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    James Van Der Beek's character in "Dawson's Creek" is an aspiring filmmaker who admires Steven Spielberg. Posters of several Spielberg films can be seen in his bedroom, including JP and TLW. (From: jurassicraptor)
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    The Slushie Bandits 1x02 Experiments
    By Aragorn


    A red-headed man, KEVEN SKINNER, drives his car up to a closed gate and waits. A security guard walks forward and leans down. Keven rolls his window down and shows his Site ID Badge.

    GUARD: Late again, Keven? The boss is gonna skin your hide.

    KEVEN: Tell me about it. Damn power outage last night knocked my alarm clock out.

    GUARD: You better get on in there and get to work before the boss even realizes you're late.

    KEVEN: Thanks.

    He rolls his window up as the guard opens the gate, allowing Keven to drive on in. He drives down a dirt road for a minute until he reaches a construction zone, filled with three in-progress apartment buildings. He parks his car next to the other dozen and gets out, grabbing his hard hat and box of tools from the back seat.

    He starts walking over the dried mud towards one of the buildings.

    VOICE: Mr. Skinner!

    Keven stops and shuts his eyes, silently swearing. He opens them and turns around to face his overweight boss.

    KEVEN: Mr. Tucker, how are you today?

    MR. TUCKER: Knock off the pleasant shit. Your shift started two hours ago! You're late, AGAIN!

    KEVEN: Sorry sir, my alarm clock restarted last night when the power went out.

    MR. TUCKER: And I caught my wife in bed with another brother actually...and yet I still managed to drag my fat and sorry ass to work in the mornings. If you want to keep this job, stay out of slumber land in the mornings. We're behind schedule as it is, I can't afford to have my men constantly showing up late for work on top of that.

    KEVEN: Sorry, sir, won't happen again.

    MR. TUCKER: Better as hell not, or you'll be looking for work in your sleep too.

    Keven turns and continues on his way to one of the in-progress buildings, silently mimicking his boss. As he approaches his work zone, some of the other workers look at him.

    KEVEN: Man, Mr. Tucker is such a prick. It's not my fault the power went out last night. What was I supposed to do? Stay up all night?

    The other workers briefly glance at him, but don't say anything. Keven sighs as he climbs up a scaffolding to start work on placing in some windows from the outside. Also on the scaffolding are other window installers, as well as insulators and painters.

    VOICE: Hey.

    Keven turns to see another worker nearby that's trying to catch his attention.

    KEVEN: Hey.

    WORKER: My name's Ian. This is my second day here and I was wondering why no one talks while they work here. I've been doing construction for years and this is the only one where everyone is silent.

    KEVEN: Everyone's spooked.

    IAN: Over what?

    KEVEN: You haven't heard yet? This area's haunted.

    IAN: Oh please...

    KEVEN: Seriously. Night security has been reporting weird noises and occurrences for weeks, and...and there's been a few unexplained deaths. Everyone just wants to get their work done and go home to their families.

    IAN: Seriously? They never told me of any deaths.

    KEVEN: Because we're behind schedule and they can't afford to loose any more people. But check over your first pay stub and you'll see an increase in the hazard pay.

    IAN: Still, there's a reasonable explanation. Ghosts are just silly.

    He gets a few dirty looks from nearby workers and Ian decides to just shut up and get back to his job.

    KEVEN: I agree, but try telling them that.


    Mr. Tucker waves to the last departing worker as he drives away from the area, on his way home. Now all that's left is Mr. Tucker himself and the front gate security guard.

    MR. TUCKER: I'll be out shortly, just going to do my end-of-shift rounds.

    GUARD: Sure thing, Mr. Tucker.

    Mr. Tucker turns around and heads back towards the apartment buildings.


    The inside is a work in progress, with plastic sheets hanging everywhere, and exposed boards of wood, with sawdust littering the floor. Mr. Tucker walks through the building, shining a flash light around. There is already dim light however, from some recently-installed lights, the wires in the wall exposed haphazardly.

    He hears the sound of footsteps stepping on the plastic sheets that are also covering the floor, and he walks quickly around the corner to where he heard the noise and shines his light, but sees no one.

    MR. TUCKER: Hello?

    No answer.

    MR. TUCKER: Work's over for the day, come on, time to clock out.

    Still no answer. He turns to leave the room, but jumps when a nearby light bulb suddenly explodes.

    MR. TUCKER: What the hell...?

    Then another bulb explodes, then another one. Soon, the entire area is covered in darkness except for Mr. Tucker's flashlight.

    MR. TUCKER: Who's there?

    He walks across the glass-covered floor to the far side of the room, suddenly hearing a small whirring noise from nearby. He walks around the corner into another room and shines his light around. The beam falls upon a nail gun that's left plugged in, resting on a work table.

    MR. TUCKER: Damn incompetent workers, always leaving their shit on.

    He takes a step towards it to shut it off, but instantly stops and takes a step back as the device lifts up into the air, all on its own. Mr. Tucker opens his mouth to say something, but before he can, the nail gun fires a nail all on its own. The nail soars through the air and embeds deep into Mr. Tucker's arm. He drops the flashlight and screams in pain, however his screams are ended as a dozen more nails fly out towards him, one of them headed directly for his neck.

    The camera pans down as we hear the loud thump of his body hit the floor and we see a trail of blood oozing across the floor.


    The opening credits play with the song 'Downfall' by Trustcompany. We see various action scenes from upcoming episodes, and then we see a collage of scenes of each main character as his or her name is shown in the credits. One on side of the screen is three blocks, each with a different scene of the character, from a future episode. On the other side of the screen is the same thing, only with the character in their Slushie Bandits costume. Overlapping, in the middle, is a close-up of the character's head.

    Jeff – Slushie Man
    Karsen – Slurpee Dude
    Dane - Froster
    Chase - Slushor

    After the main cast, we see a few clips of them in some action shots, including some with their upcoming vehicles (hover board, leg jet boosters, and the Slushiemobile), as well as some shots of them out-of-costume interacting with other characters. The final scene shows the Slushie Bandits walking side-by-side as something explodes behind them. Opening credits end.


    Inside the giant grocery store of Sobeys, Jeff and Jenna push a cart through the busy store, picking groceries for their apartment. 'Even Walls Fall Down' by Tom Petty is playing over the store speakers.

    JENNA: I think this is enough stuff to last us the next month.

    JEFF: Yeah, I think so to. It's going to put a small dent in my wallet.

    They chuckle as they bring the cart to the tills and Jeff points to the till that Karsen is working on.

    JEFF: Let's go through Karsen's till.

    JENNA: Ok

    They reach it and start unloading their stuff. As soon as the customer in front of them is done and walks away, Jeff hits himself in the head.

    JEFF: Shit, I forgot the Super Deluxe Gator Burgers. Could you run and get a pack, please?

    Jenna sighs at Jeff's forgetfulness.

