Jurassic Park
By Michael Crichton
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    After stop-motion expert Phil Tippet witnessed ILM's computer animated wizardry, he knew Spielberg would pass on stop-motion effects for JP, saying "I think I'm extinct." As we all know, the memorable line would later appear in the film. (From: 'Mikey')
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    School Day The Original Story (Part 3)
    By Aragorn

    In the Cafeteria, Allison sat at one of the dozens of tables in the room, joined only by Jen, who Mr. Codarre had came across in the halls earlier and brought to the Cafeteria. Drew, Mike, and Jimmy sat at another table, while Jeff, Curtis, and Mark sat at yet another, all three groups engaged in their own conversations.

    Dillon walked into the room and went to sit at the table that Allison and Jen were sitting at. A few minutes later, Danny walked in and sat at Jeff, Curtis, and Mark’s table. Mr. Codarre, Mrs. Grunow, and Mr. Hovland, the school’s balding Social Studies teacher, all stood together by the snack bar counter, conversing quietly among themselves. “The back-up generator must have been damaged,” Mr. Codarre whispered, “in order for the power in the school to have gone out.”

    “Maybe it wasn’t installed properly,” Mr. Hovland suggested. “It’s happened before at other schools, but thankfully it was always discovered before anything drastic happened.”

    Mr. Codarre put his finger up to temporarily silence their conversation, and then turned to face the students in the room. “Is this everyone that you know of that is here in the school?” He asked the students.

    They all looked around the room at one another in silence before Jimmy spoke up, “Simone is in the bathroom, but she’s the only other person I know of that’s still in the school. She should be here soon though.”

    “We should discuss what we’re going to do,” Mr. Hovland turned to face Mr. Codarre once again, but said loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

    “There’s not much we can do until the city gets the power back on,” Mr. Codarre stated. “We can’t even call out to let people know that we’re in here, because it seems that the storm has knocked out the phone lines.”

    “None of this is right,” Allison spoke up on the verge of frightful tears. “Does this not sound right to anybody else?” She had a bad feeling about the convenience of everything that had been happening and she really didn’t want to be in that school at the moment.

    “There’s no reason to be scared,” Jeff sincerely told her. “It’s only a minor hiccup in the system. Power will be back on in no time.”

    “Jeff’s right,” Dillon agreed. “It’s not like his story where there’s a killer dressed as Grim Reaper stalking us.”

    “I know that, god damn it!” Allison snapped at him, fear driving her to show her mean side. Jeff was well-known among his classmates for his stories and his newest one had been read and liked by everyone, as it was the first of his stories to involve them as characters. Allison actually hadn’t even been thinking of that story until Dillon mentioned it, and even though she knew it was foolish to think about it, it only added to her fear.


    As time slowly passed in the Cafeteria, everyone quickly grew extremely bored once again, conversations having long since gone dead, attempted to be revived, and returned to being dead once more.

    “Simone should have been back by now,” Jimmy stated after a long five minutes of silence at his table.

    “She could be trying to pull our legs,” Mike suggested. “As a way to scare us before we get the chance to scare her.”

    Mr. Codarre overheard the conversation as he walked by the table. “Well I think that her prank is long overdue for an ending,” He said as he turned to face the direction that the teachers were in. “Mr. Hovland, there is still a female student in the school someplace. Would you be able to search for her and bring her back?”

    “Sure thing,” Mr. Hovland replied as he grabbed the only flashlight in the room and left.

    “We should all go look for her,” Drew suggested. “It’s a big school and it could take him a long time to search it all by himself.”

    Mr. Codarre didn’t agree with that idea at all. He wanted everyone grouped together to keep track of them all easier, and he didn’t want all these people back roaming the halls again. However, he knew he had to try to keep everyone satisfied, so instead of saying that, he said, “If Mr. Hovland still hasn’t found her in an hour, than you can go help.”

    Mr. Codarre knew that an hour was more then enough time for him to find a single student.


    Over at Jeff’s table, the group sitting there was thinking of other things other then Simone. “This would be a perfect set-up for a horror movie,” Jeff stated gleefully.

    “You watch way too many of those kinds of movies,” Curtis said to him.

    Ignoring Curtis, Danny informed Jeff, “I heard a rumour that the new Halloween entry is supposed to take place in a school.”

