The Lost World
By Michael Crichton
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    Stan Winston begged Spielberg to cut down on the water in TLW, as the many rain scenes in JP proved to weigh down the animatronics, causing them to shake. (From: 'dinosaur_neill')
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    School Day 2 {Treatment}
    By Aragorn


    Opens on a house at night in St. Johnís, Newfoundland. We are introduced to a 13 year old boy, Jacob Adams, who is in his room, on the phone, with a printed-off story on his bed in front of him. The story is titled ĎSchool Dayí.
    Jacob tells his friend over the phone about the murders in Alberta four years before, and how they were apparently based off this one kidís short story. He then goes on to explain how he got a copy of that story in the mail earlier that day. Jacob is interrupted by a scratching noise coming from downstairs and he tells his friend that heíll call him back.
    When Jacob gets downstairs, he grabs the broom and holds it like a weapon, warning any intruders that heís armed. As Jacob slowly walks to the front door, he can
    still hear the scratching noise. He opens up the front door and walks outside.
    He walks to the side of the house to where he heard the noise coming from, but all that's there are some plants moving in the breeze.
    He turns around to go back in, but Grim Reaper is standing in his way, holding the scythe. Jacob sees the scythe being raised and raises his broom, holding onto it with two hands, for defence. Grim Reaper swings his scythe down, cutting the broom in half.
    Swearing, Jacob throws down the two pieces of the broom and turns around, and runs to the back of his house. When he gets there, he turns the knob on the back
    door, but it=s locked.
    He breaths heavily, wondering what to do. Then he hears the door being unlocked. As the door opens, Jacob slowly walks inside, his head still lowered. Assuming it was his mother, he thanks her as he looks up.
    Instead of his mother, itís Grim Reaper. Jacob screams as Grim Reaper impales the scythe blade into his face, the object protruding out the back of his head.

    Chapter 1

    We start the chapter out on the following day, at the University of Newfoundland, also known as MUN. Inside the university, many people are walking through the halls, and one of those people is an older Jeff Long, along with his friends Ryan Miller and Justin Lundrigan.
    Jeff complains about his class and Ryan states how him and Justin have a lot of Spares that day. They reach their lockers and gather their text books. As they walk away, Justin asks Jeff if he heard about the murder last night. When Jeff says no, Justin explains how it was a Grade 9 student and the police say he was killed by either a sword or a scythe.
    Jeff stops, fear going across his face. Grade 9 student murderedÖscytheÖIt was all too familiar. Jeff tells his friends to go on ahead and that heíll catch up with them later. He needs to go talk to someone.

    In another hall, an older Allison Luk and her friend Roberta Hammond are at their lockers. Roberta is in the middle of a sentence, and says that the cops are saying to stay in large groups until the killer is found.
    Allison ignores her as she tries to figure out what class she has first. Roberta informs her that they have Artistic Designs first, then Dance, and then continues to talk about the murder and what an evil place the world is becoming.
    As Allison closes her locker, Jeff walks up to her. Roberta greets him and he greets her back, then greets Allison, who just asks him, frustratingly, why heís there. Jeff states that itís about last night, and itís revealed here that Jeff and Roberta used to date, but broke up a month before. Roberta feels like she is being pushed out of the conversation, but when she complains about it, Allison tells her to go onto class and that sheíll meet up with her there.
    As Roberta walks away, Jeff tells Allison that he needs to talk to her about the murder from last night. Allison cuts him off, saying how itís impossible. Jeff argues that itís not, because Dillonís body was never discovered. Allison counters with the logical explanation that Dillon probably crawled away someplace and died from loss of blood.
    Jeff asks her what if he didnít? What if heís still out there? Allison yells at Jeff, saying that itís not Dillon, then turns and rushes of down the hall. Jeff says that Dillon is still out there, but Allison isnít near enough anymore to hear.

