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    Scientists believe the Ceratosaurus actually may of had three horns, instead of the one as featured in JP3. (From: sPItter)
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    The Power Rangers (part 1)
    By Aragorn

    Cast List:

    Jason Chris Pine
    Kimberly Hilary Duff
    Zack Bow Wow
    Billy Johnny Galecki
    Trini Charlene Choi
    Zordon James Earl Jones
    Voice of Alpha Tom Kenny
    Rita Tilta Swinton
    Voice of Goldar Jeremy Irons
    Bulk Devin Ratray
    Skull Johnny Lewis


    We are passing through space, passing an asteroid belt and various planets and moons, and lone comets, and all other space-related things. Over the course of the opening narration, we realize that we're not just passing through space we're passing through OUR galaxy.

    Many centuries ago, a feared Warlord, the evil alien Queen Rita Repulsa, was known throughout the Universe for conquering planets and leaving nothing but despair and slavery in her wake. She set her sights on my home planet of Eltar. When the invasion began, I led a team of Eltar's most skilled fighters, assisted by the power of the Morphing Grid, a mysterious technical energy source that surrounds all things in the Universe. But, it was not enough. One by one, my team fell to Rita and her army, and I alone stood to do battle against Rita herself. It was a long battle that lasted for many days, however in the end, I failed. After I was forced to see my friends and family become her slaves, she banished me, trapping the essence of my life within a remote sector of the Morphing Grid itself, located on the distant planet Earth, and there I stayed for hundreds of years. I doubted very much that Rita would ever find Earth...but I was wrong...

    The camera pans downwards and we see a giant shadow falling across the moon, the moon dirt rumbling and shifting as something very large approaches. We also realize we have just been looking at our galaxy from the POV of a spaceship moving through it.


    We cut to a wide shot of a gigantic dark, threatening, spaceship with many thick, long, sharp spire-like protrusions coming out the front. Just the design of this ship alone emanates pure evil.

    All of a sudden it slows to a stop and begins shifting its position, so the engines are pointed downwards and the spires are all pointed upwards. The engines cut out, and instead small bursts of engine fire exit the various spires, pushing the alien vessel downwards. As it nears the surface of the Moon, the ground begins to shake more and more until the ship comes to rest heavily on it.

    Now that we get a look of the alien ship in this position, resting on the surface of the Moon, we can see that it heavily resembles a gigantic nightmare-inducing black palace.


    Inside the Command Room of this spaceship/palace, are three strange-looking aliens at various controls. The first is a small fat light-blue alien with large pores and boils all over his face and sharp teeth that can hardly fit in his mouth - SQUAT. Near him is a tall fur-covered alien that almost resembles a humanoid monkey with dark blue fur and white fur-free face and hands, with a couple bones sticking out of his back that seems to have been part of his anatomy once upon a time for wings, but those are long-gone and all that remain are a couple of protruding, useless, bones - BABOO. The third alien in the room is a pure-white creature sitting at the main piloting controls. He has very large ears, a sharp pointed nose, and his skin under his protruding beak-like mouth almost resembles a beard - FINSTER.

    The door behind them whooshes open and the most feared queen in all the Universe walks in, a large black crown on her head and her large sparkling black cloak dragging on the floor in her wake - RITA REPULSA. She's very human-looking and in her grasp is a tall golden scepter. At the top of that scepter is a near-hollow circle, with the exception of a large red diamond that covers a quarter of if.

    Ahh, Empress Rita! You're just in time. We've just landed on the only moon of Planet Earth.

    Rita smiles evilly.

    Good. Good.

    She walks over to one of the giant windows and looks out of it at the beautiful planet before her, eager to enslave its people. But then her smile turns to a frown.

    What are those metal objects protecting the planet? Are they a weapons system?

    A few long seconds of silence as the aliens in the room look into it. Finally Baboo is the first to answer.

    They appear to be nothing more then primitive satellites, my Queen. Their sole purpose is to gather information.

    Information, huh?

