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    In 1975, the rock/jazz/pop group Steely Dan released an album called "Katy Lied" with a song titled "Dr. Wu". Crichton's inspiration? (From: Holden)
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    School Day {Treatment}
    By Aragorn

    Chapter 1

    It opens on a 4-story school that is designed like a mall and has electronic doors that are magnetically sealed. This is within the first week the new school is open and itís in the middle of February. There are descriptions of various morning activities and going-ons, both inside and outside the school.
    Jeff Long and Curtis Coates, two Grade 9 students, are both introduced as they walk towards the schoolís main doors for the first time. Jeff states that he thinks heís going to like the new school, and that the magnetically-sealed doors make him feel safer. It is revealed here that there was a shooting at their old school, which is why they had a brand new, safer school made.
    Curtis states that while that is cool, he personally likes how itís designed like a mall, although he doesnít quite understand why they did that. Once they get inside the school, another Grade 9 student, a tall kid named Dillon Lavigne runs up to them and teases Jeff by saying he told Allison. While Jeff freaks out, Curtis wonders what it is that Dillon told her, and why he doesnít know about it. Jeff was the slave of a girl named Allison over a lost bet, and when they made the deal, Jeff never specified that he meant the end of the actual year. Dillon told Allison that, which means Jeff now has to be her slave until the end of the school year.
    When Curtis has it explained to him, he laughs and mocks Jeff. Jeff states that itís no big deal because Allison is a lot nicer to him outside of school, then she is when they are in school. Dillon asks Jeff how he would know that, insinuating that him and Allison have a thing going on in secret. Jeff defends himself, saying that he has come across her a couple times outside of school.
    Dillon laughs as he walks away. Curtis continues to make fun of Jeff and torture him as they continue down the hall. Jeff takes ten bucks out of his pocket, planning on getting food before School starts. However, they come across Allison Luk and her group of friends. Jeff whispers to Curtis to play it cool, and that maybe Allison has forgotten about the slave thing. When they approach Allison and her friends, Allison orders Jeff to give her some of his money. After giving her half, and her walking away, Jeff swears, pissed off that she remembers.
    As they continue on their way, Curtis asks what class they have first and Jeff informs him that itís English.

    Chapter 2

    Jeff, Curtis, Dillon, Allison, and other students are sitting in Mrs. Gulbraís English class. Mrs. Gulbra is handing back an English test and two students, Drew Brown and Mike Forest complain to each other about how hard it was and that they probably failed.
    Drew glances out the window and notices that itís begun to snow. Everyone looks out the window and a girl with dyed blue hair, Jen Landry, is happy cause if enough snow falls then she can go snowboarding after school. Mike and Drew ask Jeff if he wants to go sliding with them after school and Jeff agrees, but only if enough snow falls.
    Jeff turns to face Jen and yells an insult to her, playfully. The two playfully throw insults back and forth until Jen runs out of ideas and just sticks her tongue out. During the insults, itís revealed that Jeff is really accident prone.
    Someplace else in the class, Allison is talking to her sister Savanna. She tells Savanna how Jeff prank called her over the weekend and Savanna thinks that Jeff likes Allison. Allison looks over at Jeff and when Jeff catches her looking, he sticks his tongue out at her.
    Further conversation is stopped when Mrs. Gulbra finishes handing back the tests and starts her class.

    During the Morning Break, Jeff walks down a hall and approaches Curtis talking to a nerdy kid, Mark Abbott. Mark is in the middle of complaining about his failure to pass a level in a video game. As Jeff approaches, he hits Mark over the back of the head with some rolled up paper before handing the paper to Curtis.
    Curtis unfolds it to see what it is, and itís Jeffís newest short story about a Grim Reaper that stalks people in a school during a snowstorm. Mark complains that he wasnít done telling his story, but Curtis tells him that he didnít really care to begin with,
    Jeff spots Allison and her friends approaching and goes to hide behind a door. Allison asks Curtis and Mark where Jeff is and Mark tells her. Allison drags Jeff out from behind the door and reaches into his pocket, taking his frozen Pizza Pop he was going to eat. She thanks him and continues on with her friends. Jeff calls her a bitch, but she doesnít hear.

    In Math Class, Jeff has his text book closed and is reading a novel. Curtis turns around to talk to him and asks him why heís not doing his work, in which Jeff explains that he just finished.
    Curtis warns Jeff that he should probably not bug Dillon anytime soon and when Jeff asks why, Curtis tells him about how Dillonís foster parents have been real dicks to him lately. Jeff looks around the room and his and Allisonís eyes meet, before they both quickly turn away from each other.

