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    TLW is 2 hours and 10 minutes long, three minutes longer than JP.
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    The Slushie Bandits 1x03 Corruption
    By Aragorn


    The dead bodies of four security guards lay lifeless on the floor in a pool of their own blood. The rest of the room is almost untouched apart from some destroyed teller booths and a couple bullet holes. The JANITOR is hiding under one of the untouched teller booths, quivering with fear as he's scrunched up. He closes his eyes tightly as sweat falls down his face.

    JANITOR (whispering): Please God, don't let that monster find me. Please, please...

    Heavy clunking footsteps are heard getting further and further away. The janitor slowly pokes his head up from under the booth and sees that the danger is temporarily gone as he glances at a shadow going around the corner far down the hallway. He quickly runs over to the fallen guards to check on them, only to find them dead. He looks down the hall that the footsteps went down and then quickly runs over to a phone. He picks the phone up and dials 911.

    OPERATOR (v.o.): 911 Emergency, how may I...

    The voice is cut off instantly and the janitor jumps as a small projectile hits the phone and it explodes in a display of plastic and small electronical parts. The janitor whips around and screams, turning back around and running away from the figure that had just returned.

    JANITOR: Get away from me! Leave me alone!

    A giant solid rock-shape thing lands in front of the janitor, blocking him off from the exit. The janitor turns back around, only to scream high-pitch and we zoom in on his eyes as they widen and we hear a sickening slicing sound. We pan back a bit, to show blood trickling down from the top of his head.


    The opening credits play with the song 'Downfall' by Trustcompany. We see various action scenes from upcoming episodes, and then we see a collage of scenes of each main character as his or her name is shown in the credits. One on side of the screen is three blocks, each with a different scene of the character, from a future episode. On the other side of the screen is the same thing, only with the character in their Slushie Bandits costume. Overlapping, in the middle, is a close-up of the character's head.

    Jeff Slushie Man
    Karsen Slurpee Dude
    Dane - Froster
    Chase - Slushor

    After the main cast, we see a few clips of them in some action shots, including some with their upcoming vehicles (hover board, leg jet boosters, and the Slushiemobile), as well as some shots of them out-of-costume interacting with other characters. The final scene shows the Slushie Bandits walking side-by-side as something explodes behind them.

    Opening credits end.


    We open on a small TV set sitting in the blackness of open space. It turns on, showing a news report of the Slushie Bandits. The footage shows them rescuing some people from a burning building and fighting the fire, at night. It cuts to another shot of them dropping a net full of unconscious people off at the police station, also at night. Then it cuts to them stopping a guy from robbing a gas station during the day. It then cuts to a reporter sitting at a desk.

    REPORTER: With the mysterious arrival of these four masked men, also comes the much-needed help that this city's police force have been looking for. The members of what are being referred to as the Slushie Bandits, with the press-given nicknames of Froster, Slushor, and Slurpee Boy, appear to be led by this man...(giant picture of Slushie Man comes up)...The Incredible Slushie Man. (picture goes away) While the Slushie Bandits appear to be on the right side of the law, Police Chief Fred Diamond was unavailable for an official comment by the police force on the matter. Stay tuned after the commercial break for an update on the quality of Fort St. John's tap water.

    The screen is turned off.


    'Semi-Charmed Life' by Third Eye Blind plays as we pan through the store to a giant corner that is roped off, blocking customers from the tons of wood, saw dust, plastic, tools, metal, and all sorts of other things that goes into renovating. The store managers, Paul and Shale, approach the two workers working in that area.


    PAUL: How's it coming along?

    WORKER 1: Pretty good, now that we have the right measurements.

    Paul chuckles.

    PAUL: Don't remind me of that nightmare.

    The worker chuckles back.

    PAUL: Just make sure it's finished by the end of the week. Our opening of the Slushie Center is next week. Deadline's coming up soon.

    WORKER 1: No worries, boss man.

    PAUL: Good, that's what I like to hear.


    Near the tills is a long wall of magazines, which Jeff is currently re-organizing and removing all the old ones from, replacing them with the new editions. He has heavy bags under his eyes and he puts a hand up to his mouth as he lets out a long yawn. He goes back to working on the magazines when Vanessa, in Sobeys uniform, walks over.

    VANESSA: How're the magazine's coming along?

    JEFF: Alright, but boring as hell.

    VANESSA: Need help?

    JEFF: Sure.

    Vanessa goes in to helping Jeff with the task. Jeff lets out another long yawn.

    VANESSA: Wow, that was a long one. (laughs her chipmunk laugh) I've noticed you've been tired a lot lately. Maybe you should get more sleep.

    JEFF: Yeah, I haven't really been sleeping much these days.

    VANESSA: Yeah, Jenna told me that you come and go at all hour of the day and night now. What's going on?

    AMBER (V.O.): Hey guys.

    Jeff and Vanessa turn to see Amber and Sonum standing nearby.

    INTERCOM PAGE: Supervisor to Till 4, please, supervisor to Till 4.

    VANESSA: Oh, that's me. I'll be right back.

    Vanessa quickly goes to answer the call.

    JEFF: Hey Amber. (nods) Sonum. When did you two start hanging out?

    AMBER: Just recently. It turns out we share some of the same friends, which we found out at a party the other night. We started hanging out that night and just made plans to hang out some more today.

    SONUM: Wow Jeff, you don't look good. Have you been sleeping?