    “What are guys talking about?” Mark asked, annoyed. “Halloween is a day of the year.”

    The table erupts with laughter as Danny mocked him, trying his best to badly impersonate Mark’s voice. “Halloween is a series of horror movies,” Curtis explained as he slowly stopped laughing.

    “Well I don’t watch that crap, ok?” Mark defended his lack of knowledge on the subject matter. Danny laughed even harder, and Mark tried to change the topic. “So Curtis, about that StarCraft mission I was telling you about earlier, the third Terran mission, do you know how to pass it? Because no matter what I do, I…cannot…beat it!”


    Mr. Hovland walked out into the dark hall from an empty classroom. He moved down the hall, shinning the flashlight beam around in front of him and calling out Simone’s name.

    He had been searching for far longer then he felt he should have been. He checked all the bathrooms first, with no luck, and was convinced that she was hiding out someplace, for some kind of reason, and it was making his job all that more difficult.


    Back in the Cafeteria, Drew looked at his watch impatiently. “Mr. Codarre, it’s been an hour,” He called out across the room.

    Mr. Codarre looked at his own watch and sighed. Well, he did promise the boy after all. “Alright, we can go help search for her,” he gave in. “Anyone in the room who wishes to get out and stretch their legs can help look for the girl if they want.”

    As the majority of bodies stood up from their seats and stretched, Mrs. Grunow said, “I’ll stay here in case she arrives while you’re gone.”

    “Good idea,” Mr. Codarre agreed.

    As Allison and Dillon stood up, Jen remained seated. “You aren’t coming?” Dillon asked.

    “Nah,” Jen replied. “I don’t really like Simone too much. I think I’ll just stay here and catch up on some sleep.”

    Exiting the Cafeteria, Drew, Mike, and Jimmy split off into a group as they headed in one direction down the hall, Jeff, Curtis, Mark, Danny, and Allison formed a second group and headed down the opposite direction, and Mr. Codarre and Dillon headed off alone, each in their own directions.


    While they walked down a hall, Jeff noticed that Allison was shaking slightly. “If you’re too scared of the dark, Allison,” Jeff sarcastically teased, “I could always hold your hand.”

    “Fuck off,” Allison replied. “Touch my hand and you’ll loose yours.”

    As the group continued down the hall, calling out Simone’s name, Allison started to walk a bit slower and fall behind. She had another reason for wanting to be out of the Cafeteria. She heard rumours that in the office, there was a drawer in a file cabinet where not only were the student’s marks and transcripts kept, but small personal messages teachers have left there for future teachers and employers. Allison wanted to see what teachers have been saying about her and this was a great opportunity to find out.

    Once she was far enough behind, she quickly took off down a separate hall, disappearing into the dark shadows.

    “I wish we had a flashlight or something,” Mark complained.

    “I don’t find the darkness so bad,” Jeff said, smiling. “It just means we can’t see Allison’s face as well.” The group, except Mark, broke out laughing. Turning around to see Allison’s reaction, Jeff discovered that she was gone. “Allison?” he called out. No answer. “Anyone know where Allison went?”

    Curtis, Danny, and Mark all looked at each other, but neither answered. No one had seen her leave. “Who cares?” Curtis finally spoke up.

    “I think I’m going to go look for her,” Jeff said. “We’re supposed to all be staying together after all.”

    “I’ll come with you,” Danny said.

    “Me and Mark will continue down this hall,” Curtis said. “Personally I think looking for Allison is just a waste of time.”

    “What else is there to do right now?” Jeff asked. Not even waiting for an answer, he and Danny went back the way they came as Curtis and Mark continued on.


    Mr. Hovland walked down a flight of stairs and two more flights laid ahead of him, but he stopped and stayed on that floor. He turned and walked down the hall with his flashlight shining around, again calling out Simone’s name constantly. He was getting quite impatient with her by this point and was disappointed with her lack of maturity in a crisis.

    His current thoughts were put on hold as he saw a figure move quickly around a corner up ahead in the darkness. “Hey!” he called out, but there was no answer returned to him. “Simone, get back here!” he shouted as he walked in a stride to the area he saw the figure.

    When he rounded the corner, a person wearing a grey Grim Reaper costume was standing just a couple feet away. Assuming that it was Simone under the costume, Mr. Hovland sighed, “Come on Simone, no more games. Your friends are worried sick. Go to the Cafeteria please.”

