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    Stan Winston begged Spielberg to cut down on the water in TLW, as the many rain scenes in JP proved to weigh down the animatronics, causing them to shake. (From: 'dinosaur_neill')
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    Super-Mod (Part 4)
    By Aragorn

    Aragorn walked up to JP3 Girl’s door and rang the doorbell. JP3 Girl opened the door and smiled. “Hey,” she greeted.

    “Hey,” Aragorn smiled back.

    JP3 Girl closed the door behind her. “How did you get here?”

    “I walked,” Aragorn admitted.

    “Good. Just what I was hoping for.” JP3 Girl put her arm through Aragorn’s and leaned against him as they walked away down the street.


    After night arrived that evening, Cameron walked down a street by himself. He had a bag in his hands from one of the local computer stores and was on his way home to hook up whatever device he had purchased.

    All evening he had been running that day’s events through his head. How do I get Aragorn to come around? he thought to himself. The town needs him…

    His thoughts were interrupted by a chuckling noise. He whipped around and Carna walked out from an alley, holding a gun. “Well, looky-here. A nerd out past his bedtime. Maybe if you scream loud enough, Super-Mod will hear.”

    Thinking that this thug knew that he knew about Super-Mod, Cameron tried to deny it. “Who? I don’t know any Super-whatever.”

    Carna shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I need to draw him out and I’m sure he’ll show up if I kill enough people.” He pulled back on the hammer, about to fire.

    Cameron suddenly realized that Carna knew nothing and that had only picked Cameron at random. He decided he could use that in his favor. Not only to save himself, but to save the entire Site by making Super-Mod return. “Wait!” he shouted, deciding to go for it. “I do know Super-Mod!”

    “Sure, kid,” Carna chuckled. Yet he hesitated on firing.

    “No, I really do!” Cameron confessed. “I was only lying before. His real name is Aragorn. He lives on 609 80th Ave. He has a girlfriend, JP3 Girl. I know him from school. He approached me to help him get weapons and stuff.”

    Carna replayed the last few sentence in his mind. He didn’t quite believe the kid, after all he was probably just trying to save his own skin by making shit up. However, he couldn’t really afford to be wrong. “This girlfriend. Where does she live?” he finally asked.

    “698 on the same street as Aragorn,” Cameron gave Carna all the info he would need, without a single hesitation. After all, he did warn Aragorn that he would find a way to revive Super-Mod.

    “Why are you telling me this? You’re betraying your friend.” Carna was still quite cautious about this new information, and even though he already had his mind made up about checking it up, he still wasn’t quite convinced that it was actually true.

    “I’m simply doing what it takes,” Cameron replied in a low voice, through clenched teeth.

    Carna shrugged, not any more convinced. “I guess I’ll take that. Now get out of my face. You just bought yourself more time to live, nerd-boy.”

    Cameron turned and ran down the street, away from Carna.


    After having walked Ashleigh home after the movie ended, and having their first kiss, Aragorn returned to his own house to find Cameron sitting on his doorstep, looking at the ground sadly.

    Aragorn sighed, getting extremely fid-up with Cameron’s constant insistence. “I already told you Cameron, I made up my mind. Now please, stop pressuring me. I said no and I mean it. Super-Mod is gone.”

    Cameron looked up, his eyes red and near tears. “He has to make another appearance.” Cameron stated.

    “Why?” Aragorn asked, humoring Cameron’s idea. It wasn’t going to change his mind though, as he already had it made up and was in the process of fixing his life up.

    “I’m so sorry Aragorn,” Cameron honestly said, fear and sadness both evident in his voice.

    Aragorn realized that Cameron did something extremely bad, and even though he knew he was going to regret it, he had to know what Cameron was talking about. “What did you do?” Aragorn asked, narrowing his eyes.

    Cameron explained, “I was on my way home and this thug stopped me. He had green hair and this golden medallion around his neck, and part of his face was burned. He was going to kill me, Aragorn! I…” he paused as tears flooded his eyes. “I told him. I told him about you. About JP3 Girl. About everything. And…He went after JP3 Girl.”

    Aragorn gasped, shocked. He felt his heart sink down to his feet and felt hollow inside. Cameron had to be joking! He just had to be! There was no way he would have done something like that!

    Cameron wiped the tears from his eyes, confidence suddenly building within him. “But now you have to become Super-Mod one last time if you want to save JP3 Girl. And the thug no doubt will tell others about you. Unless you want your friends, family, and JP3 Girl to continue to be in danger for the rest of their lives, you’ll have to leave all of them and if you do that, then you may as well become Super-Mod and do some good.”

