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    Lex's stunt double mistakenly looked up at the camera during the scene in JP where she falls through the ceiling tile -- not a problem, however, as ILM simply pasted Ariana Richards's face onto the double. (From: 'Alisha')
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    School Day {Chapter 2}
    By Aragorn

    ~ CHAPTER 2 ~

    Revealed Secrets


    Jeff sat in his Science class, his head laying on his folded over arms, resting on his desk while trying to pay attention. He felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, but forced them to stay open as sleep tried to take over.

    Mike sat across from Jeff, sitting up straight, but not really paying attention. Both were in the front row, towards the middle. Mrs. Wolfington, the Science teacher, was writing something on the board with most of the class copying it down, but Jeff was just trying to stay awake.

    Mrs. Wolfington was a short, plump woman, dressed liked a pilgrim. She wore ‘older’ clothes and even had an old ‘western-style’ cowboy hat that she had sitting on her desk. She lived in Heartfield all her life and had been a teacher for about twenty years.

    She turned around to face the class and opened her mouth to speak. “Class, everyday you will be having a short test on what you learned, including today.”

    “But we haven't learned anything yet,” A random kid stated. Jeff and Mike both suddenly had a feeling of dread towards future Science classes. Jeff hated tests more then anything in school and having one everyday was going to be a nightmare.

    “It'll be from what you learned last year.” The class all groaned as one voice, making it perfectly clear that they thought the rule was unfair, especially since the class was made up of students from three schools, plus any new students that just moved there, so not everyone had learned the same stuff.

    Mike leaned over to Jeff. “Guess the rumors were true. About her being a bitch.”

    “A test everyday? What's up with that?” Jeff felt very angered.

    “Edward should be happy he's not here,” Mike sulked. “I'm going to fail for sure.”

    “I guess I'm just going to have to put my writing on hold,” Jeff said. And everything else. He added in his mind. He was really going to have to try hard in this class.

    What he had said to Edward earlier came back to him: You have to take the bad with the good. Boy, did he regret saying that.

    “Oh yeah, you like to write horror stories,” Mike remembered.

    “I got a copy in my bookbag of one of them if you want it,” Jeff offered. Mike nodded.

    Jeff reached down into his bookbag and started moving a couple of binders and pieces of paper around, until he saw his story. He pulled it out and Mike saw that it was a bunch of computer paper stapled together. Jeff started to pass it to Mike, when the teacher suddenly snatched it away. She walked back up to the front of the class and tossed the story in the garbage.

    “No passing notes in my class!” She demanded. Jeff tried to explain in defense how it wasn’t a note, but a story he wrote.

    “Don't talk back to me young man!” She yelled at him. “Go sit in the seat over there.” She pointed to an almost empty row of seats that were next to the windows. Jeff sighed as he got up with his bookbag and school supplies and walked over to the desk she pointed at and sat down in it. He put his head on his desk again and looked out the window.

    He was really going to hate this class.


    Back over where Jeff had moved from, Mike looked over at him by the window and started to feel sorry for him. He turned back to the front, scared of disobeying the teacher.


    In Edward's Math class, everyone had their heads on their desk as they listened to the teacher ramble on about math. The only person who was paying attention in the sea of bored students was Mark, who was taking notes. The sound of his pencil scribbling against his paper was like Niagara Falls to the other students. It was the only sound in the entire room, except for whenever the teacher opened her mouth to speak.

    Edward looked to his side and saw a beautiful girl with brown hair sitting there. He suddenly got a confused look on his face, for he had never seen her before. She kind of looked like his last girlfriend, only this was a white girl.

    She turned and looked back at him and Edward formed a smile that was returned by the girl as the teacher continued talking.


    Jeff sat in the desk he was moved to, still looking out the window, not paying attention to his teacher. She was rambling on about what they were going to be learning that year and Jeff lost interest after the third word came out of her mouth.

    Jeff sighed and breathed out on the window for the hundredth time. Suddenly he noticed something and he wondered why he didn’t notice it before. He had the urge to test a theory, so he lifted his head and breathed out on the window again. It wasn't fogging up. He raised his hand to ask a question.

    “Yes, Jeffrey?” Mrs. Wolfington answered as she turned and saw his hand. Jeff cringed at the use of his full name.

