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    Because of Steven Speilberg's contributions to museums in Japan, they honored him by naming a dinosaur after the characters in JP. (From: 'Dinosaur_Neil')
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    The Site War 1x02
    By Aragorn

    The Site War
    Episode Two: The Weapons Locker Mission
    Part 2

    My name is Rex. Seth Rex. And I am head of Weapons and Armor Research for Dan’s JP3 Page.

    I was sitting at a table in the bar, drinking a couple shots of Vodka 7 as I waited for my friends, Carna and JP3 Girl. JP3 Girl had left back before the War, but she came back last night to help in the War. She and Aragorn had been friends, and they spent most of the night catching up on old times. At least that’s the official story. Many people, myself included, think they did a bit more then catch up.

    That's why I dreaded what I had to tell her about how the mission Aragorn went on earlier that day had gone wrong. Hell, when I was told about it, I was in shock myself. Aragorn was…Man, I better not talk like that. Aragorn is my best friend. Carna and Aragorn weren't that good of friends with each other, but Carna was good at what he did, so that's why he was being sent to help us.

    I downed another shot of Vodka 7 that was in front of me and I heard the shuffling of feet behind me. I turned around and saw JP3 Girl standing there. Oh god. I hadn't seen her in a long time and forgot how dangerous she could be when she was mad, which by the look on her face, she was.

    "You're late," I said, almost a whisper. I think I may have even slurred slightly. Note to self, lay of the drinks for awhile. Who knows what they put in these Alcoholic Beverages these days.

    "Shut up, Seth Rex," JP3 Girl mumbled. "Your little meeting call woke me up. This has better be good."

    "Get use to it, JP3 Girl," I shot back. "If you haven’t noticed, there's a war going on. You can't sleep in everyday."

    "Not everyday. Just today! I had a late night.”

    "Yeah, with Aragorn." I snickered as I thought of what they might have done.

    "We just talked!" she shouted. "So what am I doing here?"

    My tone suddenly went back to being serious. Playtime was over. "I'll tell you when Carna gets his ass here."

    "I'm here!" I heard Carna's deep voice boom behind me. I turned and made eye contact with the short teen. A small staring contest followed. We weren't on the best of terms, due to how I always purposely bugged him before the War.

    "Knock it off!" JP3 Girl shouted, annoyed. We both turned to her. "Save that little staring contest for after the War. Or at least until after this meeting. I want to know what the hell's wrong, so I can go back to bed!"

    I took a deep breath and breathed out. I took out two envelopes from my jacket and passed them to the two people in front of me. Each envelope had the person's name on it and I knew it would hurt JP3 Girl when I told her the news of what happened.

    "Better say your good-byes now," I said as they opened the letters. "We have to go and get that team back."

    "What team?" Carna asked as he unfolded his letter and began reading his Orders.

    "The one that went on the top secret mission a few hours ago. The one that Cameron, Yvonne, Carnotaur3, Aragorn and a few others were part of. We've got a transmission from them. They were ambushed and separated and we haven't gotten any other news from them." I saw JP3 Girl's face go pale once I mentioned Aragorn's name. I knew she'd feel sick. I hoped she was able to go on the mission with Carna and me and not let her feelings get in the way.

    I waited for JP3 Girl to get through the shock of it and continued, "We leave in an hour. JP3 Girl, come with me."

    "Why?" She yelled. Then softer, "Sorry."

    "I was told to get you some armor and a couple of weapons."

    "What about me?" Carna asked as I stood up and finished my last shot.

    "Read the rest of your letter. You get to test out some new equipment." I led JP3 Girl out of the Bar and down the streets, passing by the few people that were in them. We headed for what we called the Armory, but was really the old JP Art section just revamped.

    "Aragorn told me we didn't have armor," JP3 Girl said.

    "It's in the testing stages," I explained. "I don't think Aragorn told you, but I'm now the head of Armor Research."

    "Ah cool! Never thought you would have made it that far!"

