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    Some bigger theaters ordered between 3 to 5 prints of TLW when it was released in 1997, showing the film throughout the day every 45 minutes or less.
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    Super-Mod III (Part 3)
    By Aragorn

    Dark Element walked down the first floor hallway of the ‘abandoned’ apartment building, which currently housed the remnants of The Order. In his hands was a giant gun that took two hands to hold, and instead of one big barrel, had three small, long barrels, formed in such a way so that the gun resembled a camera tripod turned on its side. He hefted the gun up with one hand and rested it back on his shoulder as he neared the exit door.

    “Dark Element!”

    Dark Element sighed heavily as he stopped on the spot. Vito Hardy jogged over to him and moves around in front of him, blocking his path out.

    “Last night’s display was rather disappointing. You left behind a mess, and The Order does not like messes,” Vito Hardy said, straightening his glasses. “Try to be cleaner this time, if you choose to kill anyone that you aren’t paid to.”

    Dark Element snarled. “If your boss doesn’t like my style, he shouldn’t have hired me.”

    Vito Hardy opened his mouth to say something else, but Dark Element pushed past him, purposely hitting him in the shoulder with his own, and then headed on out the door and into the dying sunlight.


    The red sun shone brightly through the windows of a convenience store as it was setting and almost gone down behind the faraway mountains. Stars could be seen in the sky above if one was to look carefully enough. The cashier, with the nametag of ‘Brown Legend’, watched everyone in the store intently; a group of little kids begged their mom for candy bars and little candies, but she didn’t give in. Three Skater friends with baggy clothes stood by the Slurpee machine, making their own mixtures. An older couple hung out by the sandwich section, trying to pick out what kind of sandwiches to buy.

    The bell above the door rang as yet another costumer walked in. This was definitely the busiest that Brown Legend had ever seen it at any one time. He looked over lazily, expecting to see more of the same, but suddenly his eyes went wide. Super-Mod ran up to the counter, pointing one of his guns right into Brown Legend’s face. In his other hand was a pillowcase.

    “Put the money in the bag,” Super-Mod commanded. “I want it all! Now!”

    Everyone in the store heard the forceful command being given and looked over, seeing the surprising scene. They all ducked down behind the aisles, hiding from the danger. Brown Legend, sweating, opened the cash register and began emptying the cash out without any hesitation.

    When all the money was in the pillowcase, Super-Mod tied the case. “Thanks.” He turned and ran back out of the building.

    Brown Legend waited a minute, during which time the costumers began to poke their heads up. The cashier glanced out the window, to make sure Super-Mod wasn’t going to return, and then quickly turned, picking up the phone.


    Super-Mod zoomed down a street on his motorcycle, weaving between the light traffic, his opened jacket flapping in the air behind him. He heard police sirens getting louder and soon enough a group of Mod cars skidded around the corner and zoomed down the street, passing right by him.

    Super-Mod looked back at them and then slammed on his breaks, turning the bike around, and before it even came to a full complete stop, he was gunning the engine again, zooming off back the way he had just come from, following the Mods from a distance.


    Super-Mod approached the convenience store and slowed down, noticing that the Mod cars had stopped there, their lights still flashing. He pulled over to the side of the road and saw through the window that the Mods were inside the store, talking to the cashier and costumers.

    Brown Legend suddenly pointed out the window, directly at Super-Mod, eyes wide with fear. The Mods whipped around, hands on their guns. Shit, this can’t be good, Super-Mod thought to himself.

    The Mods barreled out of the store, raising their guns. “Put your hands in the air, you’re under arrest!” Officer Redwing shouted.

    “Sorry Officer,” Super-Mod replied. “But it’s not me you’re looking for.” Super-Mod gunned the engine and zoomed off down the road, gaining speed as fast as he could. Bullets ricocheted off the ground behind him and one even embedded into the metal on the back of his bike, but no bullets hit him.

    Officer Redwing turned to the other Mods with him. “Put an APB out on him. I want him apprehended within the hour.”


    Super-Mod zoomed down a traffic-filled street, weaving right in front of a transport truck and suddenly turning off and onto a much darker and emptier street, the angry truck driver honking madly back on the other street. As Super-Mod drove through his shortcut, the sounds of screaming drifted through the air towards him and he scanned for the source as he drove. He turned down another street, cutting through an alley, and then entered part of the Site filled with old shut-down stores that had been boarded up and illegally broken into since, leaving the boards in splinters on the sidewalk. Half the street lights had been shattered and there was an all-around gloomy and hopeless feel to the area.

