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    While Ariana Richards (Lex) will not run from dinos again in Jurassic Park 3, she will run from worms again in 'Tremors 3', to be shown on TV in 2001. (From: 'Utahraptor')
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    The Dark Days [Part 1]
    By Aragorn

    This takes place in a fantastical world. Think of the worlds from Final Fantasy, where there are kingdoms and princes and kings, and horses, and sword fighting mixed with guns, cars, and other various technological advancements. Where Magic and Science are mixed together.

    This is an adaptation of an adventure that I played on another site. Unfortunately, the Adventure was never finished, so when I get to the end of the Adventure part, I'll have to start making it up as I go along.


    Lycan wandered through a desert, seemingly aimlessly. He took one step, and then another, each one bringing him a tiny bit closer to the edge of the thousand-mile desert. Most would have passed out long ago, but something drove Lycan on. Something that could be seen in his eyes.


    A pair of binoculars spied on Lycan from a distance. The figure lowered the binoculars and Jackal, a hard, cold Bounty Hunter with a scar going down one eye, watched the small pinprick of a figure in the distance. A light warm breeze ruffled through his hair.

    He seemed calm...yet angered.

    Behind him was a very small outpost, with only the essentials he needed to survive. Also part of that outpost was a small helipad, where a helicopter was currently in the process of landing on. .


    Lycan continued plodding through the desert, over sand dunes and through sand plains. Before long however, his legs finally gave out and he plopped to the sandy ground, falling unconscious.


    Hours later:

    Jackal's helicopter tore through the night sky. Jackal smiled at the figure that laid unconscious on a row of three seats across from him.

    The pilot, Mark Rodgers, concentrated on flying the Copter, but glanced a look back at his passengers. He wanted to know what that one man was doing wandering around in Death Desert. As far as he knew, no one had ever been known to fully cross it without dying. However, he wasn't curious enough to ask. Mark knew of jackal's reputation and he didn't hide or feel ashamed by the fact that he was scared of him. Any sane man should be after all.

    Jackal noticed Mark glancing at them through the mirror. "Is there something I can help you with?" Jackal asked calmly in his raspy voice.

    "N...No" Mark stuttered.

    "Good, then fly the friggin Copter."

    Mark moved his eyes back to window and went back to concentrating on flying.


    In a typical, teenager's room, 16 year-old Woody laid on his bed in the dark, twisting and turning, trying to sleep as his telekinesis acted up. He kept his eyes shut as hard as he could, trying to will the objects to stop floating around his room. He had T.K. for just over a year now, and had not yet learned how to control it. It seemed to almost have a mind of its own.

    He even had to start being Home Schooled because his 'powers' were causing too much problems at school. Actually, he hardly ever left the house anymore. But that was for a few different reasons.

    The one time that he did leave his house, a strange man had saved him from what his parents always called 'The Bad Men'. There were weird men that was always after him for as far back as he could remember, but he hadn't seen any signs of them for a long time now. Of course, with his parents always keeping him in hiding and moving all the time, he imagined it would be hard for anyone to keep track of him. His parents never seemed to want to talk about it whenever he asked about it either. Woody knew he was old enough to know what was going on, but his parents seemed to not agree, although he guessed it had to do with his T.K.

    Suddenly, Woody got a blinding flash and he realized at that moment that he could do more then just move things with his mind. He was seeing something...

    The image got clearer and he realized that he was not just seeing something. He was seeing someone. It was the same mysterious man that had saved him a few months back.

    In his head, Woody was able to see a lone man, falling down into the sand of a desert...

    A howl plagued his mind as Woody's eyes shot open. Sweat dripped from his face. Even though he wasn't seeing the image now, he kept re-playing it in his mind. He was so preoccupied with it, that he didn't even notice that the objects had stopped floating around his room.


    Back in the desert, Lycan opened his eyes, finding himself laying in the desert, the light wind having blown some sand over him.

    Suddenly the ground began to shake and a Desert Worm (Think of something that looks kind of like a Graboid) broke through the sand in front of him and screeched.

    Lycan jumped to his feet as the worm crashed down on where he stood...


    Lycan's eyes snapped open, finding himself in a strange helicopter. The worm had just been a dream. But now where the hell was he? Who were all these strange people?

    "I suppose you remember me?" A raspy voice asked.

    Lycan moved his head and his eyes fell upon Jackal. Lycan's expression turned from confusion to anger.

    Jackal laughed. "Oh... I see. Still angry about our last encounter I see." Lycan's hands reached down to his sides and whipped out his twin 9MM's and pointed them right at Jackal. Jackal grins. "They're empty."

    Lycan slowly lowered the gun, glancing out the side window. He noted that he was no longer in the desert, but over a large body of water. He put his guns away.

    "What the hell do you want, Jackal?" Lycan growled.

    Jackal leaned back in his seat. "I want that telekinetic boy. I've seen you with him; I've seen what he can do. It's quite remarkable if I do say so myself. My employer wants him and you're going to help."

    "Sorry. I've got better things to do then hand over a little rugrat to you. I'm looking for a man and the longer you keep me here, the older his trail will get until I can't follow it anymore."

    Jackal's face turned from calm, to angered. He turned his head to the one henchman near him, still keeping his eyes on Lycan. "Take him." That guard, and another on the other side of Jackal, sit up quickly, lunging at Lycan.

    There was a brief struggle as they grab him. Lycan almost managed to push one of them off, but he was no match for both of them.

    Lycan looked up into the evening sky and aw that the moon was beginning to come out. "You should have let me go, Jacks." Lycan smiled as hair began to grow on his body...

    Jackal's eyes narrowed. "A werewolf? You're a god damn werewolf?" Suddenly Jackal flipped a switch under his seat. An armrest of several buttons shot out.

    Lycan was turning more and more into a werewolf. He tore one of the guards off of him, then slammed the other guard's head, twice, into the side of the window, knocking him out and nearly killing him.

    "Eject!" Jackal shouted to Mark.

    Mark looked back to see the commotion and his eyes went wide. "Oh, shit!" He pressed a couple of buttons on the control pad in front of him.

    Lycan twisted the knocked out guard's neck to the left... killing him. He turned to Jackal, snarling as his transformation finishes. Jackal saluted Lycan. "Chow."

    He pressed one of the buttons on his armrest and he was ejected out of the side of the helicopter and into the sky. He looked ahead and saw the outline of a city nearby, yet he was still over the big, dark, body of water. Jackal presses another button and engines on the bottom and back of the chair turn on, allowing him to pilot himself towards the city.

    Mark ejected at that moment and followed Jackal towards the city. "A werewolf..." Jackal whispered to himself. "If only I had known..."

    The helicopter spun diagonally, heading towards the water surface. Jackal pressed another button on the arm rest and the helicopter suddenly exploded into a giant fireball. Jackal grinned as he continued towards the city.


    Two burning bodies fell out of the flaming wreckage in the air as it fell toward the water. The beastly Lycan, also on fire, leaped out of the wreckage, and landed away from the chopper that just smacked into the water. The smaller pieces of its debris landed scattered across the water.

    Within a few minutes, the water was calm again, almost as if nothing had happened. Then at that moment, Lycan bursted to the surface, howling at the moon.

    The night sky was beautiful, all clouds gone, revealing just starlight and moonlight. The werewolf moved his gaze from the sky to the big city ahead. It started swimming towards it.

    12/24/2004 12:51:54 PM
    (Updated: 12/24/2004 9:48:30 PM)

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