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    In the Jurassic Park video game for the SEGA Genesis, you had to make bones fall on raptors to win the game, hinting at the original finale to the first film. (From: Donny)
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    Super-Mod 2 Vengance (Part 3)
    By Aragorn

    JPJunkee laid on a couch in his house, his leg bandaged. He put a few painkillers into his mouth and washed them down with a glass of water. JP3 Girl sat in a chair across from him.

    “You going to be ok here by yourself?” JP3 Girl asked, concern evident on her face.

    “I think so,” JPJunkee replied. “It doesn’t seem that they’ve found out where I live yet. And if they have, they’ve made no move here before, so I think I’m safe here for the time being.”

    JP3 Girl stood up to leave, but JPJunkee grabbed her arm. “Wait.” JP3 Girl stopped and turned back to face him. “This is just a crazy out there question, but I’ve got nothing left. Seeing as how you’ve got some kind of ESP of sorts, I was wondering if you know anything about Super-Mod’s identity. I’ve been trying to find him and…”

    “It doesn’t work like that,” JP3 Girl cut him off. “I don’t choose what I see, at least not that I can figure anyway. Images just come to me on their own. I met him once though. Very briefly about a year ago. He saved my life. It would have been the best day of my life if that very same day, my boyfriend hadn’t disappear. Haven’t seen or heard from him since.”

    “I’ll make a deal with you. If you ever hear or see anything on Super-Mod, especially with that ESP thing you can do, inform me as soon as possible. In return, I’ll try to track down your boyfriend.” JP3 Girl’s face lit up with happiness. JPJunkee continued, “If you want, we can even get a head start on that now. I’ve got a computer with high speed internet, and with what you can tell me about him and his disappearance, we might just be able to get a good start on it.”

    “Don’t you want to rest?” JP3 Girl asked. “I don’t want to bother…”

    This time it was JPJunkee’s turn to cut her off. “Nonsense. I can rest when I sleep tonight.” With a slight groan, JPJunkee stood up and headed to his computer.


    That night, Aragorn was in the process of putting on his Super-Mod attire when Seth started following him around, “All I’m saying is that maybe you should stay in tonight,” he voiced his opinion. “Just until this whole thing with JuassiClaw’s daughter blows over.”

    “The only thing that’ll be getting blown over with her involved, is a lesbian orgy,” Aragorn said. “God, I love that image. Is it so wrong for such a bad person to be so hot?”

    Seth frowned. “Now’s not the time for joking, Aragorn. She’s serious. She can kill you. She almost did kill you. And she’ll no doubt be looking for you tonight.”

    “I have a job to do. I can’t stop doing it just because I almost get killed. If that was the case, I’d have stopped doing this a hundred times by now.” By this point, Aragorn had fully changed into his entire Super-Mod attire. “I need to go on my patrol more so now then ever, because there’s a crazy psycho out there, running the crime and I need to put a stop to it. I’ll be back later.”

    And with that, Super-Mod reached the garage. He hopped onto his motorcycle and without another word, he took off down the tunnel that would lead him outside.


    Back at JPJunkee’s house, JPJunkee looked like he was about to fall asleep, but yet at the same time, there was also a bit of a triumphant look. JP3 Girl however, was near tears with a very sad look on her face.

    “I’ll keep looking into it,” JPJunkee yawned. “But so far all the evidence points towards Super-Mod having killed him. I know you don’t want to accept it, but you have to start thinking about the fact that he may be dead, and that Super-Mod may have been responsible.”

    JP3 Girl wiped tears from her eyes and gritted her teeth. Super-Mod seemed to protect the Innocent. Why would he have killed Aragorn? Yet, it was possible that he was to blame for another mysterious death - Cameron’s mutilated body was found at a spot where witnesses said they saw Super-Mod headed to and from around that time. And it was common knowledge that Cameron was as innocent as a baby. Maybe Super-Mod really wasn’t as good of a guy as he appeared to be. Maybe he worked for some kind of crime ring that wanted to empty the town of it’s current crime lords before moving in.

    “Thank-You,” JP3 Girl said through gritted teeth. “I’ll keep in touch if I find anything on Super-Mod.” And with that, she left JPJunkee to get some sleep and walked out of the house.