    In Artistic Design class, Roberta and Allison are sitting with Andrew Henneburry, a tall kid with bright red hair, at a circular table. Andrew this on Roberta, but Roberta asks him why he even bothers when he already knows that sheíll never date him, in which he replies that he hopes one day sheíll be desperate enough, which gets a smile out of her.
    The teacher comes by to check on the progress of their work and notices the depressed look on Allisonís face and asks her if everything is alright. After Allison assures her that everything is fine, the teacher walks away to check on another groupís project.
    Andrew on the other hand, knows somethingís wrong and assumes that itís something Jeff said, as Allison was fine before that. Allison admits that it does have to do with Jeff, but warns him to not get involved. Roberta asks her what Jeff said to her, but Allison says that it was nothing. It was just something that got her thinking about things.
    Andrew presses on, until Allison gets mad at him for not minding his own damn business.

    Chapter 2

    There is a flashback of the scene from School Day, with Jeff and Grim Reaper in the Movie Library, however itís revealed that itís a dream that Jeff is having and heís woken up by a girl with long black hair named Jolene Tucker. Jeff fell asleep on the bench in Gym Training and she was kind enough to wake him up before their professor, Mr. Park, catches him.
    Jeff thanks her and she winks at him as she goes back to whatever she was doing. On the other side of Jeff s Richard Ago, who teases Jeff about Jolene having a crush on him. Jeff tells Richard to shut up.

    In the Computer Lab, Ryan and Justin are passing away the time by surfing the net. Justin finds a funny cartoon on one site and the two of them watch it and laugh.

    Between classes, Jeff and Jolene are walking down a hall together, when they come across Allison, Roberta, and Andrew. Andrew raises a fist as they approach and demand Jeff to tell him what he said to Allison that made her so upset. Allison tells Andrew to knock it off and Jolene steps up to him, warning him that if he touches Jeff, then heís going to regret it.
    Jeff puts a hand on Joleneís shoulder, telling her itís ok. He turns to Andrew and tells him that first heíll need to start from the beginning. When Allison tries to stop Jeff, Jeff tells her that if she doesnít want to hear it, then she can leave. Allison stays and Jeff explains to everyone about the school massacre in Alberta four years ago, and how Dillonís body was never found.
    After the recap by Jeff, everyone is quiet, except Andrew who laughs, thinking that Jeff is making it up. He says that that kind of stuff would fit a story better, in which Jeff tells him that it was a story. He wrote a story about it that Dillon got a hold of and used it as a guideline to base his killings off of. Andrew, still not believing him, jokingly asks if he made a sequel. Allison is shocked when Jeff answers that he did.
    Roberta asks what happened in the sequel and Jeff tells her that it was about Dillon following him and Allison to Newfoundland and killing their friends in the university. Roberta asks how Dillon could have gotten a copy of it and Jeff informs her that Ryan posted it on the net because he thought it was written really good. During all that, Allison shivers slightly.
    Andrew canít understand how anyone can believe Jeffís Ďbullshit storyí and walks off, laughing.

    The Dean of the University, Mrs. March, walks down one of the halls with another teacher. The two talk about how glad they are that the new janitor suggested such a good idea to put in plexi-glass windows.

    Ryan and Steven Tucker, Joleneís cousin, walks up to Jeff, Jolene, Allison, and Roberta. They greets Jeff and Jeff greets them back. Itís revealed here that due to Joleneís black clothes and lifestyle, Ryan refers to her as a vampire. Steven tells them excitedly how he made another Cherry Bomb and itís revealed that Steven is an immature idiot. Jeff sighs and tells him to not bring it to school and Steven laughs and says that itís already in his locker.

    In another hall, Andrew, his brother Adam, and Justin are walking together. Andrew asks them if they heard Jeffís bullshit story and Justin says that he has, but Adam hasnít. Justin defends Jeff, telling Andrew that if he bothered to pay attention to the news once in awhile, heíd know that Jeff didnít make it up.
    Andrew says whatever, and goes on a rant about how Jeff gets all the chicks. First Allison, then Roberta, and now Jolene is interested in him. He stops complaining though, when the lights suddenly shut off, plunging the university into darkness. A few of the more jumpy girls in the hall let out small screams. Andrew throws his hands up in the air, frustratingly.