    JENNA: I asked you earlier if you got them.

    JEFF: Well I didn't hear you.

    JENNA: I swear, I'm gonna get you a hearing aid for Christmas.

    As she turns and walks back across the store, Karsen starts ringing the groceries through.

    KARSEN: That was smooth.

    JEFF: I had to get her out of earshot somehow. So, about what we talked about the other day. We should all meet somewhere privately to start trying to learn how to use Somewhere where we won't draw attention to ourselves.

    KARSEN: I've been thinking about it, but all I can come up with is the old baseball diamond at the edge of town.

    Dane walks over to the till in his Sobeys uniform, and starts bagging the groceries.

    DANE: You guys talking about the plan?

    Jeff and Karsen nod slightly.

    DANE: My dad, he works a lot of construction but he's off work right now cause of this one area he was working on, it was shut down a while ago. Something to do with people refusing to work cause the think it was haunted. I'm not sure of all the details, dad doesn't like to talk about it, but point is, it's clear and empty, and pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

    KARSEN: Sounds good to me.

    JEFF: Me too. Ok, we can meet there this evening, let's say an hour after you guys get off work.

    Before Karsen and Dane can confirm that's ok, Jenna returns with the box of gator burgers and puts them on the till with the other groceries.

    JENNA: Hey Dane, how's work going so far?

    DANE: Slow as hell, which is unusual for this time of year.

    KARSEN: That'll be $215. I assume you'll be splitting the cost?

    JENNA: Yeah.

    Karsen takes Jenna's money, giving her some change back, and then takes Jeff. He prints of their receipt and hands it to them.

    JEFF: Have a good shift. I'll meet up with you guys later.

    Karsen nods and Jeff and Jenna start pushing the cart of bagged groceries towards the exit doors.

    JEFF: Have you called a cab yet?

    JENNA: Yeah, while I was getting the burgers.

    Before they go through the automatic doors, they open and Sonum walks in with her parents. 'If I Can Be Like That' by Three Doors Down starts playing over the store's radio station.

    SONUM: I'll meet up with you guys in a few.

    Her parents nod and she changes directions, walking over to Jeff and Jenna, smiling.

    SONUM: Hey there.

    JEFF: Hey there, yourself.

    Jenna hugs Sonum.

    JENNA: How've you been doing? We haven't really heard from you since that one night at Vanessa's party.

    SONUM: I've been good, actually. My parents won't let me out of their sight for long now though. (laughs; then turns serious again) And Jeff, I just want to say thanks again. What you did that night, it was so brave and selfish, I owe you so much.

    Jeff just shrugs.

    JEFF: You don't owe me anything. You're my friend and you were in trouble. I would have done it for anyone.

    SONUM: But you did it for me, and I really appreciate that.

    Sonum moves in and hugs Jeff tightly. She pulls away from him and moves a strand of hair behind her ear.

    SONUM: I better go catch up with my parents.

    JENNA: Alright, bye.

    Sonum leaves and as Jeff and Jenna resume their walk outside, Jenna smirks.

    JENNA: I bet you'll be thinking of that hug all day, won't you?

    Jeff doesn't even reply. His smile on his face says it all.


    Jeff, Karsen, and Dane head across the grassy field towards the abandoned construction area. They slip climb the fence and jump down onto the other side.

    DANE: Before we start this, I should mention that when I went home after work, my dad told me that this site has a new foreman now, apparently that's what they were waiting on, and production is rumored to be starting at any time over the next few days.

    JEFF: Then I guess we should use this time wisely and we better figure out how to get a handle on things by that point.

    They move out to pretty much the middle of the empty area, away from the buildings-in-progress, but also far enough away from the gate and road so that they won't really be spotted.

    KARSEN: So how do we start this? It feels a bit awkward.

    JEFF: Well we know basically, what we can do, we just don't know HOW we can do it. We need to figure out how to control these abilities so nothing happens around other people by accident. I don't even know where to start with myself though.

    DANE: Your ability seems to be tied into your blood. Try cutting yourself and have yourself bleed.

    JEFF: Ok, now that's just a little bit insane. My ability is the ability to attempt suicide?

    DANE: I don't mean that bad of a cut. Just a little thing. Look, I'll go first if you're not ready for that.

    Dane closes his eyes and concentrates. He tightens his body up, but after a few seconds, opens his eyes again.

    DANE: Ok, well this may take awhile.


    'Everyday Superhero' by Smash Mouth plays as we are subjected to a montage of scenes. Among them, Dane keeps trying to transform, with no luck, and Karsen keeps trying to change states as well, with about as much luck as Dane. Jeff keeps contemplating over weather or not to cut himself, pacing back and forth, holding a sharp rock over his outstretched arm, bringing it to his skin, then moving it away again, second-guessing himself. Also, the sun starts to go down and stars start coming out during the montage. After awhile of nothing happening, the song fades out as the montage scene ends.


    The three stand around, staring at each other.

    KARSEN: Well that was a big fat waste of time.

    JEFF: It's dark out now. No point in continuing now. We'll pick it back up again tomorrow.

    DANE: We all work tomorrow.

    JEFF: I'm the last one off, so I'll just meet you two over there right after I get off work.

    DANE: Alright, that sounds good.

    KARSEN: Good for another waste of time, but whatever. I'll show up anyway.

    They start walking away, heading back towards the fence, when Dane yelps and suddenly disappears.

    JEFF: Dane?

    KARSEN: Jeff, down there!

    JEFF: Holy shit...

    Karsen and Dane rush to a very deep hole in the ground and peer down it.

    JEFF: Do you see him?

    KARSEN: It's too dark, I can't see anything...

    JEFF: Dane!

    No answer.

    KARSEN: Maybe he's hurt. Maybe he's unconscious and can't hear us.

    Suddenly in the dark, something snakes up the side of the hole, and slithers over the top of it. Jeff and Karsen quickly step back and under the starlight, see that it's a trail of slushie material. It instantly starts changing into a human shape as it rises up, and within seconds, Dane is standing before them.

    DANE: Holy shit, I did it...

    Karsen and Jeff are just wide-eyed.

    KARSEN: did you...?

    JEFF: I think by reflex. Same thing happened back in the ally that night. Our abilities manifested only by reflex. Same thing happened just now with Dane. Folks, we're on the verge of figuring this out, I can feel it.

    He pats them both on the backs as they continue their walk back to the fence.


    Karsen is sitting across the table from Amber, both eating a nice, expensive supper with soft ambient music playing in the background.

    AMBER: So how was your day? What did you do?

    KARSEN: Just worked then hung out with the guys.

    AMBER: What guys?

    KARSEN: Jeff and Dane.

    AMBER: You and Jeff are sure hanging out a lot these days.

    KARSEN: Yeah, well we shared a traumatic experience. I don't know, we feel closer to each other now then just co-workers. (pause) Is that a problem? I know you've been friends with him longer.

