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    The Site Wars 1x01
    By Aragorn

    I once had an old weekly series that lasted five episodes, about three schools in the same town that were litterly at War with each other. Going through my old stories, I realized it would make a good Dan fic series, so I'll be converting all the old eps over to a Dan-Fic and then maybe making new eps after that.


    The Site War
    Episode One: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 1

    “Guns blasted all around me, coming from every direction. I didn’t know if I was going to live through the next ten seconds, much less the rest of the day, or if I was going to die right then and there without leaving behind any kind of legacy other then being the loudest belcher around the lunch table.

    “You have to understand, I lost my gun earlier in the battle and I had to resort to hand to hand combat to survive. Understandably, the enemy didn’t feel like being fair and putting down their little guns, so I had to sneak up behind one, and give him a karate chop to the back of the neck, killing him instantly. I could have done a similar move that would make him die slowly as he gasped for air, but I figured he didn’t want to be there anymore then me and deserved a quick death. I bent down and retrieved his gun, and then turned around to continue firing again.

    “I managed to take a few more of ‘em down, but that’s when I heard the gun click on empty, and before I could do anything but stare in shock, the ground exploded right next to me, sending me flying under tons of dirt and debris. I was knocked unconscious and when I woke up, all I saw were people from our side crawling around through the debris, helping each other up.

    “I slowly got back to my feet and felt warm blood dripping down the side of my face. I felt my face and my fingers fell upon a deep gash, but I couldn’t afford to stop and look myself over. I needed to help uncover any other wounded. I looked around, seeing the entire enemy army dead at our feet. I let out a cry of victory and the others quickly joined.

    “And that my friends, was how we won the Battle of The Links.”


    “That’s bullshit, Carnotaur3,” Dino_Dude shouted. We were sitting at a table in the local Bar, drinking beer and sharing stories. We’d all been friends since before the War started. It hadn’t been going on for that long, and thankfully not many of us have died yet.

    My name is Aragorn. And I am a fighter for Dan’s JP3 Page. Our enemies: UFX and JP Legacy.

    It all started back in late September, 2005. UFX was having renovations done on it and some of the new Coding caught fire and destroyed the entire Site. Thank God nobody was hurt in the incident. Temporary living quarters had been built to house the members, however before that, they had come to our Site for help and we refused to give it to them due to space issues. If we had known what was going to come of it, we would have acted differently.

    So while they were in their T.L.Q’s as we liked to call it, they devised a plan to get back at us. No one had seen it coming. One day our Site was here, and the next, half of it was gone. They had set bombs off all across our Site one night, and by the time all the fires had been dealt with, half of it was burned to nothing. It wasn’t long though until it started to be re-built. During the investigation, the Mods found the two UFX Members responsible for the explosions and Banned them, but what they didn’t know was that the two Members were just working on orders from The UFX Admins.

    They remade our Site and better then before with magnetically sealed doors at the entrance, and made it so that we needed a password to get in. Each person had their own password, which made it impossible for anyone not apart of the Site to be granted access without permission from the Admin. The external walls that were put up to surround the Site, were made to be fireproof, but what we didn’t call for was a UFX Member sneaking in when someone else opened the doors. They had planted a few devastating bombs and quickly got their scrawny little ass out of there.

    Again, part of the Site crumpled to the ground and many Members lost their lives. It was a sad day that will forever be remembered in our hearts.

    The Mods couldn’t find out who did it, so we took matters into our own hands. We sent our Members as spies around the currently being re-built UFX and eventually found out who planted the bombs. We kidnapped him and forced him to tell us everything. Thankfully he had a weak will, and he told us everything about UFX and how they were responsible for everything done to Dan’s JP3 Page.

    We brought the Member to the Mods and he too, was Banned. We re-built the broken walls of our Site, but did not add anything to it. Security was heightened around the Site and when the Members heard that we had declared war on UFX, most everyone cleared out, even most of the Mods.

    Now if you remember, I mentioned earlier that we were at war with two Sites. UFX and JP Legacy. Well while UFX was re-building their Site, JP Legacy decided to help them and when we found that out, we went to war with them as well. The ally of our enemy is also our enemy. However, one day there was some kind of accident (Which by the way, there are many rumors and theories as to how it happened, but no one seems to know the truth) and UFX broke off their alliance with JP Legacy, therefore creating war among those two Sites as well.

    That was about five months ago. Ever since then, the War has continued with no sign of stopping. That basically brings us up to date.

    “No man, it really happened!” Carnotaur3 argued back. Carnotaur3 had a history of exadurating the truth, which is why the others at the table didn’t quite believe him.

    “Yeah right,” Dino_Dude continued. He usually took the longest to convince.

    “It did,” I spoke up for the first time in a long while. “I was there.” Though I wasn’t, and I had no idea if it was true or not, it was the only way I could get those two to shut up about it. They were giving me a headache and at this stage in the war, Tylenol was scarce and hard to come by. Most medical supplies were.

