The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    Since the JP novel features Land Cruisers, Crichton changed the vehicles to Ford Explorers in the TLW novel to keep in line with the film. In TLW, the film, however, Mercedes cars were used. (From: Acrocanthosaur)
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    The Site War 1x03
    By Aragorn

    The Site War
    Episode Three: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 3

    My name is JP3 ‘Luck’ Girl. I was given the nickname of Luck at the Site I used to reside at, due to my uncanny ability of having infinite luck. However it seems I finally found a limit to that. You have to understand that as of twelve hours ago, I am a fighter for Dan’s JP3 Page. I recently arrived here at Dan’s from a nearby Site. I used to live here, and was raised her until I was fifteen. Then my family moved away and once I heard about the War that started here, I wanted to come back and fight and help my friends out. My mom wouldn’t let me, so after a few months, I gathered the guts and ran away. I eventually got here and one of the first people I saw was my old friend, Aragorn.

    I always knew he liked me, cause let’s face it, Aragorn is horrible at hiding his feelings. After awhile, I guess I started to fall for him too. I won’t admit it to anyone though, because it’s no one else’s business and nothing is going to come of it anyway. This is War, not exactly the time for hunny-hunny, smoochie-smoochie.

    Anyway, My first morning here, I was given an assignment. I was to team up with my old friends, Carna and Seth Rex and go rescue some people who were under attack, and then carry on with their mission. I was so happy because I was put in command of the mission and it was only my first full day here!

    But I soon found out that one of the people that were on the bus that was attacked was Aragorn. I immediately became serious and that kind of brings us up to now. Me, Carna, and Seth Rex are riding on the bus, heading for the drop-off point. Yep, that’s now.

    The bus soon got to Google Pond, which was where the transmission was traced to. It used to be a small park, with a pond in the middle and a highway running next to it. Now it was a field of short grass with broken climbing bars and other damaged or destroyed things that belong to every park. The pond was still there as was the highway, but due to previous battles, the highway was damaged with bomb holes and craters in it, making it impossible to drive on it.

    As the bus rounded the corner, we saw the other bus, on its side and smoking. Oh god, I hoped Aragorn was still alive. I really did.

    Suddenly, there was an explosion close by and the sound caused me to cover my ears. I turned to my window and saw three members from UFX, two with machine guns, and one kneeling down with a small rocket launcher resting on his shoulder. I probably would have wondered where they got the guns from, but the night before Aragorn had told me that the Sites had gone on trips to the Official Army Site close by and salvaged any left over weapons from there.

    The engine hood of the bus surprisingly raised straight up on pistons and a cannon pointed out from under it. Holy shit! I’ve never seen a bus do that before! It fired and the cannon ball hit right in front of the three UFX members, killing them and sending dirt flying in all directions.

    “Hurry!” The bus driver, Smith, shouted. “There may be more!”

    “Move out!” I yelled, without even thinking. Carna, Seth Rex, and I stood up and made our way to the door and walked out, immediately raising our guns and pointing them out away from us.

    I heard a banging sound and whipped around, seeing that the hood of the engine went back down, as the cannon lowered back inside. Once the hood was back in its spot covering the cannon, I watched as the bus turned around and drove off.

    The deadly silence bothered me. I’ve never heard so much silence before. If it wasn’t for all the destruction and a couple of dead bodies here and there, it would have been hard to tell that there was a battle here just about an hour before.

    “Where is everyone?” Seth Rex whispered.

    “I don’t know,” Carna responded. I was starting to get scared. It was beginning to seem like there wasn’t any survivors and if there were, they had been taken hostage.

    I signaled for us to move to the smoking, overturned bus and so we quietly started walking towards it.

    I looked over at the pond as we walked, but the only ripples in it were being caused by the breeze. I remembered when that pond was alive with fish and birds. Now not a single thing lived in it, thanks to the War.

    We got right up next to the bus, when suddenly bullets were heard being fired and I yelled, “Inside the bus!”

    We ran and Carna was the first there. He leaped, and with the help of the exo-suit, he jumped from the ground, onto the side of the over-turned bus with no problems and very little effort. He reached down and helped Seth Rex up, then me.

    Once on top of the bus, Seth Rex and I pointed our guns out, quickly locating our attackers. There was a group of six Members from UFX that just ran out from an abandoned house that was close by.
    Me and Seth Rex began moving our guns back and fourth as we let out a barrage of bullets. I heard a smash behind me and glanced over my shoulder, seeing that Carna had used the strength from the Exo-suit to break open the door of the bus. He was the first to jump down inside of it.