    AMBER: No, no, it's great. It'll be nice to have all my friends being friends with each other as well.

    KARSEN: Hey, is that Sonum?

    Amber turns in her seat to see Sonum, dressed up very nicely, sitting at a romantic candle-lit table with a guy.

    AMBER: I wonder who that guy she's with is.

    KARSEN: I have no idea, I can't really tell from here. I wonder if Jeff knows about this.

    AMBER: What difference does it make?

    KARSEN: Jeff's pretty much in love with Sonum. If he finds out about this, he'll be heartbroken.

    AMBER: So? That's his problem to deal with. Sonum can date who she wants to.

    KARSEN: I'm just looking out for his feelings is all. What's the problem?

    Amber glances back at Sonum and the guy.

    AMBER: Nothing.

    She turns back to Karsen and smiles.

    AMBER: There's no problem. How's your meal?


    Jeff is in the kitchen, frying up some supper in the frying pan. Jenna walks through the kitchen, putting earrings on as she makes her way to the porch.

    JENNA: Alright, I'm heading out to the movies with Adam now. I'll be back late.

    JEFF: Sure thing. Have fun. Let me know how the movie is.

    JENNA: Will do.

    She slips her shoes and jacket on and leave. The second the door closes, Jeff turns the stove off and moves the frying pan to another burner so the food in it won't burn. He grabs a large knife room the knife block and walks quickly down the hall towards the bathroom. He flips on the light and closes the door behind him. When he turns back around, he's staring at himself in the mirror. He breaths in slowly, and then exhales heavily.

    JEFF: Ok, you can do this. Just one little cut. You can't hone in your abilities within first cutting yourself. One small little cut is all that's needed. You can do this...

    Jeff looks down as he brings the knife to his arm and presses down. He pauses, just before the skin breaks, and holds the knife there. Suddenly he throws the knife angrily into the sink and storms out of the room.


    Dane is in the cold concrete garage, laying under his race car, working on the underside of it, covered in dirt and grease. After a few seconds of him working under there, he crawls out and walks over to the toolbox, rummaging through it. After not finding the tool he wants, he hits the side of the toolbox hard, and closes his eyes as he breathes calmly.

    We pan back to show his father standing in the doorway, watching him.

    DANE'S FATHER: Hey sport.

    Dane whips around.

    DANE: Hey dad.

    DANE'S FATHER: I just want to apologize to you.

    DANE: For what?

    DANE'S FATHER: If it wasn't for me getting laid off, we'd have more money to buy proper tools for you.

    DANE: Dad, don't worry about it. I know you're doing the best you can. You're a great father and I'm proud to be your son.

    The phone rings inside the house, interrupting further conversation.

    DANE'S FATHER: I'll be right back. I have to get that.

    His father disappears back into the house to answer the phone. As Dane turns to go back to work, he finds he can't move his legs. He looks down to see them starting to turn into slushie material. He gasps, and his legs instantly return to normal. Dane ponders for a second and then swings his arm out, having it turn into a slushie state, followed by his shoulder. He gets a huge smile right before his entire body melts into a slushie puddle.

    That puddle then zooms across the room, and he reforms on the far side. Before he can even finish forming his smile, he disintegrates again, and once again moves to a different part of the room before returning to normal yet again. He does al he can to contain his joy and excitement as his father walks back in a second later, narrowly missing the display Dane had put on.

    DANE'S FATHER: Well I have some good news, son. That was Head Office for the construction company I work for. I get to start work again in two days.

    Dane smiles with joy.

    DANE: That's great news, dad! I'm so happy for you.

    DANE'S FATHER: I better go call your mother and tell her.

    Dane keeps the smile on until his dad disappears back into the house again. Then the smile turns to a look of worry.


    In the hospital, Chase's family is gathered around his unconscious body, joined by Doctor Lee and a couple nurses. There is also another family sharing the same room, a curtain separating the two families. The other family has two teenagers as a part of it, sipping on their slushies as they look down at their unconscious family member.

    Chase's family is in turmoil as everyone's faces are stained with tears and grief. The father glares at Doctor Lee and solemnly nods and chokes on his words.

    CHASE'S FATHER: Do it. Pull the plug.

    DOCTOR LEE: I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Doctor Lee, with great regret, reaches down and unplugs Chase from his life support machine. The very second that he's disconnected however, Chase instantly wakes up, sparks flying everywhere as he gasps for air, eyes shooting wide open. In a split second before the sparks can even hit the floor, the slushie material has all exited the two cups in various shapes – mostly little small ball-like bullet-shapes and long sliver-like shapes - and they fly all over the room.

    Within seconds, everyone is dead, their bodies crumpled onto the floor, and the slushie material all forms back together again, on Chase's body, and it worms all over him until it converges into one liquid-like mass and slithers into his mouth and down his throat.

    Chase is a bit dazed and shocked and looks around to see everyone dead, and while he doesn't know quite what happened, he knows it has something to do with him.

    CHASE: My God...what have I done?

    He quickly changes out of his hospital clothes and into regular clothes and rushes from the room.


    The next morning Jenna and Vanessa are sitting next to a window in McDonald's, eating breakfast together as bright warm light shines in on them. They are in the middle of a conversation when Vanessa stops in mid-speech.

    VANESSA: Jenna...look.

    Jenna looks out the window where Vanessa is pointing and her eyes widen.

    VANESSA: Is that Chase?

    Chase is walking by the window, hands in his jacket pockets.

    JENNA: Oh my land, it is!

    They instantly run outside, leaving their food behind.


    Jenna and Vanessa rush to catch up with Chase before he gets too far ahead.

    JENNA: Chase! Hey Chase!

    Chase stops and turns around, surprised to see them.

    CHASE: Jenna, Vanessa...hey...

    JENNA: You're out of the hospital! That's great news! When did you even wake up?

    CHASE: I recovered a few days ago, and the hospital let me out last night.

    VANESSA: We didn't even hear about you waking up.

    CHASE: Yeah, my parents kept it on the downlow. They didn't want a circus in there like when the others woke up. I'm on my way to Sobeys now to see when I can start work.

    Jenna hugs Chase tightly.

    JENNA: We're so happy to see you're well. Everyone at work will be so excited. Come on, we'll walk with you there.

    Chase smiles.

    CHASE: Sure, that sounds great. You can bring me up to speed on all things Sobeys-related.

    The three walk together, talking and laughing as they walk.


    Jeff, Karsen, and Dane are all having their lunch break together. They are alone in the room, free to talk about what they want at will.

    DANE: So guys, this will have to be our last day at the construction site. My dad goes back to work there tomorrow. We're going to have to find a new 'playground' for our experiments.

    KARSEN: Have you guys had any more luck with developing your abilities? Cause I tried on my own for a bit last night before bed, but with no luck.

    JEFF: Yeah, I haven't either.

