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    JP3 star William H. Macy worked as a 'voice-over talent' earlier in his career -- he was the original voice of Secret 'Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman' Deodorant.
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    StarCraft 2 Treatment
    By Aragorn


    We open on a space station named Armstrong Alloy. It is in deep space, but near enough to the Protoss Homeworld called Aiur so that it can spy on it. Derek and Eric are two of the many scientists that work there and they are taking notes to send back to Korhal. They record what the planet is like and note that it would be a crippling blow to the Protoss if they could take over or destroy the planet. Eric states that it would be the biggest battle in the war to date and the causality list would be astronomically high. It almost wouldnít be worth it, and thatís even if they manage to win.
    Their commander walks over and starts reading over their notes. Suddenly he explodes, spraying the room with blood. Tassadar Ďwalksí around the corner and shoots lightning bolts from his staff, which hits a scientists, bounces off, and hits another, and so on until everyone except Derek and Eric are dead.
    Tassadar takes out a sword and decapitates Derek. Tassadar disappears and a group of Zealots and Dragoons enter the room. A door at the other end opens and a group of Marines enter. Eric starts to leave through that door, but a shot from a Dragoon stops him. The Marines donít last long after that.

    Chapter 1

    On Korhal, Acturus Mengsk is in an interview on TV. He is asked where the Sons of Korhal Hero Jack Sheldon is at that moment and he says that Jack is just returning from fighting the Zerg on a far away planet and is one of the very few people who have been fighting in the War since the beginning and is still alive.
    Jack turns off the TV, laughing at all the propaganda that Acturus is throwing out there. Jackís best friend, Tom Kazansky, arrives and talks Jack into going partying with him and Alan.

    At the bar, Jack and Tom are sitting with their friend Alan Schefeder. It is revealed here that Tom is a Wraith pilot and Alan is a Goliath Operator. They talk about why theyíre all fighting in the War and their reasons differ. Alan fights for Freedom, Tom fights to get away from his nagging wife, and Jack fights for Revenge.

    Robyn, Jackís daughter, is with her friend Roberta, shopping. They talk about Flight Academy and how easy they found it. Robyn says how her father wasnít happy when he found out she joined up for the War but she is an adult now and he doesnít have any say in how her life is ran now. He certainly didnít care enough when she was being raised to even visit more then on just the major holidays.

    A dropship lands at Armstrong Alloy and a team of Marines pile off. When they lost contact with the station, a Marine team was sent in to investigate. The power is out. As they Marines explore, they come across a room with blood covering the walls and the remains of bodies and body parts littering the floor.
    A few of them want to leave but the leader, Patrick, wants to do a ĎOnce Overí to check for any survivors. They continue to search the station, but donít come across anything. Patrick goes to check a side room and ends up not returning. When the group goes looking for him, they come across Tassadar who is holding Patrickís decapitated head in his hands. Tassadar drops the head and slices his sword out, cutting one Marine in half and stabbing another through the chest.
    He disappears and a group of Zealots enter the room and a fight breaks out between the two groups. The Marines get slaughtered and one of them runs away as the others are killed. He manages to make it back to the Drop Ship and starts to send a Transmission back to Korhal, but a Dark Templar appears behind him and kills him.

    On Korhal, Jack is standing in the Communications Room at the main base. When they received the Transmission from the Drop Ship, Jack got called in and Tom and Alan accompanied him.
    Jack complains that he was looking forward to a little bit of time off but it seems that has changed. He orders Alan and Tom to call everyone back from vacation. Itís time to go fight another battle.

    Chapter 2

    Acturus is making a news announcement, saying how the massacre on Armstrong Alloy has sparked a new battle with the Protoss and that Sons of Korhal Hero Jack Sheldon will be leading the army, which guarantees nothing but success. He then goes on to explain that it is rumoured that the attack on the space station was led by a Dark Templar that is known among the humans as Tassadar, who is the strongest Dark Templar and is to the Protoss, what Jack Sheldon is to the Humans.
    Robyn shuts off the TV and complains to Roberta that she doesnít want to go back into battle so soon. She was looking forward to spending time with her boyfriend. Roberta says that that is why sheís glad her boyfriend signed up to fight in the War. She gets to see him even when sheís away.
    They start packing.