    “Why aren't the windows fogging up?”

    “A little off topic, but still a good question. The windows are plexi-glass. Easier to prevent burglary.”

    “But they can still come in through the doors though,” another student suggested. “It’s not difficult to pry open a door.”

    “Every door leading in is very thick and made out of pure steal and they have magnetic locks. Once they’re closed, there's no way to open them except with a certain access card or key. Plus every window in this school is made up of expensive unbreakable glass. This school is totally safe from burglary. Not to mention all the alarm systems this school also has.”

    “Is it all really necessary?” a female student asked. Various students wondered what the school had that needed so much protection.

    “This school has all kinds of state of the art computers and other equipment that lots of people would love to get their hands on. And if there’s a person with a gun walking around, it makes Lock Down easier.” Lock Down was a protocol that the students and staff had to follow if someone with a gun was seen inside or around the school. It made it hard for the gunman to find people once they put Lock Down into effect.

    Jeff turned back to look out the window, not really caring anymore.

    Mrs. Wolfington turned back around to continue to write on the board. A tall kid that was friends with Steven, who sat in front of Jeff, turned around to talk to Jeff.

    “So Jeff,” Dillon whispered. “Steven told me that you like Allison.” Dillon Lavergne and Steven had been friends for about three years, and when they were both together they were trouble. Dillon was kind of the opposite of Steven. Steven didn’t have a problem with Jeff, but hated Edward and Dillon hated Jeff, but didn’t have a problem with Edward.

    Dillon and Steven usually went drinking together every Friday night and they always went everywhere together, including going on double-dates, which usually didn’t last long for either of them. Dillon himself had lived in Heartfield his entire life, but never met Steven until three years before, at a bar he had snuck into. He had seen Steven there and went to talk to him and found out that he too had snuck in. They started talking and soon after they were best friends, finding that they had a lot in common.

    Jeff looked at Dillon with hate in his eyes. “Just shut up, Dillon,” he mumbled through clenched teeth. He really didn’t want Dillon to make a big deal out of this, and he really didn’t want anyone else to know either.

    “Or what?” Dillon asked, sneering back, challenging Jeff.

    Mrs. Wolfington turned around after hearing Dillon and saw him turned around, talking to Jeff. “Jeffrey, do you want to go to the office?” She asked in a stern voice.

    “No,” Jeff mumbled back.

    “Then be quiet!” She stamped her foot as she yelled. She saw Dillon turning around, snickering. “And that goes for you too, young man.”

    Dillon finished turning around, still snickering and slumped back in his seat.


    Edward was having his lunch in the Cafeteria. The room was packed with students sitting around the tables in groups, or some, like Edward, by themselves. Others were standing and talking and some were in line-ups at the different restaurant stations, some line-ups longer then others. The smell of dozens of different foods filled the air and made people’s mouths water.

    Edward was sitting by himself because Jeff's lunch was at a different time. He took a bite out of his sandwich and looked up just in time to feel his heart sinking as he saw Mark walking towards him. He better as hell not be coming to this table, Edward thought nastily as he glared at Mark, hoping against hope that he didn’t sit with him.

    “Hey Eddie, can I sit next to you?” Mark asked once he reached the table.

    “Go away,” Edward mumbled to Mark as he looked down at the table and took another bite of his sandwich. It was a peanut butter sandwich, which he hated for the very same reason that he needed a drink at that moment - the peanut butter always stuck to the insides of his mouth.

    “But I have to tell you what happened last night. It was dreadful!” Mark exclaimed. Edward rolled his eyes as Mark continued, “I was playing Carnivores and Hunters and when I got in my jeep, I didn't know how to control it! Since I got the game Used, it didn’t come with the manual!”

    Oh boy, Edward thought. Here he goes. He really needs to get some nerd friends that act just like him. There’s plenty in the school.

    “I pressed all the buttons, moved the mouse, and I still couldn't get it to work and there was a big dinosaur coming right at me!”

    “I don't care,” Edward interrupted. He rolled his tongue inside his mouth, trying to get some peanut butter off the roof of his mouth.