    At Lunch, in a hallway, Jeff and Curtis come across Dillon. Jeff teases him, calling him Dillpickle and Dillon starts chasing him down the hall. As Jeff runs, he dodges and zooms around other people.

    Drew, Mike, and two of their friends Jimmy Adams and Simone Hulbrich are walking down a staircase. Mike and Jimmy are on the same hockey team and Mike asks if Jimmy is going to be there for the next practice, because he hasnít been there for the last couple. Jimmy states that heís thinking of quitting.
    They have reached the bottom of the stairs by that point and walk out into the hall.

    As Jeff runs from Dillon, he passes by Jen and says ĎHi Smurf!í in regards to her blue hair. Jen gets pissed and joins the chase. Jeff reaches a staircase and quickly runs down it.

    Simone tells Drew that she wants him to write her an e-mail so she has something to read in Computer class. Drew says that heíll try. Jimmy chuckles and asks when theyíre going to start dating, in which Simone tells him to shut up.
    Jeff runs into them from around the corner and Mike asks him why heís running. Jeff explains to them that Dillon and Jen are after him, but fails to mention why. When Dillon and Jen come around the corner, Simone steps in front of Dillon and digs her nails into his arms. Drew steps in front of Jen and keeps stepping in front of her whenever she tries to move around him, causing her to get frustrated with him.
    Allison and her friends come up from behind Jeff and Jimmy, surprising them. Allison drags Jeff off and around the corner, as she tells her friends to leave them for a minute. Once they are alone, Savanna walks over and says that Allison has got to come see what she found on the net. Allison tells her that she will in a minute and Savanna leaves.
    When they are once again alone, Allison slams Jeff up into the wall and threatens to kill him if he ever tries to prank call her again. Jeff starts laughing, because Allison doesnít come across as very threatening, and she slaps him across the face before walking away.

    In another hall, Curtis, who was left behind when Jeff took off running, is talking with a fat chubby kid named Danny Martin. Curtis asks Danny if he did his Science homework last night and Danny says that he didnít and asks when they have Science, in which Curtis informs him that they have it right after Lunch.
    Danny swears, because Mrs. Anderson, the Science teacher, is really strict about homework. He and asks where Mark is, so he can convince Mark to let him copy of him. Curtis tells him where he saw him last, but says that he probably isnít still there. Danny goes off to find him.

    As the bell rings to end Lunch, Savanna steps inside an elevator. She hates using the stairs, and even though the elevator is supposed to only be used for wheelchair students, she uses it anyway. Before she can press any buttons however, the elevator automatically goes down one floor and the door opens. A guy in a grey Grim Reaper costume walks in, holding a scythe. The hood is covering part of his face, but itís so dark under it that we canít tell who it is.
    Savanna looks at the scythe and smiles, complimenting the stranger on a cool toy. Grim Reaper shakes his head and raises the scythe and swings it down, slicing open Savannaís chest. She screams as she falls to the floor and Grim Reaper raises it up and slices down into her, over and over and over, until her screams end.
    Grim Reaper pushes the button to bring the elevator to the Basement as he wipes the blood off his scythe with his gloved hand.

    Chapter 3

    In Science, Mrs. Anderson is handing the class a worksheet. Mark walks in late and when the teacher asks him why heís late, he apologizes and says that he was using the bathroom. However, in his rush to get to class, he left his books in his locker and she tells him to go get them, but to hurry back.
    Drew looks out the window and states how the snow is coming down a lot harder now and Mike hopes they get sent home early.

    Mark is walking down a hall, his binder now in his hand as he makes his way back to his class. He hears other footsteps behind him, but when he turns around, no one is there. He continues on his way and doesnít hear the footsteps anymore.

    Mark enters the room with his binder and takes his seat. Everyone else in the class is in groups, working on the worksheet. Mrs. Anderson lays a copy on Markís desk, but before he can write anything, the Principal, Mr. Codarre, comes over the P.A. system, saying that due to the intensity of the storm, they are going to start sending students home. The students will be sent home in order, starting with the lowest class and working itís way up.
    The class erupts with cheering, but Curtis complains that since they are in Grade 9, and their class is 9B, that they will be the last to go.