    Super-Mod ran over a newspaper blowing in the wind, ripping it in half as he drew nearer to two shapes in the darkness ahead.


    In the part of the Site called Fan Art, AKA Flooder Haven due to it being overran with Flooders, Spammers, Hackers, and all kinds of other criminals, and the Mods too fearful to go anywhere near there, Super-Mod, holding a pillowcase bulging with money, held a gun on a mid-20’s year old girl.

    “You should have never wandered into this part of the Site, girl. Now give me everything on you of any worth, and put it in this bag.”

    As Super-Mod held the gun with one hand, he let the bag open with the other, shoving it forward. The girl, known by her friends as Mandee, began to remove her earrings and necklace, dropping them into the bag. She opened up her purse, but before she could take anything out, the sound of an engine distracted them.

    A motorcycle screeched to a stop a few feet away and Super-Mod stepped off, removing his helmet and putting on his cap. The Super-Mod Imposter, still with his gun trained on Madee, looked Super-Mod over.

    “Who the fuck are you?” he asked.

    Super-Mod smiled under his handkerchief bandage. “Well if you’re my biggest fan, that must make me Super-Mod.”

    “Fuck you, man. I’m Super-Mod.”

    The real Super-Mod sighed to himself, I don’t have time for this. He whipped out his guns and the Super-Mod Imposture dropped the bag and took out his second gun, aiming them both at Super-Mod. Mandee screamed and ducked, covering her head with her hands as the two Super-Mod’s fired at each other, one moving to the left while the other moved to the right. Bullets chipped brick walls and concrete sidewalks.

    Super-Mod ducked to avoid some blasts and dropped his guns to the ground. He picked up his helmet, and as he returned to his full height, he swung it and let go, throwing it through the air. It collided with the Super-Mod Impersonator’s face with a loud crack. He screamed, dropping both guns, and reached up. He lowered the handkerchief bandage as he cupped his nose, which was gushing blood.

    Running at him, Super-Mod jump-kicked him, kicking him in the bottom of the chin. He stumbled back as his head snapped back, and before he could even regain balance, Super-Mod was around behind him, swinging his hand, straight flat, into the back of his neck. The Super-Mod Imposter gasped for breath, and when he did, Super-Mod kicked him in the back of the knees, sending him to the ground.


    Shiva slinked through the shadows of Fan Art, her one sprained arm still bandaged and in a sling. She had heard the sound of gunfire, and then fighting, which captured her attention enough to locate the source of the sounds and to go check it out. She peeked around the corner, and much to her surprise, discovered what she was looking for.


    Super-Mod slammed his foot into the side of the Imposter’s head a few times, knocking him unconscious. Super-Mod heaved the body up and laid it over the back of his motorcycle. Mandee picked up her purse and rushed over to the real Super-Mod as he placed the sack of stolen money on his bike as well. He dug through it and removed the earrings and necklace, handing them back to the girl.

    Mandee blushed. “Gee, thanks. That was really awesome, how you just took him down with no problem.”

    Super-Mod simply replied with, “Thanks.” He then picked up his helmet.

    “Do you ever get the girl?” Mandee blurted out.

    Super-Mod turned to look at her, confused. He decided to answer truthfully, hoping that the thoughts of JP3 Girl that just entered his mind would soon go away. “No.”

    Mandee reached up and unexpectedly lowered Super-Mod’s handkerchief bandage. Before he could do anything about it, she placed her hands on the sides of his face and gave him a long kiss. When she pulled away, Super-Mod was left speechless. She took the handkerchief bandage that she had lowered, and placed it back up around the lower half of Super-Mod’s face, just the way it had been before.

    Digging through her purse, Mandee pulled out a piece of paper, handing it to Super-Mod. “There’s my card. It has my name and number on it. Give me a call sometime.”

    Super-Mod was left feeling extremely awkward. “Err, ummm, listen. My line of work…It makes it very difficult for me to… be involved…with a normal person.”

    Mandee smiled mischievously. “Well lucky for you, I’m not a normal person. Give me a call some time and I’ll show you just how extraordinary I can be.” She winked at him.