    Aragorn, furious, suddenly punched Cameron in the face, knocking him to the ground. “I knew I should have never trusted you.” Knowing he didn’t have the time to see if Cameron was even conscious, Aragorn turned and ran off down the street.


    Aragorn, out of breath, slowed to a stop outside of JP3 Girl’s house and rang the doorbell. After a few minutes without an answer, he rang it again. He really wanted to believe that Cameron was lying, but deep down Aragorn knew he had been telling the truth.

    The door opened and JP3 Girl’s father stepped out, looking both tired and extremely pissed off. “What the hell are you doing, ringing our doorbell in the middle of the friggin’ night?”

    Aragorn had no time to feel intimidated. “Is JP3 Girl there?”

    “She hasn’t come home from her date yet,” Aragorn felt his heart sink even deeper then before. He had been holding onto the thought that Cameron was lying, but now he knew for a fact that he wans’t. Aragorn himself had dropped JP3 Girl off at her house, and now she was missing. Her father however, didn’t seem to notice Aragorn’s depressed and fearful expression and continued, “I’m sure this could have waited until morning, young man. Decent people sleep at this time of night.”

    But Aragorn didn’t hear him. He had already taken off back down the street, finding a new burst of energy to keep him going.


    Aragorn rushed into his bedroom, not caring about how much noise he made or if he woke his parents up. He reached under his bed and pulled out the bookbag with his Super-Mod attire in it. He quickly changed out of his current clothes and suited up in the clothes that made up his Super-Mod outfit. After all that, he loaded his guns and checked to make sure he had extra ammo on him. He did a few practice punches and kicked to see how well he could move with his wound.

    Super-Mod ran downstairs to the answering machine and played the message back. “Hi,” Aragorn’s father’s voice sounded. “You’ve reached the home of Aragorn, Mandee, and Martin Randle at…” As the ‘Martin Randle’ name played, Super-Mod pressed ‘record’ on his watch. The rest of the message continued to play as he went back upstairs and into the master bedroom. He stood above the bed, with his parents sound asleep in it.

    He was about to lean down and give them both a goodbye kiss, knowing that Cameron was right and that he could never return if he wanted them to stay safe, however in the end he decided against the kiss as he was scared it would wake them up.

    He turned away sadly, and back downstairs. He reached into his father’s jacket on a hanger in a closet, and pulled out a set of keys. He went outside and found that Cameron was still sitting on the step, holding a hand up to his injured head.

    “I’ll deal out punishment to you later,” Super-Mod growled. And with that, Super-Mod turned and ran down the street as fast as he could.


    Super-Mod eventually reached his father’s dealership and took out the keys he stole from the jacket pocket. He unlocked the front door and walked inside the darkened building. He went over to the main computer and booted it up. Once it was ready, the computer asked for a voice recognition and he played back ‘Martin Randle’ from his watch and the computer beeped, allowing him into the vehicle database.

    Super-Mod did a quick search for his motorcycle and located it. He went to the section of the building that the computer told him to and he spotted his motorcycle and went over to it, placing the ‘SM’ stickers on it.

    He quickly walked over to a box on the wall that held the keys for the vehicles. It was an electric lock that required a password that he didn’t know. Not wishing to take the time to try to figure the password out, Super-Mod simply pushed a few buttons on his watch and used the laser feature, pointing the little thin red line into the electronic lock. After a few seconds, it short circuited as a small amount of white smoke exited from it. He popped the box open, taking out the proper key to the motorcycle.

    He returned to the bike and hopped on, putting his Super-Mod helmet on. He started up the bike and drove it off the ramp it was resting on, through the glass of a window, and onto the street, driving away as the broken glass showered the street behind him and an alarm rang out from the dealership.


    Super-Mod drove around Dan’s JP3 Page aimlessly, realizing he didn’t have the slightest idea of where they would have taken JP3 Girl. Knowing that they wanted him to find them, Super-Mod decided to go to all the places he had ran into Carna before, but came up with nothing. He drove by the theater that he and JP3 Girl had gone on their date to, but that area was empty as well.

    He followed the path he and JP3 Girl had taken home earlier that night, just in case, but he reached his own house once more, without having spotted anything out of the ordinary along the way. When he reached his house however, he found Cameron finally gone from his doorstep, but there was a note stuck to the front door. Super-Mod got off the bike and grabbed the note, nearly ripping it in half as he detached it from the door.

    I have JP3 Girl, the note read. She is being kept at the abandoned warehouse just outside of Dan’s JP3 Page. If Aragorn does not appear within two hours, I will kill her. The time that the note was written, was written at the bottom of the note.

    “Aragorn is dead,” Super-Mod growled in a low voice as he crumpled the note. He turned around, hopped back on the motorcycle, and took off once again.


