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    Because of Steven Speilberg's contributions to museums in Japan, they honored him by naming a dinosaur after the characters in JP. (From: 'Dinosaur_Neil')
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    StarCraft Treatment Part 2
    By Aragorn

    Chapter 5

    A few years have passed and everyone is older. They get served stale bread and Danielle complains about it. It is revealed that over the years, most of Jimís men have died. All that remains is Jim, Jack, Danielle, and a small handful of Jimís old men. We are introduced to Ryan Miller, another military prisoner.
    Suddenly the power goes out, pitching them into darkness, however also unlocking their cell doors. They are reluctant to leave at first, thinking itís a trap, but eventually go out into the empty hall.
    Jack goes over to a kit on the wall and removes three flashlights which he passes around. They start making their way through the halls, hoping to find a way off the station.
    The group stops when they hear a screeching noise close by. They continue to explore the complex and come across an area of the base that had a group of Zerglings locked behind a set of bars. Everyone is angry at the sight and that is when Jack suggests that maybe they arenít in a jail but research lab and they use convicts to feed to the Zergs.
    Suddenly the Zerglings discover that the bars arenít locked shut anymore and rush out, chasing the weapon-less group through the halls. One of Jimís men bites the dust in this scene.
    They reach an armory and lock the door. The Zerglings pound on it, trying to get in. After they load up, they open the door and let the Zerglings in, only to slaughter them.
    They leave and continue to explore. As they enter another room, someone shoots at them but misses. Ryan chases him down and kills him. They continue on and enter another room that is full of scientist bodies and body parts. Blood is splattered everywhere and there is an opened Zerg holding pen nearby with no Zergs in it.
    In the middle of the room is a teleporter. They each go on it one by one and teleport to another room someplace else in the station. The room they teleport into is filled with Marines that order them to put their hands up. They ignore the Marines and fire at them.
    By the time all the Marines are dead, two more of Jimís men are also dead and Jack has been shot in the arm. They leave the room and continue down the hall. Suddenly the power returns and the hall lights up.
    They enter another room that has a giant computer terminal in the center. Ryan says that he knows computers really well and Jim tells him to get onto the computer and see if he can bring up any useful information.
    After a few minutes, Ryan says that he hit the jackpot with files on experiments that the Confederate has been doing on Zergs as well as humans and gives a list of names with Duke being at the very top. He saves all the information to a disk.
    Jim orders him to send an S.O.S. transmission to Korhal. He has an old friend there that theyíll be able to trade the information on the disk to in return for a rescue. Ryan does as heís told.
    As Ryan is sending the transmission, the door opens and someone walks in. Everyone trains their guns on him, but he holds u his hands. He explains that heís a prisoner like them and was about to become Zerg food when the power outage hit and he was able to get away. His name is Jeff Long.
    Jim tells him that they just sent out a transmission to be picked up and they should be leaving within a few days. A couple Marine Guards walk in the room, but they donít survive long enough to do anything. Jim orders Jack and Danielle to work on the door and seal it off so nothing can get in easily.
    Over the next few days, they stay in the room but hear screaming and screeching from someplace else in the station. There are even a few bangs on the door but whatever was trying to get in ends up leaving it alone soon after.
    After a few days, an incoming call comes from the Computer Terminal. Itís Acturus Mensgsk, leader of The Sons of Korhal from the planet Korhal. He is responding to an S.O.S. transmission sent from this location. Jim replies back, and by the way they talk, itís easily assumed that they know each other from the past.
    Acturus tells them to get to the Docking Bay and heíll pick them up there. Deciding that they rather not run into very many Zerg or any other Humans, the group decides to use the air shafts. On his way out, Ryan stops by the computer and shuts the power off manually just incase thereís any other Confederate people alive someplace in the station that he can make their last living moments a living hell.
    They go through the air shafts one by one, passing over what appears to be a Zerg hive on the station, and then make it to the Docking Bay where they pile onto Acturusí ship and lift off, escorted by a few invisible Wraiths.

    Chapter 6

    Jim hands Acturus the disk and tells him that itís information that will be very useful to him regarding the Confederation and the Zergs. Acturus is glad that Jim finally decided to change sides to the right side.
    Jim tells Acturus about the Zerg hive they passed by and Acturus tells him not to worry. He left a ship behind with a group of his best Marines to plant a bomb and take off.

