in the kitchen. He morphs back fully into slushie and zooms out of the house.


    Jenna is standing with Shale, nervous. Shale is furious.

    SHALE: What!?

    JENNA: Yeah, they got mad over something, I don't even know what, and they all walked out. I think Vanessa did too, cause I can't find her anywhere. I even tried calling her over the intercom a few times. Nothing.

    SHALE: Those are four of our best workers. We have to find out what happened. Why they all walked out. I can't possibly think of why they'd quit without first coming to me or Paul with any problems they would have had. This doesn't make any sense.

    Slurpee Dude slows from a blur that entered the store, and stops in front of the tills. He rushes over to one of the phones to use the intercom, but Shale steps in his way.

    SHALE: Is there something I can help you with?

    SLURPEE DUDE: The Slushie Exploder has planted a bomb in the store, and it can go off at any second. We need to get everyone out, NOW.

    Jenna covers her mouth with one hand and Shale nods her head, giving him the ok to use the intercom. Slurpee Dude picks up the phone and presses the intercom button.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Attention shoppers and staff of Sobeys, this is Slurpee Dude. Everyone has to leave the store immediately. Stop whatever you are doing, leave everything, and get out. The Slushie Bandits have very strong reason to believe that the Slushie Exploder is about to blow up the store.

    This causes a rising panic as everyone instantly heads for the doors, screaming, some people even getting trampled. Slurpee Dude rushes to go help those people, while Shale tries to safely direct everyone out of the building. Jenna goes to help Slurpee Dude, who is leaning down, helping someone to their feet. He notices Jenna rushing towards him

    SLURPEE DUDE: Get going. I have the situation under control.

    Jenna nods and turns, leaving with everyone else as Slurpee Dude goes to work helping those that are getting injured in the stampede.


    Keven screams at the T.V., as it shows footage of the store being evacuated. He grabs a hunting knife and runs into the room with Vanessa, who's eyes go wide when she sees the knife.

    KEVEN: The Slushie Bandits made a horrible mistake...

    He moves in to kill her, but is distracted as his front door flies off the hinges and slams against his wall. He rushes back out into the main room, just to get punched in the face by Froster, and before he can even regain his balance, Slushie Man has stuck him to the wall with sticky slushie fired from both wrist shooters, and then grabs the knife from him, tossing it across the room.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Watch him.

    Froster nods as Slushie Man goes into the room with Vanessa and starts untying her.

    VANESSA: Thank God you came when you did.

    She stands up and tightly hugs Slushie Man.

    VANESSA: Thank you for saving me.

    She kisses him on the cheek and he leads her out into the main room as Keven laughs.

    SLUSHIE MAN: What's so funny? You're about to get Life in prison.

    KEVEN: It's time for the Endgame move.

    He continues laughing as Slushie Man, Froster, and Vanessa look at each other, eyes wide, and then slowly turn to face the T.V., knowing there's nothing else they can do and everything else is now up to Slurpee Dude.


    The parking lot is filled with people rushing out of Sobeys. Slurpee Dude helps a couple injured people walk out of the store and then turns to the police.

    SLURPEE DUDE: That's the last of them! Get everyone far away! If the store explodes, it'll be massive.

    The police nod and turn, working on getting everyone gathering in the parking lot to get a lot further away. Slurpee Dude hands the two injured people off to a couple of cops, just as a woman runs up, but is held back by police.

    WOMAN: My daughter! I can't find my daughter! She's not in the parking lot!

    SLURPEE DUDE: What's her name?

    WOMAN: Danielle! She's only six!

    Slurpee Dude turns to look back at the store as the hysterical mother starts crying. He moves to go back in the store, but Shale stops him by grabbing his arm.

    SHALE: You can't.

    SLURPEE DUDE: I have to. Go on, you better get far away with everyone else.

    Before anyone else can stop him, Slurpee Dude rushes back inside the store.


    Slurpee Dude starts calling out Danielle's name repeatedly as he quickly moves through the empty store franticly, checking down each aisle. Suddenly he sees the 7 year old girl rush out from the bathroom, right in front of him.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Come on kid, we got to go. You're mom's waiting for you.

    The kid takes his hand and looks up at him and smiles, just as the store suddenly explodes in a deafening, fire-filled explosion.


    Many of the departing people in the parking lot are knocked on their feet cause of the explosion. Also, many vehicle and other stores' windows shatter. Everyone looks on in horror at the blazing inferno.

    Slurpee Dude suddenly fazes into view by the knocked-down mother, with her kid, having just super-speeded out of the store the second it went up. She starts crying in gratitude.