    JEFF: Not really, no.

    SONUM: Why not?

    JEFF: It's...complicated.

    SONUM: Well you know you can call me for anything, at anytime, even in the middle of the night if you can't sleep. I'll always make time to talk to you.

    Jeff smiles at Sonum, who smiles back. Amber slowly looks back and forth between the two, and after a few seconds of silence, speaks up.

    AMBER: Well we have to get going. We have a lot of shopping to do and I still need to pick up the stuff for supper tonight before I go and meet up with Karsen.

    JEFF: Oh, about Karsen. He's sorry he had to run out in the middle of last night...that's kind of my fault.

    AMBER: Don't, Jeff. Don't apologize for him. I know you're all buddy buddy with him now, but he makes his own decisions, and I don't want you apologizing for his mistakes.

    JEFF: Um, ok...

    Vanessa returns before Jeff can say anything else.

    VANESSA: What's going on?

    JEFF: It's kind of a long story.

    Vanessa laughs.

    VANESSA: Ohh Jeffrey, your life is never boring, that's for sure.

    JEFF: You guys don't even know the half of it.


    Chase slides a mysterious large bag into his closet, closing the door and locking it just as his phone rings. He walks over and answers it.

    CHASE: Hello?

    VOICE: Police. We'd like to ask you a few questions.

    Chase pushes a button on his phone, buzzing the cops in. He puts the phone back down and walks over to his door, just as there's a knock on it. He opens it up, showing two cops standing in the hallway of the apartment building.

    CHASE: How can I help you, Officers?

    OFFICER 1: We'd like to ask you a few questions, regarding the disappearance of your family, as well as some hospital staff.

    CHASE: Oh, well I don't know how much I can tell you. I was in a coma for a long time.

    OFFICER 1: We're aware of that.

    OFFICER 2: Why don't you just start with what you do know?

    CHASE: Well as I said, not much. When I woke from a coma, my family was already missing by that point.

    OFFICER 2: May we come in?

    Chase stares at him for a second, before stepping out of the way, allowing them to come in.

    OFFICER 1: That's a funny thing, cause according to the hospital stuff, they were by your bedside right up until you supposedly disappeared from the hospital.

    Chase just glares at the back of their heads as they walk part-way into his apartment and he closes the door.

    OFFICER 2: And according to your sister's work, she stopped showing up, just as you started showing up for your job.

    CHASE: That sure is weird.

    They keep their backs to him, scouting out the apartment. Chase makes his way to his kitchen, where reaches under the sink to pull out his slushie pack.

    CHASE: Any leads?

    OFFICER 1: We have one or two.

    He turns around to face Chase, but is met with a barrage of needle-shaped hard slushie material. His eyes go wide as blood starts trickling from numerous holes. The other officer whips around at the noise, but before he can remove his gun, Chase uses his powers and slits the cop's throat with a blade-shaped hard slushie.


    Jeff is still working on the magazines, but nearing completion. Karsen and Dane come running around the corner of the magazine wall, out of breath.

    JEFF: What's up, guys? Why aren't you in school?

    KARSEN: There's another bank robbery in process. We just heard about it on the news on the TV in the cafeteria at school.

    JEFF: Shit. Guys, there's no way they'll let me leave early yet again. Go ahead and get Chase. You three can handle it on your own.

    DANE: We tried calling him already. He's not answering his apartment phone and his cell just goes straight to voice mail.

    Jeff sighs heavily and sees Vanessa walking by.

    JEFF: Hey Vanessa, would I be able to go home early?

    VANESSA: I don't know, you'll have to ask Shale. It' slow though, so if she's ok with it then so am I.

    Vanessa continues walking on her path.

    JEFF: Stay here, I don't want Shale thinking I want to get of early to hang out with you guys.

    Jeff leaves Karsen and Dane behind as he goes to find Shale. He passes by a person stocking shelves.

    JEFF: Hey Mike, do you know where Shale is?

    MIKE: I think she's overseeing the construction of the slushie center.

    JEFF: Thanks.

    Jeff makes his way across the store to where Shale is, and she turns around to see him.

    SHALE: What can I do for you, Jeff?

    JEFF: I was wondering if I could go home a bit early. It's really slow, and Vanessa said to ask you.

    SHALE: This would be your fourth time in the last seven shifts. No, not this time. You have to start sticking around for entire shifts, Jeff.

    JEFF: Alright.

    Jeff returns to Karsen and Dane and shrugs.

    JEFF: She said no, because I ask to leave early too much these days.

    KARSEN: Well what the hell are we supposed to do? Chase is MIA and you can't get off work.

    Jeff smiles.

    JEFF: I'm sure Froster and Slurpee Boy can handle this one on their own.

    KARSEN: For the last time, I'm Slurpee DUDE, not Boy. Slurpee Boy makes me sound so...young.

    Jeff just laughs.

    JEFF: Once the news starts calling you Slurpee Dude, then so will I.

    Karsen grumbles as he turns to leave.

    JEFF: Hey guys...(they turn back around)...Good luck.


    Froster and Slurpee Dude arrive at the bank on foot. Froster's costume now has giant F's going down the side of his arms, and Slurpee Dude has a cursive SD symbol in the middle of his head piece.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Third bank this week. This is insane.

    As they reach the bank, they see nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the bank being closed and yellow police tape around the entrance.

    FROSTER: Um...isn't this bank supposed to be in the process of getting robbed?