    “See?” Carnotaur3 beamed to Dino_Dude. All off a sudden, the doors to the Bar opened and Yvonne walked in. Yvonne was a short girl with fire red hair, that had moved from Comingsoon.net roughly two years before and had been going out with Carnotaur3 for about four months before they called it quits. They had recently broken up over some dispute that I wasn’t really informed about. Neither one ever told me anything about it and I wasn’t one to rub my nose where it had no right being.

    She walked over to our table and turned the chair next to me backwards, sitting down in it and leaning on the backrest. “Hey guys,” she greeted as she brushed a strand of hair out of one of her eyes. I had no problem admitting that I felt attracted to her and I had a thing for accents, so that definitely didn’t helped matters a bit.

    “Hey,” I greeted back. “Where’s Ben, JPJunkee and Rick Arnold?” Those four people were near inseparatible when not on missions and I found it odd that they were not together.

    “They’re in a Briefing.”

    “Why aren’t you with them?” Carnotaur3 asked. Fuck, I thought instantly. How could he ask that? Didn’t he know that Yvonne was no longer part of the same Unit as them? Of course he did because she was now part of ours as of a week ago. Yvonne had always been upset about being transferred from the same unit as her friends, and I had a feeling Carnotaur3 was purposely trying to upset her. But what she was even more upset about was that she couldn’t go back to Comingsoon.net.

    Shortly the War started, Members from the three battling Sites have been denied access to all other flourishing Sites. That’s also why I wanted to get this war done and over with as soon as possible. So I could go back to Halloween Fanfiction and see all my friends again. I was suppose to leave in a year, but then when the war started, I had no hope of leaving. Me and Yvonne were in the same boat. Both of us were fighting just so we could get home. That’s all. Others were fighting for the real reason, which was to win. They were fighting to regain peace and order. But not us. Me and Yvonne were just trying to get back to our Homepages.

    “They’re going on some top secret mission,” Yvonne explained, ignoring Carnotaur3’s question but shooting him a quick dirty look just the same. “Just them and Crow. They were selected out of random from what I understand.”

    All of a sudden, a red light began flashing on the roof and an alarm started blaring. I noticed everyone in the room jumping up and rushing out. That alarm meant that we were needed right away.

    Yvonne, Carnotaur3, Dino_Dude, and I also got up and left the Bar and rushed down the streets until we reached the Briefing Hall. We rushed in and took our seats, just like everyone else.

    Once everyone was seated, the alarm, which sounded in every building on the Site, turned off and the lights returned to normal while our Admin, Dan walked up to a microphone stand sitting on the stage at the front of the room.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen,” he began. Oh no, I thought. It must be bad, otherwise he wouldn’t be talking to us himself. He’d only have got some Mod to talk to us if it was something minor. “We have a matter of extreme importance. It’s Top Secret, and we need some volunteers.” A bunch of hands raised in the room, except for mine and a few other people. Only idiots or people with a death wish volunteer for a mission without knowing anything about it beforehand.

    “Raise your hand, Aragorn!” Yvonne urged me.

    “Why? I don’t want to go out there and get my ass fired off on a suicide mission. I just want to go home.”

    “This mission might be able to help win the war. It’s Top Secret which means we don’t know what it is. It’s probably something big.”

    I considered what she said and realized she had a good point. I slowly raised my own hand as well. Our little table group from the Bar was all picked, except for Dino_Dude. In his place however, a few other people that I didn’t really know were picked. The chosen were ordered to stay while the others in the room had to leave.

    Once the others left, the lights dimmed and a picture was projected on the wall of a small metal shed in the middle of a patch of trees.

    “That is an enemy Weapon Shed,” Dan announced. “We have located it in the middle of the Adventures Site.” I quickly searched my mind for any info I may have known on that place. All I could remember about it was that it was a decent-sized forest Site with a bike trail going through all of it. I stopped thinking so I could pay attention to the rest of the briefing. “The shed is owned by JP Legacy and you well be sent in to attack and destroy any resistance located near it and bring back any weapons that are inside. New weapons that we haven’t seen yet are more of a priority then any of the others. It’ll probably be heavily guarded by the little bastards, but I am confident that we can take it. Any questions?”

    I felt my stomach turn inside out once I heard that we were going on a raid of a JP Legacy building. We might have stood a change against UFX, but JP Legacy? Those guys were always in little groups and they rarely used weapons. Harmless you think? You better think again. They have the longest and sharpest nails I’ve ever seen. I heard that they were introduced to some kind of toxin or something that made them more animal then human, but I’m not sure. That is the main rumor that has been flying around though.

    I knew that everyone else in the room was feeling the same way I was. Well, at least the smart ones were.

    “Yeah, I’ve got a question,” a high-pitch squeaky voice spoke up. All heads turned to the voice of the person talking. It was my old friend, Cameron. He was kind of a nerd, but he had his advantages. One thing was for sure though - he was no fighter. He was one of our tech experts thankfully. What the hell was he doing here?

    “What the hell am I doing here?” He asked. I almost laughed when he said the exact thing I was thinking.

    “We believe it is protected by a password. You are one of our top tech experts and they will need your expertise in breaking into the locker. Any other questions?” After a minute of silence, Dan continued, “You will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Dismissed.”

