The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    While all the dinos in JP are supposed to be female, the length of the horn on the back of the Parasaurolophus indicates that it is male. (From: Jake)
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    Super-Mod 2: Vengance (Part 2)
    By Aragorn

    JP3 Girl sat at her computer, surfing the net. Behind her on her dresser was a picture of a smiling Aragorn from long before he went missing. On the computer, she was researching on how to contact with the dead, more specifically, how to contact with a specific dead person. She had finally started to accept that maybe Aragorn was dead, but she needed to know for sure, so she could get some closure.

    “…Heightened Psychic Awareness is not necessary, but does help immensely …” JP3 Girl read out loud to herself. She trailed off as she went to a search engine and started looking on how to heighten her psychicness.


    JPJunkee was in his kitchen, dozens of newspaper clippings laid out on the table. All of the headlines seem to have to do with either a ‘mysterious figure dressed all in black’, or mysterious deaths, or mysterious crime rings being stopped. Various things throughout the articles are circled and highlighted.

    “Who the hell are you?” JPJunkee whispered to himself as he read a new article about the mysterious figure. He moved some of the clips out of the way and moved another one in front of him and began reading through. Suddenly his phone rang, interrupting him.

    JPJunkee sighed as he stood up and went over to his phone. “Hello?...Oh hey...yeah I’ve got the pictures you wanted...Enough to put them all away for a long time. I can meet with you tomorrow if you want...Alright, that’ll be just perfect...See you then.”

    JPJunkee hung up from the person that hired him, and hurried back to the kitchen table to continue with his own personal research.


    A little boy and girl of about five swung on a set of swings in an empty playground, the dark blue of evening soon about to turn to the black of night. They were the only people in the park and they giggled and laughed as they swung back and forth, content in their own little world.

    Suddenly the boy is shoved off his swing and he went flying to the ground. He hit the ground hard and started to cry. His sister jumped off her swing and ran over to him to see if he was alright. Wicked laughter flowed through the air and reached them.

    They looked back and saw a group of high school troublemakers, laughing like a pack of hyenas. One of them took one of the swings and swung it with all his might, causing it to fly up and wrap around the top pole, out of reach of the children.

    “Go home and cry, cry-babies,” the leader of the teens snarled. “It’s past your bedtime. This is our time. The time of the boogiemen!” He made a scary face at the kids as the other teens started to circle them. The kids cried even harder.

    “You don’t know what a true Boogieman is,” a rough voice filled their ears. “But you are about to find out.”

    The teens turned and saw Super-Mod standing behind them. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? It’s a little late for Halloween.” The lead teen chuckled. He went in to touch Super-Mod’s jacket, but Super-Mod whipped his hand out and grabbed the teenager’s hand and twisted it, breaking his wrist. He screamed in pain as the bone jutted out, spraying blood.

    Super-Mod swung his foot back and kicked another teenager in the gut, and then swung it down and back forward, tripping up another one. The remaining teenagers started backing away and ended up turning around and running away, the injured ones soon joining them.

    “You’re one psycho motherfucker!” the lead teenager screamed as he ran off, cradling his wrist. The teenagers run out of the park, and out of sight. Super-Mod turned to the kids.

    “You alright?” They screamed when he asked them and they also ran away. “Fucking brats.” Super-Mod whispered.


    As Seth sat around the hideout, waiting to see if Super-Mod returned injured like he did every so often, or if everything went ok. Bored out of his mind, he found himself thinking back to how he and Aragorn first met…


    It was about a year and a half before, when he returned home to discover his building on fire and burning quickly. Seth had owned a small store called ‘Seth Rex’s Home-Made Gadgets’, where the bottom half was the store and the top half was his apartment. Seth had been standing outside of it, shocked. A group of street punks then walked towards him.

    “You should have paid us protection, geek-boy,” the first punk, one that Seth had known by the name of StealthRaptor, said. “Now look what has happened.”

    Seth had turned on them, angry that not only his home, but his entire business, was now gone. “You…Did this?”

