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    As Gennaro is being pulled ashore in the beginning of JP, the line Juanito says in spanish translates to "I bet you he falls." (From: SeanArcher0
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    Super-Mod 2 Vengance (Part 4)
    By Aragorn

    Super-Mod zoomed through the wet forest and activated the ramp, riding down into the tunnel.


    Seth Rex was in the process of setting up the newly fixed table in the kitchen, checking to make sure it balanced and everything was good. Super-Mod stormed in behind him.

    “That bitch!” he shouted.

    “Who beat you up today?” Seth asked. “A teacher? A schoolgirl? Her grandmother?”

    Super-Mod glared at a smiling Seth. He turned and glanced at the table that Seth just fixed. Seth noticed the look and stepped between Super-Mod and the table.

    “Wildcard,” Super-Mod answered.

    “Who’s Wildcard?”

    “The crazy bitch that kicked my ass last night.”

    “She came back for seconds, huh?” Seth smiled.

    “I just don’t understand how she can always find me,” Super-Mod stated. “Whenever I leave the base, she’s there.” He turned and started to leave the room.

    “Now where are you going?” Seth called out as Super-Mod walked away

    “I need better firepower,” Super-Mod replied. “Where did you put those experimental weapons?”

    “In the garage, but they haven’t been tested yet! Hence the experimental part of that sentence!

    Super-Mod ignored Len as he stormed out of the room.


    JPJunkee layed on the couch, relaxing and watching TV. His phone rang and he reached over to grab it. “Hello?”

    “It’s JP3 Girl,” the voice came back to him. “Remember how you wanted me to tell you if I found anything out about Super-Mod? Well get ready for a Double Feature. I can’t tell you how I know this, but tonight, these people are setting a trap for Super-Mod. You can see him in action there. And it’s a place where there’ll be a lot of dirty Mods. You can nail them all then as well.”

    JPJunkee sighed with relief a she filled with excitement. “I’ll give my Contact a call and let him know. And JP3 Girl? Thank-you.”


    After dark that night, Super-Mod rode out of the ramp leading from his base. After he zoomed away down the trail and out of view, Ben, Malcolm, and the rest of The Order walked out from behind some trees and bushes.

    “Come on, guys,” Ben urged them as they stared in shock at the secret entrance. “If we don’t do this, Naninou will have our heads. We can be amazed at this after.”

    And with that, the group ran off down the ramp before it had a chance to close all the way.


    Super-Mod rode around the Site on his motorcycle, driving by where he fought Wildcard the night before and getting off his bike to investigate and look for any possible clue that could help him locate her.

    His search was interrupted though when he heard a gigantic explosion and turned to see a huge fireball reach up into the sky in the distance, in the general area where his base was located.

    “Oh shit,” he whispered as the explosion reflected off his sunglasses. He ran and jumped back on his motorcycle, driving off at top speed.


    Super-Mod pulled up a giant crater in the ground, filled with dirt, metal, concrete, and various other debris where his base used to be.

    “Seth!” he shouted out, but received no answer. He climbed off his motorcycle and started digging through the rubble, shouting out Seth’s name over and over.

    Realizing that it would take all night to dig through everything, and knowing he didn’t have the time to waste, Super-Mod turned to face Dan’s JP3 Page, growling. He got back on his motorcycle and zoomed off again.


    Super-Mod drove aimlessly around the Site for a half hour or so, hoping to either find Wildcard, or have her find him. She needed to pay for what she did.

    Getting frustrated, Super-Mod came to a stop near a couple drug dealers. He got off his motorcycle and took out a gun. He shot one in the head, blood splattering the wall as his body crumpled. He turned to the other, named Panos.

    “I don’t have time for your shit. If you want to live, tell me where I can find Wildcard,” he said sternly.

    “Who?” Panos asked, honestly having no idea what this freak was talking about. Super-Mod sighed and shot the drug dealer in the kneecap. He screamed out in pain. “Fuck! I don’t know any fucking Wildcard you psycho asshole! The only bitch I know that runs things is Naninou!”

    “Where can I find her?”

    Panos hesitated to answer, but Super-Mod put his gun up against his head. “The Club!” Panos replied. “She can be found at The Club!”

    “And where is this club?”


    At the Punk Club, there was more techno music playing, however there were no nude dancers this time. The only people in the building were Naninou and her two bodyguards, with Wildcard standing next to her, The Order at the back of the room with guns pointed at Seth Rex, who was beaten up severely, and a room filled with Dirty Mods and street gangs, all with various guns, bats, chains, and other weapons.