    Time passes and everyone in the class is bored out of their minds. Suddenly Mr. Codarre calls out ĎClass 9Bí over the P.A. system and they all start cheering. As they start piling out of the room, some of the students look outside and see that the storm has gotten even worse.

    Jimmy and Simone, who were from 9A, had waited for Mike and Drew and now the group was making their way to the main doors. Jeff, Danny, Allison, and Dillon are also all heading towards the main doors, but none of them are walking together.
    Just before they reach the doors, the lights turn off as the power cuts out. Allison swears and says how she doesnít think thatís a good thing. Jeff makes a sarcastic remark which causes Allison to make a face at him.
    Dillon goes to open the doors, but they donít budge. The power must have shut off the magnetically-sealed doors. Drew swears, not wanting to be stuck in the school. Mike agrees, but Jimmy jokingly says how itís not so bad because they can just hide in the dark and scare Simone. Simone hits him for the comment.
    Jen arrives and states that to pass the time, they could always hang Jeff up and torture him. Jeff, assuming Jen s still pissed about Lunch, says that sheíll have to catch him first, and takes off down a hall. His real plan though was to go to the office and ask the Principal what they should do.
    As he rushes down the hall, he almost plows into Mark and Curtis. Curtis asks him what the matter is and Jeff briefs him on the situation. Curtis loves the situation, stating how they could play hide and seek or scare the other students. Mark states that heís not sure thatís a good idea, as thatís mean.
    Jeff and Curtis laugh at Marks response as they continue down the hall, heading for the Office. Before long however, Mr. Codarre meets up with them in one of the halls and informs them that heís rounding up everyone stuck in the school and that theyíre all going to meet in the Cafeteria. He then asks if they know of any other people still in the school and Jeff tells him about the others by the main doors.
    Mr. Codarre goes to round the others up as Jeff, Curtis, and Mark make their way to the Cafeteria.

    Drew, Mike, Jimmy, Simone, Allison, Danny, and Dillon are all walking down a hall together. Allison complains, saying how if she was not locked in the school, sheíd probably be over at a friendís house getting drunk.
    Simone states that she needs to use the bathroom, and when Jimmy reminds her that Mr. Codarre told them to go straight to the Cafeteria, she tells him that itíll only take a minute and sheíll be along shortly. Dillon agrees that itís probably a good idea to use the bathroom now, before they all get settled down and so while Savanna heads off for the girlís washroom, Dillon and Danny, who agrees with Dillon, take off for the menís.

    Minutes later, Simone washes and dries her hands in the sink of the dark washroom and walks out into the empty hallway. She walks down the hallway and hears a noise behind her. She turns to look and she can faintly see a shape at the end of the hallway, holding something sideways in both hands. She calls out, but the shape doesnít answer her.
    Thinking the shape is Jimmy playing a prank on her, Savanna doesnít bother to move when the shape slowly starts walking towards her. When the shape gets closer, Simone sees that itís a person dressed up as the Grim Reaper and that heís holding a toy scythe sideways in both hands. Her eyes go wide as the steel blade shines and she realizes that itís not a toy.
    After uttering ĎOh shití, Simone turns and takes off down the hall in a run. She looks behind her and Grim Reaper is still walking, but heís moving faster. When Simone turns her head back to the front, she stops. In front of her are the gym doors. She tries to open them, but theyíre locked, as they always are when itís not in use. She looks around, but the only way out is past Grim Reaper.
    Simone pleads for him not to kill her, but he just ignores her as he gets closer. Grim Reaper swings the scythe and it digs into Simoneís side. She screams in pain as Grim Reaper rears the Scythe back and slams it at her again.

    Chapter 4

    In the Cafeteria, Drew, Mike, and Jimmy are sitting at one table. Jen and Allison sit at another. Jeff, Curtis, and Mark sit at another, all three groups engaged in their own conversations. Dillon walks in and goes over to sit with Jen and Allison. A minute later, Danny walks in and sits at Jeffís table. Mr. Codarre, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Hovland, a balding teacher, are all standing together at the front of the room, conversing quietly. Mr. Codarre states that someone had to have damaged the back-up generator in order for the power in the school to go out when it goes out everywhere else.
    Mr. Codarre then turns and asks everyone in the room if everyone is there. Jimmy informs him that Simone is still at the bathroom, but sheís the only other person they know of thatís in the school. Mr. Hovland states that they need to discuss what theyíre going to do, in which Mr. Codarre replies that they canít do much until the city can get the power back on. He goes on to state that they canít even phone out because the phone lines seem to also be dead.
    Allison is near tears, frightened and not wanting to be in the school. Jeff sincerely tells her that thereís no reason to be afraid. Dillon agrees, and goes on to say that itís not like Jeffís story. Allison snaps at him, saying how she knows that.