    SLURPEE DUDE: That's what the news said.

    FROSTER: Are we at the right bank?

    SLURPEE DUDE: CIBC, they said.

    FROSTER: Well then, um, where's the action?

    They turn on the spot, scanning the surrounding area, and then looking back at the bank.

    FROSTER: I'm so confused here.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Um, I think we missed it.

    FROSTER: What?

    SLURPEE DUDE: I think it ended long before we could get here. Whatever happened, we missed it.

    FROSTER: Oh, that is such a load of shit. I can't believe we're skipping school for nothing.

    SLURPEE DUDE: We really need to get a vehicle that we have access to at all times. We can't always just be using our parents' cars or walking.

    FROSTER: Well this is a load of bullshit.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Come on, we may as well start heading back.

    The two begin walking back the way they came.

    SLURPEE DUDE: I wonder if they caught him this time.

    FROSTER: I doubt it. How can someone rob so many banks, yet leave nothing for the cops to go off of?

    SLURPEE DUDE: Well there's only one bank left in town that hasn't been robbed yet. Starting tonight, we need to stake that place out until the culprit winds up there. It's obvious he will.

    All of a sudden, a screeching noise causes them to whip their heads around and witness see two on coming cars slam into each other nearby. Heavy traffic is in the area, which is about to result in a car pile up. A third car slams on the breaks, but can't slow down fast enough as it also hits the other two cars.

    Slurpee Dude: Holy shit!

    Froster instantly melts into his slushie form and zooms over to the area, positioning himself under the tires of another car about to crash, but it skids on the slushie material and the car is sent skidding off away from the developing accident. Slurpee Dude runs and jumps into the thick of the accident area, sluhsifying his arms, extending them, and then freezing them into ice as he ducks, positioning himself in front of another careening car. It goes up his arms like a ramp as he ducks his head, and the car flies through the air, missing the crash and landing on the other side.

    Froster starts to form back into human form, freaking the hell out of another oncoming driver, sending him steering away from the area, just as a fuel truck starts to spin out of control while trying to avoid the crash area. While out of control, the truck is rushing right towards the three crashed cars. The driver from the third quickly bails and runs out of the way, but the driver from one of the other cars is knocked unconscious, and the family inside of the third's are stuck inside. They are trying to open the doors, but the doors are stuck due to the state of the car from the crash.

    Froster and Slurpee Dude run as fast as they can to the cars. Froster melts into his slushie form and squeezes inside the car of the unconscious person, through the cracks around the doorframe. Slurpee Dude morphs his hand into an ice hammer and slams it into the window of the other car, shattering it. His hand morphs back to normal. Once inside, Froster forms back to his human form and unlocks the door and grabs the unconscious person, pulling him out. Slurpee Dude pulls the family out of the other car through the window he broke, just as the driver jumps out of the truck and it crashes into the two cars, resulting in an explosion. Froster pulls out his cell and calls for am ambulance, while the other family thanks them for getting them out in time.

    Slurpee Dude starts pulling the family out through the broken window as quickly as he can, glancing at the rushing out of control fuel truck.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Ok, we have to move faster here, people!

    He gets the second family member out, and then reaches in and pretty much pulls the daughter out, followed by the son who rushes out quickly on his own. Slurpee Dude rushes the family away from the crash area just as the driver of the truck realizes its pointless to try and get the truck under control and bails, jumping out and rolling across the ground as the truck zooms onwards. It slams into the three other cars and flips up into the air, flipping several times before it lands with a giant crash right on top of the three cars, resulting in a gigantic, deafening, explosion that sends thick smoke up into the air. Froster turns to one of the gasping onlookers.

    FROSTER: You have a cell?

    The person nods.

    FROSTER: Call 911.

    Froster lays the unconscious body on the ground. Slurpee Dude faces the family he save.

    FATHER: Thank you so much for getting me and my family out of there in time.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Just doing what I can to help. Slurpee Dude's the name.

    DAUGHTER: But the news calls you Slurpee BOY.

    SLURPEE DUDE: The news got it wrong. If they interview you, make sure to mention that.

    FROSTER: Can you guys watch over that man there...(points to the unconscious man)...until the ambulance shows up?

    FATHER: Sure thing. And thanks again, so much.

    Froster nods and he and Slurpee Dude take off running down the street, away from the area.


    Karsen's mom's car sits across the street, and down the street, from the Royal Bank.

    INT. CAR

    Slurpee Dude, Slushie Man, Froster, and Slushor are sitting inside the car, staking the place out. Slushie Man now has a giant Superman-like S symbol in the middle of his chest. Slurpee Dude is in the driver's seat, half-asleep. Slushie Man lightly shoves Slurpee Dude, who instantly opens his eyes and sits straight up.

    SLURPEE DUDE: I'm awake, I'm awake!

    He wipes a bit of drool from his mouth.

    SLUSHOR: We've been out here for hours. I don't think the person is showing. Let's say we call it a night.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Just when we leave, that's when the person will show. It seems that's always the case.

    SLUSHOR: Why are we even hear in the first place? Ever since we've started helping people with our abilities, we've gotten nothing in return. Hell, the cops even want us for questioning for some of those cases. We should use our powers for some personal gain as well, to even things out a bit.

    SLURPEE DUDE: You know, that's not too half bad of an idea. It's not like the cops or City Hall is ever going to give us a medal or hazard pay or anything for the work we do.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Just because we have these abilities, doesn't make us above the law. No one is above the law, and that's why we're out here.

