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    The flatware and dishes the guests eat off of during their dinner in JP are custom china from up-scale retailer Tiffany & Co.
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    Site Wars Chapter 1: Codes of Destiny (Part 1)
    By Aragorn

    Chapter 1
    Codes of Destiny

    It has been many years since the destruction of the Flooder armies and Dan’s JP3 Page has once again become the mighty Site it once was. However, surviving Flooders lived their lives in secret on small Sites far out of reach of Dan’s, and there, they were able to flourish and start their army over again.

    Once they felt they had created a big enough army, they began to attack nearby Sites, taking them over one by one. However, the members of Dan’s JP3 Page heard stories of this Flooder army and went to investigate. When the stories were proven to be true, Vader, Raptor-Rex, and River, the three rulers of Dan’s, put together an army of Admins to intercept the Flooders.

    Elsewhere on the Internet, the Site of Halloween Fanfiction produces a special kind of Source Code that is able to regenerate itself and fix HTML errors automatically. The Flooder Army sent a representative to try to convince the Site of Halloween Fanfiction to join the Flooders…

    Vito_The_White stood inside the Throne Room of the Halloween Fanfiction Palace, waiting to meet with the Rulers of the Site. He didn’t understand why the Flooder Lord wanted him to peacefully handle the matter. Flooders were not peaceful and Vito thought it would be far more productive - not to mention fun - if they just invaded the Site and took what they wanted by force. That was the way of the Flooders.

    A group of Royal Guards walked in the room. They split into two groups and one group went on one side of the doorway and the other group went on the other side. King JPJunkee and Queen Yvonne walked into the room shortly after, arms locked.

    “Greetings,” Vito slightly bowed. “I am Vito_The_White of the Flooders. I am here on behalf of the Flooders to discuss the matter of our proposal. We wish to know if you have decided upon an answer.”

    King JPJunkee ran his hand down his beard. “We have not decided upon an answer.”

    “But your majesty,” Vito began. “The Flooders has given you more then enough time to…”

    The King of Halloween Fanfiction cut him off. “We have not decided because Dan's JP3 Page has also approached us with the same offer.”

    Vito fumed with anger, but tried not to show it. Dan's! Bah! It all made sense now. The reason why the Flooder Lord wanted to convince Halloween Fanfiction to join instead of taking them by force. Dan's JP3 Page had their eyes on the Site and would surly fight to defend it if the Flooders invaded. Seems the Flooder Lord was not as soft as Vito suspected. “With all due respect, Dan's is not all that it’s made up to be. If you join the Flooders, you will be taught how to fight in the most lethal ways, and will be given the ships and weapons to defend yourselves against our enemies.”

    “And that is precisely what makes us hesitate. We are not a War-Loving Site. We are a peaceful Site. Our members do not know War, and I do not wish to introduce them to it now.”

    Vito pressed on. “With the Halloween Fanfiction Source Code, we could have infinite power for infinite amount of ships. If you join the Flooders, then we will surly win and you will be the reason for that. High honors for both you and your Site will surly follow. The Code is unique. It has only ever been located on your Site. Please consider the possibilities that await you if you join. I promise you, they will be many and all will be great.”

    King JPJunkee sighed. “We are meeting with Admins from Dan’s JP3 Page in a couple of days to discuss out upcoming alliance with them. We will hear what they have to say and make our final decision then.”

    Vito_The_White persisted. “Please your Majesty, the Flooder Lord is not patient and…”

    “Then he will have to learn to be.” JPJunkee boomed. “That is my final decision at this time. Now please leave or my guards will have to escort you out.”

    “Very well. I will return soon to further discuss the matter and hear what decision you decide upon. I trust you will make the right one.” Vito bowed once more to the Royalty, and then turned and walked out of the room. Things would be so much easier if the Flooder Lord had just sent a small invasion fleet.

    One of the guards turned and followed Vito to make sure he left the Palace.

    The door that the King and Queen entered from opened and they turned to see 14 year old Princess PinkSapphire walk in, a sparkling green dress dragging along the floor behind her. Her eyes caught a glimpse of Vito before he disappeared around a corner. “Who was that man?” She asked her parents.

    “No one for you to concern yourself with, dear.” JPJunkee replied.

    “He was a Flooder. They have taken interest in our Site.” Yvonne informed her daughter.

    “I do not like him.” PinkSapphire said. “I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about him that I cannot explain. I don’t think he can be trusted.”