    A few minutes later, JP3 Girl walked in through the door of her own house.”Sorry I had the car so late. I lost track of…” She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw her mother passed out in front of the TV, a few empty beer bottles on the floor nearby.

    “Drunk,” JP3 Girl scoffed. “Like always.” She continued past her mom and up to her room. Once there, she closed the door behind her and stood still, closing her eyes, concentrating. Earlier, she had begun to wonder if maybe she could control what her ESP showed her, and now she was going to test it out on someone she desperately needed to locate.


    In JP3 Girl’s mind, she could see Super-Mod riding down a random street on his motorcycle, almost completely camouflaged by all his black.


    JP3 Girl opened her eyes, smiling. She may not have been able to find much out, but she was pleased to know that she could use her new powers as a kind of locator of sorts. She looked at the witch mask in her hands and threw it to the floor. “That won’t do.”

    She went to her closet and started digging through her junk. Before too long she pulled out a white mask that covered the top half of her face from her nouse upwards, leaving only her eyes open. She laid it on the floor beside her and continued to rummage. Soon she pulled out a black bandage and some maroon-colored spray paint along with wash-out hair dye.

    JP3 Girl immediately set out on spraying the white mask with the maroon spray paint. When she was done with that, she put her leather pants on an ironing board in her room and spray painted the fire design on them, the same color as her now-maroon mask. She proceeded to use a paint brush to paint the buttons on her jacket the same color as the mask and flames. After that, she picked up the spray paint can and sprayed the color onto the fur collar as well.

    To finalize her change, JP3 Girl spent the next ten minutes in her bathroom, dying her hair blue with the wash-out hair dye. Before leaving for the night, she put on some black gloves and went searching through her house. Her mother, when not drunk, worked at the local museum and had recently received a box of old relics to put up on display.

    It didn’t take her long to locate the box and dig through it, removing a Chakram, which was an old medieval Frisbee-like weapon. It was a thin sharp circle, much like a Frisbee only without anything in the middle, and was made of sharp metal. Before leaving, she quickly stopped by the person-sized mirror in the hall to look herself over.



    Super-Mod drove down a street near the local pond, looking for any unusual activity. A lone mysterious female walked out of a dark ally.

    “Super--Mod!” she shouted out. Super-Mod stopped his motorcycle and looked around. He spotted the figure approaching him. He removed his helmet and looked at her. She had a maroon mask covering the top of her face, with a black handkerchief covering the lower part of her face. She wore a jacket that ended just below her ribs, with maroon buttons and a maroon-colored fur collar. Under her jacket she had an army green shirt, and below that she had black leather pants with maroon-colored flame one the side of one leg. On the side of her waist was a chakram.

    “Who are you?” Super-Mod asked.

    “You killed my boyfriend,” The female figure snarled. “ I’m here to get revenge.”

    “Boy, if I got a penny for every time I heard something similar to that…” Super-Mod trailed off. “He was a bad person. I only kill bad people.”

    “He was not a bad person! You are a bad person. And I’m going to make sure you don’t get to kill anyone else.”

    The girl took the chakram from her waist and threw it towards Super-Mod. Super-Mod ducked and the object flew right past him. “Whoa,” Super-Mod exclaimed. “Now you’re starting to get a tad bit close for comfort there.”

    Suddenly Super-Mod heard a whooshing noise and looked behind him. He ducked just in time to avoid the chakram coming back for a second hit. He stood up and saw the object stop in mid-air and head back to him. “What the fuck?”

    He turned and ran back to his bike, but before he could get on it, he turned around and took out a gun. The chakram was about to slice into him when he ducked, avoiding it, and then came back up and fired at it before it had a chance to come back for him again. The bullet knocked the object away, knocking it to the ground.

    Super-Mod turned to face the newcomer, but was met with a punch to the face. “Ow! That hurt!” Super-Mod yelled. “You got some muscle on you!”

    The mysterious girl kicked Super-Mod in the chest and sent him flying back. He landed on his back and before he could recover, she had her foot on his neck, putting her weight down. “Time to finish this,” she whispered.

    Super-Mod grabbed her foot and twisted as he rolled away. The girl fall to the ground and Super-Mod was back on his feet. He was suddenly shoved back however, without anyone even touching him. He looked around to see just what the hell was going on, but was shoved back again, harder this time.