    FROSTER: He's right. It's not a crime to do a bit of extra good, but it is a crime to act like we're above the law.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Yeah, I guess you're right. But it is a nice thought though.

    SLUSHOR: That's bullshit! Not a crime to do an extra bit of good? Try telling that to the cops that want us right now. We can have anything we want in the world with these abilities, and quite frankly, I think we deserve...

    SLUSHIE MAN (cutting him off): Look! There!

    He points at a figure approaching the bank from a dark alley. They wait watch him approach the bank, and once they see the figure trying to get through the door, they pounce out of the car and rush him, tackling him to the ground. They proceed to check his pockets for a gun or any sharp objects.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Thought you could get away with robbing another, bank, huh? Not this time, sucker.

    MAN: No! No, I...

    FROSTER: Save it for the judge.

    MAN: You don't...

    SLUSHIE MAN: On your feet!

    Slushie Man pulls him forcefully onto his feet and whips him around. The man has a straggly dirty beard, and mix-match clothes. His jacket is half-torn and covered in dirt.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Uh, guys? I don't think this is our man.

    MAN: I'm not, you pricks!

    SLUSHIE MAN: Then what were you doing going into the bank in the middle of the night?

    MAN: I sleep in the entry way every night! I have no where else to go!

    The Slushie Bandits are all silent as they exchange glances with one another. After a few minutes of silence, Froster speaks up.

    FROSTER: Well...this is slightly awkward...

    HOMELESS MAN: Can you let me go now? Pricks...

    Slushie Man lets go of the man, who walks away off down the street, mumbling about finding a new place to sleep at night.

    SLUSHIE MAN: So does anybody else feel like an idiot right now?

    SLUSHOR: Now can we please go home, before we embarrass ourselves any more tonight?

    SLUSHIE MAN: Yeah, I think you have a good idea there. Alright, everyone back in the car. Time to call it a night.


    Jenna is still awake, watching TV, when Jeff walks in the door. Jenna looks at her watch and then back up at Jeff.

    JENNA: Another late night, I see.

    JEFF: Yeah, I was hanging out with Chase. Karsen was supposed to come hang out with us too, but he has school in the morning so he ended up not coming out.

    Jenna looks at him, not quite believing him.

    JENNA: You've been having a few middle-of-the-night rendezvous' recently.

    Jeff just shrugs.

    JENNA: So who is she?

    Jeff looks at her, confused.

    JEFF: What?

    JENNA: The girl you're seeing...Who is she? And why do you feel the need to keep her a secret?

    Jeff just starts laughing uncontrollably as he makes his way to his bed room.


    The next day, Karsen and Dane are walking through the halls of their school, both yawning and fighting to stay awake.

    DANE: Man, I so can't wait until after school so I can go home and sleep.

    Karsen laughs.

    KARSEN: Yeah, I totally hear...

    AMBER (v.o.; cutting him off): Karsen, you son of a bitch!

    Karsen and Dane turn and see Amber storming in their direction from a side hall. A few other people in the hall turn to look at the commotion.

    AMBER: You never called me back last night, like you promised!

    KARSEN: Oh shit, honey, I'm so so sorry! I totally forgot, I'm sorry.

    Karsen leans in to kiss her, but he pulls away.

    AMBER: I'm getting really sick and tired of all this bullshit these last few weeks.

    KARSEN: I'll make it up to you, I promise.

    AMBER: Whatever, I don't care anymore.

    And with that, Amber just storms off again. Karsen sighs.

    KARSEN: This gig of ours is starting to cost me. Maybe Chase was really onto something last night about using ours...gifts...for a bit of personal gain. Make up for all the trouble we're going through.

    Dane shakes his head.

    DANE: I really don't think that's a good idea. The theory behind it makes sense, but the actions won't make us any better then those we bring in.

    KARSEN: I think I'm going to go find Amber and apologize.

    Karsen goes to walk in the direction Amber took off in, but Dane puts a hand on his chest, stopping him.

    DANE: I think that she just needs some space to cool off. She'll be back to you in no time.

    Karsen looks down the hall, then back at Dane.

    KARSEN: Yeah, you're right.

    As they start walking again, they see Sonum holding hands with a guy while walking in the halls.

    DANE: Holy Shit, Karsen, look at that. (he points) Is that Ashley's brother? When did that happen? I can't remember the last time Sonum had a boyfriend.

    KARSEN: Yeah, me and Amber saw them at Center Dining a couple weeks ago.

    DANE: Does Jeff know yet?

    Karsen laughs.

    KARSEN: Yeah, right.

    As they continue down the hall, approaching their class, they witness a nerdy kid getting picked on by a couple older guys that have pushed him up against the wall.

    KARSEN: Look at that. That's pathetic. I'm gonna put a stop to it.

    DANE: Be careful. It's dangerous to use our abilities here

    Karsen smirks and nods towards the two bullies.

    KARSEN: Yeah, for them.

    Karsen goes in to break it up.

    KARSEN: How about you guys leave him alone?

    The two bullies turn to see Karsen, and laugh. One of them shoves Karsen.

    BULLY 1: And what are you gonna do about it, tubby?

    KARSEN: Trust me, you do not want to mess with me.

