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    The Site War 1x04
    By Aragorn

    The Site War
    Episode Four: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 4

    My name is Cameron. And I am A Tech Expert and Inventor for Dan’s JP3 Page. I’ve resided on the Site for the better part of my teenage life, and was about to leave when the shit hit the fan and I decided to stay.

    I was on this top-secret mission and the only reason I was even needed was to crack a code. Well the mission went wrong and we were attacked UFX, and some of us tried to escape but we were all caught except for Carnotaur3 and the two Mods. They went on ahead to complete the mission.

    Me and Dac were taken to a near-by abandoned house and we were tortured to tell them about plans for the Site. They were beating us and it was really beginning to hurt. About half an hour ago, Dac was taken out of the room and I haven’t seen him since.

    I heard gunshots ring out breaking the silence, and I looked over, seeing that the two UFX Members, or if you go by the slang for them, UFXers, who were in my room were over at the windows, firing down at something. I heard a scream and heard a voice shout out, “JP3 Girl!”

    Oh good! I was going to be rescued! What would Captain Kirk of the U.S.S Enterprise do in a situation like this?

    I tried moving, but my hands and legs were tied behind my back and I was in the corner of the room. One of the two people that were at the window fell back, dead. Soon after the other followed.

    The shooting noises continued for what seemed to me like a long time, but was only about five minutes in reality. I really wanted to go back to the Site now. I was really missing my StarCraft game that they tore me away from to go on this mission.

    Soon after the shooting stopped, I heard the sound of the front door downstairs being shot in. Oh no! There were more UFXers inside the halls of the house! They’ll be waiting for the rescuers!

    I heard more shooting and a few minutes later, the shooting stopped and I heard pounding footsteps coming up the stairs. I screamed as the door slammed inwards and I saw a bunch of people rushing into the room.

    Once I saw who it was, I was relived! It was Aragorn, Carna, and Seth Rex! Aragorn was in some kind of black swim/diver suit thing, Seth Rex was in some kind of thick armor and Carna was in the new type of Ex-Suit I helped create.

    “Cameron!” Aragorn shouted as he walked over and bent down, untying the ropes.

    “Aragorn, am I glad to see you. What happened to you?” I asked.

    “It’s a long story and we don’t have the time right now. Maybe when we get back, we’ll tell it to ya over a couple of beers.” Aragorn finished and I stood up, free of the ropes.

    “Where are the others?” Seth Rex asked.

    I started to explain, “Carnotaur3 and the two Mods, Icebreaker and Trainwreck never got caught, and Dac was taken out of the room about half an hour ago.”

    “We need to find him,” Carna stated. “We’ve already lost a couple people and we needed to send three more back. We need all the people we can get right now.”

    “Then let’s start looking!” I shouted as I walked over to a dead UFX Member and took his gun.

    “Let’s go!” Aragorn shouted. “We need to find him!” We moved out of the room and looked in all the upstairs rooms. We couldn’t find him, so we rushed down the stairs and we found him tied up in a small closet under the stairs.

    Aragorn and Carna untied him and gave him a gun from a dead UFXer. “We need to hurry!” Aragorn ordered. Holy Cripes! Did he always have to rush us? I was really tired! I was just tortured after all.

    We ran out of the house and I saw a couple dead bodies littering the street, but only recognized one from our team. The rest must have been UFXers. We began walking down the street, but at a quick pace. Aragorn must have finally realized that Dac and me have been getting beaten up all morning and decided to slow down to a walk.

    “Thanks,” I heard Dac say to Aragorn. “Thanks a lot.”

    “No problem,” Aragorn answered. “We need you. We need everyone we can get.”

    We walked down the street and we were almost at the end of it when we heard a scurrying sound close by. We all looked in the direction we heard it come from, raising our guns. Oh no! If it was what I thought it was, then we were dead.

    “Guards up,” I heard Aragorn whisper to us. We scanned the side dirt trail that ran next to the road and we saw a shadow go around a corner. A short, small shadow. It was what I expected: A JP Legacy Member! We were in trouble now!

    “Hurry!” Aragorn whispered. I could barley hear him because he was so quiet. “Let’s get out of here and hope they aren’t tracking us.”

    We started backing up away from the area, our guns pointed towards the side dirt road. As we were backing up, a tumbleweed blew across the road in front of us. Boy, I only thought that happened in the movies! I chanced a glance down at my watch and once I saw that it was lunch time, I hoped that we would be back at Dan’s in time for me to catch the newest episode of the new Star Trek show. I haven’t missed an episode yet and if I didn’t get the conclusion to what happens to Captain Archer after he goes into the future, then I would go crazy!

    As we turned a corner and headed down another street, there was the distant sound of an engine getting steadily louder and louder.

    “Something’s coming!” I pointed out. Everyone else glared at me, but I couldn’t figure out why. Aragorn did some kind of moving thing with his hand and I saw the others moving towards the closest house, so I followed.

    We got to the house and went to open the door, but found it locked. I turned around to face the road, and saw a jeep with no roof on it drive from around the corner, UFX Members inside of it, most leaning out, pointing their guns at us. I screamed a really high pitched scream as I turned and tried to open the door, kicking it.