    The girl was now back on her feet and jumped at Super-Mod, but then she seemed to lift up in the air a couple extra feet on top of that, and flipped high over Super-Mod’s head. While in the air, she swung her foot back and kicked Super-Mod in the back of the head, causing him to stumble forward.

    He whipped around to face her just as she landed and turned to face him. “Ok, now I’m getting a bit serious,” Super-Mod warned. “At first I didn’t want to hurt you because you’re a girl, but now I’m starting to not care about that.”

    “Give me your best shot,” the girl welcomed. Super-Mod took out his guns and fired at her, but all his bullets stopped in mid air and flew in random directions as if someone threw them away. Super-Mod looked down at his guns and then back up just in time to drop his guns and block a punch from his attacker.

    The girl went to kick, but Super-Mod used his other hand to block that. Then he brought it up in an uppercut, catching the girl’s chin. She a back-kick and used her telekinetic abilities to help with it, as Super-Mod flew back through the air further then a normal kick would send someone. Super-Mod crashed into the pond and sunk below the surface.

    The girl stood by the edge and scanned the water, looking for Super-Mod when he surfaced. She stood around for a minute. Then two. He still had not surfaced. She stood around for another few minutes, too long for anyone to hold their breath underwater. Content that he was dead, the mysterious girl turned and walked away, leaving as abruptly as she had arrived.


    Super-Mod surfaced on the other side of the pond. He had had to loose his jacket, boots, and hat in the water, so he could swim easier, but he had also lost his sunglasses in the fall. His black face paint had also washed off in the water. The rest of him was soaking wet.

    Super-Mod crawled onto the soft ground and fell into a heap on his back, removing his black mouth bandage and breathing heavy. He let the bandage blow away in the breeze as he slowly stood and started making his way back to his motorcycle.


    Back at the base, Seth was relaxing by sitting and reading a nice book, when he heard a crashing noise in the garage. He put the book down and rushed into the room to find Aragorn crumpling to a heap at the foot of his motorcycle. He rushed to him and helped him stand.

    “Psycho bitch…” Aragorn mumbled.

    “I told you she had something planned,” Seth said.

    “No, not her,” explained Aragorn. “Someone else. Apparently I killed her boyfriend.”

    “Well you have killed a lot of people.” Seth helped Aragorn to the couch, where he laid down. “Just get some rest.”

    But before he knew it, Aragorn was already passed out.


    The following morning, bright and early, JP3 Girl walked towards Dan’s Page High School, heavy bags under her eyes. She let out a big yawn, and as she got closer to the school, she heard people talking and mentioning Super-Mod’s name. She eavesdropped on the nearest conversation.

    “…and apparently some people saw him crawl out of the pond on the other side from where he fought that chick. The guy took a major beating.”

    JP3 Girl scowled as she continued on and stormed inside the school, just as Malcolm was storming out. She stopped suddenly. “Malcolm, what are you doing?”

    “I just dropped out of school, and I don’t want to hear any shit from you too,” he snapped at her. “It’s not for me, end of story.”

    “Malcolm, they were right,” JP3 Girl blurted out, not being able to hold it in.


    “Everyone! Aragorn…” she tried to stop tears from coming to her eyes, but was having difficulty. “He’s dead. Super-Mod killed him.”

    Malcolm gasped, shocked. “How do you know this?”

    “I worked with a Private Investigator to figure it out,” she explained.

    Malcolm looked around and grabbed JP3 Girl by the arm and led her to a tree where no one was around. “I can pay him back, for the two of us.”


    Malcolm sighed, “I’m not suppose to tell anyone this, so if you utter a single word to anyone, I’ll…”

    “I won’t,” JP3 Girl interjected quickly.

    “I joined a gang,” Malcolm explained to her. “The Order to be more exact. It’s why I’m dropping out of school. I just need to tell them that we should go after Super-Mod and they’ll be on it.”

    “Don’t do anything dangerous, Malcolm. Super-Mod isn’t joking around. He kills people almost every night. He knows his shit.”

    “And so does The Order.” Malcolm looked at his watch. “Look, I’ve got to go, but I promise you. I’ll take of this. That fucker will pay for what he did.”

    Malcolm turned and walked away, leaving JP3 Girl by herself. Knowing Malcolm was gone to meet up with The Order, JP3 Girl whispered to herself, “Oh, like hell you’re leaving me here.” And she began trailing Malcolm from a distance.