    The bullies laugh again and start shoving Karsen back and forth between them. One of them goes in to punch him in the stomach, but under his shirt, Karsen slushifies his chest and then ices it over. Instead of hitting him, the bully hits his rock-hard chest and hurts his hand.

    BULLY 1: Holy shit, what the hell are you made of?

    KARSEN: A whole lot of ass-kicking.

    Karsen moves to punch him. Right before punching him though, he very quickly freezes his fist over, just for a second to punch the bully, before changing his fist back to normal before anyone could see. The bully, having pretty much been hit in the face by a block of ice, yells as he goes to his knees, covering his bloody nose. Karsen looks at the other bully.

    BULLY 2: Peace, dude!

    And the second bully runs off down the hall.

    NERDY KID: Thank you so much!

    He quickly shakes Karsen's hand and runs off to class. Dane walks around the fallen bully as he and Karsen continue down the hall.

    DANE: That was risky. Some one could have seen use your ability.

    KARSEN: I couldn't just stand there and do nothing. Besides, I did it so quickly, nobody saw.

    VOICE: Karsen Gauthier!

    Karsen and Dane turn, seeing the Principal standing in the hall.

    KARSEN: Shit, the principal.

    PRINCIPAL: Karsen, come to the Office. Right now!

    KARSEN: Go on to class. I'll catch up with you later.

    Karsen walks back as he and the bloody-nosed bully are marched to the office by the Principal.


    Jeff and Chase are dressed as janitors, mopping the floors of the Royal Bank.

    CHASE: Man, this is so degrading. We're not even getting paid for this.

    JEFF: It's necessary to pose as janitors. The last bank was robbed in broad daylight, and nobody pays any attention to janitors so it's our safest disguise.

    Someone tracks mud all over Chase's recently-mopped floor as they walk by.

    BANK MANAGER: You! Hey you!

    Chase turns to see him.

    BANK MANAGER: I'm not paying you to stand around and chat. This floor is muddy. Get to work!

    Chase looks down at the new mud prints on his recently-clean floor and growls.

    CHASE: I hate my life...


    Jenna is working on Till to lower some line-ups. Vanessa goes through, with a small amount of groceries.

    VANESSA: Hey Jenna, how's work been going today?

    JENNA: Busy. I haven't even gotten to go on my break yet, I keep having to hop on till.

    VANESSA: Ouch. Hey, does Jeff work today?

    JENNA: No, he's off for a couple days now. And you know what? He's secretly seeing a girl, but won't to tell me who.

    VANESSA: I wonder who it is. I know Amber and Sonum dropped by to visit him yesterday when he was working.

    JENNA: That's a bit odd. Amber's going out with Karsen though. Maybe it's Sonum.

    VANESSA: But he's in love with her. Why would he hide it?

    JENNA: I'm not sure, but I'm gonna find out...


    Jenna is sitting at home, watching TV by herself. Jeff is once again, not home. Jenna checks her watch and pulls out her cell phone.

    JENNA: Any updates?


    A black car sits in front of Sonum's house

    INT. CAR

    Vanessa looks out her window, talking on her cell.

    VANESSA: No. There's no sign of Jeff, and for the record, I think this is stupid.

    There's suddenly a knock on Vanessa's window and she jumps. She turns to look, seeing Sonum standing there.

    VANESSA: Um, hang on a minute Jenna.

    Vanessa rolls down her window.

    SONUM: Hey. So, um, what are you doing outside my house for the last two hours?

    VANESSA: I...Um...Well you see...Um...

    Jenna's voice is heard very small, coming from the cell phone.

    JENNA (v.o.): Don't say anything, Vanessa!

    VANESSA: Well you see...um...Jenna...and I guess me too...have this theory that...um...you and Jeff...um...are kind of...dating...in secret. And I'm kind of...um...here for proof...yeah...

    SONUM: You guys need a life.

    VANESSA: I'm sorry.

    SONUM: Here, I'll make it easy for you so you can just go home. I never have been, nor am I currently, seeing Jeff. I already have a boyfriend, and I don't need him being suspicious of me, so don't talk to anyone else about this theory of yours.

    VANESSA: Sure thing, no problem.

    Without saying another word, she starts her car up and zooms off. Sonum just shakes her head and goes back inside.


    Jenna is still on the phone with Vanessa.

    JENNA: Well if it's not Sonum, then who is it?


    Karsen's mom's car sits across the street and down a bit from the bank for the second night in a row, with the same results: A car full of overly-tired and bored people in costumes.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Man, I sure could go for a slushie right about now.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Have fun. The nearest place that sells them right now is a 40-minute drive outside of town.

    SLUSHOR: That's a good idea actually. We should go get some. It's been awhile since I've tasted the freezing goodness of a slushie.

    SLUSHIE MAN: We can't just leave right now to go get slushies.

    FROSTER: It almost seems like the person behind all this knows we're staking the place out and won't hit it.

    SLUSHOR: Maybe he has no reason to hit the last bank. After robbing the others, he's sure to have enough money and he doesn't want to press his luck any more then he has to.

    Slushie Man sighs.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Yeah, maybe. If there's no action within the next half hour, then we can all go home.


    Jeff and Karsen are in a long line-up at Wal-Mart, with a home slushie machine in Jeff's arms, ready to buy. 'Informer' by Snow is playing over the store speakers.

    KARSEN: I so can't wait to hook this baby up.