    Back on the station, the group of Marines push a large device down a hall. The leader, Bruce, is not wearing the standard Marine uniform. Instead he is wearing simply a vest with ammo straps and a visor around his head with a flashlight on it.
    They reach an intersection that connects all the hallways together. Bruce stops and so do the Marines pushing the device. A Marine opens the device and inside is the bomb covered in ice. In the ice are cans of beer.
    The group starts cheering and joking around as they lift up their visors and each take a beer. Suddenly a Zerg tail goes through the back of a Marineís head and out the front of his face. The Marine is lifted into the air and hauled into the darkness of a hallway.
    All the other Marines turn and open fire into the hall. Suddenly they hear hissing and turn around, seeing a wave of Zerglings rushing towards them from a hallway. Then they notice that other Zerglings and Hydralisks are rushing towards them from all the hallways.
    The Marines open fire and a large fight ensues. In the end, Bruce is the last one left and he hits the Self-Destruct button on the bomb, exploding the space station and everything on it.

    Norad II is flying through space. Duke is in his private quarters when thereís a knock on his door. He lets the person in, who informs him that one of their Labs were destroyed and they are currently tracking the ship that left just before it blew up. Duke congratulates the man on a job well done and tells him to plot a course for where the ship is most likely headed.

    Acturusí ship comes in to land on another planet (Iíll mention the name of the planet once I have one to mention). He explains that it is one of many planets that he has a Base of Operations on, however it is mainly occupied by Confederate Forces and it has recently been infected by the Zerg and he needs all the men he can get to help wipe them out, which is why heís bringing them there.
    In the distance, Jack sees a flying Zerg and Acturus explains that itís a Mutalisk. They proceed to land in the center of the huge base. They are greeted by a red-headed girl named Sara Kerrigan, who welcomes Acturus back. Jim thinks to himself that sheís pretty hot and she turns on him, telling him off. She reveals that sheís one of few telepaths in the Universe.
    Acturus looks at the sky and sees dark clouds approaching. He suggests everyone gets inside of the Command Center before the storm hits.

    Inside, Kerrigan has the disk loaded up on a computer and is looking over it. It also includes plans for new types of weapons as well as information on the Protoss. They find out through the disk about the Protoss wiping out all life on Mar Sara among other planets. She congratulates Ryan on getting the information.

    Norad II is approaching the planet, guarded by three wraiths. Duke states that the planet is already under Confederate control so it shouldnít be hard to find the Ďterroristsí and eliminate them.
    Suddenly a group of Mutalisks fly through space and attacks Norad II. The Wraiths intercept but donít last long. Norad II gets heavily damaged and sends out a distress call as it plummets to the planet below.

    Chapter 7

    The next day, Acturus explains that Dukeís personal ship crashed not too far away and he wants a rescue party organized to go get him. Jim interjects, saying how saving Duke is pointless and suicidal. Heíll shoot them all on first sight.
    Acturus says that Duke could prove to be an extremely powerful ally if they can get him to join them. Jim ends up going, but still thinks ití a bad idea.

    The group nears the crash site and Jeff points out that the damage looks critical. Theyíll be lucky if Duke is even still alive. Jim says theyíll be lucky if Duke is dead.
    Jim, Jack, Kerrigan, Danielle, Jeff, and Ryan go inside the ship to investigate, while the other Marines with them stay outside to stand guard. Inside, the place is a wreck and there are dead bodies all over the place. They find Dukeís body, ripped in half.
    Jack states that the crash couldnít have done that. He was ripped cleanly in two and nothing in the room was sharp enough to leave such a clean slice. They turn to head back outside, but hear a boom and see the Marines explode.
    Kerrigan looks out a window and sees a group of Confederate Siege Tanks rolling towards their location. She disappears and the group is shocked. Her voice speaks from thin air, explaining that sheís not gone, only invisible. Jim says that he didnít know that Humans had that kind of technology and Kerrigan tells him that heís been in jail for too long.
    The door opens by itself and they hear shotgun noises coming from thin air and sees shots hitting off the tanks. The others point their guns out the windows and fire at the approaching tanks.
    Kerrigan, still being invisible, throws a grenade under one of the tanks and successfully destroys it. Before she could fire at the other three, the ground starts shaking and a new type of Zerg that theyíve never seen before, an Ultralisk comes up from underground. Jack notices the Pincers and then looks at Dukeís body and assumes that it was that kind of Zerg that killed him.
    The Ultralisk proceeded to attack the Siege Tanks just as Kerrigan became visible and ran inside the crashed Norad II. The people in the last Siege Tank jump out right before itís destroyed, but still get attacked and killed by the Ultralisk.
    The Ultralisk starts moving towards Norad II and the people inside start firing at it. Suddenly a group of Wraiths and a dropship show up. The Wraiths attack and kill the Ultralisk as the dropship picks up the survivors.