    Dane grins widely and the others are surprised at what he says.

    DANE: I have. I think I've gotten a petty good control over it now. I practiced in my garage last night and I controlled it pretty easily. Look, I'll show you.

    The second before Dane is about to prove to them, the door opens and Shale storms in, looking pissed off, and talking in a hurry.

    SHALE: You three, what are you all doing up here?

    KARSEN: Having lunch...

    SHALE: You know better then that. One person from each department has lunch at a time. MAYBE two if its not busy and we're behind in lunch breaks, but it's jam packed down there and it seems all my Till staff is up here! I need two of you downstairs, now!

    Jeff and Karsen pack their food back up, allowing Dane to finish his lunch. Shale follows them out of the room at quick pace, following them downstairs to the Floor.


    As Shale marches Jeff and Karsen back to the tills, which have long line-ups at them, Jenna and Vanessa stand in their way.

    VANESSA: So we have a surprise.

    SHALE: Vanessa, this isn't the time. We're really busy here.

    Vanessa and Jenna move out of the way, showing Chase standing there behind them, leaving Shale, Jeff, and Karsen shocked.

    CHASE: Hey.

    Shale blinks and shakes her head.

    SHALE: Karsen, Jeff, back to work now. Chase, come on upstairs and let's have a chat.

    As Chase follows Shale back up the stairs, Jeff and Karsen make their way to the busy tills.

    KARSEN: Did you know he was out of the hospital?

    JEFF: I didn't even know he was awake. Last I heard his parents were going to pull the plug.

    KARSEN: Yeah, me too.

    They separate as they reach the tills so Karsen can open up a new till and lower the line-ups, and Jeff can go bag for the till with the biggest order going through.


    Jeff is fuming mad as a customer walks away, equally as mad but with a smug look on her face. The cashier has a name tag that reads 'KARSHA'

    KARSHA: Man, she was a bitch, hey?

    Jeff doesn't even reply, he's still so mad. Instead he slams his palm down onto the metal till to release some of his anger, however he slams it down right next to the edge and accidentally nicks himself on it. Jeff reels his hand back out of pain and winces.

    KARSHA: Are you alright?

    Before Jeff can cover his hand, a drop of pink 'blood' falls and hits the till. Thankfully its only a very small drop, and while it starts growing into a pink fuzzy material, not unlike that of mold, it stops after only a centimeter, remaining off Karsha's radar.

    JEFF: Uh...yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just going to go wash the cut.

    Jeff, cover the wound with his other hand, rushes across the store to the public washrooms and locks the door behind him once he reaches the men's.


    Jeff lets the wound bleed freely and a small part of the floor burns slightly as a couple tiny fireballs hit it and burn out, followed by a purple substance that acts like rubber. As the various flavors of slushie drip out, Jeff closes his eyes, concentrating on controlling it. A brown-colored slushie material hits against the floor next and acts like a bullet and ricochets around the room, forcing Jeff to duck and cover his head before the yellow substance heals the wound.

    Jeff sighs heavily with disappointment as he just missed his window of opportunity to master his power. With a disheartened attitude, Jeff unlocks the door and steps out, just as Shale and Chase walk by.

    SHALE: Oh, hi Jeff.

    JEFF: Hey.

    The entire time, Jeff and Chase don't take their eyes off each other, both with the same quizzical look as the other, wondering if the other person also has new powers from the accident.

    JEFF: Going to the Cash Office?

    SHALE: Yeah, going to get Chase his employee number back so he can start work as soon as tomorrow.

    JEFF: That's great news.

    CHASE: Sure is.

    Jeff turns and heads back to work, while Shale and Chase head towards the Cash Office. Chase turns his head back to look at Jeff as he walks around the corner.


    Karsen is walking through the mall parking lot towards the mall with Amber, holding hands, when Jeff and Dane run over to them

    DANE: Dude, where have you been? You never showed and you haven't been answering your cell. We were just running to your place now when just saw you.

    KARSEN: Shit guys, sorry, I forgot. And my cell's dead so its recharging.

    AMBER: Forgot what?

    KARSEN: Um, I actually, kinda, had plans with them, and I forgot.

    AMBER: Oh, well there'll be other times you can hang out with them, so its no big deal.

    KARSEN: Actually...this is kind of important.

    AMBER: Well so am I, aren't I?

    KARSEN: Yeah, you are, but I mean, I went out with you last night, and hey, we can do something later on tonight too.

    Amber just gives up.

    AMBER: Whatever, do what you friggin' want.

    Amber starts to walk away.

    KARSEN: Amber! Please don't be mad!

    Amber ignores him as she disappears into the mall.

    KARSEN: Come on guys, let's go do this.


    The trio head towards the fence of the construction area, walking across the grass.

    DANE: So did you guys hear that Chase is out of the hospital?

    JEFF: Yeah, we saw him earlier.

    DANE: I wonder if he has any powers like we do. He was involved in the same accident.

    JEFF: He does.

    DANE: He told you?

    JEFF: No, but I had a run in with him earlier and he was looking at me the exact same way I was looking at him, which was when I was wondering to myself if he had powers like us.

    KARSEN: We should call him up and get him to meet us here.

    DANE: Good idea.

    Dane takes out his cell and calls Chase.


    Amber is shopping in the mall by herself, looking over a shirt on a hanger in a clothes store. She puts the shirt hanger back on the rack and turns to look at some pants, but walks almost right into Sonum.

    AMBER: Sonum, hey.

    SONUM: Hey...Amber, right? Karsen's girlfriend?

    AMBER: Yeah, that's me.

    SONUM: So you here by yourself?

    Amber looks a bit sad, but tries to cover it up.

    AMBER: Yeah, I am. Needed some alone time away from everyone.

    SONUM: Oh man, I know what that's like.

    AMBER: Yeah, speaking of that, me and Karsen saw you at Center Dining with some guy.

    Sonum looks at the floor, then back up at Amber.

    SONUM: Yeah, my friend Ashley, it's her brother. I just started seeing him. That was our first date.

    AMBER: Does Jeff know about him?

    SONUM: Not yet. I haven't told him. Not really anyone knows yet. It never really became official until today.

    AMBER: Jeff really likes you, you know. A lot.

    SONUM: I know he does.

    AMBER: What do you think of him?

    Sonum shrugs.

    SONUM: We're just good friends, that's all. I don't have any feelings for him beyond that.

    Despite what Sonum says, her eyes betray her, and Amber can tell that.

    AMBER: Sonum, is that really the truth, or is that what you're just telling everyone?

    Sonum sighs as she looks at the floor. She looks up, her eyes giving away that she has a secret she wants to tell. She starts to open her mouth.

    VOICE: Sonum!

    Sonum shuts her mouth and her facial expression completely changes as she turns to her friend across the store.

    SONUM: I'm on my way, Ashley. (turns back to Amber) I have to go, but it was nice talking.

