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    Despite the scene where a Brachiosaurus is seen munching plants, Sauropods had peg-like teeth and could not chew with their teeth. (From: 'Dinosaur_neill')
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    Site Wars Chapter 1 Codes of Destiny (Part 2)
    By Aragorn

    On the peaceful Site of Halloween Fanfiction, Queen Yvonne sat on a wooden bench located next to a wonderful fountain. She gazed into the pooling water, staring at her reflection, lost in thought.

    Princess PinkSapphire, dressed in a gorgeous flowing red dress, walked over to her mother and sat next to her. They sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the birds chirp and water pour.

    Yvonne looked at daughter and smiled. “You look beautiful today.”

    The Princess blushed, her cheeks turning redder then a cherry. “You say that everyday, mother.”

    “That’s because you look beautiful everyday.”

    PinkSapphire continued to blush and stared into the water of the fountain. Silence followed until Yvonne noticed her fazed out gaze. “What’s wrong, sweety?”

    PinkSapphire looked back up at her. “Sometimes I wonder what all this is for. I feel like there’s more out there for me, then this. Not that I don’t like this life, I do. I love both you and Father with all my heart, and wish nothing more then to follow in your footsteps, but it’s just…”

    “A feeling.” Yvonne finished for her.


    “That is because you are special. You have a strong intuition towards certain matters, which is why you’ll make a great Queen. I feel you are meant for great things. Greater things then either your father or I could ever provide for you. You just have to wait for the opportunity to arise.”

    PinkSapphire smiled. Her mother always knew what to say to make her feel better. All of a sudden PinkSapphire’s smile faded. Her mother sensed something was not right. “What’s wrong?”

    “The Flooder representative from the other day…I don’t like him. Something seems off about him. He scares me.”

    Yvonne chuckled. “One day you will be queen and you will have to negotiate with both people you like and ones you don’t.”

    A Guard approached and stood at attention. His badge read ‘Carnotaur3’. “The Representative from the Flooders is here to see you, m’lady.”

    Yvonne nodded her head and turned to face her daughter. “How about you handle the matter, dear?” PinkSapphire was shocked. Such an important matter, and her mother was intrusting her with it? PinkSapphire felt nervous and began fidgeting. “You can get practice negotiating with people that you dislike.” Yvonne laid a hand on PinkSapphire’s, calming her. “It’ll be alright.” She said lovingly.

    PinkSapphire nodded and stood, turning to face Carnotaur3. “I will see him in the Main Hall.” Carnotaur3 bowed and walked away.


    Vito_The_White stood alone in the Main Hall, admiring the art work on the walls. The sound of footsteps caused him to turn around and see Princess PinkSapphire walk into the room.

    “Hello, I am Princess PinkSapphire and I will be discussing with you, the matter of Halloween Fanfiction joining with the Flooders.”

    Vito’s eyes darted around the room, expecting PinkSapphire’s parents to walk in at any moment. “Why does the King or Queen not meet with me?” He asked suspiciously.

    “They are busy attending to other matters and sent me in their place.”

    “Very well then, onto matters. I trust that your family has made a decision.”

    “My parents will be meeting with Admins from Dan’s JP3 Page today to discuss Halloween Fanfiction allying with them If that happens, then we will not be permitted to have connections to the Flooders.”

    “What kind of dictatorship is Dan’s?” Vito asked. “If they are a great democracy they claim themselves to be, then why is it that you are forced to sever any ties with the Flooders?”

    “Dan’s has our best interests at heart,” PinkSapphire said sternly. “While as far as I can tell, the Flooders are only interested in our Source Code.”

    “That Source Code could serve a battle-ready Warship far better then a crumbling Site about to fall,” Vito spat.

    PinkSapphire took a small step back, preparing to turn and walk away. She had no patience for threats or those who uttered them. Before she could turn away however, Vito_The_White stepped close to her and rubbed her chin with his finger and spoke in a much gentler voice. “I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement. I trust your family will make the right decision.” He let his hand fall away from PinkSapphire’s chin and walked past her, out of the room.

    PinkSapphire stared after Vito_The_White as he walked away, disappearing from view. I have a bad feeling about this.