    I glared at her and continued, "I have three different types of armor on offer right now. Light, Medium, and Heavy. When we go out in an hour, I'm testing the medium type." As we reached the doors to JP Art, I punched in my ID code and there was a beep as I was allowed to enter. JP3 Girl looked at the door as we walked into the room.

    "Wow," She stated, amazed. I didn't blame her. It was pretty high-tech, especially for an old Site. I was the same when I first saw it all.

    As we got in, I pointed out the two kinds of armor left sitting on racks against the wall: The Light and the Heavy. The light was for quick hit and run attacks and the heavy was for front line assaults and it sure could take a beating. At least that was the plan, but since it hadn’t been tested yet, there was no real way of knowing if it would actually work. But then again, if JP3 Girl was looking at it and it was still intact, it had to be strong! I laughed silently, wishing I could say that insult out loud, but knew this was not the time for childish antics.

    She picked the lighter armor and a TDE-40. "What is this thing?" She asked as she picked up the rifle.

    "It's the TDE-40,” I explained. “One of Cameron's first inventions. It has explosive rounds. Recently, he added an attachment to it that sends out a really small EMP wave that will knock out anything mechanical nearby for a few minutes, but not too much longer then that."

    "How many times can I use it?" JP3 Girl asked as she looked the gun over.

    "It can only be fired once every ten minutes or so because it needs to recharge." I passed her a couple of extra clips for her gun incase she ran out of ammo. I really didn't want her to get herself killed if the others were already dead. Not that I wanted her to get herself killed if they were alive, just I wanted as little casualties as possible.

    I turned and went into a side room and closed the door behind me. I took off my shirt and sucked in my belly so I could put the cold armor on. Fuck, it was freezing! I put the leg armor on and heard it clunk against the upper piece. Once I was done, I walked out and told JP3 Girl that she could go get changed.

    While she was gone, I loaded up my gun and waited for JP3 Girl. She soon came out of the side room and we walked back out and down the street, away from JP Art. Soon, we entered the Message Board and were met by Carna.

    He had gone to the testing room of the Armory and the people there gave him a new suit to try. Of course, he didn't have it on at the moment like me and JP3 Girl had ours, because his was too heavy to just wear around the Site for no reason.

    A door opened and Dan walked out. "Alright, you guys can come in now." We all stood up and walked into his office. Once everyone was in, the door closed and I looked up and saw the lights turn off. I swerved my head and saw an overhead projector connected with a lap top computer with speakers connected on the side. "What you're about to hear is Aragorn’s Transmission to us just forty minutes ago."

    Suddenly fuzzy static filled the darkened room. Then a voice came on. A voice I recognized as my old friend, Aragorn. I’ve hardly seen him since before the War because of my status and his, but I still recognized his voice. "This is Aragorn to Dan’s JP3 Page. The transport was hit hard by a team from UFX! Cameron, Carnotaur3, and Dac have been separated from us ever since the gunfight broke out. The rest that are still alive are with me.” Gunshots could be heard from close by. “We need retrieval and we need it now!” then more gunshots could be heard and soon after, all that was left was static. Dan turned the machine off.

    I sure hoped they were still alive. I looked over and didn’t see an expression on Carna’s face, but JP3 Girl was looking a bit sick. I knew that Aragorn and her had feelings for each other, even though they’d never admit it, and I hoped for mine, JP3 Girl’s, and Aragorn’s sake, that Aragorn was still alive.

    “So we just go and pick them up?” I asked. There had to be more to it then that. There just had to be, otherwise why wasn’t a whole full-scale search and rescue mission underway?

    “Yes,” Dan answered. “And help them in the top secret mission. It’s a raid on a secret weapons locker that belongs to JP Legacy.” On the overhead projector, a picture of a small metal bunker came up. “It’s located at the Adventures Site and when you locate it, bring back as much of the weapons as you can. New types have priority over the others.”

    I knew it! This was a top-secret mission, so he couldn’t have the entire Site knowing about it because information might leak out. We had proof that for some reason, someone from our Site was leaking information to the enemies, but we hadn’t found out who as of yet.