    Aragorn opened his eyes and slowly sat up, wincing in pain. “Man, this has been a bad week…” he murmured to himself as he stood up and walked over to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw the two liters of chocolate milk. “God damn chocolate lover.”

    He took the chocolate milk and made himself a bowl of cereal. Seth came around the corner shortly after Aragorn began to eat. “How are you this morning?”

    “Soa,” Aragorn replied..

    Seth smiled. “Is it because you got beat up by two chicks in one day?”

    Aragorn glared at Seth. “JurassiClaw’s daughter never beat me up. And don’t you have something to fix?”

    “No, I got the ventilation fixed last night. I’ve got nothing to fix in this place for once.”

    Aragorn moved his bowl off the kitchen table to the counter and then slams his fist onto the table, smashing it in half. “Well now you do.”

    Seth threw his hands into the air, pissed off. “Oh come on, Aragorn! We eat off that!”

    “Then I suggest less talk and more fixing.”

    “Well aren’t you quite the grouch today.” Seth hummed the ‘Grinch’ theme as he took the broken table out of the room and headed to the garage.


    Malcolm looked around himself, making sure no one saw him as he slipped inside a seemingly closed down building. JP3 Girl watched him from behind a tree at a near distance, having been hidden behind it when Malcolm looked around.


    Malcolm moved through the Punk Club as some techno music filled the room. He spotted the table that Ben and the others were sitting at and joined them. Ben passed Malcolm a joint, which he took.

    “May I suggest a person for my killing?” Malcolm instantly said. Ben motioned for him to continue on. Malcolm glanced at the back of the room where Naninou was sitting in a booth with a few bodyguards. “That chick is looking for Super-Mod right? Well I just found out that he killed my friend that went missing two years ago. Now I figure I can kill him, thus become a member of The Order, and by killing him, I also get The Order in her good graces.”

    Ben leaned back in his seat. “You know, that’s not a bad idea at all. If you can accomplish it, then go right ahead. You have my blessing.”

    Malcolm chuckled as he breathed in from the joint. Suddenly the main doors slammed open and the mysterious girl from the night before walked in, flashing neon lights playing across her figure. She looked around the room and spotted Malcolm. She started to head in the direction of his table, but a druggie stepped in front of her, blocking her way.

    “Hey hot stuff, you the new dancer?” he smiled, showing his blackened teeth. “You know, all the other dancers have gotten to know me a bit better. How about before your show you come back to…”

    He was cut off as the girl’s hand flew out and wrapped around the druggie’s neck, tightening. “I’m not a dancer and I’m not a slut. Got that?” The druggie slightly nodded as the girl let go and an invisible force pushed the man away.

    The girl reached Malcolm’s table and looked down at the group. “Who’s in charge here?”

    Ben smiled. “How much are you willing to pay for this information?”

    “How about I don’t kill you and we call it even?”

    Ben’s attention was brought to the girl’s hand as it moved towards her chakram at her side. Ben pointed. “Naninou. Over there.”

    The girl turned and walked to Naninou’s booth. As she approached, Naninou looked up and her bodyguards took out a pair of guns. “Can I help you?”

    “I hear you want Super-Mod.” Naninou frowned, and the mysterious girl continued, “I want him too. He killed my boyfriend and I want revenge. I fought him last night. I would have killed him if I had known that he was still alive.”

    “And you’re telling me this because…” Naninou was already bored. She didn’t want to hear stories of Super-Mod living. She wanted stories of his death.

    “I want to propose a partnership,” the girl got to her point. “I can kill him, on my own, no problem. But I need people to be there to stop the fuck from running away.”

    “He does seem to be good at that.” Naninou contemplated the idea that had been put forth. “Ok, you have a deal. Meet me back here this afternoon and we’ll devise a plan. As for right now, I have other business to attend to. It was nice meeting you, my little wild card.”

    Naninou stretched out her hand and the girl, who would end up taking on that very name of Wildcard, shook it. “Tonight will be the fall of Super-Mod.” Wildcard turned and walked away.

    Naninou watched her as she walked across the room and out the door. “Hmm. Cute costume,” she said quietly to herself.


    Aragorn walked into the garage of his base, where Seth was fixing the table. Aragorn was having a smoke. “I’m going out,” he informed his friend.