    Time passes and everyone in the Cafeteria is extremely bored. Jimmy states that Simone should have been back by now. Mike suggests that she could just be trying to pull their legs, as a way to scare them before they can get the chance to scare her. Mr. Codarre thinks that her prank is long overdue for an ending and sends Mr. Hovland to go locate her and bring her back to the Cafeteria. Mr. Hovland grabs the only flashlight in the room and walks out.
    Drew suggests that they should all go look for her, as itís a big school and it could take Mr. Hovland a long time to search it all by himself. Mr. Codarre doesnít think thatís a good idea, but doesnít voice that. He tells Drew that if Mr. Hovland still hasnít found her after so much time, then they can go help.

    Over at Jeffís table, Jeff states how their situation would be a perfect set-up for a horror movie, and Curtis tells him that he watches way too many of those kinds of movies. Danny states how a rumour about the Newest Halloween movie has it taking place in a school, and Mark says that he thought Halloween was a day of the year, not a movie, which causes everyone at the table to laugh and mock him.
    Curtis explains to Mark what theyíre talking about, in which Mark replies with ĎWell I donít watch horror movies, ok?í As they laugh harder, Mark tries changing the topic and asks Curtis if he knows how to beat a certain level in the game StarCraft, because heís stuck.

    Mr. Hovland walks out from an empty classroom. He moves down a dark hall, shinning the flashlight beam around in front of him, calling out Simoneís name.

    Back in the Cafeteria, Drew tells Mr. Codarre that itís been over half an hour and Mr. Codarre agrees, more so to stop Drew from complaining, that they can go and help look for Simone, however, he tells Jen and Mrs. Anderson that he wants them to stay in the Cafeteria in case Simone ends up showing up there.
    Drew, Mike, and Jimmy split off into a group as they head in one direction. Jeff, Curtis, Mark, Danny, and Allison form a second group and head in a different direction. Mr. Codarre and Dillon head off alone, in their own directions.
    As they walk, Jeff bugs Allison and sarcastically tells her that if sheís too scared of the dark, then he could hold her hand. She tells him to fuck off. She starts to fall behind the group, and when none of them are looking, she breaks away from them down a separate hall.
    Jeff says that he doesnít find the darkness so bad, because it means it makes Allisonís face harder to see. The group laughs, and when Jeff turns around to see Allisonís reaction, he finds her gone. He calls out her name and asks the others where she went, but Curtis, Mark, and Danny donít know.
    Curtis asks him who cares and Jeff states that heís going to go look for her. Danny agrees to help and Curtis and Mark decide to continue on down the hall by themselves. Jeff and Danny head back the way they came as Curtis and Mark continue on.

    Mr. Hovland walks down a flight of stairs and two more flights lay ahead of him, but he stops and stays on that floor and walks down the hall with his flashlight, again calling out Simoneís name constantly. He sees a shape move quickly around a corner up ahead in the darkness, but when he calls out, there is no answer.
    As he rounds a corner, a person wearing a Grim Reaper costume is standing there, just a couple feet away. Mr. Hovland assumes that itís Simone and tells her that the others are worried sick and he wants her to return to the Cafeteria.
    The Grim Reaper replies in a muffled voice, that there are no others to save him. Grim Reaper opens his suit and pulls his scythe out. Mr. Hovland backs up, Grim Reaper walking towards him. He backs up further and trips on the stairs going up and falls onto them.
    When Mr. Hovland tries to stand, Grim Reaper swings the scythe and slices the teachers head off.

    Chapter 5

    Allison walks down a hall alone, telling herself how lost she is, and beginning to doubt her decision to leave the others, but remembers why she did. She comes across the Office and walks in, going over to a filing cabinet. She opens up one of the drawers and flips through the folders. She takes one with her name on it out and leaves.
    Allison goes across the hall to the janitors room and gets a flashlight. She lays the folder on a table and opens it up, shinning the light onto the papers. Itís her Grades and Teacherís remarks. She hears a noise out in the hall and looks up, calling out, but does not get an answer.
    She walks out into the hall, shining the light around. Two shapes jump from around the corner and cause her to scream. She stops screaming when she sees Jeff and Danny laughing uncontrollably. Allison yells at Jeff, but ends up cracking a smile herself. The trio heads off to find the others.