    The SkyStream zoom through the sky, getting closer to Halloween Fanfiction. Onboard, Aragorn stood in the cramped Passenger Compartment, trying to practice his sword-fighting techniques. There was a small round droid floating around, shooting harmless lasers at him, and he was trying his best to deflect the shots with his sword. However, due to the limited space, he often found himself hitting his sword off the walls or floor.

    Dino_Dude sat on the bench, eating his lunch. “Your skill with the sword seems to be getting even better. Soon you might even be better then me.” Dino_Dude chuckled and Aragorn chimed in. “Atleast against an Error Robot.”

    Aragorn deflected another blast before the little robot zoomed around behind him and fired again. Aragorn ducked, the blast going over his head and dissipating harmlessly as it touched the wall. Aragorn whipped around and deflected another blast.

    Primal_Prey’s voice came over the Intercom system, causing Aragorn to stop. The droid however, did not and shot Aragorn in the back. Aragorn jumped slightly. “We are coming up on Halloween Fanfiction.”

    Dino_Dude stood up and turned the droid off from behind while it was distracted with Aragorn. He put it away in a box as Aragorn sheathed his sword. They looked out the window at the approaching Site.

    The SkyStream entered Halloween Fanfiction airspace and soared under the puffy white clouds. Soon enough, it was approaching a large city below it.

    In the cockpit, as Primal_Prey piloted the ship closer to the city, he punched a few buttons and sent out a transmission. “Halloween Air Control, this is the SkyStream, requesting landing permission. I am carrying the Dan’s JP3 Page Admins.”

    After a few seconds of static, a voice returned to Primal_Prey. “This is Halloween Fanfiction Air Traffic Control. Permission granted, SkyStream.” Coordinates started filling Primal_Prey’ database screen and he plotted the best flight path to them.


    The SkyStream roared over the city, approaching an airport at the far end. As the ship passed overhead of the city, Aragorn glanced out the window and gasped. “It’s…It’s…” He was too shocked to form the words. It was impossible! It was the city from his dream!

    “What is it?” Dino_Dude asked.

    “Back on Dan’s I had a dream about a city. It’s this city!”

    “Interesting.” Dino_Dude joined Aragorn at the window as they both looked on.


    The SkyStream slowed down and came in for a smooth landing at the airport. Royal Guards were standing around the area, guns resting against their shoulders.

    On board, before exiting the ship, Primal_Prey stepped in front of the two Admins, blocking their path. “I have to make a run into town to pick up some things. I hope that’s ok.”

    “That’ll be fine,” Aragorn smiled. “I doubt we’ll be back anytime soon.” Primal_Prey nodded his head and turned around. The trio walked off the ship and Primal_Prey went his own way as Aragorn and Dino_Dude approached the Guards.

    “We are to escort you to the Palace.” The lead Guard announced. Aragorn looked him over and saw that he had a golden badge on his uniform that read ‘Carnotaur3’.

    “Is all this security necessary?” Dino_Dude asked. “We were under the impression that Halloween Fanfiction was a peaceful Site.”

    “We are,” Carnotaur3 explained. “But there are those that do not wish for your meeting to take place. The streets of Halloween Fanfiction are not a safe place for negotiators such as yourself at this time.”

    “Very well,” Dino_Dude replied. “Lead the way.”

    The Guards turned and started walking away from the Airport, the two Admins following. As they marched down the streets Aragorn was surprised at how little activity seemed to be happening. It had the size of a city, but the activity level of a small town.

    “The city might seem empty right now,” Carnotaur3 explained. “But just wait until rush hour. You’re lucky you got in when you did, or else we’d have had to get you to land on the Palace’s lawn.”

    Aragorn continued to look around and just couldn’t picture the city being that busy. There were a couple dozen people spread out, walking up and down the streets, with the occasional vehicle driving by.

    “We hear the King and Queen are very reasonable.” Dino_Dude stated.

    “They are,” Carnotaur3 replied. “However, they are tending to other matters at this time. The Princess PinkSapphire will be the one with whom you speak with today.”

    Dino_Dude smiled. “Very honorable. A young princess wishing to be queen needs first-hand knowledge at such things. How old is the Princess?”

    “She is 15,” Carnotaur3 responded. “But mature long beyond her years. She will take over for her parents on her 18th birthday.”

    “And the commoners, what do they think of her?” Aragorn asked.

    “They love the Royal Family and support Princess PinkSapphire every chance they get. There was a log-sparring tournament held a few years back, and everyone attended just to see the Princess participate.”