    Another punk, one that he had known was called Dino-Snore, spoke up. “It’s nothing compared to what we’ll do to you.”

    The punks all took out chains and knuckle rings and moved in on Seth. Suddenly Dino-Snore got shot in the knee and fell to the ground, screaming in pain. All the others turned around and Super-Mod was standing there, his twin 9MM’s pointed at them.

    “How about you leave the guy alone?”

    “Who the fuck do you think you are?” StealthRaptor had asked, pissed that his fun was ruined.

    “My name is Super-Mod. Think about it whenever you want to do something like this again.” The punks all laughed and moved in on him. Super-Mod put his guns away and back-kicked one of the punks, and then punched another in the face. He kneed StealthRaptor in the groin and then uppercuted him, sending him flying back. The first punk was back up again and Super-Mod jumped up and stuck both feet out, kicking the punk back. Super-Mod landed and elbowed the second punk in the face and then turned around and grabbed his head. Super-Mod slammed him into a wall, knocking him out.

    Super-Mod quickly turned around, pointing his guns out again as StealthRaptor returned to his feet. “Peace, man,” StealthRaptor shouted as he, and one last remaining punk, turned and run away.

    “Thank you so much,” Seth praised the figure, but still felt a great despair. “Too bad he hadn’t arrived sooner. My business, my home, it’s all gone.”

    Super-Mod turned and looks at him, and then at the burning building behind him.


    Seth was thankful that Aragorn let him in on his secret, but Aragorn’s confession about what he had done to the last person he let in on his secret, along with the news report he remembered seeing about the state of the body when it was found, always kept Seth in line. Of course Seth knew he would never betray Aragorn, but he couldn’t blame Aragorn for wanting to make sure of that.

    Yet at the same time, Aragorn wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as he had, if it hadn’t been for Seth. All of his devices, including the new motorcycle, had all been made by Seth. Even the hideout was constructed by Seth, as he knew about the unused tunnel system that ran just outside of Dan’s JP3 Page.

    All in All, Aragorn needed Seth more then Seth needed Aragorn, even if he would never admit it. Seth knew how stubborn Aragorn could be, but definitely didn’t count that as a fault. It was because of his stubbornness that he hadn’t given up on being Super-Mod.


    JP3 Girl layed on her floor, on her back, with her hands folded over her chest and her eyes closed. She breathed deeply and counted down backwards as an audio clip from her computer constructed her on what to do.


    In her mind, JP3 Girl pictured herself walking up the steep stone steps of some kind of ancient temple that had moss and vines growing on parts of it. Before long, she had reached the top and walked through a set of giant doors that had been left ajar. She walked down a giant, empty hall, to a set of closed giant oak doors. She slowly creeked them open and stepped inside.

    Next thing she knew, she was suddenly floating through space, stars exploding here and there like fireworks, in dazzling displays of color. The blackness of space constantly changed color, similar to the Northern Lights.

    JP3 Girl moved her arms as if swimming and, just as the audio from her computer warned her not to if she saw them, reached out to touch one such star. She touched it and it exploded instantly in a display of various reds and oranges.


    JP3 Girl rolled around on her floor as she screamed a blood-curdling scream and her hands rushed up to her head. Her eyes did not open however.


    The next morning, JPJunkee sat at his computer. His eyes had deep bags under them, as he had stayed up all night researching. There was also a mug of cold coffee next to him.

    Something he read on the computer caught his attention and he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.


    Twenty minutes later, JPJunkee approached the old abandoned warehouse from the end of the first story. He pulled up to park outside and then walked inside of it and looked around the giant empty room. The only visible sign of there having been a battle was a lot of empty shell casings. He continued to look around.

    Suddenly he heard a lot of clicking noises and stopped. JPJunkee looked around and saw that there were quite a few Mods with guns pointed at him. One of the Mods was Trainwreck.


    JP3 Girl moaned as she opened her eyes painfully. She was still lying on the floor from the night before, and her hair was messed up. She slowly stood, putting a hand to her head and wincing in pain, trying to hold back nausea.