    Before Amber can even say bye, Sonum turns and rushes to Ashley and the two girls leave the store. Amber sighs and turns to leave as well, but bumps right into someone.

    AMBER: I'm sorry.

    VOICE: That's ok, love.

    Amber looks up, shocked.

    AMBER: Scott? My god, I haven't seen you in forever!

    SCOTT: Since the week after we broke up.

    AMBER: Wow, its been a long time.

    SCOTT: Are you here with friends?

    AMBER: No, I'm going at it Lone Ranger-style today.

    Amber and Scott chuckle.

    SCOTT: Well I'm by myself too. Care to combine our shopping-solo lives together to form a shopping-duet?

    Amber is hesitant as she thinks about Karsen, but upon remembering that he's the one that ditched her, she smiles and brushes hair out of her eyes.

    AMBER: Definitely.

    The two leave the store together, catching up on old times.


    Chase arrives at the site, peddling on his bike.

    CHASE: So what's up, guys? Why'd you want me to meet you all here?

    JEFF: Ever since the accident at the factory, we've all developed...unnatural abilities.

    CHASE: What do you mean?

    JEFF: Chase, don't play us like fools. You know exactly what we're talking about.

    Chase seems torn on whether to tell them or not.

    DANE: Hey, it's nothing to be scared of. We all have our own powers. We're experimenting on trying to get them under control.

    CHASE: I...I don't think experimenting with mine is a good idea.

    They crowd around him.

    JEFF: What can you do?

    CHASE: I don't really feel...

    KARSEN: Come on, Chase. Dane's right, there's no reason to be nervous. Nobody else knows about our abilities, so your secret is safe with us.

    Chase sighs, giving in.

    CHASE: I need a slushie nearby.

    DANE: I've got that covered.

    Seeing as how Dane is the most in-tune so far, he transforms into his slushie state and forms into a pile of slushie on the ground, which temporarily surprises Chase. Chase gathers himself and closes his eyes and concentrates hard, but, but nothing happens. He opens his eyes, and then closes them again, trying one more time. He opens his eyes, frustrated.

    JEFF: It's ok. So far Dane is the only one with any real control over his powers. It seems though that they happen by instinct until you can get control of them. (pause) Dane, I want you to rush Chase.

    CHASE: Um, can he even hear you?

    He is answered by the slushie pile thinning out into a little river. It rushes Chase at top speed, lifting off the ground at the last second to aim for his chest. Upon reflex, Chase steps back as he screams out of fear and raises his hands. Dane’s slushie form flies back away from Chase and lands several feet away, splattering everywhere. The various drops and bits al rush each other and form together as Dane morphs back into his human form.

    DANE: Holy shit, that was a phenomenal feeling...

    JEFF: That was a REALLY good job, Chase.

    KARSEN: He's here for two minutes and he's further then I am. Great...

    They all chuckle.

    CHASE: Um, that's not all I can do. I can also control the slushie material and mold it, and harden it at will.

    JEFF: Well, let's get this training session underway then so you can figure out how to do all that just by willpower. Come on.

    They follow Jeff and climb the fence to get onto the other side, walking to their previous day's practice area. As they start practicing, another montage scene starts.


    'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen plays. Over the course of this montage, Jeff gathers the guts to finally cut himself and upon multiple tries and hard concentration, manages to control what kind of slushie material comes out of his wound. Chase picks up on his powers pretty quickly, and while Karsen is still having some trouble, he has the basics of it down. Dane just has fun playing with his powers. Multiple shots of all those, happen in random order, mixing them all up and giving each character the same amount of montage screen time.


    JEFF: This day has been a great success. I'm proud of everyone.

    DANE: We better leave. People will start showing up soon to prepare the site for tomorrow's day of work.

    JEFF: Alright, we'll stay in touch and figure out a new training area later.

    CHASE: Sounds good. This has been a lot of fun. I'm glad you guys talked me into this.

    They say bye to Chase, who hops on his bike after they climb back over the fence, and takes off while the other three walk off together.


    Dane's father is dropping Dane off at work.

    DANE: Thanks dad, for picking me up from school all week, and for dropping me off for work today.

    DANE'S FATHER: Not a problem. Your school and work are on my way to my work anyway.

    DANE: Dad, I'm glad you're working again. You've been happier since you went back to work.

    DANE'S FATHER: I only have one day of work left before I have a couple off. On those days, I'll help you work on your car for the track races coming up soon.

    Dane smiles.

    DANE: Thanks. Have a good afternoon at work.

    Dane gets out of the car and walks into Sobeys as his dad drives off. On his back is a giant backpacking pack, large enough to carry a tent in.


    Chase is about to go outside to gather the carts from the parking lot, just as Dane walks in.

    DANE: Hey, what are you doing right now?

    CHASE: About to go out and get carts.

    DANE: Sneak on upstairs with me for a minute. I have something to show you.

    Chase looks around to make sure no one is watching him slacking, and then motions for Dane to lead the way.


    The two boys enter the bathroom, checking to make sure it's empty.

    CHASE: So what is it?

    DANE: I've been working on some things in my spare time in the last week.

    Dane unshoulders the pack and it clunks heavily to the floor. He opens it up and pulls out his work clothes, setting them off tot he side, and then pulls out a tank with straps on it so it can attach to someone's back. Attached to it is a hose attached to a water gun.

    CHASE: Ohhh-Kaaay...We're having a water fight?

    DANE (rolling his eyes): You can fill the tank up with slushies, fire it from this gun here, and then use your powers to control and manipulate the slushies that are coming out, in any way that you want.

    CHASE: Dane, that is so BAD ASS!

    Chase grins like a kid on Christmas. He also catches a glimpse of two slushie cup-shaped devices at the bottom of the bag and points at them.

    CHASE: Hey, what are those?

    DANE: They're for Jeff. They...

    He instantly shuts up as the door opens and another person walks in, preparing to change for work. Dane quickly stuffs Chase's new toy back into the pack as Chase leaves without saying anything.


    Everything seems to be back to normal after a week of being back on the job. Dane's father is working up on the scaffolding with Keven Skinner and Ian Turner.

    DANE'S FATHER: So what do you guy guys think of the new boss?

    IAN: He's strict but not unreasonable like our last one.

    KEVEN: And hey, we've been re-opened a week without any accidents. Maybe a new boss was just what we needed all along.

    An alarm rings loud enough to be heard all over the area.

    IAN: About time we were given lunch. I'm starving.

    They start putting their tools away.


    Inside one of the partially-completed apartments, is a make-shift lunch room where the site's workers are converging from outside through a hole in the wall where there has yet to be built a wall. Dane's father, Keven, and Ian meet with a few others as they sit at a portable lunch bench – one of many – that is set up in the area, which is also littered with plastic sheets covering sections of the walls and ceiling, loose tools, dirt, mud, and puddles. The room is noisy with hundreds of various conversations are happening at once.