    Back at the base, Acturus explains that he picked up on the Siege Tanks frequency and sent some reinforcements. He then goes on to explain that he has to leave to return to Korhal for some business there, but he hopes that Jim and Co. stay to help Kerrigan on the planet.
    Acturus leaves and Ryan says that he wants to be trained in the ways of being a Ghost after seeing Kerrigan in the earlier battle. Kerrigan goes to show him where the Ghosts train and to set him up.
    Jim says that something doesnít feel right about Acturus leaving. He canít put his finger on it. Danielle thinks itís just because heís a coward and doesnít want to be around the fighting. Jim says he knew Acturus when they were younger and that heís many things but a coward isnít one of them.
    Jack suggests that they donít worry about it because itís pointless to. Jeff says heís hungry and heís going to go look for the Mess Hall. The others join him.

    Later that day, Jim and Kerrigan are called into the Communications room because they have an Incoming Transmission from Acturus. He explains that as he was leaving he noticed that the Zerg Hive has grown incredible in size and it seems like they are massing for something big. He goes on to explain that they have schools for Ďgiftedí people like Kerrigan, but almost every one has been wiped out by the Zerg. He explains that the Zerg are immune to Kerriganís telepathy, but they are also attracted to it for some unknown reason. Jim makes a sarcastic remark about the Zerg being here for Kerrigan.
    Acturus informs them that the ship he left in, left behind a PSI Transmitter, which gives off the same kind of brainwave that Telepaths do, only stronger. He wants them to sneak into the Confederate base and plant it there.
    Jim states that he doesnít like it and Kerrigan agrees, saying that no one deserves to have the Zerg unleashed on them. Acturus says that they are in War and in order to win War you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. He ends the Transmission and Jim goes to find the others. He informs Jack, Jeff, Danielle, and Ryan about what he was just told. Danielle tells Jim that he was right when he said he suspected something.
    Then an alarm goes off and they all rush outside, seeing a group of Confederate Wraiths approaching. However the Missile Turrets quickly take care of them and the surviving Wraiths turn and leave. Jim says that theyíll carry out the Operation in the morning, as night is approaching.

    Chapter 8

    The next morning, Jim is leading the army of Siege Tanks, Goliaths, Firebats, and Marines towards the Confederate base. A few Wraiths follow, invisible, from the air. A few Ghosts went on ahead of the group.
    When they reach a certain spot, Jim radios the Ghosts and ask if they are in position. They say that they are.

    One Ghost, Ryan, is on top of a mountain overlooking the Confederate base, the other Ghost was someplace nearby. Both were invisible. They were looking through binoculars and relayed a couple of positions back to the Command Center.

    Back at the Base, two nuclear devices were launched towards the coordinates sent to them by the two Ghosts. The two nukes land in different spots in the base, creating gigantic explosions and wiping out half of the base. The most destructive half.

    Jim orders the army to attack and they rush towards the Confederate base. The Wraiths zoom on ahead, but are picked up in thermal imaging by the Missile Turrets. As the Turrets and Wraiths fight each other, the information is relayed back to the Confederate Command Center and Confederate Wraiths proceed to attack them as well.
    Jim and his army reaches the base and are met by enemy Marines, Goliaths, and Siege Tanks and a huge battle erupts. After awhile however, itís clear that Jimís size is loosing mostly due to the fact that the Confederationís army is more then twice the size of Jimís.
    Just as Jim is ready to pull back his troops, a Protoss army shows up and enters the battle, cutting off their escape. All three sides continue to battle each other in many, many battle scenes which I will write later. Ryan ends up dying during this battle and the leader of the Protoss army, Felix, is introduced.

