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    Super-Mod 2: Vengance (Part 1)
    By Aragorn

    Long past midnight on Dan’s JP3 Page, two drug dealers, RaptorVinny and RezSez, who had survived the events of the first story, but remained badly burned, made sure to stay hidden in the dark shadows of the near-by building as they waited for some people.

    “Where the hell are they?” RaptorVinny asked as he looked around nervously.

    “They’ll be here,” RezSez assured his friend.

    “We’re going to get busted,” RaptorVinny continued, fidgeting his fingers around. “I know it. I just know it.

    “Shut the fuck up,” RezSez growled. He was getting tired of his friend’s constant complaining.

    Suddenly car lights broke through the darkness and headed towards them. As the car got closer, they were able to see that was a Mod car. “Shit!” RaptorVinny yelled. “I knew it, man! I fucking knew it!”

    He turned and began to run away, but RezSez grabbed him by the shirt collar and dragged him back. “Don’t worry. Trust me.”

    The Mod car pulled up to a stop in front of the two drug dealers and two Mods got out and approach them. Their badges read ‘QuickComment’ and ‘Trainwreck’. “What’s going on here gentlemen?” QuickComment asked.

    RaptorVinny, fidgeting like crazy, was visibly scared. RezSez had half a mind to just let him run off, but decided not to as he was a good friend after all. “Oh not much,” he replied to the Mods. “The usual.”

    QuickComment slid some money to RezSez, as RezSez took a thick bag of marijuana out of his jacket pocket and handed it to the Mod.


    JPJunkee, a Private Investigator, sat in his car across the street from the drug deal. He had a camera out and was taking pictures of the scene. No flash came from the camera as he took the pictures.

    JPJunkee lowered the camera so he could check to see how many more shots he was able to take. When he raised the camera back up to his eye and zoomed in, he noticed that one of the drug dealers was pointing in his direction. The two Mods turned their heads and looked.

    “Shit,” JPJunkee whispered. He dropped the camera to the seat next to him and started the car. A window shattered, spraying glass all over the inside of the car, as a bullet slammed through and JPJunkee screeched away from his spot, zooming down the street.


    QuickComment holstered his gun and handed his radio to Trainwreck “Radio in for backup. Not to Dispatch, though. You know who. Tell them that we’ve been…’discovered’.”

    QuickComment jumped in the Mod car and sped away after JPJunkee’s car, turning on the sirens.


    JPJunkee maneuvered his car around sharp corners and continued to speed away from the pursuing Mod. Suddenly he got cut off when a second Mod car screeched to a stop right in front of him, after having come from around a corner.

    JPJunkee swerved his car and just narrowly missed the Mod car. He drove up onto someone’s lawn and passed the car, and then went back onto the road once the Mod car was behind him. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw three Mod cars joining the chase, including the one that had just tried to cut him off. Before too long, the Mod cars had gained on him and were right behind him.

    “Well if I’m going to go down, I’m not going to go alone,” JPJunkee whispered to himself. As he drove with one hand, he used the other to open the glove compartment. His P.I. I.D. fell out among some of the junk. He reached in and took out a gun. He checked to see if it was loaded, and then closed the compartment.

    One of the Mods cars got next to him and slammed into his car, causing it to swerve a little bit. JPJunkee gritted his teeth and aimed his gun with his free hand, out his shattered window at the Mod car.

    Before he could fire though, the Mod car exploded into a bright fireball.

    JPJunkee, in a state of shock, drove his car off the road and into a ditch. He hit the ground hard, causing the airbag to fly out into his face. He moaned as he looked back to see how close the other Mod cars were, and to see what the hell happened to the one that was right next to him.

    He saw the wreckage of the destroyed car, and then he saw one of the other Mod cars slide across the road, sparks flying out from underneath it. Something had blown out the tires. And that was when JPJunkee saw a figure dressed in black zoom by on a motorcycle. The last Mod car, the one driven by QuickComment, ignored JPJunkee and went after the figure.

    “Who the hell was that?” JPJunkee asked himself.


    Super-Mod zoomed down the street on his custom motorcycle. It was quite long for the average motorcycle, painted all black with a long windshield. The way that the motorcycle was built, Super-Mod sat on a seat and had to leaned forward so much so that he was almost laying down. On each side was a white ‘SM’. There were also two joystick controllers that were used to move the steering ‘wheel’. Super-Mod was currently wearing his helmet.

    The motorcycle was also unbelievably fast as it easily outran the Mod cars, which were said to be some of the fastest cars. However, he couldn’t allow such corrupt Mods to live. He screeched to stop, turned the bike around, and zoomed back the way he came, heading towards the pursuing Mod car.

    As he neared QuickComment, he pressed a button on the top of one of the joystick handles. He swerved to the side at the last second, and just as he was passing QuickComment, a mini-rocket shot out from one of the unused exhaust pipes that were located at the back of the side of the bike, and hit the Mod car, causing it to explode.

    Super-Mod pressed another button and his motorcycle picked up quite a lot of more speed, in a very short amount of time as a bright flame exited the back. He disappeared into the darkness of the night.