    JPJunkee smiled. “You have nothing to worry about. We don’t trust him.” The Royal Family turned and walked out of the room, followed by the remaining Guards.


    A fleet of Mini-Choppers soared over the ocean, the water taking on a dark black color as night covered the land. In the distance were dozens of floating lights zipping around overtop of the Island of Dark Horizons.

    Dan’s JP3 Page Admin Aragorn knew what those lights belonged to. They belonged to a fleet of Flooder Fighters that were invading the Site. With the re-emergence of the Flooders, they also built their own attack planes.

    Aragorn looked at all the other Admins flying next to him and hoped that it was enough to defend the Site. He knew that if they were successful, then Dark Horizons would be willing to ally with Dan’s JP3 Page. Of course if they weren’t successful, then Dark Horizons would fall into Flooder control.

    Thankfully the fleet only seemed like a small one, but so was the Admin fleet. It was all that could be spared as the majority of Admins were off fighting other battles. They wanted to wipe out the Flooders as quickly as possible and stop them from spreading again.

    Suddenly, Dino-Dude, one of the other Admins in the fleet, opened communications with the rest of the fleet. “Attack Formation. Let’s end this quickly.”

    Side panels opened up on either side of all the Mini-Choppers and guns emerged as the slowly spread apart from one another so as not to bundle together and form an easy target.

    The small Flooder Fighters zoomed towards the Admin Mini-Choppers and the two sides started exchanging fire.

    As Aragorn was exchanging fire with a Flooder Fighter in front of him, a second Flooder Fighter came up behind. “You’ve got one coming up from behind you.” Dino_Dude’s voice sounded throughout Aragorn’s cockpit. Aragorn destroyed the Flooder Fighter in front of him, but before he could turn his Chopper around to deal with the other, it also exploded as Dino_Dude flew through the wreckage.

    Aragorn fired at a Flooder Fighter that dropped down in front of him, but missed. Another one dropped down behind him, boxing him in. Aragorn lifted his Mini-Chopper up, allowing the shots from the Fighter behind him to destroy the Fighter in front of him.

    Aragorn swung his Chopper around in a circle and ended up behind the Flooder Fighter that was behind him. He fired at it and it exploded. Raven spotted another Flooder Fighter and gave chase.


    Dino_Dude was having just as much luck with Two Flooder Fighters bearing down in front of him. He flew straight ahead, dodging the shots from the two Fighters, causing them to zip all around him. Dino_Dude opened fire and his shots hit both of the planes as he swung back and forth. He straightened his Chopper and turned away from the explosions, locating another Flooder Fighter to attack.


    Trainwreck dodged a few blasts and then dipped his Mini-Chopper down, pulling back on the throttle. The Chopper picked up speed and zoomed back behind his attacker. He fired, but the Flooder Fighter exploded before the shots even hit it. A second Mini-Chopper flew through the explosion. Trainwreck opened communications with the other Chopper and said, “Damn it, Phily, that one was mine!”

    Phily just laughed over the radio. “I didn’t see your name on it.”

    “That’s because it was on the bottom.”

    Phily continued laughing. “Just because I’m a better pilot then you, doesn’t mean you need to get mad.”

    “Better pilot? Ha!” Trainwreck laughed. “Maybe with a TG-167 on Yahoo.com, but up here in this sector with an Admin Mini-Chopper, I’m the master of the…” Trainwreck paused as he opened fire on a Flooder Fighter passing in front of him. “Up here, I’m the master of all.”

    Phily caught up with Trainwreck and the two flew side-by-side. Phily turned to look through the side of his window and into Trainwreck’s Chopper, seeing Trainwreck smiling. Phily was going to laugh, but before he had the chance, Trainweck’s Chopper exploded into a fiery mess. Phily turned serious.

    A Flooder Fighter was following him. It opened fire, but Philly pulled his Chopper into a 90 degree turn. The Flooder Fighter copied the move and continued firing. Phily moved from side to side, avoiding the shots blasting all around him. A few skimmed his Chopper, shaking him around a bit.

    Phily wiped sweat from his head as he moved his Mini-Chopper up, only to be met by the Flooder Fighter’s blasts and exploded.


    Aragorn zoomed away from an exploding Flooder Fighter. Another Admin Mini-Chopper flew down in front of him and quickly zoomed away again, chasing a Flooder Fighter. Aragorn watched as the Chopper blew up the Fighter, and then opened a COM channel to it.

    “Carna, follow me.” Aragorn commanded.