    Just then dozens of voices drifted through the air, all yelping and howling, and cheering, coming from many directions at once. Mandee’s smile faded as she looked around, fearful.

    “You better get out of here,” Super-Mod stated. “The Spammers live here and nighttime is their time. Take the path back that way. It’s the fastest way out of here.”

    After nodding to signify that she understood, Mandee walked away, heading down the path that Super-Mod had arrived from. Super-Mod stayed behind for a moment longer, collecting his fallen guns and putting on his helmet. When he was content that nobody was going to follow the girl, he started up the motorcycle and drove off.

    Mandee’s card left his hand as he let go of it, crumpled, and allowed it to get blown away in the wind, far behind him. Shiva’s shoe crunched the crumpled piece of paper as she ran over it, following Super-Mod at a run.


    The parking lot of the connivance store was filled with a couple more Mod cars then before, and the Mods were milling about, gathering statements and informing approaching costumers that the store was temporarily closed. Super-Mod drove around the corner and when Officer Redwing noticed and drew his gun, it attracted the attention of the other Mods, who followed suit and also armed themselves.

    As Super-Mod got closer, the Mods could pick out the bag of stolen money on his bike, and a limp body. Super-Mod slowed down and came to a stop, flinging the bag of money off his bike.

    “Don’t move, Super-Mod,” Officer Redwing ordered.

    “There’s your money, and here…” Super-Mod shoved the imposture off his bike. “…is the guy that was masquerading around, trying to give me a bad rep.”

    Officer Redwing was quickly backed up by the many other Mods as he approached Super-Mod, taking out a set of cuffs. “We sill have to bring you in for questioning. Please, come peacefu…” Before he had the chance to finish his sentence, his body was riddled with holes and dozens of bullets slammed into him. When the rapid machine gun-like noise stopped and the bullets ended, the body of the Mod fell to the ground, blood seeping out of every hole shot into him.

    The other Mods looked around, confused, as they had clearly seen that it was not Super-Mod that had fired. Likewise, Super-Mod also darted his head around, looking for the shooter. That was when triple the amount of bullets and noise as last time sprayed the area, mowing down all the Mods, shattering store and car windows, and puncturing tires.

    Super-Mod ducked down behind his motorcycle, after having spent a split second discovering which direction the bullets were coming from. When the thundering noise of gunfire eased, all the people in the vicinity of the store, including the clerk Brown Legend inside, minus Super-Mod, all laid dead in pooling blood.

    When Super-Mod started to stand, he quickly had to duck back down to avoid another shot fired directly at his rising head.


    Across the street, Dark Element stood on a tall rooftop, one foot up on the ledge, aiming his giant Tripod gun down at the convenience store below. Thick cigarette smoke drifted through the air around his head. He aimed the gun down and fired. The three barrels all fired their own bullets.


    Bullets ricocheted off the gravel as Super-Mod stood and made a mad dash, aiming his guns up at the roof across the street, firing. Super-Mod jumped, landed roughly, rolled, and returned to his feet behind a Mod car, completely out of view from Dark Element across the street.


    Dark Element grunted as he smiled. He flicked a switch on the side of the gun and pushed the trigger again. A glowing light formed at the end of all three barrels.


    A giant ball of blue energy slammed into the Mod car that Super-Mod was hiding behind, knocking it into the air in a giant explosion, and then having it crash back on the ground again.

    Super-Mod had run out from behind it and again fired up onto the rooftop. Dark Element fired and after a second of intense light forming on the rooftop, another energy ball slammed down to the ground, just feet from Super-Mod. The blast knocked him back off his feet, and he was slammed into the side of another Mod car. There was a small smoking crater left behind in the parking lot.

    “What the fuck is that guy packing?” Super-Mod said out loud to himself as he winced in pain. He began to return to his feet, but was again knocked off them as he was flung forward when the Mod car he had just been leaning against a second before, exploded.

    Super-Mod painfully, and with great effort to stay conscious, lifted his head up, one lense from his sunglasses shattered and laying in pieces on the ground. His jacket was also slightly smoking and a couple small holes were burned through it.

    Grunting in pain, he quickly put a small attachment onto one of his guns, while still laying on the ground. He pointed it up towards the roof top and fired his gun. Instead of bullets exiting however, a small pencil-sized missile exited the attachment and homed in on Dark Element, picking up his heat signature and locking on.