    JP3 Girl, now a bit older then before, sat in her classroom, bright sunlight flooding in from the nearby window. She was dressed like a Goth as she was now an outcast. She had a copy of her report card in front of her, which was filled almost completely with giant F’s on it.

    When Aragorn had disappeared a couple years before, JP3 Girl never quite got over it, and she devoted almost all her free time to trying to locate him.

    As her teacher handed other students their report cards, JP3 Girl stuck hers in her bookbag, and then put her text book in, crumpling the report card down under it. She zipped her bookbag up as the bell rang to end class.

    She stood and walked out into the busy halls, pushing past various other students. A minute further down the hall, two other girls approached her. “Hey JP3 Girl, you want to go to the mall?” the first asked.

    “No,” she replied in an almost monotone voice. “I’m not really in the mood.”

    “Ohhh JP3 Girl, baby,” The second girl, PinkSapphire, voiced her thoughts. Her and JP3 Girl used to be great friends at one time and she knew right away what was on her friend’s mind. “You need to let go of the past. It’s been two years. Don’t you think that if he was going to come back, he would have already?”

    JP3 Girl felt a burst of anger. Everyone assumes that Aragorn was able to come back. What if he had been injured? Or what if he hadn’t even ran away, but was kidnapped like she had been, only he hadn’t been rescued? “Shut up!” she yelled at PinkSapphire. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” And then in a quieter voice, she added, “Just leave me alone.”

    JP3 Girl turned and rushed off down the hall, away from her past friends. “All I’m saying is that she needs to let go,” PinkSapphire said to her other friend. “I was almost raped before, and I was able to get over that. Aragorn’s obviously not coming back, if he’s even still alive. She needs to accept that.”

    The other girl nodded her head in agreement.


    JP3 Girl rushed out of the school, passing by Malcolm, Aragorn’s old best friend from before he disappeared. Malcolm also looked a bit messed up as well. His eyes were really bloodshot and his hair was constantly messy. Malcolm saw JP3 Girl run past and noticed the tears streaming from her eyes.

    He was going to check on her, but was stopped by a tap on the shoulder. Malcolm turned around to face a druggie in his late 20’s named Ben. “Tonight’s the night, dude!” Ben exclaimed excitedly. “Initiation into the Order. Are you ready?”

    “Of course,” Malcolm shrugged, trying to play it cool. Truthfully though, he was scared shitless.

    “Good man,” Ben patted Malcolm’s shoulder. “I’ll come by and pick you up this evening around Seven.”


    Super-Mod had his face bandage down around his neck and while smoking a cigarette, watched JP3 Girl run out from the school and pass Malcolm. He was hiding behind a row of trees and was looking through the thick branches at the school across the street. He saw Malcolm talking to Ben, but was too far away to hear anything. He took a puff on his smoke and breathed out. He threw it to the ground and squished it with his boot. He lifted his helmet up over his head as he turned around and got on his motorcycle.

    He started his motorcycle up and drove off, turning onto another street and ending up driving past JP3 Girl. He turned his head to look at JP3 Girl, and JP3 Girl turned her head to look at the figure.

    Of course she couldn’t see past the helmet, and she didn’t even know it was Super-Mod as the ‘SM’ symbols were currently removed, but that didn’t stop from giving Super-Mod goosebumps when he looked into her eyes. They both moved their heads back forward again as Super-Mod zoomed away.


    Super-Mod slowed the motorcycle down as he approached a dirt path in the woods just outside of Dan’s JP3 Page. He traveled down the dirt path that disappeared deep into the woods and after several long minutes, he pushed a button on his motorcycle console and part of the ground moved down with an electronic hum, forming a downwards ramp into a hidden base.

    Super-Mod descended down the ramp and drove down a metal hallway, the ramp closing behind him, and securing into part of the ground once again.


    Minutes later, Super-Mod walked into his hidden base. It was made to look like the inside of a one-story house with a few misc. rooms that included a Rec. Room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, gym, and workshop. Super-Mod walked into the living room and pulled his helmet off, dropping it to the floor. He removed his sunglasses and mouth bandanna and dropped those as well.

    He walked into the bathroom and proceeded to wash the black face paint off his face. Aragorn walked back out and heard a banging noise coming from the workshop. He walked through his ‘house’ to the workshop and saw Seth Rex, his new tech, welding something together.

    Seth turned off the wielder and lifted up his welding mask. “Ahh, you’re back from your daily spying, I see,” he stated.

    “It’s not spying, Seth,” Aragorn defended himself. “I’m keeping an eye on her. To make sure nothing happens like last time. Who knows how many people that punk told about me.”

    “Call it what you want, but it’s still spying. Speaking of which, I thought you were leaving your old life behind?” Seth asked.

    “I did. But as Super-Mod, I have a duty to protect the innocent. And she falls into that category.”

    Seth smiled, “You just miss her.”

    “What are you making?” Aragorn asked, changing the topic purposely.

    Seth knew Aragorn didn’t like talking about his previous life, and decided to let it slide. “Better material to add to your bike. If it comes out like I plan, it should be almost indestructible.”

    Aragorn smiled, “With me behind the wheel, it already is.”