    “With you now, kid.” Carna piloted his Chopper next to Aragorn’s. In the distance, Aragorn spotted the Expert Flooder Fighter that killed Trainwreck and Phily, wipe out another Admin Mini-Chopper.

    “Let’s take him out.” Carna suggested. The two zoomed towards the Fighter together. As they got nearer, another Flooder Fighter zoomed past them, firing. Carna broke away to chase after it.

    Aragorn concentrated on keeping with the Expert Flooder Fighter as it zoomed around, twisting and turning to avoid falling wreckage, trying to loose him. The Fighter flipped up and landed behind Aragorn, firing, but Aragorn dodged to the side, escaping the blasts, and then raised his Chopper and slowed down, allowing the Fighter to zoom ahead. He dropped down behind it again. He fired at it, but it dodged his shots.
    Aragorn cursed under his breath as two other Flooder Fighters arrived and Aragorn had to break away from his attack to dodge shots. Carna returned and blasted at one of the Fighters, blowing it up.

    Aragorn took out the other Fighter and located the Expert Flooder Fighter that he had been chasing earlier and went after him again. “You aren’t getting away that easily.” Aragorn whispered.


    Dino_Dude avoided the shots from two pursuing Flooder Fighters. He flew around in a semi-circle straightened, heading towards the sides of the Flooder Fighters.

    He let loose a barrage of shots, destroying two of the three Fighters. The third avoided the shots and went to spin up behind Dino_Dude, however the wreckage from a nearby exploding Chopper blasted right into the Fighter’s path and caused it to explode as it collided with the wreckage.


    Aragorn continued his chase against the Expert Flooder Fighter, getting frustrated with it. The Fighter went to fire at another Chopper in front of it, but Dino_Dude rammed the Fighter from below, sending it straight up. Aragorn locked on and fired, blowing it up.

    Dino_Dude’s propellers were ruined in the attack and his Chopper started to plummet to the water below. He pushed a button an the wrecked propellers broke away from the rest of the Chopper. Dino_Dude pushed another button and the back of the Chopper opened up, revealing two engines. The Back-Up Engines would last him long enough to get back to Dan’s.

    “Thank-You Dino-Dude,” Aragorn commented. “I’ll follow you back to Dan’s to make sure those engines get you there.

    “Thanks Aragorn.” The two turned and started their trip back to Dan’s and the remaining Admins took out the last of the Flooder Fighters.


    Aragorn and Dino_Dude’s Mini-Choppers returned to Dan’s JP3 Page. They climbed out of their vehicles, and walked towards their homes.

    “Looks like the rest of the Admins didn’t have much to do but mop up,” Dino_Dude stated. “At this rate, the War will be over before it even really began.”

    Aragorn chuckled. “Hopefully. The less Sites that fall under Flooder control, the better. As far as I’m concerned, every last Flooder should be killed. Otherwise this will all just happen all over again.”

    “Amen to that, Aragorn.” They reached an intersection and stopped. “Catch ya later,”

    “Take care.”

    Aragorn and Dino_Dude split up, their homes in opposite directions. Before long Aragorn reached an apartment building and went in. He walked down a long hallway filled with doors on either side. He walked past the first few doors and stopped in front of one near the end. He pressed a button and the door slid open and he walked into his apartment.

    He immediately went straight to his bed and plopped down. It wasn’t long until he fell into a deep sleep.


    Aragorn opened his eyes and sat up. His eyes widened when he realized that instead of his bed, he was laying in a grassy field under a bright sun.

    He jumped to his feet and started turning around, trying to figure out where he was and how he got there in his sleep.

    Aragorn stopped turning when he saw a great city in the distance, with a Palace at the edge.


    Aragorn’s eyes snapped open and he immediately looked at his surroundings. He was sitting on his bed, in his room. Aragorn looked at the clock and saw that he had been asleep for an entire day.

    A dream, Aragorn thought to himself. That was all it was.

    Someone coughed and Aragorn whipped his head around. The most beautiful girl Aragorn had ever seen was standing in his room, dressed in Admin clothes. Aragorn looked at her, confused. Living as an Admin on Dan’s since he was 4, he had come to know every other Admin there, but yet he didn’t recognize this one.

    “Your future lies with me.” The girl smiled at Aragorn. Aragorn opened his mouth to say something, but the girl disappeared.

    There was a knock on the door and as Aragorn sat up, he said, “Come in.” The door opened and Carna walked in. He noticed Aragorn’s confused expression.