    Curtis and Mark stop by the Home Economics room, and Curtis tells Mark to wait. Curtis goes to open the Home Ec. Room door, so he can sneak in and take some of the food, but finds the door locked. The two continue on down the hall.

    Drew, Mike, and Jimmy approach the gym doors and see Simone sitting in front of them. Jimmy calls out to her and asks her what sheís doing. When she doesnít answer, they walk closer and Drew states that he thinks sheís sleeping.
    When they get nearer, they see the giant slash across her stomach and the deep gash in her side. They start freaking out, knowing now that sheís dead and someone murdered her. Drew asks who would want to do that, and Mike says that itís obvious someone else decided to stay in the school for when the power went out and has been hunting them.
    Jimmy says ĎFuck thisí and then states that heís getting out of there before the killer comes back. Drew tells him to stop yelling or the killer might hear. Quickly and quietly, the three run away from the area.

    In another hall, Dillon walks by a bunch of classrooms and hears a noise. He turns around and sees a shape at the end of the hallway. He turns to a classroom and tries to open the door but itís locked. He looks back and sees the shape getting closer. He tries another door and it opens. He rushes inside and locks it.

    Mr. Codarre is in a hall and sees a shape go into a classroom and walks over to it. He tries to open the door he thought the person went into but itís locked. He shrugs it off and continues walking, thinking his eyes must be going, or the dark is playing tricks on him.

    Jeff, Danny, and Allison walk up a set of stairs and go across the floor to the next set. When they reach the top, Allison screams and Jeff and Danny look up and see it as well - Mr. Hovlandís decapitated body. His head is on the floor a few feet away.
    Allison throws up and Danny freaks out, while Jeff asks what the hell is going on. He then turns to Allison and tells her to take deep slow breaths. Allison does so and turns away from the body. Danny asks who would want to this, and Allison freaks out, screaming that thereís a killer in the school and heís going to kill all of them. Jeff states that heís seen enough horror movies to guess that the killer is someone that knows them. Possibly even someone they thought was their friend. Someone who has been acting slightly crazy lately.
    They all think of Curtis at the exact same time, due to his out-of-school behaviour.

    Curtis and Mark walk down a hall, passing by the elevator. Curtis punches Mark for no reason and laughs at his reaction. Mark rubs his shoulder and asks Curtis what that was for. Curtis laughs, saying he was bored and Mark was just there. He adds on that it wasnít even that hard, and when Mark agues with him, saying that it really hurt, Curtis turns serious and says that it wasnít very hard.
    Mark ignores him and rubs his shoulder as they walk down the hall some more.

    Mr. Codarre has returned to the Cafeteria and walks in. He gasps when he sees the two dead bodies of Jen and Mrs. Anderson. Jen has a knife dug into one of her eyes and Mrs. Anderson has been gutted, her insides spilling out onto the floor.
    Mr. Codarre turns to rush out, disgust in his face, but Grim Reaper steps in from the hall and blocks the doorway. Heís holding his scythe, but itís extremely short. He then slowly uses one hand to extend it, much like a walkie-talkieís antenna extents, only this extents downwards instead of upwards. When his scythe is extended, he holds upside down.
    Mr. Codarre pleads with Grim Reaper to not kill him, but Grim Reaper brings the scythe up, digging the blade into Mr. Codarreís chin. The blade goes up through his chin and out the top of his head. Grim Reaper pulls the scythe out and his newest victim falls to the floor. Grim Reaper reaches down and takes a set of keys from the dead body.

    Chapter 6

    Drew, Mike, and Jimmy stop for a minute to catch their breaths. Jimmy states that they need to find the others and warn them, in which Mike shouts out that there may not be any others left.
    A figure walks out from around the corner and they all scream, but stop when they realize it is Brad Turner, a student in the grade below them. Drew swears at him, mad at him for scaring them. Mike asks him who he is and Brad gives them his name and tells him that he was at his locker when the power went out and heís been wandering the school ever since, trying to find out if anyone else was locked in with him, but when he couldnít find anyone, he decided to stay in the library, but he got hungry and came out to look for food in the Cafeteria and he was on his way there.
    Mike doesnít trust him and looks at him suspiciously. Jimmy tells him that there were a lot others, but now heís not so sure. Brad asks what he means, and Drew informs him of the killer.
    Brad doesnít quite believe them, but Mike begins to think that Brad is the killer and starts backing away, until a shadow falls over him from behind. Drew shouts out to Mike to turn around, and when he does, he sees Grim Reaper standing there, holding his scythe sideways.
    As Grim Reaper swings his scythe, Mike ducks and runs behind him off down the hall. Grim Reaper turns to look at Mike running and then turns to look at the other three boys. Drew, Jimmy, and Brad turn and run down the other hallway. Grim Reaper turns toward the hall Mike ran down and walks quickly after him.