    Jack, Alan, and Tom are loading up into a Battle Cruiser called Hyperion. They go find their cabins and Jack states how heís nervous because theyíve never won a battle against Tassadar before. He starts reviewing files of information that might be useful for the battle. Alan and Tom go to the gym to work out. While there, they meet up with Len who is Robertaís boyfriend.

    Robyn and Roberta are in the cockpit. Roberta tells Robyn that her father is someplace on the ship and Robyn makes a sarcastic remark about how happy she is over that. They take off and reach Outer Space, where they are met by dozens of other Battle Cruisers. Robyn tells Roberta that sheíd be lying if she said that she wasnít scared. Sheís actually thinking of maybe resigning after another couple trips. Roberta is shocked by the news, but has to concentrate on flying the ship.
    They make an announcement to the passengers and slip into light speed with all the other ships.

    As Hyperion approaches the location, Jack tells Tom to rally up all the Wraith pilots and to go get ready. Tom does so. Jack tells Alan to get the Goliaths warmed up. They want to try to re-capture Armstrong Alloy if possible due to the information stored on it. Alan leaves. Jack goes to check in on the Firebats and Marines.

    Chapter 3

    Hyperion exits light speed with all the other Battle Cruisers with Armstrong Alloy dead ahead. Hyperion reaches the station and docks. All the soldiers get off and the Battle Cruiser leaves the station. Another Battle Cruiser goes up and unloads itís passengers. All the Battle Cruisers do that and all the soldiers rally up in the Docking Bay.
    Jack orders Alan to lead the Goliaths to the top floor of the station while Len leads the Firebats to the bottom floor. Heíll lead the Marines through the main floor. He orders both of them to stay in constant communication with him. The groups break off.

    On the top floor, the Goliaths come across a few dead Protoss and a lot of dead humans.

    On the bottom floor, Len orders one of his men to run a Sensor Sweep of the area to see if anythingís alive. Nothing comes up.

    Out in space, dozens of Protoss Carriers exit from lightspeed. Inside Hyperion, the Communications screen picks up on a signal and Robyn turns it on. Tassadarís face comes over the screen and laughs at them for falling into his trap. Him and his troops left the space station long ago and he was counting on them to launch an entire battle campaign on it. The communication ends.
    Robyn realizes that all the Carriers have to do is destroy the space station and everyone on it dies. Roberta starts alerting the other Battle Cruisers to protect the space station at all costs. A space battle erupts between the two sides. Iíll insert battle scenes later.

    On the space station, Jack and the Marines enter the massacre room and heís sickened by the sight. He receives a transmission from the Hyperion. Itís Robyn warning him of Tassadarís trap.
    Jack is surprised that he was so foolish as too fall for the trap and radios the Goliaths and Firebats and orders everyone back to the docking bay, double-time.

    Alan realizes that the Goliaths are too far from the docking bay and may not make it in time. They all fire at the floor around themselves and end up crashing through to the floor below. They start to run to the Docking Bay from there.

    Hyperion is attached to the space station as the soldiers start boarding it. All around the ship, the space battle wages with the Protoss clearly having the upper hand. The Wraiths have entered the battle and are fighting against smaller Protoss Fighters that exited from the Carriers.

    Inside the ship, Jack, sweating from the run, orders Robyn to take off through the COM system. Robyn refuses because not everyone is on the ship. Jack tells her that heís a higher rank then her and that itís an order. The ship starts shaking as itís being attacked by a Carrier.

    Hyperion detaches from the space station and a few Humans that were in the process of boarding fall out into space. The station is destroyed a few minutes after. Some of the remaining Wraiths dock back in the Hyperion, as itís the only remaining Battle Cruiser.

    Jack enters the Pilotís cockpit and orders Robyn to take off for lightspeed right away. Robyn says that itíll be her pleasure and they take off just as they were fired at again.