    “At this time of day? Why? Has something happened?” Seth asked, growing concerned.

    “No,” Aragorn replied. “I need to go make sure JP3 Girl and Malcolm are safe.”

    Seth sighed. “They are safe, Aragorn. You go and spy on them every day for two years, and does anything ever happen? No. They’re fine. Besides, you need to get some more rest.”

    “I need to find out who that girl was last night. There was something about her. It was like she was punching me, but she was wasn’t even near me. Her weapon…It changed direction in midair. I need to find more out about her. See what her deal is and who’s side she’s on.”

    “You won’t find anything out during the day,” Seth said. “The rats and weasels are nocturnal here.”

    “They come out during the day too. You just need to know where to look,” Aragorn explained. He walked walked over to a closet and opened it to reveal a dozen jackets, all the same, with dozens of every other part of the Super-Mod attire. “Good thing for backups.”

    He reached in to grab the nearest jacket.


    The day had clouded over and it had started pouring rain. Super-Mod sat on the ground, having a smoke as he watched the school across the street as students piled out of it. He spent the next forty minutes watching various students and groups leaving the school and scanning them. JP3 Girl and Malcolm were never among them, however Super-Mod waited around until the last few stragglers had left and the school yard was empty before he gave up.

    Super-Mod sighed and turned to get back on his bike, but Wildcard was standing there.

    “Sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you and your spying,” she snapped. “What were you doing? Picking out your next victim?”

    “Nah,” Super-Mod shrugged. “I already found her.” Super-Mod whipped out his guns and fired, but Wildcard dodged to the side. Super-Mod turned to face her, but was met with a foot to the face.

    He tumbled back as Wildcard pounced on him, knocking him to the ground. Wildcard straddled him and pinned his arms down. Suddenly Super-Mod groaned as he felt someone punching his chest over and over, but he couldn’t see anyone other then Wildcard, who had her hands busy pinning him down.

    Super-Mod rammed his head up and hit Wildcard in the face. She screamed and loosened her grip. Super-Mod rolled over and it was his turn to pin Wildcard to the ground. He got shoved off by an invisible force and rolled across the ground, coming back up to his feet. Wildcard returned to her feet as well.

    “I don’t know how you survived last time,” she called to him. “But I won’t make the same mistake again.”

    “Who the hell are you?” Super-Mod asked. Wildcard did a half-turn back-kick, but Super-Mod caught her leg with his hands. Then Wildcard jumped up and kicked him with her other foot. Super-Mod stumbled back as Wildcard landed in a crouch.

    “My name is not important. But you can call me…” she thought for a second, before remembering what Naninou had referred to her as. “Wildcard.”

    “I guess that makes me the Ace then, huh?” Super-Mod got shoved back by the invisible force again and Wildcard ran at him. They got into a flurry of punches, hand attacks, and blocks. Super-Mod got a good punch in at her face, causing Wildcard to break away and take a few steps back.

    Super-Mod ran at her, but she jumped back and threw her fist straight out. Super-Mod was ‘punched’ in the gut by and invisible force and doubled over. Wildcard ran at him and sung her foot up to connect with his face while he was doubled over.

    Super-Mod’s face flew up as he fell to the ground. Wildcard stood above him, laughing. Super-Mod removed something from his pocket and stuck it to the ground, pressing down on it.

    He rolled away as the ground exploded, throwing dirt into Wildcard’s eyes. She screamed and rubbed at her eyes. While she was distracted, Super-Mod ran to his motorcycle and climbed on, quickly starting it up and driving away in record time.

    Wildcard threw a tiny circler electronic device and guided it with her mind until it landed perfectly on the back of Super-Mod’s motorcycle.


    In the Punk Club, Naninou was having a drink when Wildcard walked up to her. “It is done,” she informed the new crime lord.

    Naninou took out a small tracking device and looked at a dot moving through a map of the Site. “Good work. Although I don’t understand why you can’t just use that Tracking ESP you claim to have and find him.”

    “It doesn’t always work,” Wildcard explained. “Only some of the time. And it only seems to work with him when he’s around town. Where ever his hideout is, I seem to never be able to see him when he’s there. I don’t know why. Maybe my ESP has a distance restriction or something.”

    Naninou shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. We can find his base now anyway.”

    2/13/2006 1:43:45 AM

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