    Jeff, Allison, and Danny are running down a different hall. Danny asks how the hell theyíre supposed to get out of the school, but neither one has an answer. Then they see Drew, Jimmy, and Brad run down a hall that passes through theirs. Drew shouts at them to run, because the killer is chasing them.
    Jeff, Allison, and Danny look down the hall, but see nothing chasing the other boys.

    Mike runs down a set of stairs and looks behind him, seeing Grim Reaper not far behind. He runs over to the elevator and pushes the button, but nothing happens. Mike slaps himself in the head for forgetting that the elevator wonít work if the power is out. He turns around to run, but the scythe blade digs into him. The blade comes out and Mikeís body falls to the floor, leaving a smear of blood on the elevator doors.

    Curtis and Mark walk down a set of stairs and sees Mikeís body by the elevator. Mark wonders if itís some kind of joke, but before Curtis can answer, Grim Reaper jumps out from behind the stairs and rams a knife through Markís neck. Curtis screams and takes off running.

    Dillon runs down a hallway and comes to the Office. He sees the Janitorís door open and walks inside, seeing Allisonís Grade sheets. He hears approaching footsteps and looks up. Theyíre getting closer. He runs out of the room and down the hall. He turns a corner and runs down that hall. He passes by a room marked ĎIndustrial Artsí

    Jeff, Allison, and Danny rush down a hall. Allison asks what theyíre going to do, because they canít just keep running around aimlessly until the power comes back on. Just then Grim Reaper walks out from the nearby Industrial Arts room and points a finger at them. In a muffled voice, he tells them ĎPrepare yourselves for Death.í
    Jeff yells, in response to Allison, that running seems like a damn good idea to him, and the three rush off. Grim Reaper takes out a blade that had been taken from a band saw and throws it. It impales into the back of Dannyís head and he falls down, dead. As Jeff and Allison run away, they reach a point where the hall splits in two directions. Allison goes one way as Jeff accidentally goes the other. Grim Reaper goes after Jeff.

    Drew, Brad, and Jimmy stop next to the Office to catch their breaths. Drew states that he has an idea and the other two follow him into the Office. Drew roots through drawers behind the main desk until he finds a set of keys. Drew states that they can now get into the gym and stay there until the power comes back on. If they lock the doors behind them, no one else can get in.
    Brad and Jimmy like the idea, so the trio heads back out into the halls.

    Chapter 7

    Curtis runs down the hall and runs right into someone. He screams, but when he stops and looks, he sees that itís only Allison. Curtis asks Allison where Jeff is and she says that they got separated when the killer chased them. Allison starts to cry.

    Jeff runs into a big room thatís designed much like a video store with aisles of movies. Only all of these movies are either educational videos, or various movies used for the English courses. Jeff looks behind him to see if Grim Reaper has followed him, but he doesnít see any sign of him. He looks straight ahead and stops. Heís centimetres away from Grim Reaper.
    As Grim Reaper swings his scythe, Jeff ducks. He turns and runs away down an aisle. Part way down, he switches and goes down another aisle. He puts his back up against the aisle, bending his knees so heís close to the floor.
    After a few seconds, Jeff gets up slowly and peeks over the top. He sees Grim Reaper walking towards the aisle. Still bending down, Jeff runs over to another aisle, and then another, putting his back up to it. He sees the shadow of the killer get closer. Crouching down still, Jeff runs over to a nearby fire extinguisher and runs back to his spot. Grim Reaper appears from around the corner and looks at Jeff. Jeff stands up and slams the extinguisher into Grim Reaperís stomach, causing him to fall to the floor with a grunt.
    Jeff turns and runs out the room, slamming the door behind him as Grim reaper starts to get up and knocks over an aisle of movies in anger.