    Chapter 4

    Hyperion exits lightspeed, only they are not around Korhal. Instead they are above Char, a molten lava planet known to be home to one of the biggest Zerg colonies.

    Inside the ship, Robyn tells Jack that their hyperdrive must have been damaged in the fight and so because of that, they exited lightspeed too soon. Roberta says that they have incoming and Jack states that it just keeps getting better and better. Robyn tries to take the ship back into lightspeed, but nothing seems to work.

    A group of Guardians leave Charís atmosphere and head towards Hyperion, attacking the already-damaged ship.

    Jack orders Robyn to make an emergency landing on Char. Robyn refuses because of the Zerg, but Jack tells her that if she doesnít, then theyíll all die. At least on Char theyíre still alive to send out a distress call. He returns to the passenger area.
    Robyn reluctantly makes the emergency landing announcement to the passengers and turns, aiming for the planet.

    The tail section of the Battle Cruiser is taken clean off and many men are sucked out into space before they could get the damage contained. Hyperion starts spinning out of control as it enters the planetís atmosphere.

    Inside, Robyn is trying her best to keep the ship under control as Roberta sends out a distress call. They can see the gigantic size of the Zerg colonies on the planet and are amazed by them.
    As Robyn tries to land the out-of-control ship, she tears a win off and shatters some glass as it skids to a stop. Robyn gets out of her seat and runs out of the room as Roberta continues sending the distress call.

    Robyn enters the passenger area, calling for her dad. There are many dead and injured and the non-injured are going through the bodies, trying to find living people. Robyn, with help from Len, Alan, and Tom find Jack under a piece of broken metal, part of which is jammed into him.
    Robyn tries to remove it, but Jack orders her not to. Heís dying and if she removes it, heíll just go a lot faster. He Tom that he will be taking his place and he tells Robyn that he loves her. Jack says that the War is over for him. Robyn starts crying and he orders them to leave. The crash will surly alert the Zerg and they probably already have forces on their way to the area. Jack coughs up blood and orders them to leave again. Tom says that it was a pleasure serving with him and Alan says that he was the best friend and leader a guy could ask for. Tom and Jack make eye contact and Tom turns and yells at the survivors to move out.
    Tom goes to the cockpit and tells Roberta that theyíre leaving. As he enters the passenger area again, he sees the survivors leaving the ship and sees Alan and Len dragging the crying Robyn as she tries to refuse to leave. He looks over at Jack. His eyes are closed. Tom turns and leaves with the others.
    After the abled people leave, the injured try to stand and move and leave as well, but soon enough Zerg forces rush into the ship and attack everyone thatís still alive. A figure steps in front of Jack and laughs a raspy laugh. Jack slowly and weakly opens his eyes and gasps at the figure standing in front of him. Itís someone he once knew. Someone he thought was dead.

    Chapter 5

    The survivors, led by Tom, leap over a small stream of lava as they make their way across the landscape. Robyn is still crying and Roberta is leaning against Len.
    They get attacked by a Defiler that comes up from under the ground and they quickly kill it. Tom informs the uninformed that if they can, kill those first in a fight because they can somehow Ė itís not known how though Ė heal other Zerg.
    They reach an area they like and Tom orders everyone to stop and to set up camp. A small group of people come to the front with small square packs. They lay them down and push a button on them. They open up into three tents each. A third person removes a thick block from a book bag and lays it on the ground. He starts unfolding it and after a bit, he has it going around the area in a square. He pushes a button and it expands upwards into a fence. He pushes another button and electricity hums through it.
    Tom orders Len and another person Ė Curtis, to set up Communications and try to see if they can raise a signal from any nearby ships or human populated planets. They start putting together a disassembled radio. He orders everyone else to get some sleep.

    Inside one tent, Tom and Alan talk about the Zerg and that after the Overmind was destroyed, how it seemed that the Zerg were confused and random with their attacks and easy to fight, but not for long. It wasnít long before they became organized again as if there was a new Overmind born or something.