    Some of Jimís troops were able to leave before the Protoss could stop them and among them is Kerrigan. She rallies up the people who managed to escape and starts leading them back to base. She knows they canít win against the Protoss and if they are on the planet, theyíre only there for one reason and thatís to wipe out all life on it. They need to leave pronto.
    Along the way back however, they get ambushed by Zerg forces, which end up herding them to the Zerg Hive. Everyone dies and Kerrigan gets captured.

    Back at the gigantic battle, Jim radios his base and requests Evac ASAP. After a few more battle scenes, Dropships arrive and pick up Jim and the survivors of his army, however, as the Dropships are leaving, most get destroyed. They make it back and land in their base.
    Jim arms a Nuclear Device near the Missile Silo and lays the PSI Emitter nearby. His new plan: Use the Emitter to attract the Zerg and hopefully the Protoss, who with luck wipes out all of the Confederate forces, will arrive to wipe them out as well. Then Jim and his men will evacuate the planet and detonate the bomb, which will explode near the Missile Silo, which will explode the nukes inside, which will make a gigantic explosion that will wipe out all Zerg and Protoss in the area.
    However, before theyíre fully prepared, a Zerg comes up out of the ground and kills a Marine. Then an entire Zerg army attacks. More battle scenes will be written.
    As Jeff is warming up a Spaceship, Jim and Jack hear Danielle scream from inside the Command Center and they rush in, seeing Infested Kerrigan holding Danielle in her grasp. Jack tries to convince her to let Danielle go, but Kerrigan laughs and rips her stomach open, killing her.
    They hear over their COMs that Jeff has the ship ready for take off. Jim and Jack rush outside, but Jack stops. The survivors are loading up into the ship. Jack decides that he has to stay and kill Kerrigan for what she did to Danielle. Jim tells Jack to get his ass on the ship. He has a daughter that will need him (Iíll explain in some earlier dialogue about how Jack had a kid when he was a teenager and has a daughter that lives with her mother.)
    Jim pushes Jack onto the ship and orders Jeff to take off. As the ship takes off, Jim turns and starts firing at random Zergs. The other Marines that didnít make it to the ship in time are all killed. The Zergs are about to attack Jim, but suddenly stop. Kerrigan walks out of the Command Center and towards Jim.
    Jim and Infested Kerrigan get into a fight and banter back and forth, but in the end, Kerrigan has Jim on the ground and is about to rip off his head. She starts to rip, making Jim scream. He reaches over and detonates the bomb, which creates a gigantic blinding explosion.

    Chapter 9

    They land on a landing pad on Korhal and Jeff and Jack meet with Acturus in his office. Jack gets mad at him, blaming him for everyone who died on that planet. Acturus asks Jack why heís blaming him and Jack says that heís the one that ordered the attack that started all of it. By this point, Jack has a strong grip on Acturusí shirt collar and Jeff convinces him to let go.
    Acturus tells him that he is deeply sorry for any lose that he experienced but he is not the only one. Acturus lost Jim, who was a close friend and there was no way he could have foreseen the outcome of that battle. He then goes on to say that they are at war and people die in wars. That gets him a punch to the face from Jack.
    Jack turns and storms out of the room. Acturus explains to Jeff that they have Intel about a Zerg infested planet that has Confederate forces advancing there for what could quite possibly be the biggest battle of the War. The planet is believed to be home to the Overmind, the thing that controls all Zerg everywhere in the universe. He says that heíll need all the help he can get and he hopes to crush the Confederate forces after the Overmind is destroyed. Jeff says that heíll do whatever he can. Acturus tells him that Jack is a good fighter and that he would very much like his help as well. Jeff agrees to talk to him.

    Jeff meets up with Jack and tells him what Acturus told him. Jeff agrees, but only because he wants revenge on what happened to Danielle. Jeff then explains to him that Acturus has granted them lessons on flying a Wraith, free of charge, so that they can fight in space on their way to the planet (Iíll insert the name of the planet when I have one) theyíll be going to for the big battle.