    “Ah, log-sparring,” Dino_Dude sighed. “A forgotten art.”

    “Not here it’s not. It’s the Queen’s favorite sport and she made sure it stayed around.”

    The Admins followed the Guards into a building, where there were a half dozen people lined up to get onto a train. The Guards approached the rear of the train. There was a short, fat guy standing by the rear door, dressed in a uniform. It looked up at the Royal Guards and stepped out of the way as they climbed onto the train and into the car reserved for the Royalty.

    As they found their seats, the train started up and roared out of the station. It wasn’t long until it came to a halt right in front of the Palace. The Guards walked off in single file, followed by the two Admins. Once off, the train zoomed away.

    The group walked up the stone steps and reached the humongous Palace doors. The Guards pushed them open, allowing the Admins to go on ahead. Once inside, the Guards closed the door and Carnotaur3 approached the Admins once again.

    “It seems only one of you may negotiate with the Princess. She is not used to such matters and is far too nervous to be in the presence of two Admins.”

    Aragorn and Dino_Dude turned to each other. “You can have it,” Dino_Dude stated. “You need more practice anyway.”

    Aragorn shot him a dirty look. Carnotaur3 spoke up, “If you’ll follow me, young Admin, I will take you to the Throne Room.” Aragorn followed the guard.


    Primal_Prey was browsing through some hardware in a Hardware Store. There was the sound of shouting coming from right outside the store and the door slammed open as a short man ran in and jumped down behind one of the aisles. Primal_Prey peeked behind the pile to get a better look at the man.

    “Cameron1?” Primal_Prey called out. The guy turned around to look at Primal_Prey and his eyes widened. “It is you!” Primal_Prey shouted joyfully.

    Primal_Prey and Cameron1 had been old childhood friends, but hadn’t seen each other since they both moved away from home after school. Cameron1 was just as shocked to see Primal_Prey. He stood up and hugged him tightly.

    “Look at you!” Cameron1 exclaimed. “All grown up! What have you been up to? What do you do now?”

    “I’m a pilot. I run jobs for people - mostly transport jobs. Actually, right now I’m piloting a couple Admins from Dan’s JP3 Page around the Internet.”

    “You’ve become a real hotshot,” Cameron1 smiled. “Working with the Admins and all.”

    Primal_Prey noticed that Cameron1’s eyes kept darting to the door and back. “Who are you hiding from?”

    Cameron1 sighed and his shoulders slumped. “How about we talk about it over some drinks?” Primal_Prey accepted the offer. It would be nice to go for a few drinks with an old friend.


    Aragorn followed Carnotaur3 into the empty Throne Room. Aragorn looked around the room and took note of the two golden thrones and the red carpet covering the stairs leading to the thrones.

    “The Princess will be with you shortly.”

    “Thank you.”

    Carnotaur3 turned and walked out of the room, leaving Aragorn to himself. As Aragorn waited, he looked around the room. He heard a door creak open and he quickly looked up as the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, walked into the room. As the girl got closer and Aragorn was able to get an even better look, he gasped. The girl walking towards him was the same one from his vision! However, she was dressed in a long blue gown, with her hair down. She looked different, but Aragorn was positive it was her.

    “You must be the Admin I am meeting with.” The girl stopped in front of Aragorn. “I am Princess PinkSapphire.”

    Aragorn slightly blushed. He had never been in the presence of a princess before, especially one so beautiful. “My name is Aragorn.”

    PinkSapphire took Aragorn’s nervous hand and shook it. “You’re so nervous,” She stated quietly, making more of an observation then a statement.

    “I admit, I’ve never met a princess before.”

    “I too have a confession. I’ve never met an Admin before.” PinkSapphire turned and started to walk away, up the stairs towards the thrones. Aragorn didn’t know if he should follow or stay where he was.

    PinkSapphire reached the thrones and sat down in one. When she turned around to face Aragorn, she tried hard not to laugh, but couldn’t stop a giggle from leaving. She found the Admin’s obvious nervousness in her presence cute. She couldn’t help but smile. “You may come sit next to me, Aragorn.”

    Aragorn took a step towards her, but stopped and looked around. PinkSapphire chuckled. “My parents would not mind us using their seats, so have no fear.”