    Inside another tent, Roberta comforts a crying Robyn.

    Outside, Len and Curtis are sending another distress call using the small radio. Suddenly sparks started flying from a section of the fence, causing an alarm to go off. The sparks stop as everyone rushes out from their tents, loading up guns.
    Len tells Tom that something tried to get through but stopped. Alan gets into his Goliath suit. Suddenly Curtis gets pulled under the ground and everyone quickly backs away from the spot. Infested Kerrigan jumps up from under the ground and whips her claws out, killing the nearest person.
    Everyone is shocked to see her because they all thought she was dead. Kerrigan explains that when she saw Jim reaching for the button, she quickly went underground and survived the blast. Suddenly Zerg pop up all over the inside of the perimeter. She orders the Humans to give up. Robyn yells at her, saying sheíll never give up and fires a gun, nicking Kerrigan. A Defiler heals her.
    A group of Mutalisks fly overhead and come down to attack just as the Zerg forces attack. Insert battle scene here. During the battle, many nameless people die as well as Len who gets killed by a Hydralisk.
    After a bit, it seems the Humans are getting the upper hand, but they can see an army of Zerg running towards them in the distance. Kerrigan taunts them, saying that they have no choice but to die. They hear a low growl and Kerrigan says that her little pet has finally arrived.
    At that moment, sparks fly like crazy as something rips down a section of the fence. Defilers heal the new Zerg. His hair is hanging down in thick spikes, his eyes have a red line going through them, he has 3 curved spikes on each side of him, his arms are lined with spikes. He has long nails, he has a tail that ended into 2 big curved spikes, he has a shell over his back and he walks on all fours. It runs up and stands up on two feet next to Kerrigan.
    Robyn recognizes the human-like features of the face and realizes itís her father. Tom and Alan are just as shocked. Roberta, after finding Lenís dead body, runs up and fires at Infested Jack, but the bullets bounce off his shell. He turns and roars and rips off her head.
    Robyn fires at Jack, but Kerrigan swats her away and she goes flying across the camp. Tom fires a rocket from a rocket launcher and it blows up as it hits the ground right in front of Kerrigan and Jack.
    Defilers spring up from under the ground and heal the two Zerg and then goes back under ground.
    A group of Battle Cruisers fly overhead and fired at the rushing Zerg army. Kerrigan and Jack go underground as the remaining Zerg that are rushing towards the camp either turn and run back the other way or also go underground.
    A Dropship leaves one of the Battle Cruisers and picks up the survivors and brings them back up to the Battle Cruiser. Robyn had a broken leg and, along with a few nameless people, is brought to the Infirmary.
    Tom goes to the cockpit and talk with the pilots. One of them is named Scott Pothier and Tom orders him to fly them to Korhal.

    Chapter 6

    Acturus is making a broadcast saying how itís a sad time for the Sons of Korhal, but Jack Sheldon did not die pointlessly. He died leading a battle and he died taking out a large number of Zerg. He also discovered why the Zerg seem to be organized even though the Overmind has been destroyed. It also explains why they seemed to keep trying to go for Telepaths. The Overmind functioned on the same brain waves as Telepaths and if anything ever happened to the Overmind, which it did, an Infested Telepath may take its place.
    After the broadcast, Robyn, fully healed, storms into Acturusí office on Korhal. She blames him for her father getting taken over by the Zerg and punches him in the face. He makes a statement about how that must run in the family (As Jack punched him in the face in the first SC story as well).
    Robyn says that she plans to organize a mission herself to go back to Char with or without Acturusí help. She feels her dad deserves to be in peace, not Infested by the Zerg. Acturus aggress, saying that he deserves a Heroís Funeral and tells Robyn to relax and get some rest and that heíll take care of all the arrangements.
    Robyn leaves and goes to talk with Tom and tells him what Acturus told her. Tom agrees to keep his men on stand-by incase Acturus sends out the go-ahead for them to load back up.