    “Are you ok, Aragorn? You look a bit dazed.”

    Aragorn snapped out of it and turned to face his friend. “I’m fine.”

    “Good, because I just came across Dino_Dude in the Chat, and he wants you to you meet him at the Politics section of the Message Board.”

    “Thanks Carna.”

    Carna nodded his head and walked out of the apartment, on his way to his own apartment in the same building. Aragorn rubbed the remaining sleep from his eyes. He looked around his room, but the girl never returned.

    Aragorn stood up, stretched, yawned, and then walked out of the apartment.


    Aragorn walked down the hall of the Message Board, approaching Dino_Dude as he stood outside the Politics room, waiting for him.

    “What’s going on?” Aragorn asked his friend. The only times Aragorn has ever been summoned to the Politics room in the past has been right before he was sent on a mission, but he just returned from one, so that couldn’t be the reason.

    “I don’t really know myself.” Dino_Dude admitted. “I woke up when my phone was ringing and it was Vader saying that he wants me to get you and come here right away.”

    The two giant oak doors creaked open and the two Admins stepped inside the colossal room. The room was wide open, with only three seats forming a circle. In those three seats sat Vader, Raptor-Rex, and River, the surviving heroes from the first War with the Flooders.

    Aragorn and Dino_Dude approached the middle of the room and stood still, facing the Council of Admins.

    Vader spoke up. “On behalf of the Council, I present to you another assignment. We wish for you to travel to the distant Site of Halloween Fanfiction, where you are to meet with the Royal Family and finalize our alliance. Our sources say that Flooders have been meeting with the Halloween Fanfiction Royalty with the intent to sway their decision of allying with us. They are likely more interested in the Source Code of the Site then the Site itself. If they get a hold of that Code, they could use it to power their Warships and significantly raise the stakes in the War.”

    “It will be our honor to carry out such a mission,” Dino_Dude stated.

    “We are not familiar with this Site,” Aragorn said. “We don’t know the location.”

    Raptor-Rex spoke up, “We have hired a pilot to transport you there safely.”

    Aragorn and Dino_Dude bowed. “Thank-You.”

    “Now go,” Vader ordered. “And make haste.”

    Aragorn and Dino_Dude walked out of the room. As they walked down the Message Board halls, Aragorn complained. “Another mission? This is overkill. Why are they sending us back out again? We have only just returned.”

    “I must admit,” Dino_Dude said, “It does feel rushed, but you have to understand the urgency of the situation. It’s only a negotiation mission anyway, so it should be a snap. There and back again in no time.”

    The two walked out of the building and through the City until they reached the Docking Bays. They spotted an old rustbucket of a plane with the words ‘SkyStream’ painted on the side. There was a man leaning against it.

    “You two boys must be the Admins I’m transporting,” The man stated as Aragorn and Dino_Dude approached.

    “We are.” Aragorn replied.

    The man extended his hand and Aragorn shook it. “My name is Primal_Prey and I’m the pilot of this fine beauty. SkyStream’s her name.”

    “I’m Aragorn, and this is my partner, Dino_Dude.”

    Primal_Prey nodded at Dino_Dude. “Vader told me that time is of the essence here, so I suggest I get you two settled onboard so we can take off.” Primal_Prey turned and walked up the ramp into his plane. The Admins followed behind.


    Inside the plane, Primal_Prey showed them the main Passenger Area. It was quite small. There was a cushioned bench in the corner with a table in front of it, with just enough room to walk from one door to another. Aragorn looked around, disgusted. Primal_Prey caught his look.

    “Hey, usually I don’t transport people, so you’re lucky I have even this much room for passengers.”

    “It’s fine,” Aragorn mumbled.

    “You boys might want to buckle in when we go up into the clouds,” Primal_Prey stated as he turned to head for the cockpit. “It can get a bit jumpy back here when turbulence hits.”

    Dino_Dude thanked the pilot and Primal_Prey disappeared into the cockpit, closing the door behind him.

    As the ship started to take off, Aragorn asked, “Do you know what are the people of Halloween Fanfiction are like?”

    “They are a peaceful Site,” Dino_Dude stated. “According to the Admin Archive, they used to be a war-loving Site, until about two hundred years ago when a civil war caused the downfall of the Halloween Fanfiction Dynasty and new rulers were elected. It has been a peaceful Site ever since and the people there strongly oppose war.”


    The SkyStream took off into the sky and left Dan’s JP3 Page, headed for Halloween Fanfiction.

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