    JEFF: I owe you for the idea. Last night when you were complaining about wanting slushies, I got the idea to pick up a home slushie machine, since no place in town will sell them anymore.

    Karsen is practically jumping with excitement. Sonum and a group of her friends walk on by, and she suddenly stops when she sees Jeff and Karsen in the line up.

    SONUM: Hey guys.

    KARSEN: Hey.

    JEFF: Hey, Sonum.

    SONUM (to her friends): Hey guys, I'll catch up with you in a few.

    Her friends continue on, while Sonum stands in line with Jeff and Karsen to chat to them.

    SONUM: So Jeff, I heard about Jenna and Vanessa's wild theory.

    Jeff chuckles.

    JEFF: Yeah, they think I'm secretly seeing someone.

    SONUM: No, they think you're secretly seeing ME. Vanessa even staked my house out last night.

    Jeff laughs harder.

    JEFF: Oh man, that is golden. I can't believe Jenna's getting so obsessed over this.

    SONUM: So...whoa re you really seeing?

    JEFF: I'm not really seeing anyone. Chase has insomnia and can't sleep at night, so I hang out with him to keep him company, and Jenna just came up with this wild theory that I was secretly seeing someone, and its just funny for me to see Jenna so convinced on that.

    SONUM: Well at least I set their records straight about it not being me.

    One of the people Sonum was with, her boyfriend, calls out to her from down the aisle.

    RYAN: Hey Sonum, are you coming or what?

    Sonum turns to face him, before turning back to Jeff and Karsen.

    SONUM: Yeah, hold on a minute.

    JEFF: Who's that?

    SONUM: Ryan? He's...um...

    Sonum shoots a warning glance to Karsen, before looking back at Jeff.

    SONUM: Just Ashley's brother.

    We can tell by the look on Karsen's face, that he doesn't agree with Sonum lying to Jeff, but doesn't want to be the one to hurt his friend so he keeps his mouth shut.

    JEFF: Oh, cool. I haven't seen Ashley since that one party a few months ago. Tell her I said hi for me.

    Jeff winks and raises and lowers his eyebrows as he smiles. Sonum just laughs.

    SONUM: You couldn't possibly ever get with Ashley...She has standards.

    Karsen laughs as well at that, and Jeff fakes being hurt, clutching his heart.

    JEFF: Ow...that hurt...

    He laughs as well.

    SONUM: Well I better get back to my friends. See you later, guys.

    JEFF: Take care.

    Sonum goes to join her friends, just as Jeff and Karsen are next in line to pay for their purchase. Jeff buys the machine, and after he takes his receipt, Karsen puts a fancy small box on the till to get scanned.

    KARSEN: Hopefully this necklace will get me back in Amber's good books. Its center has her birthstone in it.

    JEFF: I've known Amber for a long time. I'm sure she'll love it.


    Later on that evening, Jeff, Karsen, and Dane are at Jeff's apartment, the new slushie machine hooked up and making some slushies for them.

    DANE: It sucks that Chase couldn't make it tonight.

    KARSEN: Well it's not exactly his fault that he got called into work.

    DANE: Oh I know, just I think all four of us should be here for the occasion.

    JEFF: Slushies are ready!

    He starts handing cups to the two of them, taking a third for himself.

    JEFF: Moment of truth...

    The three clink their glasses together and start sipping through the straws.

    DANE: Hmmmm, this is soooo good.

    KARSEN: Holy shit, dude, this stuff rocks.

    Dane goes to lean against the counter, but accidentally knocks a glass off when he does. Karsen moves to get it only he moves super-fast and easily grabs it, far from the floor. The others look as shocked at him, as he looks.

    KARSEN: What the hell did you put in these slushies?

    JEFF: Just what the ingredients on the box told me.

    Karsen tries to run, and he runs circles around the apartment before the others can even blink.

    DANE: This is some messed-up shit happening.

    Karsen goes to put the glass back on the counter, but when eh slams his hand down on it, he accidentally takes part of it out, loose splinters littering the floor. Jeff and Dane step back a bit as Karsen glances as his own hands.

    KARSEN: What the hell is this?

    DANE: maybe it's something in the slushies, mixed with our abilities.

    He tries to run, as Jeff tries to lift the fridge, but with no results.

    JEFF: Lets switch.

    Dane nods. He goes over to lift the fridge as Jeff starts to run, but again, nothing out of the ordinary.

    JEFF: It seems to be a Karsen-exclusive ability.

    DANE: Damn, that just sucks. I want a cool power like that too.

    KARSEN: Oh yeah, that's right, I rock. (takes another sip) Hey, you know what we should do? Add alcohol to the drinks.

    JEFF: Except Dane has school tomorrow. Not everyone has the privilege of being suspended.

    DANE: Phhf, I don't care. Wouldn't be the first time going to school hung over.

    Jeff goes to dig through his cupboards to get some alcohol, while Karsen goes out into the living room and turns the TV up.

    REPORTER: ...again, this just in...Police are en-route to the Royal Bank, after the silent alarm had been tripped and a 911 call made from an employee trapped inside made claims of a super-powered person breaking in. Could this be the return of the mysterious bank robber? Stay with us as we travel down to the bank ourselves to get Live reports and updates.

    KARSEN: Jeff! Dane! Get in here now!

    They rush in and look at the TV.

    KARSEN: It's happening! Royal Bank is being robbed, and witnesses say the robber has some kind of super powers.

    JEFF: This is it, guys.