    Acturus makes another announcement, saying how they will strike back at the Zerg, however it will have to be done with a smaller army then usual for other forces are scattered across the Universe in their own battles.

    Robyn is pissed off that Acturus isnít giving the mission the full potential it deserves, but agrees with Tom when he says that itís better then nothing. Tom contacts Alan and gets him to help organize the troops.

    A Battle Cruiser, piloted by Robyn and Scott, carrying Tom, Alan, and the army that is going to Char, leaves Korhal and goes into space, going into lightspeed. Robyn tells Scott that the army is a hundred times smaller then she expected and Scott agrees that it does seem like a suicide mission.

    The Battle Cruiser leaves lightspeed above Char and a small number of Wraiths, led by Tom, leave the docking bay and escorts the Battle Cruiser. Above Char was a single Carrier, which sends out little Protoss fighter ships that the Wraiths do battle with.
    After a short space battle, Tom realizes the Wraiths arenít doing any good and are only dying, so he commands everyone back into the Battle Cruiser. The Carrier is about to fire at the Battle Cruiser but the Battle Cruiser fires first, destroying the Carrierís main weapon.

    Inside the ship, Robyn is again complaining about the size of the army they were given. Scott says that theyíve got enough because itís all theyíre getting and so they need to work with what they have.
    Robyn says that theyíre all going to die, and Scott tells her that everyone dies, itís only a matter of when and how. He then says over the intercom that theyíre coming in for a landing on Char and for everyone to prepare for landing.

    The Battle Cruiser lands on Char near to the edge of the Hive and the Goliaths, Marines, Firebats, and one Siege Tank files out, all led by Alan in a Goliath suit. Tom leads the remaining Wraiths out of the Battle Cruiser and into the sky. They turn invisible.
    Robyn takes up a Marine suit and gun and follows the other Marines .
    As they approach the Hive, the ground rumbles and a Protoss Reever comes up, but itís not alone. It appears to be in the middle of a fight with an Ultralisk, which also surfaces. The two battle it out and in the end the Ultralisk wins.
    Some Zealots and Dragoons leave the destroyed Reever and fight the Ultralisk. The Humans joined in and the Ultralisk ends up dying, as does a couple Protoss. Then the surviving Protoss attack the Humans. After the small battle, the Humans emerge victorious, but not without loss.

    The Wraiths in the air become visible and get into a fight with a group of Mutalisks.

    The Humans reach the Hive and run in, attacking. Many Zerg units attack back, including a couple Infested Marines.

    Back at the main ship, Scott is communicating with other ships when he hears a noise and turns around, seeing nothing. He gets up to explore the cockpit a bit when Infested Jack leaps out and attacks him, ripping him to shreds. He then proceeds to destroy the main console.

    Back at the main battle, the Humans were majorly loosing. Someone suggests they pull back, but Alan disagrees and orders the remainders to stay and fight.

    Tomís Wraith gets damaged by a Guardian and he crashes into a random part of the Hive and leaps out of the wreckage with a gun, firing at any Zerg that come near him. He radios Alan and gets his coordinate position and moves to reach him.

    At the main battle, Tom arrives and sees the situation. He orders everyone to start pulling back. The guy that suggested that earlier beams and rubs it in Alanís face, but then he gets killed from behind. They look around and see that Kerrigan, Jack, and an army of Zerg have them surrounded. Jack kills a few of the Humans too close to him.
    Kerrigan orders the Zerg to attack, and as they move towards the Humans, a bolt of energy blows up, killing some of the Zerg. Kerrigan turns and sees a Protoss army approaching. At the lead was Tassadar.
    Alan is about to fire at the Protoss but Tom orders him to stand down. All this time, Robyn doesnít let her eyes leave her father. The Zerg attack both the humans and Protoss and all three sides battle each other. During the battle, Alan gets killed.
    Tom fires at Infested Jack, but Jack dodges. He again orders everyone to retreat. The survivors start leaving as the Protoss keep the Zerg busy.