    Inside of the abandoned warehouse, various gangsters walked around, carrying various types of guns as they waited patiently for the appearance of Super-Mod. All of a sudden the door bursted in as a motorcycle slammed through it.

    Right away, Super-Mod started firing, bringing a couple of the men down. The other men raised their guns and fired just as Super-Mod tipped the bike to its side, allowing it to slide/skid down the length of the floor, using it as a shield. The bullets hit against the bike, some bouncing away while others embedded deep into the metal.

    Super-Mod let go of the bike and ran away as it exploded. He ducked behind a pillar that went straight up from the floor and into the roof. He threw his helmet off, growling, and took his hat out of his jacket pocket and put it on.

    Super-Mod turned around long enough to fire a few shots and then went back behind the pillar. He looked up and saw a bunch of men about to sniper him from a landing that went all the way around the length of the warehouse, located about half way up to the roof. He aimed both his guns up and started firing, not stopping until all the snipers were dead or injured. Then he moved out from behind the pillar and fired both his guns at a bunch of the thugs, killing some, and going behind the pillar again just as shots hit the edge of it where he used to be.

    A few men walked around the corner and Super-Mod discovered that his guns were empty by the clicking noise. He dropped them and dodged a few shots as he slowly got closer to them. He hit one of their guns away with his arm, and then knocked the other person’s gun away with a back kick. He did various punches, blocking, and kicks. Soon enough those two men, and one other, were on the floor, unconscious. Super-Mod went back behind the pillar just as more shots hit where he used to be. He picked up his guns and reloaded them.

    He looked and saw some men coming out from a room that was on his side of the pillar and started firing, killing them one-by-one as they exited the room. He took out a bit of the explosive strip and placed it on the pillar, pressing it. He ran from behind the pillar just as it exploded, sending rock and stone outward towards the thugs, causing smoke to obscure Super-Mod from view. He fired as he ran sideways, going into the room that he just killed the men coming out of.

    Taking more ammo from his pockets, Super-Mod reloaded his guns once more. He heard a sound outside his door and shot a hole through it. He heard a thump from the other side and saw blood seep in from under the door.

    Super-Mod opened the door, seeing another dead body on the floor. He side-kicked the closest man and sent him flying away. Then he kneed another in the groin and followed through with a punch to the head, knocking him out.

    Super-Mod fired at the last man. Two shots, one from each gun, went straight into his head. Super-Mod panted, out of breath. “Piece of cake,” he whispered to himself sarcastically as he tried to catch his breath.

    All of a sudden he could hear Clapping and he turned to look at Carna walking out from another room. JurassiClaw was with him and he was the person that was clapping. “Imagine,” JurassiClaw spoke. “I go from a boring lowly truck driver, to the most respected crime lord in almost all of the Internet, and now all of my most trusted men are dead, all because of a little brat that can’t stop playing House. It’s almost funny in it’s own sick way.”

    “Such a shame,” Super-Mod said coldly. “Where’s JP3 Girl?”

    “Follow me.” Carna walked across the floor, towards another door. Super-Mod followed him cautiously, walking out the door to the backyard of the warehouse, leaving JurassiClaw alone inside. The outside yard was filled with boxes and crates, cut off from the rest of the world by a high fence. JP3 Girl was tied and gagged to a chair in the middle of the maze of crates. Carna led Super-Mod to her.

    “Don’t worry. I didn’t tell her your secret,” Carna sneered. “Although I was awfully tempted to though. Lucky for you, JurassiClaw has some kind of twisted respect for you.”

    Super-Mod raised his guns to Carna. “Untie the girl.” Carna laughed, which was followed by a shot that rang out. A bullet hit the ground right in front of Super-Mod, missing him by a mere centimeter. He raised his head and saw JurassiClaw on the ledge above, aiming a gun down at him. That’s when he realized that he had been led straight into a trap.

    Super-Mod turned and started running sideways as he fired up at JurassiClaw, but JurassiClaw ducked back inside the building and Super-Mod quickly ran out of bullets. He dodged when gunfire was returned and he ran behind a crate, keeping low. He dropped his guns and moved through the maze of crates and boxes, making sure to always keep his head down.

    He reached into his pocket and took out the device that made the explosive tape. He ripped a piece off as he reached the edge of the crate maze and he took off running straight ahead. Carna and JurassiClaw spot him and both fire, but he dodged the shots and used a crate as a lift, and jumpped up from the small crate, grabbing the edge of the ledge where JurassiClaw was standing. He flipped over the ledge, landing in front of the crime lord.

    Super-Mod punched JurassiClaw with one hand. While he stumbled back, Super-Mod took JurassiClaw’ gun and pressed his thumb against his head, turning and jumping off the ledge.