    Just as Dane's father takes a sandwich out from his lunchbox, a loud high-pitch grinding noise is heard, forcing lots of people to cover their ears, and a second later, one of the scaffoldings crashes to the ground with ear-shattering noises, along with some loose wood and boards, blocking the opened area in the wall-in-progress. While everyone starts looking around and murmurings rise about the ghost returning and what could have just happened, the doors all start slamming shut on their own. One of the bigger, more muscular men run over to the nearest door and rams it with all his strength, only to bounce off it harmlessly, and fall to the ground.

    Suddenly they all hear the hiss of releasing gas fill the room, and that's when a near-riot level of panic starts.


    Dane and Chase are working hard as it has gotten really busy during the noon rush. They both rush around like chickens with their heads cut off, along with the other courtesy clerks, but Dane stops when he hears over the intercom that he has a call on Line 1.

    DANE: Hey, Alan, can you take over for me here?

    Alan arrives to take over bagging at Dane's till, so he can go to an unoccupied till to pick up the phone and press the button for line 1.

    DANE: Dane Lucas speaking.

    JEFF (v.o.): Hey, it's Jeff.

    DANE: What's up?

    JEFF (v.o.): I just heard on the radio about some kind of accident at your dad’s construction site. Something about all the workers being trapped in a building with the gas on, and nobody can get past the front gate cause the security guard is dead and the gate is now powered with electricity.

    Fear and worry instantly take over Dane's face.

    JEFF (v.o.): But don't panic, ok? Me and Karsen are on our way over there right now to see what we can do to help.

    DANE: I'll be there as soon as I can.

    JEFF (v.o.): Try and get Chase there as well.

    Dane hangs up without even saying bye as he wipes sweat from his head. He returns to the others as quickly as he can, and pulls Dane off to the side, slightly away from everyone else.

    DANE: That was Jeff. There's been an accident at my dad's construction site and they need us there ASAP.

    CHASE: We can't just leave in the middle of work. We'll get fired...

    DANE: Damn it, Chase, my dad's life is on the line. What else are we supposed to do with our abilities, if not to help people in situations like this?

    Shale walks over to them, sternly.

    SHALE: Can we end the socializing and get back to working, please? We're having a bit of a rush.

    Dane turns to face her.

    DANE: I'm really not feeling well, Shale. Neither is Chase, that's what we were just talking about.

    Shale starts to look worried.

    SHALE: How so?

    DANE: We both threw up earlier, and we're feeling really dizzy.

    SHALE: Ok, maybe its some kind of after effects of your comas. I'll try and call some people in and see if I can cover your shifts. Can you hold on until then?

    Dane bites his lip, knowing time is of the essence but also knowing there's not much else he can do. He gives in.

    DANE: Yeah, we can try.

    Shale nods and rushes off to make some phone calls. Dane turns and looks out the giant front window, nervous.


    Jeff and Karsen arrive near the area on-foot, but stay back and off far to the side from the large crowd gathering at the front of the gate, a small set of thick trees and half a field separating the two boys from the crowd. They stand at the bottom of a slight hill, next to the fence humming with electricity.

    KARSEN: Dane and Chase better get here soon, we can't afford to wait too long for them.

    JEFF: We won't. We'll go on in ourselves if we have to.

    They wait in silence for a few long seconds, before Karsen speaks up again.

    KARSEN: Jeff, honestly, I don't think we're ready for something like this yet. We don't have total control over our abilities, and what good are they going to be against an evil spirit anyway?

    JEFF: I highly doubt its actually a ghost that's behind all this. Nothing happened to us while we were there. It seems things only happen when construction is going on, and that makes me think one of two things. Either the person behind all this is against the construction for some reason, or is one of the workers out for some kind of revenge. Either way, we can easily handle them. Whoever it is, is just a normal person.

    Jeff and Karsen hush up as a taxi drives by on the road at the top of the hill and slows to a stop. They breath a sigh of relief as the see Dane and Chase quickly get out of it, and look around.

    JEFF: Psst! Down here!

    Dane and Chase spot them and rush down the hill towards them. The two groups of 2 merge together and Dane unslings his giant pack.

    DANE: I brought some stuff to help.

    Jeff unslings his own bookbag.

    JEFF: So did I.

    Dane unloads his inventions, handing the pack and gun over to Chase and the slushie cup-shaped devices to Jeff, who looks them over.

    DANE: You attach those to the top of your arm, right over the wrist. There are little needles that go around and lightly cut into your veins.

    Jeff has a worried look on his face.

    JEFF: Dane, I don't think I...

    DANE (cutting him off): It's painless Jeff, trust me. One you have it hooked up to your blood stream, you can then control what kind of slushie flavor comes out, and how much. You have the power to control all that, as long as the slushie can get out of your system.

    Jeff nods and lays them on the ground as he starts taking clothing out from his own bag, handing various articles to the various people.

    JEFF: This part was Karsen's idea. If we're going in there and helping those workers, we need to keep our identities secret, in case we have to use our powers and anyone sees us. Not only will we have whoever's behind this after us and our families, but the last thing we need is to wind up as someone’s guinea pig.


    "I Need a Hero' by Pat Banatar starts playing as we cut to a montage scene of the heroes putting on their new costumes and devices. Jeff puts on a dark blue sweater, zipping up the front of it, flipping the hood up over his head. Karsen slips on a red latex head piece, that covers his entire head, and half his face, ending just below his nose, leaving his mouth and chin free. Dane steps into a one-piece biking suit that is various shades of blue. He zips the sleeves shut around his wrists. Chase slips the pack on his back and attaches a cape to his neck, letting it flow over the pack. We then cut back to Jeff as he slips on a black mask with black lenses, over the top half of his face Karsen steps into a similar suit as Dane, only this one is shades of red. Dane lowers perfectly-rounded tinted-lensed goggles in front of his eyes. Chase slips on a black version of Karsen's latex head piece, only this one ends right below the eyes. He ties a black bandanna with white designs on it, around the lower half of his face, covering his nose and mouth. Jeff slips a dark red cape on, followed by attaching his slushie wrist shooters, which he uses to fill Chase's tank up.


    The song fades out as the montage scene ends on the group standing side-by-side, staring at the electrified fence.

    CHASE: So how do we get through?

    Jeff raises his arms and points his fist down, aiming his slushie shooters at the fence. He closes his eyes and concentrates, but nothing happens. He opens them again, frustrated.

    KARSEN: Come on Jeff, you can do it. You're the master of your ability, not the other way around.

    JEFF (noding): Right.

    He closes his eyes again, and this time Jeff fires a steady spray of the green acid slushie out at the fence. Sparks fly as the acid quickly melts through the thin wire, leaving a gaping hole for them to climb through. Jeff opens his eyes and smiles. He others pat him on the back and congratulate him as they start stepping through the hole, one by one, onto the other side of the fence.