    Mark either ignored him on purpose or simply didn’t hear because he continued on. “And then the dinosaur attacked and ate me and I lost all the stats I gained. But it wasn't over yet. I was so mad that I...”

    Edward finally lost it. Too many people probably already saw Mark talking to him and Edward was getting annoyed by him. He had told him he didn’t care, so what was this kid’s problem? He interrupted by shouting, “Mark! I…Do…Not…Care!”

    Mark's face started turning red as every head in the room turned at the shouting and saw Mark as he got a sad look on his face. Everyone in the cafeteria began laughing at him and throwing pieces of food. He turned away, his head hung low, and walked out of the cafeteria. Everyone went back to their original conversations within seconds, as if nothing had happened and Edward went back to eating his lunch alone.

    A couple minutes later, a white girl with long brown hair – the girl who had caught Edward’s eye back in his last class - walked up to Edward's table. “Can I sit here?” She asked in a polite voice.

    Edward looked up as he finished his sandwich and saw that it was the girl from his Math class. “Yeah, sure,” Edward answered, a smile forming on his face. He introduced himself.

    She pulled out a chair across from Edward and sat down in it. “I’m Roberta Hammond. I moved here at the beginning of the summer. I sit next to you in Math.”

    “Don't you have a boyfriend?” Edward asked. He was sure he saw her with someone that morning and he thought he heard someone say that she was going out with some kind of over-protective jock. Not the kind of person Edward wanted as an enemy.

    “Yeah, his name’s Neil. He played on the football team at his old school. You know since he joined at his old school, they haven’t lost a game in two years? He’s going to be a great addition to this school’s team. Try-outs were a few days before school started and he got in!”

    “Well we better not sit together,” Edward said, his smile fading and returning to his lunch. He opened a can of pop and began sipping on it. He looked back up at Roberta. “I heard he was way over-protective of you.”

    “Ah forget him,” Roberta waved her hand as she smiled. “I'm going to dump him soon anyway.” And that was the truth. They had been going out for almost three months and Roberta hated how she could never talk to any other guys because if Neil ever saw, then the next day, that guy was in the hospital. Neil had to know where she was practically every minute of the day and if she didn’t tell him, he’d follow her, which he ended up doing the majority of the time anyway. She was half scared to dump him though, because when she started going out with someone else, she knew that Neil would try to do something to her new boyfriend. That’s the only reason she never broke up with him sooner, but recently she found she had a huge crush on Edward and she just might go for it.

    Edward opened his mouth to say something, but stopped when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder from behind. He was picked up and whirled around to face a strongly-built teen that had orange hair and a school jacket with the football team’s logo on the back.

    “What are you doing with my girlfriend, boy?” The person who was obviously Neil, asked, raising a fist, still grabbing Edward's shirt with his other hand.

    Edward smiled. He was going to enjoy this. “Oh not much. We were just talking about how bad of a boyfriend you are.”

    “I should wipe that grin off your face!” Neil said back, about to throw a punch. Who did this punk kid think he was? Messing with his girlfriend and then talking back to him. He was going to make him regret ever coming to school.


    Across the room, Frank Stuart's wife, Mrs. Heather Stuart, who was another hall monitor, was leaning against a wooden pillar, monitoring the room. As she scanned the room, she spotted the commotion between Edward and Neil, and saw a bunch of other people at nearby tables watching.

    She sighed and started walking towards the two boys, about to break them up.


    “Neil, put him down!” Roberta shouted, tears starting to form in her eyes. God, she hated how Neil never lets her have any friends unless they were girls, and even then he was still a little over-protective of her. It’s not like she was going to turn to a lesbian on him, though if he kept acting like this, she might actually start considering it just to get out of the relationship.

    Roberta stood up and walked over to Neil and lightly pushed him away with her hands. Neil let one hand down, then finally let go of Edward, forcing him back down in his seat.

    “You better watch out from now on, boy!” Neil spat at Edward and walked away, putting his arm around Roberta.

    Roberta turned her head back around and mouthed, ‘Sorry’ to Edward, who just looked back with an evil glint in his eyes.

    He wanted to get revenge so bad at Neil, but also felt relived that Roberta got him out of possibly going to the hospital. This wasn’t turning out to be such a good day after all.

    He continued to eat and drink, looking around, feeling very uneasy.