    Dark Element quickly dropped the Tripod gun and removed a small handgun from the edge of his pants. He fired at the missile, exploding it a few feet from his face. The blast lightly scorched his face as he screamed. He retracted, covering part of his face with his hand. When he brought his head back up, removing his hand, A small part of face was left badly burned.

    He puts the handgun away and lifted the Tripod gun back up. “Game time’s over. Time for the Endgame.” However when he looked down, Super-Mod and his motorcycle were gone.

    Dark Element lowered his gun and scanned the roads around the area. He turned to look off the other side of the roof, but found himself staring directly into the eyes of Shiva. She smiled and he once again dropped the gun with lightning speed, as there wasn’t enough room between the two of them to raise it, and removed a large hunting knife from a strap on his arm.

    Just as he brought it up to slit her throat, she ducked, narrowly avoiding the knife, and slammed her good hand forward. Dark Element looked down at her arm, laughing. He hadn’t even budged. Dark Element chuckled. “You’re in the big leagues now, baby. I think you need to go back to the Minors. You’re wasting my time here.”

    But to his surprise, he found her smiling. He looked back down just as his vest started freezing and turning to ice. Dark Element got a surprised look on his face, but didn’t stall and wasted no time in quickly stepping back away from the girl’s hand and removing the vest before the advancing ice touched him. The vest shattered into a million tiny shards when it was dropped to the roof.

    Dark Element looked up just to get punched in the side of the head by Shiva, who then side-kicked him, catching him off balance and knocking him back. Dark Element moved in with the knife again, but Shiva twirled, ducked, and then moved away. He lunged forward yet again, but she slipped down, falling onto her back and stuck her legs out. Using his momentum, she pushed him into the air, and then used her legs to shove him over her and through the air behind her, and over the edge of the building. He landed on the hard alley floor below.

    Shiva stood and rushed to another edge of the building, spotting Super-Mod riding away a few streets over.


    Super-Mod quickly ride down a street in his tattered state, heading for the highway and then out of town and to his base in the woods. However, those plans were ruined when his motorcycle jerked. Super-Mod was caught by surprise and fought to control the bike, but it jerked again, sputtered, and then died.

    Super-Mod hopped off it, moving it over to the side of the road. He checked the gas and was left in an even worse mood when he discovered that it was empty. He looked up again and sighed heavily, not being able to believe the shit he’s had to go through that night, as he began pushing his motorcycle.


    Hours later, Super-Mod pushed his motorcycle down a dirt path in the woods, which was now overgrown with weeds. Most of his black facepaint had been washed off by his sweat, and he was breathing heavy and worn out, not to mention in immense pain from his beating.

    He turned a corner and pushed a button on his motorcycle. There was a loud humming noise, followed by a clang, as part of the ground ahead of him lowered down to form a ramp leading into an underground tunnel lit vaguely by the occasional overhanging light.

    He strained to keep the bike from rolling down the ramp fast as he entered the underground passage. The whirring noise, followed by the clang, was heard again, once Super-Mod was far enough down the tunnel, and the ramp began to close.

    The second before it did though, and just as Super-Mod pushed his bike around the corner, Shiva slipped in, undetected.

    The ramps closed behind her.


    Seth Rex sat at the computer in the Rec Room when he heard a door open. He got up and walked out into the main living room to find Super-Mod in a weakened state, with his outfit not looking any better.

    “What the hell happened this time?”

    Super-Mod removed his broken sunglasses and burned jacket, followed by his face handkerchief and cap. Aragorn looked at Seth with an annoyed expression.


    Shiva cautiously made her way down the tunnel. She jumped when a very loud, overly-masculine voice that sounded eerily similar to Arnold Swartzenegger’s, boomed loudly form a set of speakers, catching her off-guard.

    “You are Trespassing. What is the Entrance Code? You have 10 seconds to comply.”

    “Here’s your damn Entrance Code.” Shiva raised her hands. Swirling white mist exited from her palms and covered the speakers and nearby camera in a thick sheet of ice. She then broke into a run.


    After a short explanation of that night’s events, Seth sighed, amazed at his friend’s bad luck. “Alright, well you know where the extra fuel cans are in the garage. I stocked them up the other day.”

    An alarm started blaring and they looked around, franticly. Seth’s eyes were wide in fear. “Is that the sniper? Did he follow you here?”