    They all stood in silence.

    “He’s here now,” Wildcard informed everyone. A second later, the doors slammed open as Panos was thrown through them. The room opened fire, thinking it was Super-Mod.

    “Stop!” Naninou shouted at the room. The guns ceased firing and they saw that the body was not Super-Mod’s. Super-Mod then walked through the doors and immediately fired off a few shots, killing a couple people. “Don’t fire!” Naninou ordered the room of people. “Nobody fire.”

    Super-Mod walked closer, but stopped a few feet from Naninou and Wildcard. “Should have known that my two favorite women were working together.” Super-Mod then noticed that Seth Rex was still alive, how was shocked that a gun was held to his head by none other then Malcolm. His body tensed up, but made sure not to show his shock. “Let Seth go and finance a new base for me and I promise I’ll make your deaths quick.”

    Naninou chuckled, “I don’t think you’re much in a position to threaten me. I’m the one that’ll be giving you orders, little boy.”

    Super-Mod fired a shot at Naninou, but an invisible force stopped the bullet in mid-air and dropped it to the floor. “Well that wasn’t very nice at all,” Naninou said with fake sadness in her voice. She raised her hand and slightly moved her index finger. Malcolm put a bullet through Seth’s shoulder. Seth screamed out in pain and tried to crumple to the floor, but The Order kept him up.

    One of Naninou’s bodyguards approached her and handed her a wooden box. She opened it and took out a thick leather glove, which she put on her right hand. There was a set of buttons on it and she pushed one. The glove began to lightly hum.

    She half-turned so she was facing Seth and suddenly electricity shot out of the fingertips and coursed over Seth’s body. He screamed in pain once again, and his screams got so high pitch that sound stopped coming from his lips.

    Naninou stopped and turned back to Super-Mod. “Now unless you cooperate, I’ll slowly increase the intensity so that it hurts just a bit more every time, until he dies a slow and painful death.” Super-Mod dropped his guns to the floor and Naninou smiled. “Good. Now…show me your face, so I may gaze upon the face of my father’s killer.”

    Super-Mod hesitated, but knew he had no choice if he wanted them to keep Seth Rex alive. He slowly removed his sunglasses and black bandage. Naninou smiled and Wildcard gasped with shock “Aragorn…” she whispered to herself, feeling like she was about to pass out from the mere shock alone.

    Aragorn glanced at Malcolm, hoping that if Malcolm saw who he was, then he’d switch sides, however Malcolm was too far away to pick out his facial features with the black face paint on.

    “Time to die Mod-boy,” Naninou increased the intensity on her glove and pointed it at Aragorn. Before she could do anything however, her two bodyguards were shoved back. One then doubled over and got hit in the face by an invisible force and collapsed onto his back. The second one went flying into the wall, knocking himself out and falling to the floor.

    Naninou turned angrily on Wildcard, just as a small handful of Mods and thugs were pushed back by an invisible force as well. “What are you doing!?” Naninou shouted.

    “You named me well,” Wildcard replied. Knowing that Super-Mod was actually Aragorn and that he didn’t kill him, Wildcard knew she could no longer go against him. She took the chakram and threw it at Naninou.

    Naninou dodged to the side, but still got slightly nicked by the sharp object, cutting her arm and drawing a slight line of blood. Super-Mod, now with his full attire back on, had his guns picked up and fired at some of the thugs, killing a couple and missing others.

    The others opened fire on him, and he ran into a room made for lap dances and closed the door, just as the main entrance to the club slammed open one more time and a large group of Admin agents entered the room, JPJunkee in front of them.

    “You’re all under arrest!” JPJunkee shouted. The Mods and punks opened fire as the Admin agents and JPJunkee dodged and opened fire back.


    Across the room, Naninou went to punch Wildcard, but Wildcard blocked and kicked Naninou in the gut twice, and then did a half-spin and kicked her in the chest, sending her flying back. She then turned and clotheslined a running punk, knocking him down. She picked up his fallen gun and fired randomly, however all the shots seem to be guided towards moving targets, changing directions in the middle of the air and eventually hitting their targets.

    Wildcard got knocked to the floor as Naninou rammed her from behind. She rolled over onto her back and jumped back to her feet as Naninou went to kick her. Wildcard caught the foot and twisted, but as Naninou was turning in the air, she swung her other foot up and kicked Wildcard in the side of the head, knocking her away.