    All of a sudden, she let out a raging scream, due to an increase of the pain in her head, and all the windows in her room suddenly shattered, spraying her with shards of broken glass. JP3 Girl quickly backed up, frightened, and bumped hard into her bookshelf. She fell to the floor, the bookshelf close behind, about to crush her. JP3 Girl squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the pain to come.

    A few seconds later, she realized she had not been hit and cautiously opened her eyes again. She looked around and saw that nothing had fallen on top of her. Various books were lying all over the floor, but none of them had hit her. She looked over her shoulder and quickly turned all the way around.

    The bookshelf was stopped in mid-air, inches from her. Before she even knew what was going on, the bookshelf put itself up straight again.

    “What the hell…?” JP3 Girl looked around the room at all the broken glass. As she scanned the room, wherever she looks, the glass in that area automatically picked itself up and flew out the window. Within seconds the entire room was clear of broken glass. JP3 Girl turned and looked at her desk. Her pencil flew up into the air and rushed towards her. She whipped out her hand and caught the pencil in mid-air. “Whoa.”

    But then another flash of blinding pain seared through her head and she dropped the pencil as her hands reached up to her head and she screamed. In her mind, JP3 Girl saw JPJunkee enter the warehouse and the Mods sneaking up on him.

    She snapped out of it, but when she opened her eyes, they were glazed over, almost as if someone else had taken over her body.


    JPJunkee dodged to the side as bullets sprayed where he used to be. He went up behind a pillar as bullets ricocheted off it. He took out his revolver and quickly loaded it, accidentally fumbling and dropping a few bullets to the floor. He peaked out from behind the pillar long enough to get a couple shots off and then hid behind the pillar again.

    JPJunkee looked to his side and saw an entrance to a staircase. He breathed in and ran out from behind the pillar, firing as he moved sideways towards the stairs. The Mods had moved towards him while he was hiding, so now they were a lot closer then before. They fired a few shots and a couple hit JPJunkee in the chest as he jumped and flew into the staircase. He ripped open his jacket as he ran up the stairs, and removed it, revealing a bulletproof vest underneath.

    At the bottom of the stairs, the Mods started rushing up. JPJunkee aimed back and fired down at them, hearing someone cry out in pain. He continued on up the steps and out the entrance at the top. He realized that he was on the balcony level that overlooked the main floor. He ran down the platform as the Mods piled out onto it as well.

    They fired at JPJunkee and one shot hit him in the leg, causing him to scream and blood to splatter the walkway. JPJunkee fell, rolling onto his back. He instantly fired a shot off at the approaching Mods, but missed. His other hand covered his bloody wound. As the Mods approached, JPJunkee rolled under the railing and fell straight down to the concrete floor below.

    He landed hard, knocking the wind out of himself. Wincing in pain, he rolled under the above walkway so the Mods couldn’t get him in their view.

    It only took a few seconds until the Mods were on the other side of the balcony, aiming their guns down at JPJunkee.

    At that moment a lone figure walked through the front entrance, catching everyone’s attention. It was a female wearing a green rubber Halloween witch mask and a short brown jacket that ended right below her ribcage and had a collar made out of fur. She was wearing black leather pants with a red fire design on the side of one leg.

    She looked up at the Mods and they began to move to either side one by one, as if they were being shoved out of the way. One of them got a shot off at her, but the bullet stopped a half meter from the figure and fell to the floor. The Mod that fired seemed to get punched in the face by an invisible force and fell over the railing, to the floor below.

    The figure walked over to him and put her boot on the Mod’s neck, making sure he stayed down. His fallen gun lifted up into the air by itself and flew into the figure’s hand. She fired a shot and it seemed to fly around the room with a mind of it’s own as it changed directions constantly. Finally it chose a target and zoomed towards it, embedding into his chest, causing the Mod to scream.

    The female figure reached down and picked JPJunkee up by the collar and dragged him out of the building. The Mods gathered themselves up, but didn’t fire at the figure as she left.