    Grim Reaper opened his suit slightly and reached in, pulling out his scythe. Mr. Hovland, getting a bit scared and nervous, took a couple steps back. Grim Reaper walked towards him and he started to back up further and more quickly.

    As Mr. Hovland backed up, the back of his feet hit against the set of steps going up and he fell backwards onto them.

    When Mr. Hovland tried to stand, Grim Reaper swung the scythe and sliced the teachers head clean off. As a small geyser of blood squirted up from the neck stump, the decapitated head landed on the descending stairs and rolled down onto the floor below, and rolled across the floor before coming to a stop by hitting up against a wall.


    Allison walked alone down a hall. I am so lost, she thought to herself. Just when she began to doubt her decision to leave the others, she saw the office further down the very hall that she was in.

    Once she reached the room and entered, she spent a good half hour going through various desks and file cabinets in both the main office and the principal’s attached office. She was about to give up, when an idea struck her. She opened up the door to the storage room that was behind the office, and inside there was a lone file cabinet.

    She opened up the top drawer and flipped through the hundreds of folders, all with student names on them. Her face lit up when she came across one with her name and she quickly removed it. However, when she opened it, she realized it was far too dark to read what was written there and took off out of the office.

    Going across the hall, Allison opened the door to the janitor’s room and got a flashlight that was hanging off of the wall. She turned the beam of light on as she laid the folder on the desk and flipped through it, reading with shock, the comments that the teachers, some of which she used to consider nice, left in her file.

    She could suddenly hear footsteps out in the hall and quickly closed her file and hid it under the table. The last thing she needed was for one of the teachers to catch her.

    “Hello?” Allison called out into the hall. The footsteps all of a sudden stopped and Allison pointed the light in the direction of the doorway. When no one answered, she walked out into the hall, shining the light around. She looked one way and didn’t see anyone. As she started to look the other way, a figure jumped out at her, causing her to scream very loudly.

    She stopped screaming when heard laughter and saw Jeff and Danny laughing uncontrollably.

    “God damn it, Jeff!” Allison yelled, breathing heavy and feeling like her heart was no longer in her chest but lodged in her throat instead. “That was not funny!”


    Curtis and Mark had been wandering the halls for awhile and along the way, Curtis stopped by the Home Economics room. “Hey Mark, wait a bit,” He said.

    Mark stopped where he was standing and turned back to face Curtis, wondering what the heck he was going to do.

    Curtis walked over to the door and turned the knob, but discovered that it was locked. Damn. He was really hungry and knew that there was a large stash of food in that room.

    “Never mind,” He mumbled as he began walking again. “Let’s go.” And with that, Mark and Curtis continued down the hall.


    Drew, Mike, and Jimmy walked down a hall and approached the gym doors. As the got nearer, they saw a person sitting in front of them and as they got even closer, they noticed it was Simone.

    “Hey Simone, what the heck are you doing?” Jimmy called out to her. “Did you get lost or something?”

    She didn’t answer and so they walked closer. “I think she might be asleep,” Drew stated, chuckling.

    Once they reached her, they saw the giant blood-soaked gash filling a large portion of her stomach. Their eyes went wide as they started to freak out.

    “She’s dead!” Mike shouted. “She’s fucking dead!”

    “My God, who would do something like this?” Jimmy asked, covering his mouth to stop from throwing up.

    “Someone else must have stayed in the school when the power went out and has been hunting us ever since,” Drew stated.

    “Oh god, Simone…” Mike trailed off, near tears. She had been one of his best friends.

    “Why would someone want to do this to her?” Jimmy asked, also near tears but keeping himself composed far better then Mike.

    “Fuck this!” Mike shouted. “I’m getting out of here before the killer comes back.”

    “Stop yelling, you dumbass!” Drew whispered loudly. “If the killer’s still around, he’ll hear you.”

    The three friends looked around, and then at each other. Quickly and quietly, they turned and ran away from the area.


    Dillon was walking down a hall lined with a bunch of classrooms on either side when he heard footsteps coming from far down the hall behind him. He turned around and saw a shape at the end of the hallway, but couldn’t pick it out in the darkness.

    Wishing to not be seen by whoever the figure belonged to, he turned to a classroom and tried to open the door but found that it was locked. He looked back and saw that the figure was getting closer. He tried another door and it opened with ease. He rushed inside and locked it behind him.