    “What’s this?” Seth asked, slightly amused. “A smile? I don’t think I’ve seen one of those from you before.”

    “More rare then Bigfoot, it is,” Aragorn joked. He had no problem making fun of himself, as long as it was the right time for it.

    “I think I like this You better then that moody cranky You that seems to dominate your life.”

    “I’ve got a job to do and it won’t get done with smiles and laughter,” Aragorn’s smile faded.

    “No, but it couldn’t help to try doing that once in awhile.” Aragorn ignored Seth and took out a pack of smokes from his jacket, taking a cigarette out and lighting it. “That’s a nasty habit.”

    “What? I smoke when I’m stressed,” Aragorn explained.

    Seth sighed, frustrated with Aragorn’s attitude. “Well so do I, so hand me one.” Aragorn smiled again as he handed Seth a smoke.


    In a very recognizable Punk Club, ‘Slow Motion’ by Nickleback played loudly over the speakers. The room was filled with thugs, street punks, druggies, and criminals of all kinds and all ages. Throughout the room were even some ‘dirty’ Mods mingling within the crowd. Heavy cigar and cigarette smoke clung around the room. There were dozens of tables set up, some used for various card games, others used for dealing drugs, and there were booth seats for just sitting and conversations. There were no windows or anyway for outside light to shine through. There was a bar set up at one end of the room and nude dancers dancing in cages with neon glow-in-the-dark bars. Strobe and neon lights flashed all over the room.

    Ben and a group of other people around his age were all sitting at a booth table, drinking and smoking. Malcolm was also sitting at the table, across from Ben. He was by far the youngest in the group.

    “As you can tell, we normally don’t initiate people at such a young age as you,” Ben said to Malcolm. “However you’ve done quite a lot of business with us in the last couple years, and I feel it’s time you are rewarded.”

    Ben took out a thick bag of weed and laid it on the table. One of the other people in the group took the bag and started rolling joints. “Our Order is not an easy one,” Ben continued. “It will dominate your life, which means no time for school.”

    Malcolm snorted. “Not a fuckin’ problem. I’m flunking anyway. When I actually go, that is.”

    “So I’ve been told. Ever since your friend ran away two years ago,” Ben pryed.

    “He didn’t fuckin’ run away,” Malcolm shouted. “I knew him and he would never have ran away. He was killed. I know it. And if I ever find out who, I’ll get my revenge.”

    “Sorry to hear that, but we’ve all lost people over the years,” Ben said, not even trying to sound like he cared. “For instance, my parents died when I was still in high school. Of course if they hadn’t been a couple of prick assholes, then maybe I wouldn’t have killed them, but oh well.”

    Malcolm looked at Ben, shocked. “So what do I have to do to get initiated?” he asked, slightly nervous by the answer. He knew that The Order was no joking matter, but at the same time, he hadn’t quite realized how serious Ben and his crew were until just then.

    Ben smiled as he took a newly-rolled joint and passed it to Malcolm, who accepted with a smile. He took another one for himself before answering. “Quite easy. Kill someone. Kill someone of our choosing, and you’re in.”

    Malcolm’s face quickly dropped his smile as he went completely serious. “You’re joking, right?”

    “Not at all. We’ve all done it. You’re an honorary member until we pick a target for you. Then after you kill the target, you’re a full-fledged member.”

    Malcolm began to instantly have some very serious doubts. “I’m not too sure about…” However, he was cut off as the door slammed open with such force that everyone in the room went quiet, the music soon following.

    Standing in the doorway was a young woman in her late twenties, wearing a black business suit. All around her were a ring of muscular thugs. “Greetings,” the woman spoke up for all to hear. “My name is Naninou. My father was JurassiClaw.” There were quiet murmurs and whispering throughout the entire room. Naninou continued, “He was murdered two years ago. I have arrived to avenge his death and make his murderer suffer a thousand times over. I will pay greatly for any information I can get on his murderer and I will greatly reward those who assist me.”

    Ben leaned in close to Malcolm to whisper to him, “Her father was this huge crime lord on the Site here. He ran everything. After he was killed, there was no one person in charge, so everything’s been kind of a wreck since then. Nothing has been organized, however we hope to change that with The Order.”

    “Who killed him?” Malcolm asked, whispering back. “Couldn’t have been the Mods. They worked for him, didn’t they?”

    “Rumor has it that it was Super-Mod.”

    “The costumed freak that goes around, disrupting drug deals and killing dirty Mods?” Malcolm asked. Ben nodded his head. “I thought he was only a myth.”

    “He is, hence why it’s only a rumor. No one who has seen him, has lived long to tell about him.”

    “YOU!” Naninou yelled. She pointed in the direction of Ben’s table. “What is it that you’re talking about down there?”

    “Well love, I was just saying,” Ben spoke up with no hint of fear in his voice. “That I don’t know for sure who killed your father, but rumor has it that it was this guy that hides behind a costume and calls himself Super-Mod.”

    Naninou started making her way to Ben’s table. She reached it and took Ben’s joint out of his hand and took a puff on it. “Tell me all you know of this…Super-Mod.”

    2/10/2006 7:55:31 PM
    (Updated: 2/10/2006 8:05:52 PM)

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