    Once outside, the girl threw JPJunkee into a red convertible, seemingly with ease, and jumped in behind the wheel, backing up and driving away at top speed. Once she got out onto the highway and started heading away from the warehouse, she reached up and removed her witch mask to reveal JP3 Girl, hair blowing in the rushing wind.

    As she drove, the barely conscious JPJunkee reached into his pocket and took out his P.I. badge and flashed it to JP3 Girl. “Pull…” he struggled to talk as he tried to stay conscious. “Pull over… “

    “Sorry honey,” JP3 Girl replied. “I pull over and those Mods back there will be all over us. That little display in there exhausted me beyond belief.”

    “Who are…you?” JPJunkee asked weakly.

    “My name isn’t important. But I guess I kind of have to explain what happened back there, huh?” JP3 Girl glanced at JPJunkee and he made the slightest form of a smile. “Well I used to be just an average teenager, until I did some exercises on my mind to heighten my Psychic Awareness, but when I did it…something went wrong. I don’t know what, but my body was filled with all this power. Telekinetic power. However, it seems my Psychic strength is only equal to that of my physical strength, which means if I can’t lift it with my arms, I can’t lift it with my mind either. I also get quick flashes of ESP once in awhile, which is how I found you, and something…I can’t explain it…but something…drove me to help you.”

    JP3 Girl looked over and got a better look at JPJunkee’s condition. “Shit. We need to get you to a hospital.”

    JPJunkee put a hand on JP3 Girl’s arm. “No hospital,” he struggled to talk. “They’ll be looking for us…there. I’ll give you my address.”

    JP3 Girl sighed as she continued driving and tried to follow the direction that the half-dead man gave her.


    Aragorn was helping Seth fix a ventilation problem in the base. Seth was crawled up inside a small access tunnel as Aragorn stood outside of it, passing him in supplies as he needed them. There was a small radio nearby, playing music from one of the local stations.

    “Pass me the wrench,” Seth said as his hand came out of the tunnel. Aragorn reached for the wrench and put it in Seth’s hand and it disappeared back inside the tunnel.

    The music on the radio ended just as an announcer came on. “That was Nightwish, scorchin’ the station with their hit ‘End of All Hope.’ And now time for the News Update at Noon. Highway 89 is shut down for the rest of the afternoon due to a traffic accident involving three cars and a logging truck. There were two fatalities and three people are in the hospital with potentially fatal wounds,” he paused as he prepared to read the next item on his list. “Over at the Dan’s Page Motor Inn, there have been reports of a girl screaming and being beaten up in one of the rooms, but the Mods seem to not be responding to it.” Another pause before continuing, “If you head on in to Wal-Mart today you’ll find…”

    Aragorn reached over and turned the radio off. “You catch that?” he called into the tunnel Seth, covered in grease and dirt, poked his head out of the tunnel.

    “Yeah, go on. We can finish this after.”

    “I’m on it. Fucking woman beater’s gonna wish he was never born, ,” Aragorn said as a determined look came over his face. “Oh, and Seth? Go out and get some groceries while I’m gone. We’re running low.”

    Seth mockingly bowed, “Yes, oh great master.” Aragorn glared at him. “Of course,” Seth continued. “Humor. You have none. Aragorn turned and walked away. “2% Milk or 1%?” Seth called out after him.

    When Aragorn never replied, Seth said to himself, “Ok, so chocolate it is.”


    Super-Mod roared up to the Dan’s Page Motor Inn on his custom motorcycle, the sunlight reflecting off the dark surface. He pulled to stop on the side of the road and climbed off, rushing inside the two-floored motel.

    As he passed passed by the front desk, he noticed that no one was behind it. He looked down the hall, at the row of rooms, but saw no one in the hall. He turned and climbed the stairs to the second floor and saw three Front Desk clerks outside a door half-way down the hall.

    As he approached them, they turned to look at him. “What the fuck are you waiting for? Open the god damn door,” Super-Mod commanded.

    “We can’t,” one of the clerks replied, worry on her face. “He’s got the safety latch over it.”