    Aragorn hesitantly walked up the steps and sat in the throne next to PinkSapphire “So what exactly is it that an Admin does?” PinkSapphire asked.

    “We’re Peacekeepers and Negotiators. Ambassadors mostly. We represent Dan’s JP3 Page in our talks and missions throughout the Galaxy.”

    PinkSapphire placed a hand on top of Aragorn’s and felt that it wasn’t shaking as much. He didn’t seem to be as nervous when talking about something he knew. She locked eyes with him. “Well, I suppose we should get down to business.” She paused, and didn’t feel the trembling in Aragorn’s hand return. She slightly smiled, removing her hand, confidant that Aragorn felt somewhat more comfortable. “If Dan’s accepts our request to join, we will be more then willing to share our Source Code with them, as a gift. It’s only found here on Halloween Fanfiction. It has this ability to constantly regenerate itself for a long time and fix any HTML errors automatically. In addition to that, just a small amount the size of a tablespoon is able to generate power and electricity to all of Halloween Fanfiction for years.”

    Aragorn paused to think of the possibilities such a mineral could be used for. No more pollution on any Site allied with Dan’s is the main one that surfaced to mind. Of course, such a mineral could also power an unlimited amount of warships, which would be why the Flooders were so interested in it. “Why does Halloween Fanfiction wish to ally with Dan’s JP3 Page?”

    “We believe strongly in everything Dan’s stands for. It is also in our best interest. Dan’s JP3 Page has many things to offer to it’s members.” PinkSapphire looked at the floor sadly. “I am sure that by now it is no secret that the Flooders have been pestering us for our Source Code.” She looked back up at Aragorn, sadness in her eyes. “There are rumors of an invasion if we do not willingly give it to them. Dan’s would be able to defend us, as we do not have the forces nor the resources to defend ourselves.” PinkSapphire forced herself to smile. She needed to lighten the mood. “Plus it is also good to have Admins on your side.” They locked eyes once more and PinkSapphire added a little bit softer, “It makes me feel safe with an Admin around.”

    Aragorn looked deep into her eyes. Before he could say anything, PinkSapphire stood up, suddenly happy and cheerful again. She extended her hand and Aragorn stood to his feet as well and shook hands.

    “I guess that concludes our business then,” Aragorn stated. “I will relay your answers to the Council. They will be sure to inform you of their answer as soon as they have one.”

    “Thank you,” PinkSapphire replied. “And now that business is out of the way, would you like to see my Garden? I am retiring to there now and would love for an Admin to accompany me.”

    Aragorn hesitated. Would Dino_Dude be waiting for him in the Main Hall? It only took one quick glance at PinkSapphire’s pleading playful smile for Aragorn to make up his mind. After all, Admins were always taught that patience is an important key.

    Aragorn returned Princess PinkSapphire’s smile. “Lead the way, M’lady.”


    Above the Throne Room, Dino_Dude stood with crossed arms next to JPJunkee as they viewed the negotiations through a two-way mirror.

    “They seem to get along well.” Dino_Dude stated as they watched Aragorn and PinkSapphire leave the room. JPJunkee turned away from the mirror and started to walk out of the room. Dino_Dude trailed beside him.

    “I am glad that Dan’s JP3 Page has taken our request so seriously.” The King stated as they entered a hall.

    “Dan’s takes every Site seriously. The Council will be glad to hear that the negotiations went well.”

    “I honestly didn’t know how well they would go,” JPJunkee confessed. “Due to the Flooders constantly showing up. They’re visits have been awkward at best and always end with them trying to bully us into an alliance with them. They want us for our Source Code.”

    Dino_Dude nodded. He knew that the Flooders would not take the Source Code by force. Not with Dan’s eye concentrated on Halloween Fanfiction. If they wanted it, they’d have to do it peacefully.

    They entered a greenhouse room. The walls and ceiling were constructed of huge glass windows, and green plants of all shapes and sizes filled the room. It reminded Dino_Dude of the jungles on Dan’s JP3 Page. They pushed through some ferns and spotted Yvonne tending to a plant.

    JPJunkee went over and stood by his wife as she stood up and brushed dirt from her fingers. “This is my lovely wife, Yvonne.” The Queen stretched out her hand and Dino_Dude shook it. “And this is Dino_Dude, one of the Admin that Dan’s JP3 Page dispatched.”