    She turns back to the window and raises her scepter, pointing it outwards. A thick lightning bolt exits it, goes right through the glass of the window, and zips to the nearest satellite, only to exit it in multiple energy streaks, all going for other satellites, and continuing from those onto yet more satellites, all the way around the Earth. Almost instantly, many of the un-used computer consoles in the room begin turning on and coming to life as information pours into them. The entire back wall of the room turns on a hologram similar to a giant TV screen, and on it are hundreds of satellite views from all over the Earth, some showing far-away shots while others are zoomed right in on people walking down the street.

    Rita smiles with evil glee as she watches everything come on-screen. The door opens behind her and a very tall dog-like alien with long black hair and wearing very thick golden armor with a sword attached to his side marches in. This is GOLDAR. He kneels as Rita turns to face him.


    Rise, General.

    Goldar returns to his feet.

    We have reached our destination. Wake the army. I want that planet to be mine within a day! They're so primitive, they have no worthy defense against us.

    Goldar lets out a low growl of excitement, along with a sneer.


    Down on Earth, inside the Pentagon, technicians rush around franticly, Worry being thick in the room. A door opens and the Secretary of Defense storms in with a couple guards and an adviser.

    Just what in the hell is going on here!? How can ALL our satellites go down at the same time?

    Could be some kind of attack.

    A technician turns in his chair.

    TECH #1
    Sir, I doubt that very much. We've been in contact with Russia and China, and they're reporting the same thing all their satellites went down at exactly the same time as ours.

    The Secretary turns to his adviser.

    Get the U.S. Military put on Red Alert. All bases, all across the country. I don't want to get caught with our pants around our feet.

    The adviser nods and rushes off to make some calls.

    TECH #2
    Sir, you might want to see this.

    With a frustrated sigh, the Secretary goes over to another technician.

    What is it?

    TECH #2
    I've got NASA on the line. They say their satellites are also down, and it happened shortly after they tracked a mysterious space object on a collision-course with the Moon. They don't know if it's related or not, but they're not ruling anything out.

    Pass me the phone.

    The tech passes the Secretary the phone that's connected to the Official at NASA.


    We cut to an exterior shot of the fairly large 'Angel Groove Gym and Juice Bar', which rests in the heart of the city known as Angel Groove. 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga starts to play.


    Inside, the place is pretty packed. There are dozens of tables set up where many people are sitting and chatting with each other while they eat or drink, while others watch the gym portion, which is in clear view and only down a small flight of stairs.

    While there are a couple people lifting weights and working out, the majority of the gym's floor is currently being used to teach two classes. The first class is one of martial arts, everyone wearing white-colored uniforms with various belt colors. The teacher, JASON LEE SCOTT, teaches the class a series of impressive moves.

    Ok, now I'll do it slower so you can see how I did that.

    He goes through the series of moves, one motion at a time, his class copying his every move.

    Very good. Now you all try it on your own.

    Some do it near-perfect, while others can't even get past the first couple moves. Jason chuckles and goes to one of those people, standing next to him.

    Ok, with me.

    Jason does one move, then pauses while he waits for the guy to copy the move. After that, he goes on to the next move, and so on, until they've completed the series of moves. Jason pats him on the back.

    Excellent, Mike. See, it's not so hard when you break it down and do it one step at a time.

    As Jason moves on to help another student, the student he was just helping starts the series of moves over again, this time doing a much better job, although still not perfect.

    Covering the other half of the used gym floor is an aerobics class, with a young, but very attractive girl teaching it. This is KIMBERLY HART. The entire class, including Kimberly, are wearing skin-tight leotards. Kim has them excising at a quick pace, shouting words of encouragement as the song that we've been hearing plays from a nearby stereo.

    That's it! One-Two, One-Two. You're all doing great! Three-Four, Three-Four. Keep those legs high, ladies!

    Kim starts mouthing along to the song so it looks like she's singing it.

    Don't forget to swing those arms out!

    Back up in the Juice Bar area, the music is much softer as its source is further away. Sitting at one table is TRINI KWAN and BILLY CRANSTON. While Trini is watching Jason and Kim teach their classes, clapping her hands and laughing, Billy is so emerged in his school work, he doesn't realize anything around him even exists. He has four text books spread out over the table and he's furiously scribbling out an already-multiple page school report. He straightens his glasses and continues writing.