    JurassiClaw bellowed with laughter. “Was that touch supposed to hurt? I’ll show you how to really deal out pai…” he was cut off as his head suddenly exploded in a gory display, splattering the area with blood, bone, and brain matter.

    Super-Mod landed in a crouch on the ground and stood up, pointing the gun at Carna. Carna changed his gun from pointing at Super-Mod, to pointing at JP3 Girl’s head. “You didn’t save the day this time, hero-brat,” he spat.

    JP3 Girl squeezed her eyes shut. Super-Mod shot his gun, expecting to hit Carna, but missed. Carna turned his gun and fired at Super-Mod, but Super-Mod dodged to the side as he ran at Carna and did a jump side-kick and nailed Carna in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

    Super-Mod bent down, out of breath once more, and picked up Carna’s gun. “You’ve caused both me and this girl a lot of pain.”

    Carna raised one of his hands in defense. “Please, don’t shoot,” he begged. Super-Mod ignored him and was about to shoot, but Carna swung his foot out at the last second and tripped Super-Mod. The shot went wild, missing Carna by a mile. Once Super-Mod landed on his back, Carna jumped on top of him and started to choke him, making sure to knock the gun out of his hand first.

    Super-Mod’s face started turning blue, despite the dark shade of black already covering it. Super-Mod slammed the back of his foot down onto Carna’s back, causing him to loose his balance and get knocked over onto his side.

    Super-Mod got on top of Carna, punching him in the face repeatedly. Carna pushed Super-Mod off, sending him flying back. “I’ll be sure to make you suffer before I kill you, boy.” Carna picked up his gun, aiming it at JP3 Girl.

    Super-Mod reached the gun he took from JurassiClaw and fired two shots, one knocking the gun out of Carna’s hands just as he fired, causing the shot to miss JP3 Girl by a fraction of a hair, the second planting deep into Carna’s neck.

    Blood gushed out and Carna’s breath slowed as he tried to plug it with his hand. Within seconds however, he was dead.

    Super-Mod breathed heavy to catch his breath and lightly moaned in pain as he slowly walked, or more like stumbled, towards JP3 Girl. He bent done behind her and untied her hands. He helped her get the rest of the ropes untied.

    Once she was free, she stood up and turned to face him. “Who are you?” she asked, whsing to know the name of her rescuer.

    “Super-Mod. Boy of the Site.”

    “But who are you?” JP3 Girl pressed.

    Super-Mod ignored her, not wishing to tell her who he really was. After all, Aragorn was dead now anyway. “There are several cars parked out front,” he explained. “Their last owners won’t be needing them anymore. Take one and drive yourself home. Go straight home.”

    “But…” JP3 Girl wondered if she should first go to the Mods, but before she could finish, Super-Mod turned and ran off. JP3 Girl was left standing alone in the night, looking out after him.


    Days later, Cameron was driving out of town under the cover of night. He had laid low until he was fully packed, but he knew he had to get out of town. Aragorn was going to be furious with him, and he couldn’t stick around to see what he would do to him.

    Suddenly one of his tires blew out, causing him to skid all over the road until he flew off the road and into a deep ditch. Cameron’s head hit off the steering wheel hard. He moaned as he lifted his head up, a small bleeding cut now running across it.

    Wondering what happened, he stepped out of his car, his legs weak and wobbly, and walked up to the road. He spotted a spike strip going across one side of the street and looked around franticly, searching for the person he knew planted it.

    Super-Mod slowly walked out of the nearby forest. Cameron saw him and backed up. “You…You’re par…parents…” he stumbled over the words, knowing that Super-Mod may try to do something drastic to him. He had heard about the Warehouse massacre from a few days earlier. He now knew what Super-Mod was truly capable of.

    he almost tripped over a rock as he stepped backwards, but caught himself. “They think…” he continued, “They think that you ran away. They blame themselves for being…too hard on you. They know you stole the bike from the dealership, but…but they think that you ran away on it. Everything’s covered.”

    Cameron stopped backing up as he bumped into a tree, and Super-Mod moved in closer. Luckily for Super-Mod, there had been no one near enough to the area to hear Cameron’s dying screams.


    Aragorn’s parents moved away soon after he disappeared. They blamed themselves for his ‘running away’ and couldn’t bare to live at that Site anymore. Super-Mod wished more then anything that he could have told them the truth and spared them the pain, but he knew it was better that way. Safer for them that way. JP3 Girl was extremely upset over Aragorn’s running away as well, and took it just as hard as his parents did. Even months later, she was still not the least bit over it.

    However, the crime rate of the Site began to reduce greatly, and Super-Mod was still around, watching over and protecting the Site from those that wanted to do it harm…


    2/10/2006 2:30:10 AM

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