    “I’m so glad you came,” Yvonne stated. “Tell me, how did the negotiating go with my daughter?”

    “It looked like it went well,” Dino_Dude answered. “I was not actually there myself. My partner handled it alone. Your daughter was too nervous to meet with two Admins.

    Yvonne chuckled. “She is not used to negotiating and the last time she did, it did not end so well.” She laid a gardening tool down on the edge of a pot. “So where are those crazy kids?”

    “They went for a stroll in the garden,” JPJunkee responded, winking slightly at his wife.

    “I remember when we used to go on similar romantic strolls at one time, not so very long ago.”

    “How about we take one now?” The King suggested, smiling. “We can check in on them and meet Dino_Dude’s partner.”

    “You may join us if you wish,” Yvonne informed Dino_Dude.

    “Thank you, Your Majesty. I think I may.” The King and Queen laced arms and walked out of the room, Dino_Dude not far behind.


    Aragorn was amazed at the size of the Royal Garden as Princess PinkSapphire showed him around. The garden itself must have equaled at least half the size of the city, and he hadn’t even seen all of it. There were sections where you could see for a hundred meters in any direction, beautiful flowers and plants all around, while other parts were done up much like a maze with hedges. At the moment, they were walking along one such path, with hedges on either side taller then the average person.

    “This is a really nice garden.” Aragorn stated. He enjoyed the feeling he got when he was alone with PinkSapphire, not talking about business.

    “Mother had it built when she was younger so she could have a private and peaceful place to meditate,” PinkSapphire explained. “When I became old enough to know the way of things, she introduced me to meditation as a way to calm the spirit. I come out here often and meditate for hours at a time. It’s so peaceful.”

    They walked around a corner and entered a wide opened area. There were a few small hedges dotted around the area, but other then that, not a single thing. “This is also where I like to practice my log-sparring.” The Princess added.

    Aragorn looked at her, amused. “I thought it was an activity long forgotten.”

    “I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. My mother taught me and her mother taught her.” Aragorn chuckled and PinkSapphire playfully pushed him. “What’s so funny?”

    “I can’t picture a princess log-fighting. It’s too absurd.” Aragorn started laughing.

    “Would you like to see?” PinkSapphire asked. “Better yet, would you like to have a friendly duel?”

    Aragorn searched her face and saw that she wasn’t joking. “I accept.”

    PinkSapphire walked across the lawn towards a shed. She disappeared inside, leaving Aragorn alone outside. Aragorn wondered what he was doing. Log-sparring with a princess! No one would believe it back home. He knew Admins frowned upon relationships, mainly for the fact that it was not uncommon for an Admin to fall in love and then quit so he could settle down. But that was ok. After that day, Aragorn knew he would never see the Princess again, so it was ok to give in to his feelings for just a few minutes.

    Princess PinkSapphire emerged outside with two logs in her hands, and a fencing-like suit covering her body. PinkSapphire did not wish to wear the suit herself, but she couldn’t spar in her dress and it was all she had in the shed. She liked showing off to the Admin; it added onto the odd fuzzy feeling she got in her stomach whenever she looked at him. It was a feeling she had never experienced before.

    The Princess tossed a log to Aragorn and he caught it clumsily. He moved his hands, slowly twirling the log around, getting used to the feeling and weight.

    PinkSapphire giggled at Aragorn’s inability to properly use it. “Here,” She stood next to him and showed him how to properly hold it and what stance he should be in for maximum sturdiness. She showed him a couple easy moves and laughed when he tried to copy them, but fumbled. He tried them again and this time did much better.

    “It’s a little different then a sword,” Aragorn admitted. “But it will do.”

    PinkSapphire backed up so she was facing Aragorn and stood in a ready stance. She stuck the log out in front of her, both hands clamped on it, as she put one leg behind her and bent down slightly. Aragorn tried to copy the stance, however his form was more loose. “Are you ready?” PinkSapphire asked.

    “As ready as I’ll ever be, Princess.”


    JPJunkee, Yvonne, and Dino_Dude walked down a path in the garden. The King and Queen were discussing young love and reminiscing on when they were young and in love. Dino_Dude tried his best to not eavesdrop, but couldn’t help but speak up when they mentioned PinkSapphire and Aragorn’s closeness.

    “Unfortunately it is frowned upon for an Admin to love,” Dino_Dude informed them. They looked at him, stunned.