    ZACK TAYLOR dances his way over to Trini and Billy's table to the beat of the music, while holding a tray with two drinks on them. Trini turns to face him.

    Oh Zack, I'm sorry, but you've got the wrong table. We didn't order any...

    Zack chuckles and smiles charmingly.

    Relax there, Trini, before you ruin your perfect head of hair with some gray ones. From me. On the house. For you and Billy. Told you I'd hook my friends up once I got this job.

    Trini smiles back.

    Well in that case, thank-you!

    She quickly snatches one of the smoothie drinks and starts sipping away at it. Zach looks at Billy, but Billy doesn't even notice him. Trini picks up on this and nudges Billy with her elbow. Billy suddenly jerks his head up, looking around, confused.

    Huh? What?

    Zack just brought us some free drinks. Aren't you going to thank him?


    He looks to where Trini is pointing and he suddenly notices Zack standing right next to him with the other drink.

    Oh, Zack. I'm sorry. I regret that my field of vision didn't encompass you. Homework sometimes uses the percentage of my brain otherwise used for common perception of the area in my immediate vicinity.

    Say what?

    In other words, he apologizes for not realizing you were there, and that he was totally immersed in his homework.

    Two years hanging out with you guys and I still don't understand a word he says.

    Zach and Trini laugh, but Billy is already back to his work, having taken his drink, and is no longer paying any attention to anything else.

    So how's the new job going? Already been here a week, that's got to be a new record for you.

    Pretty good, actually. Ernie can ride me hard sometimes, but he's fair. I'm convinced though that he's only being so hard on me for payback for all those times I vandalized this place when I was a kid. It was fun at the time, but man, am I ever paying for it now.

    Well I for one, am glad you've grown up since then. You've become quite the young gentleman.

    Zack fakes being embarrassed.

    Well shucks.

    They both laugh at that while Billy stays completely serious, working on his homework. Back over in the gym section, Kim and Jason are both finishing their classes at the same time.

    So we'll all meet back here next Saturday, ok? Dismissed.

    Next Saturday will be our next workout and I hope to see you all return. Bring your friends too! I always like seeing new faces.
    (clapping her hands together)
    Alright, have a good week!

    The two classes merge together as they start gathering their stuff and making their way to the change rooms. In the middle of them, Jason and Kim meet each other.

    You looked good over there, Kim, teaching that class.

    Kim starts blushing and looks at the floor, smiling.

    Thanks, Jason.
    (looks back up at Jason)
    I really did enjoy it, and I owe it to you. If you hadn't kept encouraging me into doing it, I never would have done it.

    Don't thank me too much. I just wanted some good eye-candy to look at while I teach my own class.

    The two of them laugh at that as they make their way to the table that the others are at, and sit down at it. Zack is serving some tables in the background. They all say their greetings to each other, except Billy, who is still working on his Paper. Jason nods at Billy.

    Another Term Paper?

    Trini nods her head, but notices a mischievous smile on Kim's face.

    Oh no, Kimberly, don't do this again. Last time Billy almost had a meltdown.

    Kim ignores her and slides into the seat next to Billy, moving it even closer to him. Trini shoots a disapproving look at Jason, but finds him chuckling instead of joining her. She sighs and turns back to watch the show.

    Kim puts her arms around Billy's neck and waits until she's sure he never noticed, then plants a long wet kiss on his cheek. Billy's eyes rise from his work and his face instantly starts turning red and he starts shaking. Kim lets go of him as everyone laughs except Trini. Billy stops shaking and looks around.

    Sorry Billy, but there's people around now. Its time to be social.

    Billy marks his spots in his books and starts closing them.

    Well I guess I can spare a few minutes away from working on my report to partake in social communication.

    The others are still laughing, and this time Trini breaks a smile.

    Welcome back to the world.

    Hey Jason, I noticed something when you were training those people to line their muscles up in such a way so that their bodies would tactfully be the best in case they were under attack or had to cause tactful harm.

    English, Billy.

    I noticed something about you when you were training you kept looking over at the aerobics group. Is that because you want to train some of them as well?

    Jason laughs and Kim looks away, embarrassed, as she rubs the back of her neck and Trini glares at her.

    Yeah Billy...that's it...