    I might insert some scenes here of them at the Wraith Academy, learning how to fly, but I might not.

    Jack and Jeff are preparing, along with a large squadron of Wraiths, to leave Korhal. Acturus has put Jack in charge of a Platoon. The Wraiths fly up into space and Jeff is at awe at the amount of Battle Cruisers and Wraiths already up there. Jack is glad that they have a good army built up, because theyíll need it. They all take off to the planet, going into lightspeed.

    The ship army reaches the planet which already has hundreds of Confederate and Protoss ships hovering around. Jack is surprised by the unexpected sight of Protoss and thereís a gigantic battle in space between the three sides. During which, Jeff and Jack, among others, finally make it down to the planet.
    Jeff, Jack, and others land and get out of the Wraiths, but Jack orders a large number to remain in the Wraiths for air support. Jack sends the Vulture Drivers ahead as scouts. They start to advance.

    Chapter 10

    The Vultures are ambushed by a group of Zerglings and a couple Mutalisks. Everyone dies except Lynn, a telepath, who is captured and dragged towards the Hive.

    Jack and Co. come across the ruins of the destroyed Vultures and Jack orders everyone to keep their eyes sharp. As they continue on, they get attacked by a large group of Zerg with various types of units. A large battle happens. The Humans win, but still loose a lot of men.
    When they continue walking, they meet up with a Confederation Platoon and they all train their weapons on each other, but Jack and the leader of the Confederation Platoon, Albert, decide to make a truce and team up. They reach the outskirts of the enormous Zerg hive, which is already under attack by other platoons of Confederate soldiers and Sons of Korhal alike. Insert a lot more battle scenes here as they start making their way through the area.
    After a bit, they reach an area that Protoss units, led by Fenix, are attacking. The Humans join in, helping the Protoss. Suddenly a Science Vessel zooms by overhead and fires an EMP Shockwave, knocking the Protossí shields down. A large group of Confederate forces then also attack the Protoss as well as the Zerg.
    Jack yells at them for attacking the Protoss when they were helping them. The Protoss then defend themselves and fight back against any and all Humans, including Jack and Albertís platoons. More battle scenes happen, during which Jeff gets killed by a Hydralisk and Felix kills Albert.
    Jack ends up getting out of the battle and getting deeper into the Hive, killing any Zergs he comes across. He reaches the Overmind. He starts firing at it, but it whips out a tentacle and knocks him away. Felix shows up and gets into a fight with Jack.
    Both get their weapons disabled and it turns into a fist fight. Zerg forces show up and Felix and Jack team up to kill the Zerg. The Overmind chokes Felix with a tentacle and he gets killed by a group of Zerglings. Infested Lynn shows up, but gets killed by Jack. The Zergs proceed towards Jack, but get killed in a series of explosions. High in the air is a rather large group of Battle Cruisers and Wraiths.
    One Wraith flies down and lands. The pilot is Acturus who orders Jack to get in. He takes off just as a Battle Cruiser drops a ĎPlanet Destroyerí down into the Overmind. The ships make it out to space just as the device explodes, destroying the entire planet and everything on it.
    Acturus explains that they created the Planet Destroyer based off blue prints found on that disk. Jack asks Acturus why so many people had to die if all they had to do was drop a bomb and Acturus tells Jack that they only had enough resources to make one Planet Destroyer and they werenít even sure if the Overmind was even on that planet at first. He explains that every suit issued by the Sons of Korhal have a tracking device on them and that led them right to Jack, which also led them right to the Overmind.


    Acturus is making a broadcast all over Korhal and all over the universe to every planet occupied by Humans. He states how they just won their first major victory against both the Zerg and the Protoss and personally commends Jack Sheldon for all he did to help win it. Jack Sheldon will be leading a massive attack on another Zerg-infested planet. Their plan is to wipe out every trace of the Zerg while theyíre all confused and arenít controlled by a single entity such as the Overmind. They will be a lot easier to defeat. He then explains that the Confederacy is no more. Because of that, there is no reason that every human canít come together and help one another. Humans no longer have to be divided, but work together as one species to win the war. He states that they will win the war, no matter the cost. Humans will be victorious.

    We cut to a scene, showing Jack leading a gigantic land army, marching towards a deteriorating Zerg hive.


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