    Jeff, Allison, Roberta, Jolene, Steven, and Ryan stop talking when the lights shut off. Allison starts to freak out, but Jeff tells her that itís ok because the doors arenít like the ones in their old school and they can jut walk out.
    They start following a few other students down the hall, heading in the direction that the entrance doors are in, when the P.A. system turns on and a muffled voice calls Jeff, Allison, and all their friends to the Office. Allison wants to ignore it and leave, but Jeff stops them, saying that Dillon is smart. Heís probably waiting around the entrance doors for them to come by. Ryan asks why heíd bother to come over the P.A. system then, and Jeff tells him that Dillon seems to like messing with their heads.
    Roberta asks what theyíre supposed to do, and Jeff says that they stay in the school, stay together no matter what, and kill Dillon once and for all.

    Mrs. March and Mr. Park are approaching the entrance doors. Mrs. March observes that they seem to be the last ones in the school, but when they try to open the doors, they donít open. Mr. Park looks through the window and sees that the doors are chained shut from the outside.

    Chapter 3

    Jeff, Allison, Roberta, Jolene, Steven, and Ryan are walking down a hall. Jeff suggests that they see if anyone else is stuck in the school and hopefully get to them before Dillon does. They reach a hall filled with lockers and Steven suggests he goes down a separate hall, cause if they split up they can find people faster, but Jeff declines, saying that if they split up, they become easier targets for Dillon. Ryan sides with Steven, but agrees that no one should go off alone. H assures Jeff that they will be fine, and Ryan and Steven take off down another hall.
    Roberta asks him what theyíre going to do and Jeff tells them to go to the Office and wait there. Heís going after Ryan and Steven, because he knows from experience that two people isnít enough to scare Dillon off from attacking. As Jeff starts rushing after Ryan and Steven, Jolene says sheís going to, and follows Jeff, ironically enough, leaving Roberta and Allison alone.

    Ryan and Steven reach the bottom of a set of stairs and start walking down the new hall. They hear a noise behind them and whip around, but see nothing in the darkness. Ryan suggests that it was probably just a rat, but when they turn back around, Grim Reaper steps out in front of them from around the corner.
    Steven swears and the duo ducks when the scythe swings out. They get back up and run down the hall.

    In the science labs, Justin, Adam, and Andrew, who went to the office when they were called, but found no one there and ended up getting stuck in the school as well, were sitting at one of the desks.
    They decided to wait out in the room until someone found a way to get them out of the school. It was the only major University there, so it wouldnít take long. All of a sudden they hear a slight pop coming from the next lab room over and Justin asks what that noise is, in which Andrew states that it is someone performing a Hydrogen test, which means that they arenít alone in the school.
    They all get up and go into the next lab over, but discover it empty. Andrew starts sniffing and picks up on an odd smell. He suddenly gasps, realizing that the gas valves have been left on and that smell is the gas.
    Adam and Justin state that theyíre going to leave to get a drink, and Andrew states that heíll be along shortly; he wants to turn the gas off first. Justin and Adam leave while Justin shuts off the nearest gas valve and moves to find the next one. He goes around the room, shutting off all the gas valves, but the final one is stuck and he canít seem to turn it off. Suddenly the door shuts, locking him in the room. He tries to look under the door, but it seems someone stuffed cloth under the door, from the other side.
    Andrew rushes over to the gas valve and tries his hardest to turn it off, but it is jammed in the on position. Before long Andrew passes out and then dies from the amount of gas intake.

    Jeff and Jolene enter a giant room that is housing a swimming pool. Jeff doesnít think that Ryan and Steven came this way as they look around the room and see no sign of them.
    Jolene asks Jeff that if they survive this ordeal, if he would like to go to a movie sometime. Jeff smiles and agrees. Jolene reaches up and kisses him on the lips. Before Jeff could do or say anything, she leads him by the hand to the sauna.

    Justin and Adam are walking down a hall, trying to find a water fountain. They pass by the Janitorís Room, which is wide open, and peer inside when they see a shape in there. When they get closer, they discover that itís the dead body of the janitor, partly decomposed, suggesting that heís been dead for awhile. They leave, running away.

    In the office, Mrs. March slams the phone down, informing Mr. Park that the lines are down for some reason. Mr. Park is looking out the window and states that it seems only the University is without power, as the houses across the street have lights on.
    Allison and Roberta walk into the Office and the teachers are surprised to see other people stuck in the school.