    Curtis and Allison reach the main front doors. Curtis states that they should wait there, because the second the power comes back on, they can leave, and at least itís not pointless running. If the killer shows up, they can always run then.
    Allison states that they arenít going to make it out alive. Before Curtis can say anything, he straightens and blood trickles from his mouth. He falls down, a knife in his back. Grim Reaper is standing a few feet away, behind him. Allison yells ĎFuck Youí at him as tears stream down her face.
    Grim Reaper puts the scythe sideways and swings at Allison. Allison backs up and trips and falls down, causing the scythe blade to just miss her. She starts to get up as the blade comes down on her. She pushes herself backwards. The blade slices into her foot, pinning it to the floor. Allison emits a scream as the blade pulls up. Allison looks at her blood stained shoe.
    Grim Reaper raises the blade again, but Allison trips him with her good foot and he falls down. Allison gets up and limps away as fast as she can, crying.

    Jeff runs over to some glass and behind it is a fire axe and water hose. He breaks the glass and takes the axe out. He raises it and slams it against the floor, yelling out for Grim Reaper to come get him.

    Brad, Drew, and Jimmy are now hiding in the gymís dark change rooms. They hear the sound of a door being unlocked. Brad freaks out, knowing that itís probably the killer and if he finds them in there, then theyíre trapped. Jimmy whispers for him to come back, but Brad ignores him as he runs out of the change room.
    Drew and Jimmy remain silent. They hear approaching footsteps. The change room doors open and Grim reaper walks in. Drew and Jimmy scream when they see Bradís body on the blade of the scythe. Grim Reaper shakes the body off and it crashes into a locker.
    As Jimmy yells at Grim Reaper to leave them alone, he and Drew back up, pulling lockers down in front of them. The lockers donít fall to the floor however. They hit the other wall and remain as a barrier. Grim Reaper slices his scythe through one and walks over the rest, getting closer to his victims. He swings the scythe at Jimmy, knocking him to the floor.
    Grim Reaper raises his scythe again and brings it down. He does this over and over. Drew runs past the killer while heís busy. He runs across the gym floor and out of the gym, into the halls.

    Jeff walks down a hall slowly, axe in hand, when Drew runs up to him from another hall. Drew yells that the killer is back in the gym and Jeff tells him that he and Allison got separated. Drew says ĎScrew herí and then goes on to state that he wants out of the school, in which Jeff refuses to leave without her.
    They look out a window and see that the storm has died down a lot and that the snow is now just light flurries. The sun has also gone down and itís dark out completely dark out. Drew states that they better find her fast.

    Allison limps down a hall, using the wall as support. She passes a sign on the wall that says ĎGymí and has an arrow pointed in the direction sheís headed. Suddenly Grim Reaper walks towards her out of the darkness. She turns and runs as fast as she can with her bad foot, down another hall. Grim Reaper walks quickly after her. Then all of a sudden, the halls light up as the lights come back on and the power starts back up. Allisonís face is filled with relief.
    She runs around a corner to the elevator and sees Mikeís dead body and the blood streak on the doors. She kicks his body away as she presses the button on the elevator. The doors open and she turns to see Grim Reaper practically running around the corner with his scythe.
    Allison gets into the elevator and the doors are just about to close, but Grim Reaper touches the inside of them and they open again. Allison punches him in the head, knocking him back. The doors close. Allison presses the button for the basement and the elevator goes down.

    Jeff and Drew are running down a hall near the entrance doors but stop when the lights come back on. Drew is overjoyed that they can now leave, but Jeff states that heís staying until he finds Allison. Drew tells him that just a few more steps and they can leave and be free from the killerís grasp. Jeff states that if they leave now, the killer can come back after them at any time. Heíd rather stay and see closure to it now.
    Drew asks how theyíre supposed to take on the killer and Jeff points to his head, saying that theyíre smart. Then he points to the axe, saying that heís not afraid to do what must be done. Drew sighs, agreeing to finish it before they leave.
    Jeff and Drew run off down the hall, away from the doors; away from freedom.

    Chapter 8

    In the basement of the school, Allison runs past boxes and equipment to the other end of the room. There is a ding and Allison looks behind her as the elevator doors open and Grim Reaper walks out.
    Allison turns back around and continues to limp past boxes to the back. On her way, she trips and falls down. Her hands land on something warm and wet. She looks down and sees that she fell onto a pile of intestines. She looks up and sees her sister tied by rope, hanging upside down from the low roof, her stomach ripped open.
    Allison screams and quickly gets up and continues to limp to the back of the room. Grim Reaper gets closer. Allison reaches the back wall turns around. Grim Reaper tells Allison in his muffled voice, that she has nowhere left to run to.