    MOTHER: Thank you, thank you so much.

    Slurpee Dude nods and zooms off again in the blink of an eye to re-join the others and see how they did with their half of saving the day.


    A news woman is standing in front of the burning inferno of Sobeys, fire trucks behind her, fighting the blazing fire.

    NEWS WOMAN: The city of Fort St. John is forever in the debt of the Slushie Bandits for not only apprehending the Slushie Exploder for the police, but also saving hundreds of lives that would have been killed in the Sobeys explosion yesterday. With the Slushie Exploder apprehended, this also means that other stores around the city can now safely start selling slushies again. Bill, back to you.


    We cut to an over-aged balding man in a studio.

    BILL: Thank-you, Maurine. We just received information on the identity of the Slushie Exploder, given to us by the Fort St. John Police Department. He was a 35 Year Old man named Keven Skinner; a construction worker who's wife had died when the inside of her throat was sliced open by a small piece of glass that was sucked up from her slushie cup almost exactly year ago.


    We pan backwards and see that Jeff and Karsen are watching this news broadcast from a TV in the mall's food court, sitting at a table, when Dane approaches them.

    DANE: Guys!

    They turn to him as he reaches them and holds out his hand, showing three rings. Half the ring is colored red, with a slant going diagonally, with the other half being blue, and an S letter is in the red with a B letter in the blue.

    DANE: Just something for us all to wear when outside of our costumes.

    Karsen and Jeff take theirs and all three slide their rings on.

    KARSEN: So does this mean you're not going with Michael Banno?

    DANE: I still have lots of work left to do in town here. We would have never saved ANY of those people if I hadn't been around. I don't think I'm ready to leave yet.

    Karsen and Jeff smile proudly.

    JEFF: We should get some people together for coffee or something.

    KARSEN: Wait a bit, there's something I need to do.


    Amber answers her door, Karsen standing outside of it.

    AMBER: What do you want?

    KARSEN: I came to apologize. I'm sorry I got so mad at you over the Scott thing, it's just that I'm scared I'm going to lose you, with the way things have been with us lately, and Scott treated you SO badly last time you were with him, I just care about you too much to see you go through that again.

    AMBER: I guess we can both put in a bit more effort into getting this relationship to work, but there's something you have to realize; IF I do end up leaving you, it won't be for Scott, ok? I remember everything he did to me, and I'll never go back to him. And I'm sorry too, for not telling you sooner that I was talking to him again. Just, it was nice to have someone there for me when it seemed like you were ignoring me.

    KARSEN: I'll try harder, I promise.

    AMBER: So will I.

    The two hug tightly and kiss passionately.


    Jeff, Karsen, Amber, Dane, Jenna, and Vanessa are sitting in Starbucks, as Sonum, wearing a Starbucks uniform, serves them their coffee's, handing everyone the things they ordered. Amber is leaning back into Karsen's arms, which are locked around her.

    SONUM: So what are guys going to do for work now?

    JENNA: No idea. Find another job, obviously.

    Jeff, Karsen, and Dane all look at each other, smiling.

    JEFF: I'm sure something will turn up. Things have a way of...working out.

    Everyone hands Sonum money to pay for their orders, and Jenna makes Vanessa put her money away.

    JENNA: I'll pay for yours. You deserve to have someone pay for your order, after being kidnapped by that freak.

    VANESSA: Oh, ok. Thanks.

    SONUM: Yeah, it's definitely not a fun feeling.

    VANESSA: If this keeps up, we can soon start a Kidnapped Girls club. You'll be next, Jenna.

    They laugh, until the get interrupted by Sonum's boss.

    BOSS: Sonum! Stop socializing! You're supposed to be working and we have other customers!

    Sonum looks at her boss then back to her friends.

    SONUM: I've got to get back to work. I'll catch you guys later, have a good day.

    They all say bye to her and she goes back to work.

    JENNA: I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to think about the Slushie Bandits at first, but they've saved both my life and Vanessa's. I can't really argue with that.

    VANESSA: Yeah, I was pretty terrified at first, I'm not going to lie, but it all worked out when Slushie Man came to my rescue.

    She looks directly at Jeff when she says this, with a knowing look in her expression. Jeff looks back at her and their eyes meet.


    The Slushie Bandits
    Episode 4: Zero Hour
    Written by: Jeffrey Long
    Produced by: Jeffrey Long
    Creative Consultants: Brandon Keith and Michael Banno


    6/25/2008 1:46:32 PM

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