    Mrs. Stuart saw that the two boys weren’t going to fight and that everything had gone back to normal, so she turned and went back to her spot, continuing to monitor the room.


    Out in the hall, Roberta and Neil came across a few of Neil’s friends that used to be on his old football team from his old school.

    As they approached, they called out to Neil, “Practice for Football starts tomorrow. We’re going out for some team drinks tonight. Want to join us?”

    “Sure,” Neil slapped them all high-fives as they cheered. “Our old school had the best football team, now this one is going to be the best.”

    “Well catch ya later, man.” They knocked their knuckles together as Neil and Roberta continued walking.


    The bell rang, ending the first lunch and beginning the second. Students rushed out of the cafeteria and to their lockers to get their books for their afternoon classes, then off to their next class. For people who were just about to start lunch, it was the other way around. A few minutes later the halls were practically empty except for the odd person scattered here and there.


    Roberta and Neil were taking their time walking to class. Neil had Roberta leaned up against a wall, kissing her. They slowly pulled away and started walking, Neil’s arm around Roberta again.

    As they walked, their footsteps echoing in the hall, a different set of footsteps could be heard, but they ignored it, assuming it was another student or teacher.


    From around the corner, a person dressed in a black cloak, making the person look like the Grim Reaper, walked down the hall, his shining black boots squeaking on the floor, his scythe held sideways in both hands with the cold metal spike pointed down to the floor. No one else was in the hall.

    He followed them from a distance. It was time for one of them to depart from this world.


    Mr. Hovland, the bald computer teacher, was explaining the course outline to his class. Mr. Hovland was about forty-five years old and was a little chubby, but still fit at the same time. All around the computer room were lava lamps of all kinds, the lava, different shapes and colors in different lamps, was floating around. Mr. Hovland had always been fascinated by lava lamps and had a huge collection at his house as well.

    When he was in the middle of explaining the course outline, the door opened and Roberta and Neil walked in. They walked down an aisle of computers and sat at two computers that were next to each other.

    “Why are you late?” Mr. Hovland asked, turning to face them.

    Neil responded in a rude tone, “Because we are.”

    “Well you're not excused, so...” Mr. Hovland trailed off as he walked to his desk and took out his Dica. He proceeded to ask for their names.

    “Roberta Hammond,” Roberta replied nicely, but frowning. Mr. Hovland typed in her name and pressed the ‘late’ button. A copy of it soon printed out and he ripped it off and walked towards her and handed it to her. She took it and placed it in her pocket.

    “And you, young man?” He asked Neil as he turned to face him.

    “I'm not getting a demerit, man! My dad said that if I get any, I'm off the football team!” Neil yelled. “They need me! I’m their best player!”

    “I'm sorry, but I have to. It's part of my job,” Mr. Hovland explained, not really sounding sympathetic, because he wasn’t. He hated jocks. They passed school just by doing well in sports. They can flunk every class, but be on a winning sports team and still graduate. “Now again, what's your name?”

    Neil remained quiet, ignoring the teacher. Roberta elbowed him and gave him a stern look when he looked at her.

    Mr. Hovland sighed and turned to face the rest of the class. “Does anyone in this class know this young man’s name?”

    “Anyone speak, I'll send you to the hospital!” Neil shouted out as he quickly stood up, also facing the class.

    Mr. Hovland turned on him, angrily. “That's a direct threat to my class. I'm calling someone to come and assist you to the office, young man.”

    “Fuck you!” Neil yelled and gave him the finger. He turned and ran across the room, out the door, and down the hall, his running footsteps getting quieter and quieter as he got further away.

    The teacher sighed again as he rapidly walked towards the door and closed it. It was locked so Neil wouldn’t be able to get back in. When he turned around to walk away, the hood of Grim Reaper quickly passed by the window in the door as he walked down the hall in the direction Neil had gone. No one noticed however, because they were all looking at their computers or talking among each other.

    Mr. Hovland started talking to the class, “People like that don't belong in this class and I will see that he's removed. The rest of you seem like nice people and I'm looking forward to teaching you. Now, while I'm handling this unfortunate matter, I want you to open Visual Basics 6.0. This is the program we'll be using for the next while.”

