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    TLW's Richard Schiff's (Eddie) wife has an interesting profession -- she gives private exotic dancing lessons to women in their house, and has recently written a book on the subject. (From: SeanArcher)
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    School Day: The Original Story (Part 1)
    By Aragorn


    Hello there faithful reader! I just want to take this time to inform you of some changes and explain to you a brief history of this story. You may discover that this story is written FAR better then stories that have come after. Well that’s because the original version was written in 1999, but just recently, at the start of 2006, I updated the writing in it. I didn’t add or remove a single scene, or changed anything at all. I just fixed the dialogue and made the writing better, and that is it. I still want it to be the exact same story, complete with it’s crappyness, however I wanted to still be able to read it without tearing my hair out at the bad writing. I plan on doing that for all my old original stories (Not scripts, just the stories), so depending on when you read this, the others may or may not have been updated yet.

    Now, here’s a bit of background info on the story. I’ll be doing this with all my re-writes on my older stories, explaining the history behind them.

    Back in mid-1999, my sister got a job as a teacher in a British Columbia town. At this point I was living in Alberta. When I went to go visit her, I was shown both the outside and inside of the school she taught at. That school mystified me. It was designed like a mall and its front doors were magnetically-sealed. It also didn’t help that when she showed me it, it was After-hours, so the entire place was pitch black. I immediately wanted to use it in some kind of horror story, but at the time didn’t have a single idea, so I stuffed in the back of my mind for the appropriate time.

    Cut forward to the winter of 1999. December to be exact. I wanted to write a teen slasher, but could not think of a good killer idea. I thought about it for days, but nothing came to me. All the good killer ideas had already been taken. Then one day I was listening to the soundtrack for The Omen, and during the main theme I got this vision of Grim Reaper in my head. I knew right away that that was it.

    So, I had the killer, now I needed a plot. That came to me right away as I had remembered the school and always had it in my mind to use as a horror story plot device. However, it wasn’t only that school, but a combination of that school and my current school at the time, with some made-up things added in. I had to have some way to get people stuck in there, isolated off from everyone else for it to be any bit atmospheric, so hence why I created the snowstorm. The rest pretty much flowed from there.

    It was also the first story of mine to feature every character based off people I knew, as well as events (None of the horror stuff, thankfully) that was actually based off real events (The every-day school stuff in the first half).

    Cut forward to almost the end of the month and the last day of school before Xmas vacation. We were in English class and the teacher asked us what we wanted to do, since we couldn’t really start any new work, and my friend Curtis, who had a copy of my story at the time, asked the teacher if she could read it out loud. The teacher asked the class and the majority wanted it read, and so she read it and because of using real people and real events, it was huge hit among the class and they really got into it.

    However, even though the teacher liked it, she strongly advised that I change the teacher names in it to fictional ones, because I could get in a lot of trouble for using their real names (She didn’t mind her name being in it though). So over the course of the next few re-writes and drafts, I changed the teachers’ names to fictional ones and even removed some of the gore.

    In this updated version however, all the gore has been put back in, along with the original names of the teachers restored.



    By: Jeff Long

    A four-storey school located in the small Canadian country town of Wainwright, Alberta, was oddly enough designed like a shopping mall. Even to this day, no one fully understands why. However that was not the most magnificent part of the odd school. It also had electronic doors that were magnetically sealed, which many students found very neat.

    It was a cold, snowless, but sunny February day when the school was first opened to the public. Among the anxious students walking up and entering their new school, were two Grade Nine students - Jeff Long, who loathed his short black hair but knew he could never grow it out long lest his parents scold him, and Curtis Coates, a taller kid who had quite the pot-belly from drinking a few too many beers on his weekends.

    “I think this new school is pretty cool,” Jeff stated as he looked up at it. “The magnetically-sealed doors make me feel a lot safer.” It was general knowledge to everyone in the small town, that the entire reason the new school was even made was because of a school shooting in the previous school, and the School Board had wanted to create a safer facility.

    “The whole layout is pretty cool,” Curtis said. “I like the fact that it’s designed like a mall.”

    They reached the doors to the school and walked inside the packed hall. Almost right away, a tall gangly student bumped into them and a huge smiled played across his face.

    “Hey Jeff, I told Allison,” The tall kid boasted.

    “Oh no,” Jeff moaned. “Dillon, what have you done?”

    Curtis looked back and forth from Jeff to Dillon, wondering what it was that Dillon told Allison, and why he wasn’t in on it himself. You see, Jeff had been the personal slave of a girl named Allison Luk for the better part of the year, over a lost bet.