    The door to the room that Super-Mod had run into opened and three people – a Mod and two thugs, rushed in, but Super-Mod was nowhere to be seen. They ran over to a dance pole that went up to the second floor and looked up.

    They suddenly heard the door close and whipped around, seeing that Super-Mod had been hiding behind the door. Super-Mod raised his guns and fired until all three were dead.


    Back in the main room, Naninou fired electricity at Wildcard, but she dodged and a table behind her exploded. Wildcard moved in and punched Naninou straight in the face. While she was distracted, Wildcard’s chakram picked itself up off the floor and zoomed across the room, decapitating a thug, and then on its way back to Wildcard, it cut off another person’s hand.

    Wildcard caught it in her hand, however Naninou head-butted her, knocking her back and knocking the weapon out of her hand. Naninou put her two fists together and brought them down on Wildcard’s chest, knocking the wind out of her.


    Elsewhere in the room, JPJunkee caught a baseball bat and punched the holder of it. He then swung the baseball bat around, connecting it with a Mod’s legs, tripping him up. All around the room, bullets flew back and forth between the Admin agents and the dirty Mods.


    All the second floor was, was an area used to store props and for the dancers to go down inside the cages and lap dance rooms on poles.

    Super-Mod was on the second floor, hiding behind a box and checked the ammo in his guns. He heard a group of people open a door and walk out onto the second floor just as he slapped his clips back in and put his guns away. He reached inside his jacket and took out a pencil and drew a large circle on the floor around him. Instead of led however, the pencil left a white acid-like substance that started burning through the floor.

    Super-Mod put the pencil away and took out a gun that looked like a flare gun. The group emerged around the corner and was about to fire at Super-Mod when he fired the gun and a grenade leaped out, exploding as it hit the group of people.

    Before the blast could reach him though, the circle he made in the floor fell through and Super-Mod landed back down on the main floor. He immediately punched a thug in the back of the head as he stood up and took out his guns again, firing.


    JPJunkee was punched with a set of knuckle rings by Ben and he turned to punch Ben, but his punch was blocked. He got punched in the face and stumbled back, but then took out his gun and shot Ben in the chest.


    Naninou was pushed back by an invisible force. Wildcard jumped up into the air and started to get lifted even higher, but Naninou grabbed onto her ankle and slammed her back down onto the floor.

    Wildcard rolled over and jumped up, but Naninou kicked her in the back, sending her crashing into a table. Naninou then elbowed Wildcard in the back. Wildcard turned over and head butted Naninou in the face, causing her to stumble around a bit as Wildcard got back to her feet and Naninou was shoved by an invisible force again.

    Wildcard went in to punch Naninou again, however she blocked and swung Wildcard around, so she had her tangled in her arms, tightly.

    “Mod-boy!” Naninou shouted as loud as she could. Super-Mod knocked a thug out and turned to look at the scene. “Surrender or I’ll kill this traitorous bitch!”

    Super-Mod shrugged. “I don’t give a shit. She tried to kill me. Twice. If you don’t kill her, I will.”

    Naninou pointed her gloved hand at Wildcard’s chest point blank and fired. Wildcard screamed an extreme high-pitched scream as electricity flowed all over her body. Naninou smiled evilly.

    Super-Mod raised his guns and fired, but only heard a clicking noise. “Shit,” he whispered. He threw the guns down and took out the grenade launcher.

    Naninou pointed a gloved finger at it and a line of electricity knocked it from his hands. Then she pointed the hand at Wildcard again, but before she could fire, a gun floated up in the air behind her and fired, shooting her in the back.

    Naninou screamed as she let go of Wildcard, who back-kicked her, sending Naninou to the floor. Wildcard turned and saw Malcolm watching the chaos in the room, still with a gun to Seth’s head, unsure of what to do. She took off in that direction.

    Super-Mod leaned down to Naninou. “I killed your father. I’m going to kill you. And when I’m done here, I’m going to go and kill your whore mother.”

    “Fuck you,” Naninou spat blood onto Super-Mod’s face. Then she began to cough up blood. Super-Mod took a nearby fallen gun and pointed it at Naninou. He fired, putting a bullet in her head.


    Elsewhere in the room, the head FBI Agent, Rick Arnold, approached JPJunkee. “Thank-You, Mr. Junkee. Because of your work, along with this bust, we have enough to put almost everyone on this Mods force behind bars for a very long time.”

    “Thank-you,” JPJunkee replied. “But why did you need me? Why not just put your own guys undercover?”