    Chapter 4

    Justin and Adam return to the labs at a run, planning on telling Andrew about the body. They find the door to the other lab closed with cloth blocking the cracks in it and they quickly remove the cloth and unlock the door.
    When they rush into the other lab, they find Andrewís dead body.

    Jeff and Jolene are making out in the sauna, but Jolene stops, wiping sweat from her head. She wonders why itís so hot in there, as the heat had not been turned on, and Jeff looks at the rocks and notes that heat is coming from them.
    He tries to open the door, but it seems to be blocked from the other side. Jeff tells her that he needs her help and theyíre going to ram it together. They back up and run, but just before they hit it, it swings open, causing Jeff and Jolene to run and fall right into the swimming pool. They surface and Jolene swims to the edge. As she tries to climb out, a gloved hand reaches down and she grabs it. The hand pulls her part way out of the water and then she looks up and sees that it=s Grim Reaper. He takes his scythe with his free hand and swings it, cutting open Jolene=s chest as she falls back into the pool.
    Jeff screams and calls Dillon a sick fuck as he swims to the middle of the pool. Jeff swims as fast as he could to the nearest ladder. Grim Reaper runs around the pool, trying to get there first.
    Grim Reaper gets there just as Jeff jumps out of the pool. The scythe rams down a second to late and Jeff runs out of the pool room and down a flight of stairs.

    Ryan and Steven walk down the Locker Hall, still having not found anyone else. Suddenly Grim Reaper walks down the set of stairs in front of them, holding a bloody scythe. Ryan remembers Jeffís story and decides itís a good idea to run.
    As Ryan and Steven run, Steven stops at a locker and quickly starts turning his combination lock. Ryan urges him to run, but Steven refuses. As Grim Reaper walks closer, Steven opens his locker and takes out his home-made bomb. He jumps out of the way, just as the scythe blade slams into the locker. Ryan and Steven turn and run, an as they do, Steven pulls something on the bomb and throws it behind them as they run. They look behind them and when the smoke clears from the bomb, Grim Reaper walks towards
    them, part of his suit now burnt and torn.
    Steven swears as they pick up speed.

    In the office, Mrs. March, Mr. Park, Allison, and Roberta were sitting around in chairs and sofas. Mr. Park stands up and states that heís going to the bathroom and will be right back. Allison freaks out, warning him not to go, but he ignores her, saying that her imagination is just getting the best of her.
    Mr. Park leaves and Allison complains about how no one ever listens to her, yet sheís always right.

    Ryan and Steven run into a three-floored library and Ryan stays down to stand guard while Steven goes to the second floor of the library to look for something they can use as a weapon. While Ryan waits, he gets a bit bored and ends up taking out a random book and glancing through it.
    Steven searches the second floor, but doesnít find anything, so he turns to go to the top floor, but stops when he hears a noise behind him. He turns around and sees Grim Reaper standing there, a door to a hallway closing behind him. Grim Reaper takes out his scythe and extends it as Stevenís eyes go wide.
    Before Steven can move, Grim Reaper swings the scythe and it digs into him with a sickening thwack. Grim Reaper walks up to the dead body of Steven and slams his scythe down, chopping Steven=s head off.

    Ryan puts the book away and calls out for Steven to hurry up. He hears a thump as something hits the bookshelf next to him. He looks down and picks up the object, but quickly throws it back down when he sees that it is Steven=s bloody head. Grim Reaper walks down the stairs towards Ryan, and Ryan starts taking books off the shelves and throwing them at Grim Reaper, knocking him back a bit when one hits him in the head.
    Ryan turns and runs out of the library.

    Chapter 5

    In the Office, Mrs. March states that sheís going to go see if she can find Mr. Park because heís been awhile. She thinks he may have found other people or something. Allison tries to stop her, saying that Mr. Park is probably already dead.
    Mrs. March tells her that nothing is wrong and to not worry. Before Allison can say anything else, Mrs. March leaves.

    Mrs. March walks down a hall and enters a bathroom, calling out Mr. Parkís name. She walks by all the stalls, pushing on them. There is a smear of blood on the counter behind her, but she misses it. When she reaches the last stall and pushes on it, it wonít open. Thinking Mr. Park is in there, she apologizes and turns away to leave.
    However, when she turns away, she notices the blood smear and turns back to the stall. She calls out Mr. Parkís name, and when there is no answer, Mrs. March goes into the next stall over and stands on the seat. She looks over and sees Mr. Park, sitting on the toilet, a knife rammed into his neck. She screams as she runs out of the stall and right into
    Grim Reaper.
    Grim Reaper pushes her away, ramming his scythe into her, over and over and over.