    I quickly drew my foot back, feeling pain shooting into it from kicking the door to hard. Bullets started whizzing by me and I saw the wall of the house getting shot up.

    “What do we do now?” Dac asked, taking his gun, turning around, and firing.

    “Hang on!” Carna shouted. He punched a giant hole in the door and reached inside and I heard a click. The door opened and we all ran inside with Seth Rex and Dac walking in backwards, firing out at the enemy.

    When I turned to look, I saw that the jeep was swerving because one of the tires had been shot out. It swerved a bit too much and crashed right into the house next to the one we were in.

    Dac and Seth Rex got in and closed the door.

    “This way!” Aragorn shouted. We all followed him down a hall, to the kitchen. At the back of the kitchen was a glass sliding door that opened up to a balcony and that had stairs that led down to the backyard.

    “We need to get to the Adventure Site!” Dac argued. “Not stuck in some house!”

    “We’ll get there!” Aragorn said back. “It’s only about another fifteen minutes from here if we run most of the way. But first, we need to get rid of the UFXers that are after us.”

    Personally, I didn’t see why. They were good as dead. That jeep plowed right into a house! Sure thing, back before the War when a car was just pulling out of a parking lot and bumped into me, I broke my shoulder! Those things are strong! They had to be dead!

    The glass from the sliding doors suddenly shattered as I heard gunfire. We ducked down and made our way behind the counter. Well all except for Seth Rex, he slipped on some of the broken glass and fell flat on his back.

    I peeked around the corner and saw three UFX Members walk in through the space and looked down at Seth Rex. No! He couldn’t die! I jumped out from my place behind the counter, screaming and firing my gun. Well I would have been firing my gun if anything had come out from it. I swore and moved it around, wondering what was wrong with it.

    Then I looked up and saw the UFX Members smiling and raising their guns from Seth Rex, who quickly scrambled away, to me. My eyes went wide, but heard shots being fired from behind me and saw one UFXer fall down dead, and the other two backed out and went around the side of the house.

    I turned and yelled, “What’s wrong with this gun?”

    “Let me see it,” Dac said, walking over. He took it from me and pointed. “The safety’s still on.” He pressed a button. “Now it’s not.” He handed me back my gun.

    “We should leave soon,” Seth Rex suggested, getting up. “If we stay here, we might chance getting killed and we need all the people we can.”

    “Plus we still need to find Carnotaur3, Icebreaker, and Trainwreck,” Aragorn reminded. Great. This mission just kept getting better and better. At this rate, it looked like I was going to miss my Star Trek show after all.

    We began to make our way to the front door, when all of a sudden, it flew off its hinges and the other two UFXers walked in, firing like crazy.

    “Back!” Aragorn shouted. We ducked and ran out the back where the glass doors used to be.

    We ran outside and across a small field. I started falling behind because the others were faster then me. Jes-us, couldn’t they at least wait up? I looked back and saw the two UFXers running after us, with another member of their team joining in the chase.

    We ran around a corner and down another street, which had dozens of stores on either side, which were all closed as the area was abandoned when the War started. We ran by a giant clock in the middle and ran down a street where an old theater used to be. We turned a corner and ran behind the Theater and into the Co-Op parking lot.

    We ran across the lot and across the street, to where a line of low bushes were. I saw Aragorn jump down and land on the ground, on his stomach. The others did the same and so did I, but it hurt a lot and the others knew when I expressed my pain, verbally.

    “Where did they go?” I whispered. Aragorn looked back and brought his head forward. “They’re back in the parking lot, running this way. On the count of three, we get up and run like crazy, ok?”

    I nodded as did the others. “One, two, three!” We all jumped up and ran, turning to the side, hearing guns being fired.

    We ran down the street as fast as we could, turning corners when we had to. Then as we turned another corner, I saw it: The Adventure Site! A Site of very thick woods with a dirt walking trail going through all of it.

    We sped up faster, the three UFXers turning the corner and coming after us, not firing. I didn’t know why they weren’t firing, but my guess was because they’d miss from there and they wanted to save their bullets for when they got closer.

    Soon enough, we reached the grass, and a second after running across that, we reached the forest.

    We slowed to a walk once we got inside the forest, and quickly turned and went off the trail, into the thick woods.

    We started walking very slow, dead leaves and twigs breaking under us. Suddenly, we heard someone shout, “Halt!”

    Everyone ahead of me stopped, but I couldn’t see why. Then when I moved to the side, I saw the three UFXers standing in front of us, guns pointed outward.

    “Now,” The one in the front said. “Come with us or we’ll kill you.”

    “I’d rather be dead,” Seth Rex spat. Yay for him! I wish I had the guts to do that.

    “Fine,” The UFXer said. He raised his gun and was going to fire, when we heard a high pitch scream.

    Everyone looked all over for source of the sound, including the UFXers. Then I looked up in a tree and saw a JP Legacy Member looking down at us. Oh boy was it ugly.

    It’s growth had been stunted by whatever caused them to turn into such little monsters. It had no socks or shoes on and its toenails and fingernails were long and sharp. When it opened its mouth to scream again, I saw that its yellow and black teeth were razor sharp.

    “Look!” I pointed and everyone looked up and saw it, raising their weapons. And that’s when the attack came.


    2/6/2006 9:59:57 PM

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