    “When they had made the deal,” Dillon explained to Curtis, all giggles, “Jeff never specified that he meant the end of the actual year, not the school year. I simply informed Allison of that, which means that Jeff now has to be her slave until the end of the school year.”

    Curtis, who loved mocking his best friend’s comedic misfortunes, bursted out laughing. “I warned you,” Curtis rubbed it in Jeff’s face. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”

    “She seemed nice at the time!” Jeff defended himself. The bet was made when Jeff was new to town and didn’t know many people. “Oh well,” Jeff shrugged. “She’s a lot nicer to me outside of school anyway.”

    “And how would you know that?” Dillon’s smile grew even more. “Unless you two see quite a lot of each other out of school, if you catch my drift…”

    Jeff gasped, shocked that Dillon would even suggest that he and Allison had a secret affair going on. “It’s a small town! I’ve ran into her a few times at the video store and the grocery store.”

    Dillon simply laughed at Jeff’s torture as he patted him on the back and then walked off down the hall. He supposed now was not a good time to tell Jeff about the rumors he and Curtis started about him and Allison secretly dating.

    As Jeff and Curtis continued their path through the halls, Jeff removed two five dollar bills from his jacket pocket.

    “I want to get something to eat before class,” Jeff stated to Curtis. Along the way, out of all the people to walk around the corner and intercept them in the hall, the blond-haired Allison Luk and a group of her friends almost walked right into them.

    When Allison noticed that it was Jeff and Curtis that they had bumped into, she smiled coyly.

    “Play it cool,” Jeff whispered to Curtis, hoping that Allison had forgotten about the whole slave thing.

    “Jeff, give me some money,” Allison ordered as she stuck out her hand. Damn, guess she hadn’t forgotten. Jeff sighed and handed over one of his five dollar bills, secretly slipping the other back into his pocket before she could see it. “Thanks!” And with that, Allison and her gossiping friends left the two boys alone and continued down the hall.

    “Shit,” Jeff swore as he stood there, pissed that not only did Allison remember, but he was also out five bucks because of it.
    “What class do we have first?” Curtis asked as the duo continued on their way to the nearest vending machine.

    “English I think,” Jeff informed him.


    Jeff, Curtis, Dillon, Allison, and the rest of their Grade Nine class sat in Mrs. Gulbra’s English room. The teacher was in the process of handing back an English test that the class had written while in their previous school, when two students, Drew Brown and Mike Forest turned to faced each other in their seats.

    “I probably failed,” Mike complained as he brushed his hair out of his eyes.

    “I hear ya, bro,” Drew agreed as Mrs. Gulbra got nearer and nearer to his desk. “That test was hard.”

    “I’m thinking I probably should have studied a bit.” Mike and Drew chuckled, but Drew quickly stopped and his eyes went wide as he looked past Mike and out the window.

    “It’s snowing!” Drew exclaimed excitedly. Everyone in the room stopped their conversations and looked away from their tests to look out the window and saw that it was, indeed, beginning to snow.

    That brought a huge smile to Jen Landry’s face. Jen always had her hair dyed a different color just about every week and this week it was dyed a dark blue color. “I might be able to go snowboarding after school! Yippee!” Jen’s favorite sport was snowboarding and it was the sole reason she enjoyed winter far more then any other time of the year.

    “I’m thinking we should go sliding after school,” Mike suggested to Drew.

    “Sounds great,” Drew agreed. “I’ve got this wicked hill behind my house.” Drew turned in his seat to Jeff, who sat a couple seats over from him, on his other side. “Hey Jeff, want to go sliding with me and Mike after school?”

    “Sure,” Jeff replied. “If enough snow falls.” As Drew and Mike faced each other once more to talk about something else, Jeff turned in the direction that Jen was sitting, and yelled across the room, “Hey Jen, can’t you read? No dogs allowed!”

    “Fuck you,” Jen replied back nastily.

    “Sorry, I’m not into beastiality,” Jeff was quick to snap back, a huge smile forming.

    “Shut up, Gimpy!” It was no hidden fact that Jeff was the most accident prone student in the school. He was in the hospital almost every month for a new broken or sprained bone. He had quickly picked up the nickname of Gimpy among his classmates.

    “You first, Dime-An-Hour.”

    Jen, frustratingly giving up, simply stuck out her tongue and turned her back to Jeff.

    A few seats behind Jen, Allison talked with her sister, Savanna. “Jeff prank called me over the weekend,” Allison complained.

    “I think he likes you,” Savanna smiled. “Ooooo, Jeff and Allison sittin’ in a tree…”

    “Shut up,” Allison cut her sister off. Allison looked over at Jeff and Jeff noticed and stuck his tongue out at her. Allison was about to walk over there and slap him across the face for that, but was stopped when Mrs. Gulbra spoke up.

