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    The infamous 'ripples in the water glass' in JP were created by a crew member plucking guitar strings attached under the dashboard. (From: 'tuomo')
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    The Dan's Page Troopers in ATTACK OF THE DEADLY STINGRAYS (Part 1 of 2)
    By Aragorn

    In Memory of Steve Irwin.



    A giant dark green plane roared overhead, disrupting the quiet peaceful shining blue lagoon, causing waves and ripples to break the calm surface. In the undersea world, both in the deepest parts, as well as just below the surface, dozens upon dozens of Stingrays of all size glided around, going about their regular business.

    Regular business of being secret deadly pawns being mind-controlled by Al-Quida to remove all the great people who served as Heroes to the American and British population. Their first successful attack was on the Great Steve Irwin, AKA, the Crocodile Hunter.

    It was to also be their last.

    Upon learning of the unprovoked attack, the combined U.S. and British Government crated a task force team of Commando’s to take on the new threat. This group of men parachuted out of the plane, drifting to the water below. Jeff Long, Codename Aragorn, was the first to lower his underwater goggles in front of his eyes and check his harpoon and ammo. However while he was doing that, Michael Banno, Codename Seth Rex, and Adam, Codename Dino Dude, double-checked their suits to make sure there were no rips or tears. Collin, Codename Lid, along with fellow Codenamers Dac, Trainwreck, and Dark DNA were the first three to hit the water and plummet below the surface, immediately detaching themselves from their parachutes. PaulSF, MartinRandle, and Crow were the final three to enter the undersea Hell, with PaulSF having to struggle with his airtank to keep it attached.

    Upon the intruders’ entry, the Stingrays organized themselves into an attack squadron. The Dan's Page Troopers separated into three groups of three (Aragorn, Seth Rex, and Dino Dude in one group, Collin, Dac, and Trainwreck in the second, and PaulSF, MartinRandle, and Crow in the last). Dark DNA, unable to join a group, had landed too close to the Stingray Attack Squadron and was instantly rushed. While he was the first to be killed (Being impaled through the eye socket with a Stingray’s dagger-sharp tail isn’t nearly as pleasant as it sounds), he was able to impale three withering Stingray’s on one harpoon shot from his gun before his figurative lights faded.


    Group 1 swam for the protection of the Coral Reef far below. They reached it just as three Stingrays glided towards them with speed to rival a torpedo. Aragorn and Michel grabbed the nearest pieces of coral and pulled themselves into the plant maze with forced speed. Dino Dude was just out of reach of the coral, and instead opted to twirl himself in the water, so he was facing the incoming enemies. He held two small hand guns in his hands and held down the trigger. Small pencil-sized harpoons shot out and riddled the three Stingrays full of holes. Blood seeped into the water and drifted away as the lifeless bodies floated around.

    Aragorn raised up out of the coral with Michael close behind, two-handed harpoon guns raised by both, and began firing at the new squadron of a dozen incoming Stingrays. Dino Dude decided to use this moment to get himself into the protection of the Corel Reef as well.


    As Group 2 swam away, aiming for a small underwater cave, a rather large Stingray slammed right into Dac, sending him tumbling out of the way and spiraling through the water. Trainwreck used his legs to push himself upwards and just narrowly avoided the rampaging Stingray. Likewise, Colin dove deeper, but rolled himself over just as the large Stingray sped overhead. He brought his harpoon gun up and fired, impaling the Stingray directly through its midsection, blood floating away through the water. The creature silently screeched, but a second harpoon blast from Colin took care of it once and for all.


    Group 3 was not having as much luck. They had been assaulted from all sides by a platoon of the evil fish, and were currently caught up in a mighty deathlock with them The batch of Stingrays swam all around them, and in between each person, nicking the sides of their suits and flippers. PaulSF was the first to have his suit punctured, being twirled in one direction as a Stingray nicked his side, its tail slicing open his suit, and then instantly being jerked in the opposite direction by another Stingray, having the other side of his suit cut open. Just as he straightened himself back out again, another Stingray was about to ram into his head, but he batted it in the head with his harpoon gun, knocking it slightly off course and away from his head, however its tail whipped him, cutting his head open and allowing blood to freely flow out.

    Trying desperately to hold onto consciousness, PaulSF twirled the gun around in his hands and fired it into the thick mingle of attacking Stingrays, hoping to impale one or more. He looked around as he drifted away from the attack, nearly dead, and turned around in the water, drifting away backwards. He could see MartinRandle and Crow completely covered from head to two, in mass piles of wriggling, flapping, massing Stingrays.

    PaulSF’s eyes finally closed and his grip on the harpoon gun loosened, allowing the gun to be carried away in the current. A very very very large Stingray shadow suddenly passed overtop of PaulSF’s dead body, heading towards the area that Group 2 was in.


    To Be Concluded in Part 2 of 2, coming soon.

    9/4/2006 10:46:20 PM
    (Updated: 9/4/2006 10:49:00 PM)

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