    DANE: If this person has super powers, it may take all of us to bring him down.

    JEFF: You're right. We need Chase's help.

    DANE: You two go on ahead. I'll swing by Sobeys and find a way to get Chase off work and we'll meet you there.

    JEFF: Sounds like a plan. Let's move out, guys.


    Slurpee Dude and Slushie Man are running on foot down a sidewalk as fast as they can.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Man, Dane could have at least given us a ride there. He's the one with the car tonight.

    SLURPEE DUDE: All I need is to have a slushie and I can be there in a split second.

    Slushie Man stops running, causing Slurpee Dude to stop as well. He fishes in his pockets and pulls out a set of keys, handing them to Slurpee Dude.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Go back to my apartment, have some slushie, and then speed on ahead.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Hopefully I can hold my ground until you and the others show up.

    SLUSHIE MAN: You just have to stall him, not defeat him, until we get there. Now hurry.

    Slurpee Dude nods and turns, running back to Jeff's apartment.


    Dane runs into the store. Looking around for Chase. Jenna walks up to him, and Dane franticly turns to her.

    JENNA: Hey Dane.

    DANE: Where's Chase? Is he on his break?

    JENNA: Chase? I have no idea.

    DANE: Can you page him? It's an emergency?

    JENNA: Oh, is he in the store, shopping?

    DANE: Shopping? No, he's working. He got called in earlier.

    JENNA: You must be mistaken. It's been slow all evening. We actually had to send a couple people home cause it was so slow. There's no way anyone would have been called in.

    Dane's mind races for a second, before gears start turning and things click into place.

    DANE (to himself): No...friggin...way...

    He turns and runs off again, leaving a mystified and confused Jenna behind.


    Slurpee Dude, slowing down from a speeding blur, arrives just inside the bank, which had its door blown off already and some of the area inside is wrecked. There are a few security guards lying on the floor. Slurpee Dude jogs over to them and bends down, checking their pulses, finding them dead.


    He hears a giant crash from some place deep inside the bank and cautiously makes his way across the room to investigate.


    Dane arrives outside Chase's apartment in a rush and knocks on the door.

    DANE: Please answer. Please, oh God, please, let me be wrong about this.

    He knocks again, and after several seconds of no answer, he tries the handle and finds it unlocked. He opens the door and steps inside.

    DANE: Chase, you home?

    No answer. He flips on a light switch and gasps. There are two dead police officers laying on the floor in a pool of their own blood.

    DANE: God, no...

    Dane turns and runs out of the apartment at top speed.


    Slushie Man is running down the sidewalk of Main Street, rushing past all the closed store windows, when he comes across Amber and Scott walking towards him, which leaves him shocked at seeing Amber with him, but of course he can't say anything without giving his identity up.

    Amber breaks out laughing, which causes Slushie Man to stop, just as he's passing by them, and turn to her.

    AMBER: I'm sorry, but I really can't take anyone seriously in costumes like that.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Um...

    Amber just continues laughing.

    AMBER: Awww, I didn't mean to hurt you. Here...

    She reaches up and hugs him.

    AMBER: Hope you're not too hurt, Slushie Man.

    SLUHSIE MAN: Um...

    Amber goes right back to laughing as she walks away with Scott. She leans against Scott for support as she laughs so hard she almost falls over.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Not exactly the impression I wanted to have on the public...


    Slurpee Dude slowly walks down into the basement of the bank, walks around a corner, and stops, gasping. The camera slowly pans away and across the basement, showing Slushor emptying out the safe into the same bag he shoved into his closet earlier, the safe door laying on the floor in a twisted heap of metal. Slushor turns at the sound of the gasp and sees Slurpee Dude.

    SLURPEE DUDE: What the hell are you doing!?

    SLUSHOR: I told you guys that we should use our powers for personal gain. We do all the good that We do, and don't even get so much as a thank-you from the city for it. This is the city's way of paying me for my services.

    SLURPEE DUDE: Look, it sucks that the city won't so much as thank us, I agree, but that doesn't make this right.

    SLUSHOR: Well then, it would seem we have a major disagreement on our hands.

    SLURPEE DUDE: It would seem that way. So what do you want to do about it?

    Without any hint of planning to do anything, Slushor drops his bag of money and in a split second raises his gun and fires, hardening the slushie material that comes out of it. Slurpee Dude doesn't have time to dodge and instead freezes his chest. The material smacks into him, sending him flying back off his feet, out of the room, across the hall, and crashing into a wall. He slowly gets to his feet, just in time to dodge another attack, the large rock-hard material slamming into and then through, the wall where he had just been seconds before.


    Froster screeches his car to a stop a few blocks from the bank, gets out, and runs the rest of the way. The police outside have the area blocked off, and when he tries to pass the police line, a few of them step in his way and try to stop him. Among them is Chief of Police FRED DIAMOND.

    FRED: I'm Chief of Police Fred Diamond. I'm afraid my men can't allow you to pass.

    FROSTER: Come on Chief, you guys are way out of their league here. If you guys go in there, you'll get slaughtered. Look, the Slushie Bandits already have some people in there. Let us deal with this. You can send your men to the Greenglen Apartment buildings, room 402. You'll find two of your officers there, and the person that's robbing this bank right now, is the one that killed them.

    Fred keeps his glare on Froster.

    FRED: Horton, Dwally!

    Two officers jog over.