    Billy is happy with himself.

    Thought so. It was unusual for you to look in that direction so often when your class was North of you.

    Zack returns, flipping a chair around backwards and joining in, breaking the awkward silence.

    Billy! My main man! Good out see you out of the books!

    I admit, it is a bit refreshing.

    Aren't you supposed to be working?

    Yeah, but all the tables are served, Adam's running the Juice Bar, and Ernie's gone out for a bit so I can take a few extra minutes to hang out with my peeps.

    Behind them, Ernie walks back in, muttering to himself about his keys. He finds them and smiles, but then as he turns to leave, he sees Zack sitting down, chatting.


    Zack jumps back up.

    Sorry Ernie! Won't happen again!

    The others laugh as Zack rushes back to work.

    So Billy, what's your report paper on?

    Oh, nothing too difficult this time. Just a few pages on the side effects of using an electric modifying transceiver against a water-powered one, and which one works better.

    The three others exchange glances, confused. Jason looks over and notices Zack is trying to balance three trays of food and drinks from the Juice Bar to a table.

    Zack! Let me help!

    Jason gets up and rushes over to Zack, taking some of the load off and following him to a table to unload it all.

    Thanks, Jase'.

    They get all the food and drinks unloaded, and Zack takes the extra try from Jason and they head back to the Juice Bar.

    So have you asked her yet?

    I don't know, Zack...We're pretty close friends now and I don't want to ruin that.

    Oh please! You're just hiding your cowardice behind that excuse. I can't believe that you of all people a black belt is too scared to ask a girl out. You guys hardly even knew each other just a couple months ago when Trini brought her into our little group, so you can't be that close of friends.

    Jason and Zack turn and look at Kimberly laughing at something that Trini said, and even Billy is laughing. But they're focused solely on Kim.

    You can't have any doubt when it comes to the lay-dees. You've got to be confident, like me. Check it.

    Zack taps Jason's chest and turns to face him as he walks away, laughing, then turns back around and he's facing a table where a lone female is sitting. This girl is fairly attractive.

    Can I ask your name?


    I knew it!


    I had a dream last night that I met an Angel named Angela, but I can see now that it wasn't a dream afterall.

    Angela giggles and motions for Zack to sit. Jason just stands there, arms folded, chuckling. Over at the table with the others, they're all laughing at something still and the laughter starts to die down.

    So what's going on with you and Jason?

    I don't know what you mean.

    Oh please, even Billy noticed that he can't keep his eyes off you. And don't you think it's weird that he suggested you schedule your aerobics class at the exact same time as his martial arts?

    Oh, that was just because I was nervous at having to teach a class, so he suggested that I do it at the same time as him so I could draw inspiration from him.

    Inspiration isn't the word I'd use.

    Come on, Trini, we're just friends.

    Kim looks down at her drink as she stirs it with her straw.

    I can't help but notice an obvious attraction between you two. What's the problem?

    I don't know...just...Oh, everyone shush!

    She shushes everyone as Jason arrives back at the table and takes his seat again. Billy notices the time on a clock and starts quickly packing his books into his bookbag.

    What's the hurry, Billy?

    I need to be home precisely by 1:14PM so I can flip the rejuvenation electrodes off on the Radbug. Some of these experiments have to be exact, and if I'm so much as a second late, the entire project could explode.

    What's a...Radbug?

    No time to explain!

    And with that, he rushes off like there's no tomorrow.

    You know Billy and his inventions. We might understand what a radbug is in a year, if he starts his explanation right now.

    They all laugh, until Trini stands up.

    Where are you going?

    I've got class in half an hour.

    We're still on for after school today, right?

    Of course! Those anti-pollution petitions won't sign themselves!

    Kim stands up and her and Trini hug before Trini also leaves. Kim looks down at herself.

    Urg. I can't believe I'm still wearing this sweaty gymnast suit.

    How about we go change, and meet back here in five, for some lunch? I don't know about you, but I always get hungry after a work-out like that.

    That's a great idea! See you in five!

    Kim turns to head for the female change room while Jason gets up and heads for the male's.