    “Ok class, it’s time to get to work. Open your poetry books to page forty-six and let’s get started.”

    Several students in the class moaned loudly at the thought of having to do more poetry work.


    During the Morning Break, Jeff walked down a body-filled hall and approached Curtis talking to a nerdy kid with messy white hair and thick wire-rimmed glasses, Mark Abbott.

    “…And then about two minutes from the end of the time limit, the aliens completely rush my base and no matter what I do, I can’t survive to the end of the time limit. It is the hardest level in the entire game, “Mark complained in a squeaky voice as though he’d never been through puberty.

    As Jeff approached, he whacked Mark over the back of the head with a bundle of rolled up paper, which he then proceeded to hand to Curtis. Curtis unfolded it to see what it was, and discovered that it was Jeff’s newest short story.

    “It’s about a Grim Reaper that stalks people in a school during a snowstorm,” Jeff explained. “I finished it last night.” Jeff filled a lot of his free time up by writing stories, mostly horror ones.

    “Hey!” Mark interjected. “I wasn’t done talking about my game.”

    “Mark, I really couldn’t of cared less about that to begin with,” Curtis replied. As Mark looked at the floor sadly, Jeff spotted Allison approaching from down the hall. He turned and ran behind the nearest door, which thankfully was only a few feet away.

    Allison stopped when she came across Curtis and Mark, knowing that Jeff couldn’t be too far off. “Where’s Jeff?” Allison asked.

    “He’s behind that door over there,” Mark replied, glad to screw Jeff over as revenge for interrupting him. Plus he would do anything for a pretty lady.

    Allison walked over and dragged a fighting Jeff out from behind the door. Without saying anything, she reached into his sweater pocket and rummaged around. Everyday Jeff brought a Pizza Pop to school for lunch, and today Allison was hungry and hadn’t brought anything.

    A few seconds later she found it and took out his frozen Pizza Pop. “Thanks Jeff,” Allison said in a nice gentle tone. “How nice of you to offer me your lunch.” Then she smiled evilly and walked away.

    As soon as Allison was far enough down the hall and out of earshot, Jeff mumbled, “Bitch.”


    In Math Class, Jeff had his text book closed and was leaned back in his seat, slouched down, reading a novel. Curtis, who sat directly in front of him, turned around to face him.

    “If Mrs. Nysetvold catches you not doing your work, she’ll throw a fit,” Curtis stated. He was one that rarely did work in class, but even he was too frightened of Mrs. Nysetvold to not do his math work.
    “I already finished all my work,” Jeff informed him.

    Curtis started to turn back around to face the front but then stopped and faced Jeff again. “You probably shouldn’t bother Dillon for awhile.”

    “Why not?” Jeff asked. Bugging Dillon was one of his favorite past times during school. He got mad so so easily.

    “I was talking to Jordan, Dillon’s older brother, and he said that Dillon’s foster parents have been treating him like real dicks lately.”

    As Curtis went on and continued to explain, Jeff took a glance around the room. His and Allison’s eyes met, but he quickly looked away almost instantly, Allison doing the same.


    Jeff and Curtis walked down a hall during their lunch, and came across Dillon. “Hey Dillpickle,” Jeff casually teased as they passed him.

    “Go away,” Dillon mumbled.

    “Make me!” Curtis knew right away that Jeff was stepping far over the line and Dillon wasn’t going to just stand idly by. Jeff seemed to have a knack for pissing people off.

    Dillon turned and glared at Jeff, who took off running. Dillon gave chase, following Jeff as he weaved between the many people in the hall.


    Drew, Mike, and two of their friends - Jimmy Adams and Simone Hulbrich - were walking down a staircase.

    “Are you going to be showing up for our next practice?” Mike asked Jimmy. Mike and Jimmy were on the same hockey team and Jimmy hadn’t shown up for the previous two practices, which frustrated Mike as Jimmy was the only person from the team that he hung out with outside of hockey-related functions.

    “I don’t know,” Jimmy answered. “I’m thinking of maybe quitting.” The answer shocked Mike and they continued to talk about it as they reached the bottom of the stairs and walked out into the hall.


    As Jeff ran from Dillon, he brushed past Jen and shouted out behind him, “Hey Smurf!” in regards to her blue hair.

    “Smurfs don’t have blue hair!” Jen shouted after Jeff.

    “They do now!”

    Jen fumed with anger as Dillon rushed past her, and decided to join in the chase as well.

    Jeff reached the end of the hall as he came upon a staircase and quickly ran down it, jumping several steps at a time.