    “I don’t know,” Aragorn admitted. “It definitely would have been possible with the pace I was moving at.” Aragorn put back on his outfit, not having enough time to re-apply his black facepaint or get a new pair of sunglasses.


    Shiva’s feet pounded against the stone floor of the entry tunnel. A panel in the wall opened up and a gun turret exited. Three more did the same thing in various other places on either side of the walls. Shiva managed to freeze the first two, but the third one fired an electric charge, which hit her full on. She screamed and fell to her knees.

    The last turret fired a net that completely covered her and stuck to the stone floor by little magnets on the end of the net.

    Super-Mod, looking worse for wear, rushed around the corner just as the security system’s voice, from another speaker, said, “Trespasser apprehended.”

    Super-Mod walked over to the speaker and pushed a button. “You really need to fix that voice.”

    Seth’s voice came back to him, “You said you wanted it more masculine!”

    “I think you’re over-doing it a bit much!”

    Seth decided to change the topic, “Who is it?”

    “Don’t worry, it’s not the sniper. It’s Shiva.”

    “Shiva?” Seth’s voice cracked. “Why is she here?

    Super-Mod looked over at her. “I’m here to seek your help,” Shiva explained. Super-Mod just continuesd staring at her. “Please.”

    Super-Mod was silent for another minute, and then pushed the button on the speaker again. “Deactivate the magnetic locks in the floor.”

    A loud clunking sound could be heard and Shiva began to crawl out from under the net, throwing it off of herself. Super-Mod kept his guns trained on her. “Stay back there.” Shiva got to her feet and stayed in her spot. Super-Mod nodded towards Shiva’s bandaged arm. “How’s the arm?”

    “Hurts like a bitch, but getting better,” Shiva smiled playfully. “You didn’t break it, if that’s what you’re wondering.”


    Shiva’s smiled faded. The two stared at each other in silence for another few moments. Shiva expected Super-Mod to ask her what she’s doing there, and Super-Mod expected Shiva to begin telling him.

    “So…” Shiva said, trying to get things started.

    “So…” Super-Mod repeated.

    Just then Seth walked around the corner. “So what the hell are you doing here?”

    Super-Mod turned around, surprised to see him. “Oh for Heaven’s sake, get back in the damn base.”

    “I need your guys’ help,” Shiva repeated, deciding that nobody was going to ask her to explain and she’d have to start things on her own. “I saw how easily you took out that imposture, and you may not think so, but you held your own against that sniper. Actually, I helped you escape. If I hadn’t intervened on the rooftop, he would have surely finished you off.”

    “You’re a criminal. I don’t help criminals,” Nightshade growled.

    Shiva continued, “I have my reasons for trying to rob that bank. Actually, those reasons are what I need your help with.”

    “Sorry, I’m not in the bank robbing business. Now if you’ll…”

    Cutting him off, Shiva shouted, “No, it’s not that!”

    “Then let’s hear it.”

    “It’s a bit of a long story,” Shiva said shyly.

    Super-Mod looked at his watch. “We’ve got time.”

    “I meant by that,” Shiva explained, “If there was a place more comfortable.” Super-Mod sighed, getting frustrated and low on patience. “I’m not as bad as you think.”

    Super-Mod turned to Seth. “Seth?”

    Seth went over to a panel on the wall and opened it. A small computer screen and keyboard was there. He typed some buttons and waited a few seconds. “The electrodes in the floor say she’s clear.”

    “Huh?” Shiva looked from Super-Mod to Seth and the back again, clearly confused. Super-Mod decided to do away with that confusion.

    “The floor’s rigged to measure your pulse and therefore can give a percentage as to if you’re telling the truth or not. You just aced the test.”

    “So, that’s good, right?”

    Super-Mod nodded. Len knew Super-Mod well and had a bad feeling with what was about to come next. “No, don’t even think about it.” Super-Mod turned to look at him again. Len continued, “I just wanna go on record and say I’m against this idea.”

    Coming in Part 4, Shiva's backstory and real name, and an explanation for her powers, as well as more info on The Eye of SGD, plus 4, that's right 4, new main villians titled The Winterstorm Gang. Can Super-Mod handle all that, plus Dark Element's constant attacks and JPJunkee's police investigation, which Super-Mod is looking even more like his perp every day?

    Find out in the continuing adventures of Super-Mod.

    6/29/2006 10:04:51 PM

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