    “Not even the Admins are safe from being infiltrated by corruption. Some of out more untrustworthy members may have been working for JurassiClaw and his daughter. We couldn’t risk them finding out, so I went to an outside source to do our job.”

    “What about the Site?” JPJunkee asked. “It now has no Mod force.”

    Rick Arnold smiled. “Well Mr. Junkee, consider yourself the new head Mod. That is, if you want it.”

    JPJunkee was shocked and had no idea how to take the news. “I…I don’t know what to say.” However, knowing that he would do so much of a better job then the current head Mod, who was currently being handcuffed by an Admin, JPJunkee added on, “Of course I’ll take it!”

    “I’ll get some Mods from other Sites transferred here right away so you have a Mod force to work with.”

    JPJunkee firmly shook Rick Arnold’s hand.


    At the back of the room, Malcolm saw Wildcard walking up to him. Malcolm raised the gun nervously and fired, but the bullet stopped in mid-air and fall to the floor.

    “Fuck this,” Malcolm said. He dropped the gun and ran out the back door before Wildcard reached him. When Wildcard reached the area, she untied Seth and helped him stand on feet again.

    “You help Super-Mod, right?” Wildcard asked him. Seth Rex nodded weakly. Wildcard removed her mouth handkerchief and lifted her mask up slightly, showing her face. “My name is JP3 Girl. Aragorn’s old…”

    “I know who you are,” Seth cut her off. “Aragorn’s still in love with you, but he’s scared that if he still hangs out with you, that he’ll bring you more trouble.”

    JP3 Girl nodded. “I understand that now. I didn’t at first, but now I do. If Aragorn had known that it was me under this, then he would have surrendered to Naninou and things wouldn’t have ended this good. He would have died. And it’s also because of that, that I have to leave. This Site isn’t big enough for two heroes, and I can’t just ignore my new powers. I need to go find my own Site to protect.”

    “Why are you telling me this?” Seth asked.

    “Because I want you to tell Aragorn all of this after I leave. I want him to know the truth so he doesn’t worry when I disappear. But if he knows all this before I leave, he’ll try and stop me, and…” Tears came to JP3 Girl’s eyes and she wiped them away. “He’ll do it. I know I won’t be able to leave if he tries and stops me.”

    “I understand,” Seth replied.

    JP3 Girl covered her face again and turned to glanced at Super-Mod one last time. Super-Mod glanced back and looked at her. Using all of her willpower, she turned away from him and ran out the back door.

    Super-Mod looked around and saw that the Admins had captured most of the remaining dirty Mods and punks. He headed over to Seth and helped him walk. They too, made a quick escape out the back door so as not to have to deal with the Admins.


    JPJunkee looked around the busy room for Super-Mod, but he was no where to be found. He smiled to himself and whispered, Good work, Super-Mod.”


    Weeks later, Super-Mod drove up to the Mod station during the day and stopped outside of it. There was a billboard put up with pictures of missing people from Dan’s JP3 Page and surrounding Sites. JP3 Girl’s picture was on there.

    Super-Mod looked at it and took it off the wall, folding it and putting it in his pocket. He got on his motorcycle and drove away again.


    After a very long time, after Seth Rex had healed, he had begun construction on a new base and he and Aragorn were inside of it.

    Aragorn had the kitchen table covered in tons of newspaper clippings and printed off Internet news articles, various parts of them circled. “She obviously doesn’t want to be found, Aragorn,” Seth stated.

    “I don’t care what she wants,” Aragorn snapped back. “It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t hid from her for so long, she’d still be here, safe and sound. I was an idiot. I need to find her.”

    Seth smiled, “Something tells me she’ll be fine on her own.”

    Aragorn looked up at him and glared. “Don’t you have something to fix?”

    “No, I finally got the new base built. I think I’m gonna go take a break and…” Seth noticed the look on Aragorn’s face. A look he knew all too well. “I’ll go find something to fix.”

    Aragorn nodded in agreement and Seth backed up and then turned and left the room. Aragorn took out the picture of JP3 Girl that he took from the Mods station and laid it on the table. “Where are you?”

    Seth suddenly ran back into the room. “Aragorn, you’ll never believe this. The radio just said that some girl just robbed a bank by freezing the security guards with her mind!”

    Aragorn looked up at Len and sighed, “Time to take on another crazy bitch.” He turned and walked out of the room to suit up.

    The End

    2/13/2006 3:13:02 PM

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