    This scene starts with dozens of asteroid-like objects entering the Earth's atmosphere, of various sizes, starting to burn up. After passing through the atmosphere and getting closer to the ground, each one blasts apart, releasing a threatening-looking alien each time. They are of various sizes, some taller then buildings while others are human-size, and each one with its own unique look. The monsters thump to the ground, all over various parts of the world. In the case of Putty Patrollers, there are four Putties per asteroid-like casing.


    A giant fat two-legged Toad creature with spikes all over its head is the size of a tall building TERROR TOAD. It walks out of a smoking crater in the middle of the street in a small community. One step crushes several cars in the street while another kicks out to gleefully knock over a building, sending debris down.


    At the same time in France, the Eiffel Tower visible in the background, eight Puddies rush up and down the streets causing havok, chasing after people and damaging property, while two monsters of human size, a two-legged golden lizard with red eyes, a mouth of sharp teeth, and its two legs made out of intertwined hissing snakes SNIZZARD, and a thick human-shaped creature made entirely out of various sizes of rocks with its head almost coming out of its chest area ROCKSTAR, joining in the fun. Rockstar is shooting large rocks off in every direction, shattering windows, denting cars, and killing people. Snizzard is the thing that most people's nightmares are made out of, so most everyone is staying as far from him as possible, but he runs very quickly after them, sometimes dropping to all-fours to run even faster, leaping up onto nearby cars and leaping from that to tackle people to the ground. He also uses his long tail to trip people up, or sometimes even impale them.


    Two other monsters, one dressed in all spiky black armor with a shield and sword NASTY KNIGHT and another that looks almost like a Mummy, only instead of ancient white wrappings, he's wearing commando pants and the wrappings covering his top half are camouflage, and he also has two large camouflage shoulder pads DARK WARRIOR, who holds two ninja swords, rush up and down the streets, swinging their swords all over the place and cutting people down, who are trying to run away, screaming.


    The Canadian city is covered in a light layer of snow. However, a large crater is burned through the snow, steam rising. We can hear screams and we pan down the street to see a monster, once again, the size of a tall building. This one was also on two legs with hooves for feet, the head of a furry creature sticking out of the chest, and a lion-like head on top GOATAN. One swipe of one of his large hands is enough to send an entire building crumpling to the street below, raining debris down on the people trying to escape. However, also below him are two other monsters of normal size; A two-legged humanoid horse creature with a long neck and a long unicorn-like horn on its head and sharp clawed hands POLLUTICON, and a creature that can only be explained as a walking nightmare. Its bottom half had no flesh on it and the muscles could be easily seen pumping and streching as the creature walks. The top half however is covered in a hard black shell of bone, and at the end of a very long twisting neck, is a face that resembles a black skull with two very long twisting horns sticking out of the top of the back of the head MUTITUS.


    We're inside a single giant circular room with giant electrodes sticking up and various computers and machinery all over the place. At the front of the room is a giant empty clear tube. Lights are flashing and alarms are blaring. A red and gold robot with a saucer-shaped golden head activates and comes to life. He has a visor in the front of it with a moving ball of glowing red light.


    He quickly shuffles over to one of the computer consoles, checking various read-outs.

    Oh no!

    He makes his way around the room, moving from console-to-console, flipping various switches and typing various commands into the keyboards. As he does, even more things in the room begin to power up. As he does this, the clear tube at the front of the room begins to hum as it starts shifting from clear to a blue-color, and a few electric crackles could be seen inside as a giant head forms in the same color as the blue inside the tube. It's not a perfectly-clear image, but clear enough that we can tell that it's ZORDON!

    Alpha, what is happening? I've sensed a disturbance in this sector of the Morphing Grid.

    Alpha continues powering things up and checking read-outs.

    Rita Repulsa has found Earth and has already started her invasion!

    This is grave news, Alpha. We need to locate potential warriors from this planet to receive the five coins of Power.

    Only five?

    I am afraid so, Alpha. I could not collect all of them back from her clutches before she imprisoned me.
    Power up the computers that are hacked into the Morphing Grid and have them locate the potential warriors.

    Of course Zordon! Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! I hoped it would never come to this!

    9/8/2010 10:44:57 AM
    (Updated: 9/8/2010 10:54:10 AM)

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