    As the group moves across the land, heading towards the apartment buildings that are in progress of being made, a commotion starts over by the gate.


    NEWS WOMAN: Look! There's people heading towards the building!

    Everyone aims their cameras, zooming in on the group to film and take pictures, while police try to keep everyone back, but also keep turning to view these people for themselves as well.

    NEWS MAN (into rolling camera): Are these masked strangers the masterminds behind today's events? Or are they here to help? Stay with me and lets experience this strange day together.

    One of the cops turns to face the gate as he lifts a megaphone.

    OFFICER: Attention masked men! We are ordering you to stop and to proceed back here to the gate!


    The four boys ignore the cop as they continue walking towards the buildings.

    KARSEN: I'm not sure about this, Jeff. Having the cops after us wasn't part of the plan.

    JEFF: Relax. If they could get past the fence, they would have already, and by the time they can, we'll be long gone.

    DANE: That must be the one.

    He points to one of the buildings that has a crashed and wrecked scaffolding, along with other debris, blocking one side of it. They walk over to the door and try to open it, but it won't budge. Karsen motions for them to step back and he runs and kicks it, with no effect apart from making Karsen limp a bit.

    KARSEN: Ok, that hurt a bit...

    Jeff goes to raise his slushie shooters, but before he can fire, Chase fires his slushie gun and uses his powers to harden the flowing material and the outcome is the equivalent of a police battering ram as the material slams the door back off its hinges, leaving a decent-sized hole in it. The others are left shocked.

    JEFF: Holy shit. We knew you could control slushies, but that...

    CHASE: Yeah, I can also harder the material too.

    KARSEN: That's pretty damn nifty.

    DANE: We're loosing time as we talk, guys. Let's just get in there.

    They step through into the in-progress building.

    DANE: Everyone be careful. There's leaked gas filling this place up.

    They carefully walk through the building, scanning every area they come across.

    CHASE: What exactly are we looking for?

    JEFF: A room full of hopefully living people.

    KARSEN: Over here!

    The others run down a partially-complete hallway to the doorway Karsen is standing at. They peer in and see a room filled with bodies.

    DANE: No!

    He rushes past everyone and into the dimly-lit room, searching for his dad. The others rush into the room behind him.

    JEFF: Everyone, start checking for pulses.

    While Dane locates his dad, everyone else starts checking the pulses on body-after-body.

    KARSEN: They seem to all be alive, just unconscious.

    DANE: It's the gas. They've been exposed to it for too long. Jeff, we need to get them all out of here, now. They won't last much longer.

    CHASE: We can't move ALL of them. I say get your old man and let's get out of here.

    JEFF: No, we're going to save as many as we can, which means we better get to work.

    Suddenly a wooden table flies across the room, zooming towards Jeff. He dodges, having it narrowly miss him and smash against the nearby wall, shattering into dozens of pieces. Many of the small splinters from the wreckage of it lift up into the air and then shoot off in every direction, embedding deep into Jeff and Chase, causing them both to scream in pain. They all missed Karsen, and Dane slusified himself to avoid getting impaled by them. Dane, after returning to normal, and Karsen, run over to Jeff and Chase, who are returning to their feet.

    KARSEN: Are you guys ok!?

    Jeff and Chase clench their teeth in pain and wince.

    JEFF: Just peachy...

    Jeff’s wounds ooze the yellow slushie, quickly healing themselves.

    JEFF: Chase, don't move.

    He aims his slushie shooters at Chase and fires, covering him in the healing yellow material, healing his wounds as well.

    CHASE: Let's take this bastard down.

    KARSEN: Not a real ghost, huh Jeff?

    JEFF: Shut up, Karsen. Ok, Me and Chase will start searching the building. Dane and Karsen, you guys start moving the bodies out.

    DANE: Roger.

    Just as they break apart to do that, a small radio, which is plugged into an outlit, silently lifts into the air and floats towards a puddle in the building caused by recent rain. As Karsen turns to grab a body, he stops on the spot, witnessing the floating radio. Then as it stops a few feet above the puddle, Karsen's eyes widen.

    KARSEN: Guys!

    Everyone whips around and Jeff instantly raises his slushie shooters, firing the blue freezing material at the puddle, just as the radio falls towards it. If the radio manages to get wet, sparks will fly, igniting the gas and blowing them all up. Luckily Jeff freezes the water the second the radio hit it, hitting the ice instead and smashing apart, pieces of it flying everywhere.

    VOICE: You are ruining everything!

    The group starts turning around in their spots, scanning the room.

    DANE: Where did that voice come from?

    JEFF: I don't know!

    KARSEN: This place really is haunted, I knew it! We're not match for a ghost!

    VOICE: Why can't you just leave well enough alone!

    JEFF: I'm afraid we can't do that until we get these people to safety.

    The group keeps looking around for the source of the voice as it continues talking.

    VOICE: Well then sorry to say it, but I can't allow any of you to leave. These people contributed to what happened to me, and they have to pay for it!

    JEFF: What do you mean? I don't understand...

    Jeff's answered by a metal pole flying towards him. Chase quickly fires and hardens a small slushie shot, knocking the pole off-course.

    JEFF: Nice try, but we can survive whatever you throw at us, so why don't you just come out and give up now, and save us all some time?

    He's once again answered by actions instead of words. One of the bodies raises from the floor – Ian Turners, as he gets to his feet. He smiles mischievously for a second before his view is obscured due to a ring of other bodies rising up. Unlike him though, who is clearly conscious and on his feet, these ones rise all the way off the floor and are left suspended in the air, remaining unconscious, leaving a protective shield of bodies around Ian.

    KARSEN: Ok guys, this is creepin' me out.

    DANE: Nobody make any moves. (pause) One of those bodies is my dad.

    IAN: So your father is here, huh? I wonder which one he is...

    One neck instantly snaps. Everyone in the room suddenly tenses and hold their breaths. Thankfully it wasn't Dane's dad, but time is running out to do something as another neck twists, snapping.

    IAN: All you had to do was let me die in peace with those that deserve to be punished.

    JEFF: We have no idea what you're talking about! You can't expect us to understand!

    Ian roars with anger.

    IAN: Of course you don't know what I'm talking about! The world needs to know the truth about what's being covered up!

    JEFF: And what's that?

    IAN: I'm different...special...Ever since I was a teenager I had powers. I could control things with my mind, and the older I got the more out of control and powerful my powers got. I never understood them, and without knowing how to control them, of course some accidents were bound to happen.

    As Ian is explaining this, the camera cuts to Chase's face. While his face is covered, we can tell by his eyes that he relates to this guy's story on a level that the others could never find out about.