    FRED: Greenglen Apartments, apartment 402. Go check it out.

    The officers nod and leave.

    FROSTER: If you really want to stop me from going in there, Chief, shoot me.

    Froster steps over the police line and walks right on by them and into the bank. Fred is left with his men.

    FRED: What the hell are my men supposed to do then?


    Froster goes through the same motions that Slurpee Dude did at first, in terms of checking out the room and checking on the dead guards, but he stops sooner due to the noises of a battle from somewhere inside the place. He rushes across the room and down the stairs into the basement, just in time to see Slurpee Dude, costume ripped in places, slam backwards into the stairs, blood trickling from his mouth as he removes the hard slushie needles from his arms that he just had shot into him. Froster looks up and sees Slushor step through a hole in the wall.

    FROSTER: Chase, it's over. The building is surrounded and the cops have found the dead bodies in your apartment.

    Slushor just laughs.

    SLUSHOR: With these powers, not even you guys are a match for me, what good are the police going to do?

    Froster leaps forward, going in to kick Slushor, but Slushor grabs his foot and swings, slamming Froster towards the wall, however Froster morphs into his slushie state at the last second and explodes into hundreds of drops of slushie as he hits the wall. They form together into a pile of slushie on the floor and zoom towards Slushor, who just laughs and uses his powers to lift Froster's slushie form into the air and split apart again into tiny of small pieces, flinging them all over the place.

    Slurpee Dude is back on his feet by this point and slams an ice fist into Slushor's stomach, causing him to double over. Slushor rams a fist at Slurpee Dude's head, but he slushifies it, so the fist goes through. When Slushor pulls it back out, Karsen ices his head over to head-butt him in the face, snapping his head back. Froster is back in action at this point and tackles Slushor, knocking him to the floor.

    Slurpee Dude, head back to normal, uses an ice fist to slam it into the back of Slushor's tank, breaking it open. However, Slushor uses this chance to use his powers to make his slushie material blast outwards with such force that both Froster and Slurpee Dude go flying off and half-way across the room. As Slushor gets to his feet, he makes the slushie material slam the two others up into the ceiling and traps them in opposite corners of it. Slushor laughs some more.

    SLUSHOR: I find it funny that you thought you could possibly take me on. My powers are so strong, yours aren't anything compared to them. And I know you've all ben jealous of these powers sine you first saw what I could do.

    He goes to pick up his bag of money.

    SLUSHOR: Don't worry, I won't kill you guys, but I will keep you up there until I'm long gone. The cops can come in and take you down...if there's any of them left alive by then.

    Froster spits.

    FROSTER: Don't count your eggs so soon.

    He slushifies and melts around the material holding him up, however, before he can hit the ground and form back, Slushor uses his powers to slam Froster back up into the exact same spot. Froster forms back into human form and sighs.

    SLUSHOR: No, Frosty, It's YOU that shouldn't count your eggs.

    Slushor turns to leave, but finds Slushie Man standing there, blocking his path.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Nah, I think he had it right.

    Slushie Man punches Slushor square in the face, making him stumble back. He follows up with a multiple-hit punch and kick combo and Slushor falls to the floor again.

    SLUSHIE MAN: Are you guys alright?

    FROSTER: I am, but Karsen's not doing so good.

    Slushie Man turns to Slushor.

    SLUSHIE MAN: You've picked a path that you can't return from.

    Slushor sneers under his face bandana in return from his spot on the floor.

    SLUSHOR: Why would I want to return from the only path that makes sense to me?

    SLUSHIE MAN: You have a twisted opinion as to what makes sense. I can't allow you to leave unless you're in custody.

    He aims his slushie shooters down and fires the white sticky liquid from them. Slushor takes control of it and makes it fly back at Jeff, slamming into him and sticking him to the wall. His head hits hard off the wall and he forces to stay conscious. Slushor gets to his feet with the money.

    SLUSHOR: I may be nice this time, but if you guys get in my way again, I'll kill you all.

    He then leaves quickly with the money.


    Outside, the cops train their guns on Slushor as he exits.

    FRED: We have you surrounded. You have no where to go. Surrender.

    SLUSHOR: I don't think so.

    We cut to a close-up of his broken pack on his back, which still has some drops of clinging slushie on it. We go back to a regular shot as he uses those drops like speeding bullets, knocking all the guns out of the cops' hands. He laughs and runs off into the darkness. A couple cops run after him, while some head inside the bank.


    Later that night, Jeff, Karsen, and Dane are half-sitting and half-laying on the couches at Jeff's place, recuperating.

    DANE: Man, it's such a good thing those cops freed us and let us go.

    KARSEN: Did they ever end up catching Chase after?

    JEFF: No, they didn't. He got away. He's still out there, somewhere, and I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of him.

    The door opens and Jenna comes home from work.

    JENNA: Oh hello. Didn't know we had company over. Hey Dane, did you ever find Chase after?

    DANE: Uh, yeah...

    Jenna goes into the kitchen to put her jacket on the back of the kitchen table's chair, but stops.

    JENNA: Um, what the HELL happened to the counter?

    Jeff, Karsen, and Dane all look at each other, unsure how to answer.

    Cut to blackness.

    The Slushie Bandits
    Episode 3: Corruption
    Written by: Jeffrey Long
    Produced by: Jeffrey Long
    Creative Consultants: Brandon Keith and Michael Banno


    3/4/2008 6:12:28 PM

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