    “Seth Rex, once you find them, if the teachers are dead, I want you to take control of this mission.”

    I was so stunned when I heard that, that I didn’t even know why I said, “I can’t have that privilege sir. I give it to JP3 Girl.”

    “Very well. You are dismissed. A bus will be waiting for you out front.” As we got up to leave, he added, “Good luck. And bring back my Site Members.”

    “We will, sir,” JP3 Girl said. But by that, I knew she meant that she was going to bring Aragorn back and me and Carna could get the rest.

    We walked out into the Message Board as the Office lights returned to normal. I turned to Carna and JP3 Girl. “So what do we do now?” I asked, giving JP3 Girl a chance at her first order. As I thought she would, she quickly responded.

    “Carna, go get that new suit you were testing and meet us by the front gate.”

    “Yes sir,” Carna said smiling. JP3 Girl glared at him and he added, “Mam.” He turned and quickly ran down the street to get suited up.

    JP3 Girl and I walked down the street, headed for the front gate. This must be a lot of pressure on JP3 Girl. Her first mission she’s in control of and its rescuing someone she cares about. I didn’t know why I even gave it to her.

    “You know,” I said. “If you don’t think you can handle…”

    “What?” She yelled, interrupting me. “You don’t think I can handle this because I’m a girl?”

    “No,” I said, hoping to God she wouldn’t loose it so soon. If she did when UFX was around, that was good because she could get violent, but not here. “It’s just that this is your first mission and it’s rescuing Aragorn.”


    “Well you like him, don’t you?”

    “We’re just friends! That’s all! I can handle this damn mission!”

    Somehow, I didn’t really believe her, but well, she was in charge, so what she says, goes. We walked the rest of the way in silence. We reached the gate and stood around it, waiting for Carna to return.

    I looked down the street, trying to see if I could see Carna coming. I soon found my mind wandering over to the mission. I hoped everyone was all right. The more people we had to go on the raid of the Weapon’s Locker, the better. JP Legacy was more dangerous then UFX was. Something happened over at their Site. No one’s sure what, but somehow, it mutated the Members into some kind of creatures.

    They had grown sharp teeth and long and sharp finger toe nails, not being able to wear shoes. Over time, their feet got used to the hard ground, so now the ground doesn’t bother them. Almost all our missions that dealt with them failed and that’s why I wanted as many men as possible.

    I turned and saw JP3 Girl looking through the gate, looking at our bus and I could see that she was thinking about the mission ahead as well. Hopefully Aragorn had told her about the two other Sites and how deadly JP Legacy was. Otherwise I just handed this mission over to a Newbie with no idea of what we’re going up against once we rescue the others.

    “All right!” We both turned and saw Carna walking towards us. He wore a black, bullet proof vest with a metal exo-skeleton running all over his body. Wow! I heard Cameron talking about this new suit. It was suppose to enhance your speed and strength with the metal ex-suit and it was supposed to have these metal casings on the arms that opened up and shot out small missiles about the size of a pencil.

    Carna was holding a rifle and walked up to us. “I’m ready to rock and roll,” he stated.

    “Then let’s go!” JP3 Girl shouted. We turned and opened up the gate. As we walked down the path towards the bus, I found myself wondering why it hasn’t really snowed yet. It was March and we’ve only gotten very little snow. That either meant all the storms passed us, or one big one was heading our way.

    I ignored my thoughts after that as I walked onto the bus and waved to the driver. The three of us sat down in the seats as the doors swooshed closed and a minute later, the bus headed off down the road.

    “I hope he’s all right,” JP3 Girl whispered as she looked out the window. No one was supposed to hear, and I don’t think Carna did, but I heard it. I sat right behind her and heard it fine. I sighed as I looked out my window at the deserted area around us.

    The bus turned a corner and brought us closer towards our two missions: The Rescue and the Weapon’s Locker.


    1/26/2006 5:45:59 PM

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