    “What kind of life is it, where love is discouraged?” Yvonne asked.

    “Often times in the past, Admins would fall in love and quit to settle down with their new loved one. We have lost many great Admins that way and there are rumors that they might even outlaw falling in love all together.”

    They reached the corner and walked around into the wide open field. JPJunkee stopped on the spot and held his wife back gently. “Let’s observe quietly,” He suggested.

    Dino_Dude walked up next to them and saw what JPJunkee was talking about. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw PinkSapphire and Aragorn in ready positions.

    This should be entertaining, Dino_Dude smirked.


    They two dived at each other and their logs banged together. Aragorn wasn’t expecting to feel the force of the logs banging against each other so much, which resulted in his log flying from his hands.

    Aragorn dived and came up in a roll, holding his log once more. He whipped around and blocked a stab by the Princess. PinkSapphire twirled her log around so it was on top of his and very lightly tapped it against his chest. They broke apart and returned to the ready stances.

    PinkSapphire nodded and Aragorn nodded back. They charged each other once more, and this time Aragorn was prepared for the force of the logs banging together. As the ends of their logs met, PinkSapphire smiled. “I see you’re learning.”

    “Always have been a fast learner.” Aragorn replied.

    They broke apart and PinkSapphire charged at Aragorn, their logs banged together in a series of attacks and blocks, Aragorn getting pushed back further and further, one step at a time. He would use one end of his log to block an attack, and then have to use the other end to block another attack. It felt to him like a sideways teeter-taughter.

    Aragorn looked behind himself and saw that he was being pushed back up against a hedge wall. He ducked and maneuvered to the side, coming up beside PinkSapphire. He swung his log across at an angle so it would hit off her shoulder pad, but she whipped around and blocked at the last second.

    Aragorn twirled his log around, so it was overtop of hers, much like what she did to him, but she continued the twirling and brought hers back on top of his. He raised his log up, causing PinkSapphire’s to go higher when she stabbed it forward, just skimming the top of his head. Aragorn poked his log forward, lightly tapping her chest.

    They broke apart and returned to ready stances. This time Aragorn’s stance was much better. “You adapt quickly,” Princess PinkSapphire stated. Aragorn smiled as he raised his arms and bowed. He returned to the ready position and nodded his head. PinkSapphire nodded hers as well.

    Aragorn slightly moved his body forward, but did not move his feet. PinkSapphire, thinking that Aragorn was going to charge, charged first and ran at Aragorn. Aragorn stepped to the side and swung his log towards PinkSapphire as she approached, but she ducked, going under the log, and then came up beside Aragorn.

    Their logs met and they once again parried back and forth, attacking and blocking, side to side, as they moved around the open field. PinkSapphire quickly spun, and blocked an attack. She pushed the log away and sliced at Aragorn's chest. Aragorn blocked and spun, sending a shot towards PinkSapphire's left shoulder, which she in turn blocked as well.

    “You’re good,” PinkSapphire said, running a bit low on breath. She blocked an attack from Aragorn.

    “You’re better,” Aragorn smiled. He swung upward, but PinkSapphire bent backwards, causing the front of Aragorn’s log to miss her by inches. She swatted it away and changed back to the offensive. She sliced at his chest but he blocked easily with a swat to the left. She spun and sliced toward his right arm but he blocked and swung to her side. She blocked and sliced toward his stomach. He blocked once again and sliced toward her chest. She spun around and knocked the log away. She used her momentum to slice at his thigh but he blocked the attack.

    She continued to up the offensive and Aragorn moved the log around in a flurry of blocks. Aragorn took a few steps back as he blocked. As he lifted his foot up to take another step back, he tripped on a rock and started to fall down. PinkSapphire lunged in for the finishing point, but Aragorn turned his body to the side and stretched out his hands, grabbing the end of PinkSapphire’s uniform.

    The two fell to the soft ground, their bodies tangled up in each other. They turned their heads to look at each other and found their faces inches apart. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes. PinkSapphire started to slightly lean in.

    “I win.” Aragorn broke the chemistry flowing between them. PinkSapphire snapped out of her love-struck daze, wondering just what the heck the Admin was talking about. That was when she realized there was something softly putting pressure on her stomach and she looked down, seeing that Aragorn had the front of his log touching her stomach.