    Jeff runs down another flight of stairs and down a hall. He bumps into someone and screams, but when he stands up, he sees Ryan getting back to his feet as well.
    Ryan is frantic, saying how He killed Steven. Jeff informs him that Jolene is also dead. They agree to not separate and as they go further down the hall, they pass a bathroom and Ryan realizes that he really needs to use it.
    They walk into the bathroom and on the back wall is Mrs. March, hanging there by a knife and all her guts hanging out or on the floor under her. Jeff and Ryan scream as a stall door opens up and Mr. Parkís body flies out from it. Grim Reaper walks out from the stall, holding a detached sharpened toilet seat.
    Grim Reaper throws it like a frisbee at Ryan, but Ryan ducks. It sticks in the wall above Ryan=s head and the two boys run out of the room.

    Justin and Adam are in the Cafeteria, sitting at a table, the only entrance in plain view. They have a game of Poker going, to relieve the tension, but part way through, Adam gets up, feeling hungry. He goes over to one of the different sections and starts putting together a couple hamburgers. He asks Justin if he wants a few as well. They canít be warmed, but they are better then starving.
    Adam puts together a few more when Justin agrees and brings them back to the table as the duo start pigging out on the burgers. They are interrupted a few moments later however, by the sound of an electric stove being turned on. They put their burgers down and look at each other, then at the different sections in the room, Justin stating that theyíre not alone. Adam realizes that theyíve been so busy eating, they havenít been watching the entrance.
    Adam gets up and follows the noise to the section it was coming from, and locates the stove. He turns back and calls out to Justin that he found it. Suddenly a gloved hand reaches down and shoves Adams face onto the stove while another hand comes down and turns the power up, the fire going right into Adam=s face. Adam screams as his face is pulled out of the fire, his face now all black and melted. The hand lets go and Adam slowly rises to his feet.
    From his spot at the table, Justin is watching the whole thing from where he is, but he=s too shocked to do anything. He looks over and sees Grim Reaper come up behind Adam with his scythe. Grim Reaper raises his scythe and slashes it down, chopping off the back of Adam=s head, brains and blood splattering the floor.
    Grim Reaper turns and looks at Justin who gets out of his seat and runs out the cafeteria. Grim Reaper raises his gloved hand and wipes the blood from his scythe blade.

    Chapter 6

    In the office, Allison and Roberta have found their report sheets, much like what Allison did in the last story. Roberta is shocked at some of the Professorsí comments about her, and not in a good way. Allison tells her to pipe down and Roberta tells her to stuff it.
    Allison stands up, asking Roberta if she wants to go and Roberta stands up as well, telling Allison to bring it on. A muffled voice tells them to not fight, and the two girls slowly turn and see Grim Reaper in the doorway, holding the sharpened toilet seat. He throws it like a frisbee like before, and it goes right through Roberta, chopping her in half and sticking to the wall behind her. Allison screams as she sees Roberta=s legs fall, the floor covered with blood.
    Allison tries to run past the killer, but he grabs her hair and pulls her back. Grim Reaper tells her that itíll all be over soon as he puts her in a head lock and raises his scythe. Allison kicks him hard in the nuts and Grim Reaper falls down on his hands and knees, in pain. Allison turns and brings her foot back and swings it forward, kicking the killer=s head, knocking him back. She then runs past him, out into the hall.

    Ryan and Jeff run down a hall and down a flight of stairs. They stop when they see a shape come from the bottom of the stairs. They turn around, but another shape is coming down from the top of the stairs.
    Ryan thinks thereís two killers and theyíre trapped, but as the two figures get closer, they see that one is Justin and the other is Allison. Allison yells at them that Dillon is coming, that heís right behind her, and Justin suggests that they get out of there and fast. Allison agrees, saying that he has good ideas.
    The group turn and run back up the stairs.