    Super-Mod shoved the person back out of the way. “Back up.” Taking a small gadget out of his jacket pocket, he pushed a button and a small circular blade popped out. He pushed another button and the blade started spinning. He opened the door as far as it would open until the chain latch on the other side stopped it from opening anymore. He squeezed the gadget through the inch-wide space and slowly moved it up. Sparks flew as it cut through the chain.

    As Super-Mod retracted the gadget and put it away, he kicked open the door hard enough to slam against the wall behind it, and walked into the room. On the bed was a teenage girl with bruises all over her face. A man, Smith, stood nearby, about to hit her again.

    Super-Mod looked at the girl. “These nice hotel people will get you help.” The girl just sat there, not moving, tears running down her face. Super-Mod sighed, “That means you can leave.”

    The girl stood up and ran past Super-Mod, out of the room. Smith tried to run past Super-Mod as well, but the hero threw his foot back and kicked the door shut behind him. “Not you.”

    Smith tried to punch Super-Mod, but he ducked and Smith put his fist through the wall. Super-Mod threw a punch to Smith’s gut, and then a second one. Smith backed up,, spitting onto the floor. “Who are you?”

    Super-Mod jump-kicked the man, nailing him at the top of the chest. Smith stumbled back and tripped, falling onto his ass. Super-Mod side-kicked his face. Smith’s head fell to the floor with a scream. He slowly stood, holding a bloody nose.

    “My name is Super-Mod,” Super-Mod finally answered. “But you can just call me Mr. Mod. Sounds more formal, don’t you think?” Smith charged at Super-Mod, but Super-Mod threw a punch, hitting him in the face, making him stumble back and fall onto the bed.

    Suddenly the door slammed open and Naninou stormed into the room, a gang behind her, along with one of the Front Desk Clerks. Naninou handed the clerk a wad of cash. “Split this with your co-workers. You did good. Oh, and be sure to give some to that poor girl. She did her part to a T.”

    And with that, the Front Desk Clerk took off running out of the room, eyes wide with fear. Super-Mod looked at Naninou, curious as to what’s going on. “Ahh, Super-Mod,” Naninou looked at him. “At last I can look at my father’s killer.”

    “Lady, I’ve killed a lot of people,” Super-Mod said. “None of them were good people.”

    “And neither am I.” Naninou gave a hand signal and the thugs that were with her all took out handguns. Smith stood up and also took out a gun, pointing it at Super-Mod. Super-Mod started to very slowly back up.

    Naninou explained with glee, “I knew that all I had to do to get your attention was stage something like this and you’d come running like a soccer player to a ball.”

    “Maybe if you told me who your father was, I might feel sorry enough to apologize.” Super-Mod continued to back up, taking one very slow step at a time.

    “Don’t mock me, boy! Can I call you boy? I think from now on I’ll refer to you as Mod-Boy. But to elaborate on my revenge, my father was JurassiClaw. He’s dead because of you and you will pay for it.”

    “Oh, that fat fucker! I’m not sorry I killed him,” Super-Mod was purposely trying to anger Naninou. “How could such a hot chick come from his loins? Let me guess, some kind of experimental fertilization. It could definitely explain some of the things wrong with you. Tell me something. If I wasn’t a superhero, and if you weren’t a vengeful crazy bitch, would we have a shot?”

    “Sorry, but guys aren’t my type.”

    Behind his sunglasses, Super-Mod’s eyes widened. “I didn’t think you could possibly get any hotter, but amazingly, you just did.”

    “Enough with the mockery,” Naninou shrugged. “Kill him.”

    The thugs opened fire and sprayed shots all over the room. However, by now Super-Mod was right in front of the window, and he turned and jumped through it, shattering glass all over the ledge. He landed on the grassy lawn in a crouch. He stood up and made a dash for his motorcycle.

    Naninou leaned out the window and growled as Super-Mod drove away. “Fuck!” She turned around and took a gun from one of her thugs and shot Smith in anger. He fell to the floor with a bullet in his head.

    2/12/2006 11:13:04 PM

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