    PinkSapphire couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. “Well done, Admin.” Aragorn joined in on the laughter and stood to his feet. He reached a hand down and PinkSapphire took it. Aragorn pulled her to their feet and they proceeded to brush grass off of themselves.

    At the sound of clapping, they turned and saw JPJunkee, Yvonne, and Dino_Dude walk out into the field, smiling and laughing.

    “That was quite the show,” Dino_Dude smirked. “You are very skilled, Princess.”

    “I practice three times a week, for hours at a time,” PinkSapphire beamed. “I train with my mother. She is even better.”

    Yvonne chuckled, “Not for much longer if you keep it up.” She turned to Dino_Dude. “PinkSapphire has won many tournaments on Halloween Fanfiction. I am very proud of her.”

    JPJunkee clapped his hands together to get everyone’s attention. “I’m sure Dino_Dude and Aragorn are exhausted from their trip here and would like a rest. PinkSapphire, would you be so kind as to show them to the Guest rooms?”

    “Certainly, Father.” PinkSapphire put the logs away, and returned still dressed in the suit. “If you’ll follow me gentleman.” PinkSapphire led the way back towards the castle, the Admins in tow.


    PinkSapphire led Dino_Dude and Aragorn down an empty hall.

    “Princess, you seem to be very skilled in both defensive tactics as well as negotiating. When you do such things, do you think about them beforehand, or just go with what feels natural?” Aragorn questioned. Dino_Dude looked over, wondering why Aragorn was questioning PinkSapphire about the things that make an Admin better at their job.

    “Mostly just what happens, happens. When I negotiate, I get this strong feeling in the pit of my stomach, about what to say. When I spar, I don’t think, I just move,” PinkSapphire answered. “Mother says it’s a gift the Gods have blessed me with. She says that I’m meant for great things.” PinkSapphire stopped beside an open door. “Here is your room, gentleman. Take as long as you need to rest. My parents will meet with you two after, to finalize the talks.

    Dino_Dude thanked her. “Your hospitality is much welcomed.” He turned and walked into the room. Aragorn looked at the Princess before going into the room. They smiled at each other.

    “Rest good,” PinkSapphire said.

    “I will.” Aragorn turned and walked into the room, closing the door behind him. It had took every ounce of will-power not to kiss her on the cheek. Of course, that would have been a horrible action. Not only would he be frowned upon by his fellow Admins, but she was a princess! He was just a commoner. Surely he would loose his head.

    Inside the room, Dino_Dude faced Aragorn. “I noticed you were questioning her about Admin qualities.”

    “She would make a great Admin.” Aragorn answered.

    “It is pointless though,” Dino_Dude countered. “She is too old to start the training. Admins have to start training when they are but little kids.”

    “Vader and the Council have made exceptions in the past.”

    Dino_Dude went to lay on a bed. Aragorn laid on the second bed. As he stared at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, he found that he couldn’t stop thinking of Princess PinkSapphire and kept replaying their day together, through his head.


    PinkSapphire, dressed in yet another dress, sat in her bedroom, staring at herself in her mirror. Her mother stood behind her, brushing her hair.

    “You have fallen for that Admin, haven’t you?” Yvonne asked her daughter with a smile.

    PinkSapphire looked down at the floor and smiled as well. She found herself smiling whenever she thought of Aragorn. Yvonne continued, “I am happy that you have finally experienced love, however I am sad that it has to be towards an Admin. Not only are Admins discouraged to love, but it is also forbidden by the Royal Code. Nothing could ever happen between you two.”

    PinkSapphire’s smiled faded. Of course she knew that, but kept wishing that it wasn’t true. “I know,” She said silently. It felt as if someone had dropped an entire ship directly onto her heart.

    “Perhaps it is best if do not attend the finalizing of the negotiations. Your father and I can handle it on our own.” Yvonne paused to get a knot out of her daughter’s hair and then continued. “Forget about him. It will be easier once you do.”

    “I know mother, but I can’t help how I feel.”

    “It will take time, but it’s for the best. You know this.”

    Before PinkSapphire could say anything else, the door opened and a shadow fell over both of them. They turned to see who entered and PinkSapphire’s eyes widened. Yvonne took a small step back. “Can we help you with something? You seem to be lost.” Her voice quivered with a bit of fear.

    6/26/2005 4:36:00 AM

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