    Everyone stood up and we all walked out of the Briefing Hall as the lights turned back on. We walked out into the streets and Carnotaur3 stopped us. “I’ll catch up with you guys later. I need to have a smoke.”

    “Wait for me,” Dino_Dude chimed in. And so those two went off a different way from Yvonne and I. Funny how things are. People used to say that those things’ll kill you. Once the War started, most people started smoking, hoping that it’ll kill them before the enemy did. Hell, it wasn’t uncommon for an upstanding Member such as myself to steal a relaxing smoke once in a while.

    We had just turned a corner, when I heard someone shout out my name. Dread filled my heart and soul as I remembered the voice that just called out to me. It was a voice which I had not heard in a very long time. A voice which belonged to a person who moved away from Dan’s a long time ago.

    Back before the War started and before that person moved away, her and I teased each other and picked on each other. There was a falling out however, and we stopped talking. When She moved away, I was relived. That voice belonged to none other then JP3 Girl.

    I slowly turned around, gritting my teeth. Then a smile formed across my face. It was a fake smile, but to anyone else it looked real enough. “JP3 Girl!”

    “Catch you later,” Yvonne whispered. “Looks like you two have some catching up to do.” And with that, she went on ahead.

    “How’ve you been?” JP3 Girl asked as she brushed her long blonde hair back over her shoulder.

    “Fine. What are you doing back?” I asked. To my shock, I actually felt relived that she was here and for the first time, I suddenly realized how much I had missed her. Even though we hadn’t gotten along in the final few months before she left, we had still been good friends for a long time before that. That fake smile soon became a real smile.

    “I came to fight in the War. I have lots of friends here and I want to help them out. Have you seen Naninou?”

    Oh shit, I thought. I guess it was time to break her some bad news. “I don’t really know how to tell you this, JP3 Girl. She was, um, she was k…killed in the last raid.”

    “What?” I could see tears start to come to JP3 Girl’s eyes and I noticed that she sniffled slightly. Naninou had been JP3 Girl’s closest friend.

    “Here, why don’t we go to the Bar? I’ll buy you a round.” And so we walked back to the cafeteria and JP3 Girl rested her head against my shoulder for comfort. I didn’t quite know how to react, but I couldn’t just pull away when she needed someone. I slowly put my arm around her shoulders and lightly rubbed her shoulder.

    On the way to the Bar, I explained to her how I had a secret mission to go on the next day, and while we were drinking our beers, I explained to her about the history of the War, bringing her up to speed. I made sure to explain to her how courageous and noble of a death Naninou had, even though in reality she was shot in the back as she tried to run away like a scared deer.

    We talked long into the night and by the wee hours of the morning, we finished catching up on old times. She had a lot to digest and I had a mission to go on in a few hours, so we said good-night and went to our separate Barrecks’.

    I walked into mine and my bunkmates, Carna, RaptorHiss, and JurassiClaw were already asleep. I didn’t want to wake them, so I quietly went over to my hammock and laid down, falling asleep quickly.


    The next morning, I woke up just minutes before my departure time. I quickly, but quietly so as not to wake up my bunkmates, changed and loaded up on a few guns. I left the Barrecks and walked down the empty streets to the Depature Zone. The streets were empty because it was still early in the morning and most people were in a nice deep sleep. There were a couple early risers usually, but most of the time they just sat in the Bar and chatted over an early breakfast.

    I reached the main doors and saw the rest of the team waiting by them. Carnotaur3 and Yvonne walked over to me as I approached.

    “Hey Aragorn,” Carnotaur3 greeted. “I heard JP3 Girl’s back in town.”

    “And you didn’t get back to your room until late,” Yvonne observed, smiling. I asked her how she knew that and she explained to me how one of her bunkmates saw me and JP3 Girl going back to our Barracks’.

    “We were in the Bar, talking,” I explained, knowing exactly what they were thinking.

    “Sure,” Carnotaur3 sarcastically said, a wide smile spreading across his face.

    “We were!” The last thing I needed was for people to be thinking things about me and JP3 Girl that just were not true.

    “Alright men!” a voice called out. We all hushed up and turned to the doors, seeing Icebreaker and Trainwreck standing in front of everyone. It was Icebreaker who had started talking. “Form a single file line. When we reach our destination, remember what was taught to you, and do the best you can do. Are you ready?”

    “Sir, yes, sir!” Everyone yelled at once.

    “Good! Now let’s go!”

    We all lined up in a single file and marched out the doors of the Site, down a small walkway lined with now dead and crumbling plants, up the steps of a long dark green bus, and into our seats.

    Carnotaur3, Yvonne, and I all sat in the same seat. Every few seats, there were guards with their windows down, guns pointing out, so they could fire if anything happened. As I looked out the window, I noticed the Snipers on top of the walls. The Site’s walls were lined with Snipers all the way around, so no one could ever approach without being noticed.

    Once the two Squad Leaders were on, we did a quick weapons check and were off, driving down the road away from the Site, and heading for The Adventures Site where our mission laid ahead.


    1/21/2006 3:14:30 AM

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