    Jeff and Drew see the elevator doors close by and run over to them. Drew asks if heís sure Allison is down there and Jeff says heís not, but heís willing to bet that either her or Grim Reaper is. With the power back on now, the killer will want to hide before the police get here, assuming that the killer assumes they will go to the police.

    In the basement, Grim Reaper pushes a heavy box on top of Allison, pinning her to the floor. Allison is crying and asks Grim Reaper who he is. Grim Reaper ignores her and raises his scythe, preparing to slam it down on Allison.
    Jeffís voice yells for him to stop and Grim Reaper turns around, seeing Jeff with the axe, and Drew rushing off the elevator. Drew yells at him to pick on someone his own size, as Jeff hands him the axe. Grim Reaper replies with Ďokí, however this time his voice is not muffled.
    Grim Reaper pulls back his hood to reveal Dillon, glaring evilly. Dillon runs at Drew while Jeff goes around Dillon and goes over to push the box off of Allison. Dillon takes the scythe and swings it while running, digging it into Drew. He takes the scythe out and turns to look at Jeff helping Allison up.
    Jeff pleads with Allison to move faster, but then notices the blood-stained shoe on her foot. Dillon walks over and punches Jeff, sending him flying away. Dillon punches Allison in the gut, sending her against the wall.
    As Jeff gets to his feet, he asks Dillon why heís doing all this. Dillon reveals that he recently found out the reason he was adopted. His original parents already had a child. Itís revealed that that child was Jen Landry. Apparently they didnít want a second child and pretty much threw Dillon out. They loved Jen more then him. She was originally his only target, but he knew he needed to also get rid of any potential witnesses. When the power went out in the school, Dillon realized that was a perfect chance to carry out his plan, and have the evidence point towards Jeff incase he survived. It seems Dillon killed many of his victims in the same way that they were killed in Jeffís story.
    Dillon goes on to say that he knows how Jeff feels about Allison and thatís why heís going to make him watch her die. Allison tells Dillon that heís insane, in which he turns to her and replies with Ďduh.í
    Jeff yells out Dillonís name and when Dillon turns to look at him, Jeff has picked up the fallen axe and tells Dillon to send his regards to the devil. Dillon runs at him with his scythe. Allison trips Dillon up and he falls to the floor, his scythe flying from his hands. Jeff continues to run towards him. He brings the axe down, but Dillon rolls away. He keeps rolling until he bumps into a box.
    Dillon screams as Jeff brings the axe down before he can roll away, cutting it into his chest. Jeff takes the bloody axe out and drops it to the floor. Allison limps over to him and uses Jeff as support. She looks down at Dillonís body and asks if heís dead. Jeff assures her that he is.

    Chapter 9

    Later that night, the snow has stopped and the snow that fell is covering the ground. There are police cars and ambulances all over the parking lot of the school and Allison sits on the back of an ambulance with Jeff standing in front of her.
    Allison states that she hates going to the hospital, but Jeff tells her that she needs to get that foot fixed up. They look at each other in silence for a moment. Allison then jumps off of the back of the ambulance, onto her good foot, and leans up against Jeff. She raises her mouth and they kiss.
    Three police men walk over and wait for them to stop kissing. They turn to look at the police, and one of them asks them to repeat how many bodies were in the basement. Jeff tells him that there are three. The cop says that they only found two bodies down there. Jeff and Allison look at each other and Jeff tells the police to show him.

    The three police officers lead Jeff around the basement. Jeff goes ahead of them to where Dillonís body was, but there is no longer any body there. All that is there is some blood where the body used to be. Jeff swears and rushes back outside.

    Jeff rushes out of the school and goes to where Allison is sitting on the ambulance. He informs her that Dillonís body s missing. Allison wonders if that means itís not over yet. If thereís going to be more. A medic comes around to the back and loads Allison in.
    As the ambulance drives off, Jeff turns around and starts to walk back to his house. He stops and stares at the wind blowing the nearby trees. He looks into the night as the wind blows across his face, wondering if Dillon was watching him at that very second. Incase he was, Jeff yells out to Dillon that next time they meet, he will kill him, and then Jeff continues on his way home.

    The End

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