    I tapped Seth Rex on the shoulder and when he turned around, I pointed to the smashed-in door, and then we both went towards it and jumped down inside of the bus as well.

    Once we got inside, I looked around and saw that we were standing on the ground through broken windows as the bus was on its side. The only other windows were facing up. Great. We were stuck and we couldn’t fire out, or see out. But at least we were protected.
    “Now what do we do?” I yelled. “They’ll be here in a minute.”

    Carna brought his hand back and then forward, smashing a hole in the side of the bus with the help of the suit. He did this twice more, side-by-side and then stuck his gun out of one of the holes.

    Good idea. I did the same with my gun, and soon, Seth Rex followed, pointing his out of the final hole. There was enough space above the gun to look out as well, so we were able to look at where we fired. A couple of the UFXers went down almost instantly, but we missed the others.

    There was a loud splash and I heard multiple guns being fired and moved my gun out of the way as I peered through the hole, watching the UFXers being shot down.

    I wondered what the hell was going on and hoped it wasn’t JP Legacy. From what Aragorn has told me about them, they were very lethal. More so then UFX.

    Soon, after all the UFX Members had been killed, I could hear footsteps getting closer to the bus. Carna, Seth Rex, and I pointed our guns up towards the door, waiting for whoever was out there to open it.

    The door blasted in and fell down to the bottom. I couldn’t help but scream, not expecting it. My first reaction was the same as the other two people in the bus; to fire like crazy.

    We began firing, but heard someone order, “Cease fire!” That voice! It was so familiar, but I couldn’t really pick it out above the gun firing. I stopped firing, but Carna and Seth Rex didn’t.

    “Hold fire!” I yelled at them, but they weren’t listening. Great. Time to be the bitch. “I said hold fire God Damnit!” I shouted and turned around, kicking both of them, but not doing any damage because of the armor and suit, but at least they listened to me. So they knew what was good for themselves, after all.

    As I turned back around, I saw a person jump down inside the bus with us. He was in a diving suit with a breathing mask on so I couldn’t tell who it was. He moved towards us, and soon three more people in the same kind of suits jumped down. All the suits were dripping wet and that’s when I realized that the splashing noise I heard earlier was them coming out of the pond.

    “You can lower your weapons,” the person in the front said. It was that voice again! I looked and saw that the four divers had guns, but they weren’t pointed at us.

    “No way!” I heard Seth Rex yell from behind me. “I’m not an idiot.”

    “Seth Rex, Carna,” I said, not taking my eyes away from the person in the front. “Lower your guns.”

    “But…” Carna started to protest.

    “Do it!” I yelled.

    “Just as commandive as ever, I see,” the voice from the first person said.

    “Listen, buddy, you’ve got about five seconds to take your mask off and explain who you are, or I’ll shoot you myself.” Who did this jerk think he was? He’s lucky I ordered Seth Rex and Carna to put their guns down, but I was beginning to think that may have been the wrong move.

    “As you wish,” The lead diver laid his gun against the side and his hands reached up and there was a hissing sound as he removed some tubes. Then, he removed the mask and dropped it to the floor.

    My heart skipped many beats as my face lit up, seeing that it was a smiling Aragorn! “Aragorn!” I dropped my gun and ran to him, hugging him. After a second, I quickly backed away, remembering that other people were there.

    “These suits were put into the bus before we left,” Aragorn explained. “There were rumors that UFX had taken over some of the houses in this area, and we since had to pass by here, we were loaded with these. Though most of us didn’t make it.”

    Seth Rex stepped up in front of me and asked, “Where’s the others?”

    There was another hissing as another person removed their mask. “Well Yvonne’s right here,” Yvonne smiled. “Cameron, Carnotaur3, and Dac were separated from us, but they were separated together. Wherever they are, they should all be together.”

    I heard more hissing, as the other two people removed their masks. They were younger, both guys, my guess was that they registered on Dan’s after I left. Newbies. “Who are these?” I asked, pointing to the two younger kids.

    Aragorn pointed to each of them as he said their names. “That’s Frodo_Baggins and that’s Mikeymike.”

    “So what do we do now?” Frodo_Baggins asked. Holy shit, he was really short.

    “I have command of this mission now,” I informed Aragorn.

    “Bullshit,” he argued back.

    “As per Dan’s orders, since no Mods are alive, I am now in command of The Weapons Locker Raid.”

    “Oh great,” Aragorn mumbled.