    “Write me an e-mail,” Simone said to Jimmy as the group continued down the hall. “I have Computers next and want something to read.”

    “I’ll try,” Jimmy replied. “But that means we’ve gotta stop by the Computer Lab before the end of lunch so I can get on a computer.”

    Drew started to chuckle and when the others looked at him, he asked, “When are you two going to start dating already?”

    “Shut up,” Simone warned him.

    Suddenly Jeff barreled right into them from around the corner and quickly apologized. “Why are you running?” Mike asked.

    “Dillon and Jen are chasing me,” Jeff replied, out of breath. He knew it’d be best to leave out the reasoning behind why they were chasing him, if he wanted them to help him.

    Dillon and Jen appeared from around the corner and Simone stepped in front of Dillon, blocking his path. “Move,” Dillon commanded, but Simone gave her retort by digging her sharp nails into Dillon’s arms, causing him to let out a short scream.

    Drew stepped in front of Jen and kept moving to step in front of her whenever she tried to move around him. “Drew!” Jen shouted, frustrated.

    Allison and her friends walked up behind Jeff, Mike, and Jimmy, and Allison grabbed Jeff by the collar of his shirt, catching him by surprise. She dragged Jeff off and around the corner.

    “Go on ahead to the lunch room,” Allison ordered her friends. “I’ll be along shortly.” Allison’s friends left and Allison opened her mouth to say something, but before anything came out, Savanna walked up to them.

    “Hey Ally, you’ve gotta come see what I found on the Net,” Savanna’s tone was one of excitement.

    “I will in a minute,” Allison replied. Savanna turned and left, leaving Allison and Jeff alone once more.

    Allison slammed Jeff up against the wall. “If you ever prank call me again, or leave stupid prank notes in my damn locker again, I’ll fucking kill you,” Allison threatened.

    To her surprise, Jeff broke out laughing. To him, no matter how tuff Allison acted, she just didn’t come across as very threatening. “I mean it!” Allison shouted, which caused Jeff to laugh even harder.

    She slapped him across the face and stormed off.


    In another hall, Curtis, who was left behind when Jeff took off running from Dillon, was having a conversation with a fat chubby kid by the name of Daniel Martin.

    “Did you do your science homework last night?” Curtis asked him.

    “Of course not,” Danny scoffed. Danny was one of those students that always waited until right before the class started, before he did his homework. “When do we have Science anyway?”

    “We have it next, right after lunch.”

    “Shit.” Danny was hoping to have it done in time for his next Science class. Mrs. Grunow, the Science teacher, was really strict about homework. Suddenly he had an idea pop into his mind. “Where’s Mark? I can probably convince him to let me copy off him.”

    Curtis laughed and told Danny where he last saw Mark. “I doubt he’s there now though,” he added. “If Mark ever goes through a lunch period without going on the computers, then he’s either home sick, or talking about Star Trek to Marcel in the Cafeteria.”

    “Well then, I’ll check all those places.” And with that, Danny took off down the hall, leaving Curtis alone.

    “Damn,” Curtis mumbled, realizing that all his friends were now off doing other stuff and he was left alone.


    As the bell rang to end Lunch, Savanna stepped inside the school’s elevator. She hated using the stairs, and even though the elevator was supposed to only be used for wheelchair students, she planned on using it anyway.

    Before she had the chance to press any buttons however, the elevator’s door automatically closed and the elevator moved down one floor and the door opened again. A person in a grey Grim Reaper costume walked in, holding a scythe. The hood was covering every part of his face above his chin, but it was so dark under it that Savanna couldn’t tell who it was.

    Savanna looked the scythe over and smiled. “Pretty cool toy,” Savanna complimented as she eyed the wooden pole that the curved piece of spike was on. Grim Reaper shook his head back and forth slowly.

    “It’s not real, is it?” Savanna asked. Grim Reaper didn’t make any further movements. “Ok, this isn’t very funny,” Savanna went on. “If you get caught with that, you’re in big trouble and if you get caught with that around me, I might be accused of being in on whatever sick prank you plan on pulling.”

    Savanna tried to walk around him, but Grim Reaper shoved her back up against the wall as the door to the elevator dinged closed. He then unexpectedly raised the scythe and swung it down, slicing open Savanna’s chest.

    She screamed as she fell to the floor and Grim Reaper raised the scythe up again and sliced down into her, over and over and over, until her painful screams ended and the floor was covered in dark gushing blood.

    Grim Reaper pushed the button to bring the elevator to the Basement as he wiped the excess blood off his scythe with his gloved hand.


    To be continued...

    1/18/2006 3:52:14 AM

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