    Chapter 7

    They get back to the ship and Tom orders Robyn to get it in the air. She goes to the cockpit but sees the damage that Jack did and tells Tom that she canít get them off the ground. Then a group of Protoss Scouts fly by and start attacking them. It isnít long before a couple Scouts are destroyed and the rest fly away towards the Hive.
    More ships land, sending in reinforcements. Tom, in a new Wraith, leads out an army of Wraiths as he puts a female named Allison Luk in charge of the ground forces. She leads out the large group, Robyn included. Tom leaves a small group behind to guard over the ships.
    Once they arrive at the Hive, they get into a battle with the Zerg and during the immense battle, Robyn slips away and runs into a nearby Hatchery, where she witness Protoss units fighting Zerg units. It isnít long before the Zerg include her in the fight as well.

    In the air, Tomís Wraiths get into a fight with Mutalisks, Guardians, and Scouts.

    On the ground, more Protoss units are brought into the fight, but itís not long until a Science Vessel flies overhead, firing an EMP Shockwave, lowering the Protossí shields and making them easier to kill, both for the Humans and Zergs.

    Inside the Hatchery, Robyn meets up with some Ghosts as they get deeper inside the structure. They get attacked by some Zerg, but easily win.

    Outside, the battle, both on land and in air, continues. Iíll insert a lot of battle scenes. At some point during the battle, Allison dies.

    Inside the Hatchery, Robyn and the Ghosts reach the Egg Room. Some of the eggs hatch and they kill the Larva. Suddenly Infested Jack arrives and rips apart the few Ghosts. Kerrigan shows up and her and Jack are about to move in on Robyn and Tassadar shows up and him and Kerrigan fight. Their fight end sup going into an adjoining room.

    Outside, the battle rages on. Now dozens of Battle Cruisers have entered into the fight as well, shooting both air and ground forces.

    In the Breeding Room of the Hatchery, Robyn tries to talk to Infested Jack, trying to reach the Humanity that she knows is still in there someplace. Jack ignores her and attacks. The two get into a fight. Robyn is loosing the fight.

    In the Throne Room, Kerrigan and Tassadar fight. Kerrigan tries to strike a deal with Tassadar, to wipe out all of Humanity, but Tassadar knows better then to trust the leader of the Zerg and continues fighting. This fight is much more matched then the other as the two go at it.

    Outside, the battle continues, Humans seemingly getting the upper hand.

    Inside the Breeding Chamber, Robyn and Jackís fight continues. Robyn gets stabbed with some needles that Jack shot at her. The needle are tip with paralyzing venom and Robyn starts to loose her ability to move.

    In the Throne Room, Kerrigan continues her fight against Tassadar. Kerrigan end sup mortally wounding Tassadar, but Tassadar also manages to do the same to Kerrigan. The two continue fighting in their weakened states and end up killing each other. Kerrigan gets split in half and Tassadar dies from a major wound inflicted upon him. However, some Larva starts making itís way towards him.

    Outside, the Zerg, once again, start going into a frenzy, not knowing what to do. Some turn on each other, others run away, and others continue fighting.

    Inside the Breeding Chamber, Robyn manages to move her finger and fires a shot at Infested Jackís head, exploding it. Robyn goes still, the venom taking full effect.

    Outside, the Humans are becoming more and more victorious. Tom leads a clean-up crew through the Hive, killing any remnants of Zerg or Protoss they can find. During their search, they come across Robyn and Tom gets a Medic to take care of her.

    Iíll insert some more clean-up scenes here, but in the end, Robyn gets put on a ship and leaves the planet. A pair of red glowing eyes watch from the darkness as the ship leaves.

    On the ship, Tom checks in on Robyn to make sure sheís fine. Sheís upset at having had to kill her father and Tom helps her cope with it. Robyn says that sheís resigning from the military and wants to settle down.
    Tom is going to stay, because thereís lots of more battles yet to be won and he wants to make sure heís there at the battle thatíll be the one to end the War for good.
    The ship continues through space, heading for Korhal.

    The End

    5/9/2005 3:05:05 AM

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