    IAN: Thankfully things only happened to those that treated me badly, but with everyone knowing I was different, that list of people were pretty high. I've worked with this construction crew since I was a teenager, and a couple years ago one of them got scared of my power and called the cops. There was an investigation into the mysterious deaths, but before anything could be linked to me, some government men came into my home and kidnapped me. They had me locked in some kind of lab all that time, running experiments on me like a lab rat. Believe me, most of those tests were not pleasant. But one thing they did do right was teach me how to properly harness my powers! I broke free and returned to get revenge on those responsible for putting me there. I'm not delusional though. I know I'm a monster that also deserves to be put down with all the others. If only you...

    He stops in mid-sentence as he notices that Jeff and Karsen had been slowly moving forward towards him during his monologue.

    IAN: Stay away from me!

    He uses his mind to fire a rather large piece of broken wood from the earlier table towards them. Karsen jumps in front of Jeff and slushifies his chest and then freezes it over into ice, having the wood break apart upon impact, protecting himself and Jeff.

    IAN: I see you have your own powers as well. You know, its only a matter of time until the people that kidnapped me, find out about you guys and go after you as well. If I let you leave here, the day will come when you're all fugitives of the Government, just like I am now. I'm saving you from...

    While Ian is talking, Dane, off away from the others, melts into his slushie state, where he slithers across the floor and snakes up behind Ian, forming into his human form between him and the floating bodies behind him. He conks him in the back of the head in mid-sentence, which causes all the bodies to fall as Ian looses his concentration.

    Dane jumps and grabs his dad’s body and lays it softly on the floor. Ian slowly stands up again, fuming with anger.

    IAN: Enough is enough with your attempt to stall me. It's time for the big bang.

    He snaps his finger and they see a match lift into the air from a man's pocket.

    JEFF: Everyone, huddle together!

    They all rush towards each other. Just as Ian lights the match against the wall and ignites an explosion due to the gas, Jeff fires his blue slushie material up, allowing Chase to use his powers to spread the material out over everyone and around everyone, like a giant shield as it freezes into ice. Chase reinforces that by firing his own slushie material and hardening it to reinforce the shield.


    The entire building explodes, causing the people by the gate to gasp and duck, covering their ears at the loud noise.


    All the bodies along with the four heroes, are protected from the explosion by the shield, however the shield is majorly damaged as the heat from the explosion vaporized most of the ice, but thanks to Chase’s add-on, they remain protected, just barely.


    After the explosion, debris several stories high, litters the area. There is no movement from below it, and all is still and quiet. A hand breaks through the debris and pulls itself up, showing Karsen as the first to come up as he gasps for air. He reaches down and helps the others all up, Dane dragging his dad's body up with him.

    JEFF: Guys, we have to jet.

    He nods and the others turn to see that the explosion knocked out the power, so now the police and scores of newspeople were rushing their way. They start to quickly leave, but stop when they notice Dane is still back with his father.

    JEFF: Dane, come on!

    DANE: I'm not leaving him!

    Jeff runs back.

    JEFF: Dane, we did it. He's alive. There's nothing more you can do for him. All you're gonna do is get caught up in the circus that's headed this way.

    Dane closes his eyes, torn.

    DANE: You're right, come on.

    He opens his eyes and he and Jeff run to catch up to the others just as the media circus reaches the area, and the unconscious workers slowly start waking up.


    Ambulances crowd the area, providing oxygen for those that need it. Keven is wrapped in a blanket as he breaths through an oxygen mask. The newer site Foreman walks over to him.

    FOREMAN: I was told you're the Blueprint Keeper?

    Keven removes the mask.

    KEVEN: Yeah, I am.

    FOREMAN: Could you make me a copy? Mine was lost in the explosion.

    KEVEN: Sure thing, boss.

    FOREMAN: Thank-you. I want to re-start construction as soon as possible.

    KEVEN: I'll have a copy made for you for tomorrow.


    Jeff turns off the water of the shower and steps out. He swipes his hand across the mirror, looking at himself in the reflection. 'Better Off' by Ashlee Simpson starts to play until the end of all these scenes.


    Jeff, fully clothes, steps out of the bathroom. Jenna is sitting on the couch, watching TV.

    JENNA: Hey, we havn't really had a chance to talk in the last couple days.

    JEFF: Well between our work schedules and all that...

    JENNA: So how was your day?

    JEFF: It was... interesting...

    Without another word, Jeff disappears into his room, closing the door.


    Dane's father is sitting at the kitchen table, wheezing. Dane walks into the room and is near tears, but is trying to fight them off. His dad turns and sees him.

    DANE'S FATHER: I'm gonna be ok, son. A bit banged up, but I'll be fine.

    Dane doesn't even say anything. He just rushes over to his father and hugs him tightly. His father returns the hug.


    Karsen is sitting on the edge of his bed, Amber sitting next to him as they watch the news. The song quiet fades out as we realize that on the news, is a segment about the events from earlier that day.

    REPORTER: So that's quite a fantastical story.

    WORKER: It's true! You can even ask Ed and John! There were three of us that remained conscious during the entire thing, but acted otherwise so we wouldn't be killed.

    REPORTER: Slushie-like powers you say? (turns to the camera) So who are these mysterious Slushie Bandits?

    Amber starts laughing.

    KARSEN: What's so funny?

    AMBER: This entire thing. It's a little early for Halloween.

    KARSEN: They probably just didn't want their faces on the news.

    AMBER: Oh yeah, I'm sure. If I did such a selfless deed like that, I'd want the recognition for all my troubles.

    Karsen just shakes his head as they tune back to the news. Amber's cell phone lets out a beep and she opens it up.

    KARSEN: Who's that?

    AMBER: It's...just Andrea.

    Karsen turns back to the screen as Amber looks down at her cell phone as the song fades back in from where it left off. The camera pans down to see the text that Amber received. It's not from her friend Andrea, but from Scott and the message simply says one thing: I miss you. Are we still on for tomorrow?

    We cut back to a shot of Amber as she figures out what to put. We cut back to the camera as she types in 'Yes' and then sends the message. We cut back to her as she closes her phone and puts it away and joins Karsen again with the news.

    REPORTER: Are these Slushie Bandits friend or foe to the citizens of Fort St. John? Only time will tell...


    The song ends as the final scene starts outside of Keven's home as he pulls his car into the driveway. He whistles to himself as he unlocks his door and walks in.


    Keven's house is in a pretty bad state of messiness and we follow him as he continues to whistle as he walks through the house and into the living room, which turns out to be the exact same one as from the end of the first episode. Keven is the Slushie Exploder!

    He goes over to the bookshelf and goes through the motions to get at the secret compartment, and he opens it. The camera cuts to a view from inside the compartment, looking out. Keven pulls out his copy of the blueprints for the construction site for his boss, and then closes the door, leaving us in darkness.

    The Slushie Bandits
    Episode 2: Experiments
    Written by: Jeffrey Long
    Produced by: Jeffrey Long
    Creative Consultants: Brandon Keith and Michael Banno

    2/20/2008 4:05:47 AM

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