    Mr. Codarre was walking down a hall as well when he saw a darkened figure go into a classroom. He continued down the hall and stopped once he reached the room. He tried to open the door, but found that it was locked. He knocked on it and waited, but no one opened it up.

    He shrugged it off and continued walking. “Between my eyes going and the dark playing tricks, I must be seeing things that aren’t there,” Mr. Codarre said out loud to himself.


    Jeff, Danny, and Allison walked by a window on their way up a set of stairs. Outside, it was beginning to get dark, but the storm was still raging in full swing, wind beating hard against the window.

    Once they reached straight floor again, they walked across the platform and up the next set of stairs. Allison was the first to reach the top and when she did, she screamed bloody murder.

    Jeff and Danny raced up the rest of the way as fast as they could and saw the reason that Allison screamed - Mr. Hovland’s decapitated body laid crumpled on the floor, a growing pool of blood below it.

    Allison turned her head and threw up on the floor as Danny freaked out. “Holy fuckin’ shit! Someone fuckin’ killed him!”

    Jeff felt his body turn cold with fear, but tried to block Danny’s ramblings out of his mind. “What the hell is going on?” He asked out loud. The sound of Allison vomiting reached his ears and he turned to her and rubbed her back as he bent down to face her. “Take deep slow breaths,” he said to her.

    Allison did so and within a few seconds began to feel a bit better, however she couldn’t bring herself to face the grisly scene behind her.

    “There’s a god damn fuckin’ killer in the fuckin’ school!” Danny’s fear-induced ramblings continued. “Why would someone want to do this?”

    Allison felt uncontrollable fear rise in her once more, but instead of vomit exiting her mouth, it was a continuation of Danny’s ramblings. “We’re all going to die!” She screamed. “We’re going to be killed off one by on by one!”

    Jeff knew how they felt. He wanted to freak out right along with them, but knew it would be pointless and wouldn’t accomplish anything. “I’ve seen enough horror movies to assume that the killer is probably someone that knows us,” he stated as calmly as he could. “Possibly even someone we consider a friend.”

    “Any ideas?” Danny asked, calming down a bit.

    “My vote goes towards Jen,” Jeff answered. “She can definitely be a bit psychotic. I heard she cut some guy’s dick off that tried to rape her at a party once.”

    The three looked at each other, agreeing that Jen was a definite suspect.


    Curtis and Mark passed by the elevator as they walked further down their current hall. Curtis suddenly punched Mark for no reason and laughed at his reaction. Mark jumped and rubbed his shoulder, pain coursing through his body.

    “Ow! What was that for?” Mark asked, feeling betrayed.

    “I was just bored,” Curtis continued to laugh. “It wasn’t even all that hard.”

    “No Curtis, you really hurt me.”

    Curtis suddenly turned completely serious, stopping mid-laugh. “Trust me, Mark. That was not hard at all.”

    Mark ignored him and continued to rub his shoulder as they walked down the hall some more.


    Mr. Codarre returned to the Cafeteria and said, “Well I couldn’t find her. Has she come…?” He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw the body of Mrs. Grunow. The lifeless corpse laid on its side on the floor, strings of ropey bloody intestines sprayed across the floor, attached to a deep hole in the teacher’s stomach.

    Mr. Codarre turned his head to throw up, but stopped himself and stumbled back. Right next to where he was just standing was Jen sitting in her chair, a knife dug deep into one of her eye sockets.

    He turned to run out of the room, his face in an expression of permanent disgust, but Grim Reaper suddenly stepped in from the hall and blocked the doorway. In his hand was a shorter version of his scythe, one where the handle could easily be held by one hand and didn’t go down much below the hand. He turned the single-handed scythe upside down.

    “Please,” Mr. Codarre begged. “This is not something you want to do. You don’t want…”

    He was cut off when Grim Reaper, in one fluid movement, stepped forward and rammed the scythe up, digging it up into Mr. Codarre’s chin. The blade went up through his chin and the end came out of the middle of his head, blood and slight brain matter smearing it.
    Grim Reaper let go of the handle and watched his newest victim fall to the floor. He then reached down and rummaged through the pockets and removed a set of keys from the dead body.

    1/21/2006 9:07:10 PM

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