    “Move out!” I yelled. “We need to find the others and continue on with the mission!”

    The people nearest to the door moved first, then Aragorn, then me, then Seth Rex, then Carna. We jumped up to the outside of the bus and then jumped down to the ground.

    “Which way did they go?” Seth Rex asked. Oh no. he wasn’t doing this to me!

    “Hey!” I shouted as I turned to face him. “I’m in charge here!” Then I turned back to Aragorn. “Which way did they go?”

    “Follow me,” he responded. What was it with these people? Why were they always trying to take my leadership away? Well fuck ‘em.

    “No, tell me!” I shouted. “Or else I’m staying right here.” I stomped my foot down. This was now my mission, damn it.

    “Ok, fine,” Aragorn said as him and the others began walking away. They were actually going to leave me behind! Those rotten bastards!

    “Hey!” I yelled as I ran to catch up. “Wait for me!” I caught up and walked beside the others, Aragorn in the lead with Frodo_Baggins and Mikeymike in the back. We left the Google Pond and walked out into the empty streets.

    We walked down the middle of the streets, no fear of having to move for traffic, as there was none. Out of the blue, I heard a loud explosion and I was sent flying and hit a tree, falling painfully to the ground. I fought to stay awake, but my eyes soon closed and the last thing I heard was Aragorn shouting out my name.


    I awoke to lots of firing noises. I opened my eyes and saw that the others were firing in the direction of a house. I looked up and saw UFX Members pointing guns out of the broken windows, firing at us. I looked around and saw a Newbie lying dead. It was either Frodo_Baggins or Mikeymike. I couldn’t remember which was which as they both looked eerily similar. Wait, Frodo_Baggins was the shorter one I think, so it was Mikeymike that was dead.

    I tried standing, but found that I couldn’t. I looked down and saw that my armor was ripped in two and a piece of it was jutting into my stomach, a little bit of blood trickling down to the ground.

    It was Aragorn that turned around and saw me first. “Yvonne!” he yelled. The other female in the group turned to him as she let-up on the trigger of her gun. “Go help JP3 Girl!”

    I saw the girl nod and run towards me and bend down. “Can you stand?” she asked.

    What type of question was that? If I could, didn’t she think that I would have by now? “No,” I tried saying, but came out as a painful whisper. I pointed to my armor.

    She looked down and saw it. She walked behind me and put her hands under my arms and I felt myself being dragged away. I was dragged behind a house across from the enemy house, and out of danger. It didn’t block out the sounds of gunfire though, and made me wish I was back on the other side so I could help my comrades.

    the girl named Yvonne reached down and removed the top half of my armor. Well the top half of my chest armor. The bottom half of my chest armor was stuck into my stomach where it was ripped apart from the top half. She reached down and I felt immense pain as she pulled on the bloody piece of metal and it came out of my stomach.

    She threw it on the ground and reached down with a cloth that she pulled out from her diver suit and put it in my hands. I covered the wound with it as she began to strip out of the diving suit.

    What was going on? Here I was, half naked, and this chick was undressing too? Then I saw that she had clothes on under the suit and she gave me the diver suit. Ahhh, I understood now. It was something for me to wear since my armor wasn’t going back on.

    With Yvonne’s help, I stood up and put the diver suit on. We got back around to the front of the house, just as the firing stopped.

    Aragorn walked towards us as we approached. “Are you all right?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” I answered. Unfortunately that too came out as a whisper and I knew he wasn’t convinced.

    “Sounds like something’s wrong with your lungs. I want you to go back to the Site,” he ordered. I couldn’t believe this! I was his boss for this mission! He can’t do this, damnit!

    “I’ll send Frodo_Baggins and Yvonne to escort you back and help you walk.” I tried to argue, but no sound came from my mouth. “You need to see a medic, and then rest,” Aragorn ordered. He turned to Yvonne and Frodo_Baggins. “Escort her back to the school.”

    They both nodded and Yvonne wished him luck on the remainder of the mission. They grabbed me by my arms and helped me walk away. Helped me leave the others behind is more like it.

    Right before we walked around a corner, I looked back and saw Aragorn looking at us as we left, a concerned look on his face. I sighed as we went around the corner, a house blocking my view of the rest of the team.

    I hope they did well on this mission and I hoped that Aragorn and the others made it back. Even though I knew in my heart that most of them wouldn’t, if any.

    I turned my head back around as me and the other two walked back to Dan’s JP3 Page.


    2/2/2006 3:01:55 PM

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