    A few minutes later, they reach the Cafeteria, much to Justinís disagreeing. A minute later, they hear footsteps coming their way and they are about to jump the attacker, when Richard, Jeffís classmate from Gym, runs in, yelling that the killer is close behind him.
    Jeff is cautious of him, but Richard informs him of how he got stuck in the school and has come across a few of the dead bodies and just then came across the killer and barely escaped. Jeff tells him that as long as they stay in a big group, then the killer probably wonít attack them.
    Allison goes to find some food, but her screams bring everyone to her location. Stevenís head is resting in a pot, and at the back of the wall is Mrs. Marchís body, slumped against the wall. Also in the room, Mr. Park=s body has a knife sticking into his neck, Roberta has the seat jammed into her top half, Andrew is laying on the floor, and Jolene is on the floor, her chest ripped open, exposing her insides. A second later, the fridge door slides open and Adamís burnt body falls to the floor, the back half of his head missing.
    Richard freaks out, claiming the guy isnít human. Jeff states that he is, and because of that, he can be killed. Jeff opens a drawer and starts to pass out knifes to everyone. Jeff suggests that if they stick together and work as a team, then there is no way that Dillon can beat them.
    And so with that, Jeff, Allison, Justin, Ryan, and Richard heads back out of the Cafeteria, this time armed.

    As the group walks down a hall, Jeff and Allison fall a bit behind, so Jeff can talk to her. Jeff asks her what happened between them. Itís revealed here that after Allison got out of the hospital, her and Jeff dated for awhile, but ended up drifting apart when Jeff moved to Newfoundland. Allison ended up moving there eventually as well, but Jeff was already dating Roberta by that time. Once Roberta and Jeff broke up, Allison and Roberta became good friends.
    Allison gets mad, saying that now is not the time for that kind of discussion. Jeff asks why not and Allison gets even more mad, giving in. She tells him that she needed space and says ĎYou didnít expect us to get married or something, did you?í in which Jeff says no, but adds on that they could have at least stayed better friends then they did.
    Allison notices that the group has moved on ahead and ends the conversation by turning and catching up, Jeff not far behind.
    The group rounds a corner and Grim Reaper is standing there, blocking their path. Justin takes a stab at him and stabs the knife in Grim Reaperís arm. Grim Reaper backs away and takes the knife out, before moving forward and slitting Justin=s throat, blood leaking down from the cut. Everyone else makes a stab at him, but Grim Reaper blocks with his scythe blade and knocks the knives away. He then swings the scythe and the blade digs into Allison=s side. She screams as he takes the bloody scythe out.
    As Jeff screams out Allisonís name, Grim Reaper swings again, but Allison falls
    backwards, the blade sweeping by her head. Jeff and Richard help Allison up as they and
    Ryan run down the hall, Allison covering her hands over her blood stained shirt that was covering the wound.

    Chapter 7

    Jeff, Allison, Ryan, and Richard approach the doors to the gym and quickly go inside. Richard states that he hopes Grim Reaper didnít see them go in, and passes right by.
    They bring Allison over to a bench and lay her down on it. Ryan tells them to stay there as he takes off across the gym and Jeff sits next to Allison, gently stroking her hair.

    Ryan rushes to the Professorís Office at the end of the Gym and looks around in it. He moves stuff around and finally sees what he is looking for. He grabs the First Aid kit and opens it up, rummaging through for what they need. He takes some bandages and cleaning stuff, and rushes back to the others.
    Ryan gives Jeff the bandages and Jeff rolls up Allison's shirt a little. Ryan cleans the wound and Jeff wraps the bandages around until all the bandages are used and then he put the clips on, securing the bandages.
    Jeff tells Richard to stay and watch over Allison. Richard asks him what he plans to do, in which Jeff says that heís going to kill this fucker. By this point, Allison has passed out from the pain. Ryan offers to go with Jeff and Jeff accepts. Jeff and Ryan leave

    Jeff and Ryan walk down a hall and come across the entrance to the Furnace Room. Jeff states that Richard said earlier that he saw Grim Reaper coming out of there, so maybe heís using it as a kind of home base area. Ryan suggests that they check it out and they open the door, walking down into the room.
    When they get to the bottom of the stairs, they see a metal table in the middle of the room, with the dead body of the art teacher on it, satanic carvings sketched into her body with a sharp object.
    Jeff realizes that Dillon is more fucked up then they first thought.

    Back in the gym, Richard looks over at the sleeping Allison. There=s a small clattering sound and Allison stirs awake, wondering what that noise was. Before Richard can respond, a scythe comes down from the second floor of the gym above them, and impales into Richard's neck, coming out the back, and scraping the wall, blood leaking out of the guyís neck.
    Allison screams and as Grim Reaper lifts his scythe up, bringing the body up, the scythe slides up through the head, chopping the neck and head in half, spraying blood and brains everywhere.
    The body falls down to the floor and Allison screams again as Grim Reaper jumps down from the low ledge and lands behind her. Allison turns, and as fast as her injured body allows her, she runs out the gym.

    In the Furnace Room, they hear Allison scream and rush up the stairs. Allison had run past the room and Jeff calls out to her. She stops and rushes back to them. Her and Jeff hug and then all three run back down into the room, planning on hiding from Grim Reaper.
    Jeff asks her where Richard is, and she informs him that Richard is dead. The scythe blade then suddenly brakes through the door. As Grim Reaper brakes the door down, the three of them back up. Grim Reaper walks and as he gets to the bottom of the stairs, he takes his hood of to show that he is indeed Dillon, this time a bit older. He states that this time he will win.
    Jeff charges him, ramming Dillon in the gut, both of them falling back onto the stairs. Dillon pushes Jeff off of him and then punches him, sending Jeff flying against the furnace. Dillon reaches up with his scythe, severing pipes, raining water down on everyone.
    As Dillon gets closer to Allison, he admits that when they were in high school, he had a crush on her. Ryan reaches over and pulls on Dillon=s feet, bringing him to the floor. Dillon growls and Ryan brakes off some loose piping and rams it down. Dillon rolls out of the way, dodging the pipe.
    Dillon snarls, telling Ryan that he missed as he stands back up. At that moment, Dillon flies forward, Jeff having rammed him from behind. ĎDidnít dodge that you bastard.í Jeff says.
    Dillon gets back to his feet again, telling Jeff that heíll pay for that. Dillon grips his scythe harder and swings it. Jeff ducks and more pipes are busted open by the scythe.
    Dillon punches Jeff and throws him next to Ryan. Dillon looks around, wondering where Allison is. He gets his answer when she says ĎRight here, Asshole.í
    Dillon turns around and Allison is standing there with a broken piece of pipe. She throws it, and it goes threw Dillon, sticking into the wall behind him, pinning him to it. Jeff walks over and pulls the pipe out of Dillon and his body falls to the floor. Then he slowly starts to get up and when he finally stands up, Jeff rams the pipe through him one more time, again pinning him to the wall. Blood trickles down Dillon=s face as blood comes from his mouth. Dillon stops breathing and closes his eyes as he slumps forward.
    Jeff is relived that it is finally over and Allison makes him promise to not write anymore School Day stories. Ryan agrees, because he doesnít think he could go through all this again.
    They are cut off by a loud echo of a banging noise and they rush up into the hall and follow from where they heard the sound. When they get to the entrance, they see that the police force had gotten into the school. Apparently a person saw Grim Reaper kill someone through a window and called the police. When the cops approach, Jeff tells them that there is a body in the furnace room.


    Hours later, Jeff and Ryan sit on the back of an ambulance. Inside it, Allison is asleep on a stretcher. Ryan is relieved that all the questioning is out of the way, as he is exhausted and just wants to go home. The police carry Dillonís dead body out of the school and load it up into one of the other ambulances. Jeff is relieved to know that it is actually over.
    A paramedic shows up and the Jeff and Ryan jump off the back of the ambulance and begin to walk away as the ambulance drives off.

    The second Ambulance, the one carrying the dead bodies, drives down a long stretch of road. One of the body bags in the back move and a blade slices through it, in the front, the paramedic turns around just in time to see a scythe blade rip into his face. Dillon climbs into the passenger seat and rams the scythe into the side of the driver. Dillon pushes the two bodies out the door and he drives the ambulance away, laughing insanely.

    The End

    9/26/2005 2:38:04 AM

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