    While the class did as they were told, Mr. Hovland walked over to his desk. He laid The Dica down and picked up his walkie-talkie and turned it on.

    “Frank Stuart? Come in Frank. White Caucasian male with orange hair and football jacket is in the halls. Find him and escort him to the office. He threatened my class. You read me?”

    No answer, just static came from the walkie-talkie. That was odd. Mr. Stuart always answered. It seemed unnaturally eerie as Mr. Hovland only heard the tapping of computer keys and static fill the room.


    Neil sat on the top of a closed toilet in one of the many bathrooms in the school. After he ran out from class, he went to the first Male’s bathroom he came across and ran in the bad smelling room, over to the closest stall and slammed the door closed, locking it. He then sat on the closed toilet and began thinking.

    I'm a fool. I’ve got to learn to control myself. It’s these types of things that’ll get me in even more trouble.

    He heard the sound of the door to the bathroom open and close and a second later he saw pitch black boots slowly walk across the floor, one step at a time.

    They stopped in front of his stall.

    Neil looked back up at the door, as if expecting it to open, but nothing came. He moved his eyes down to see if he could the person was still waiting for him to get out, but instead, he heard a whooshing sound and saw a shining scythe blade swing under the stall and felt immense pain as he saw his own feet get chopped off from his legs.

    Neil screamed out in pain as blood from his legs’ stumps leaked out all over the floor, causing the red liquid to spread like water from a leaky pipe.

    He fell off the closed toilet and onto the floor with a hard thump, bumping his chin off the floor. As he cried and whimpered, he dragged himself under the stall and towards the door, leaving a trail of squirting blood behind him.

    As he approached the door, he started to reach up to turn the handle, but the scythe swung down from someplace behind him and dug into his back with a sickening crunch, pinning him to the floor, causing more blood to squirt out.

    Neil’s head shot up, a silent scream escaping his lips as blood slowly trickled down his chin from his mouth. His eyes rolled up into his head and he thunked back to the floor, lifeless.

    The scythe lifted up out of the body and the gloved hand of Grim Reaper reached down, laying the scythe on the floor. He picked up Neil in both hands and carried him across the bathroom, walking through the puddles of blood to the window, leaving shoeprints behind.

    Grim Reaper dropped the dead body out the window, causing him to land behind some bushes, completely concealed from view.

    Grim Reaper went back and retrieved his weapon. He went over and took out some paper towels and with one clean swipe, cleaned the blood off his scythe. He put the paper towels in the garbage and walked out of the bathroom, the door closing behind him.


    In the cafeteria during Lunch 2, Jeff was sitting at a table with Mike, both eating. The scene was basically the same as before, large line ups at the restaurants, some tables with big groups of kids talking and laughing, some with small groups, others with only one or two people at them.

    Jeff was complaining about Mrs. Wolfington, Mike nodding his head and adding his input when needed.

    “Giving tests everyday is a stupid way of teaching. And she wonders why most of her students fail,” Mike complained, agreeing with Jeff.

    They took a bite out of their food and swallowed. “Oh yeah,” Mike remembered, talking with his mouth full, little bits of chicken falling out as he talked. “I have another hockey game next week. Are you going to come and watch?”

    “Probably not. I hate hockey,” Jeff answered. Jeff hated all sports. He just wasn’t very athletic. He was fit, could run fast, and he was stronger then he looked, but he wasn’t very good at sports, so he never really got into them when he was younger.

    Jeff looked up and his eyes glared over as he saw Dillon and Steven walking over to their table. As they got closer, Dillon shouted out, “So Jeff, have you asked Allison Luk out yet?” He shouted it so loud that everyone in the cafeteria was able to hear.

    “Shut up, Dillon!” Jeff shouted back, standing up, but it was too late. Everyone in the cafeteria had heard Dillon and had begun laughing. Jeff felt his face go red. Great. He thought. Now everyone knows.


    Allison, Leticia, and Shauna were in the cafeteria at the same time that Dillon had shouted. They were sitting together on a bench at the other end of the room. As Shauna laughed, like almost everyone else in the room, Leticia looked over sympathetically at Allison, who to Leticia’s surprise, was smiling.

    “So now you know that he likes you too,” Leticia said.

    Allison turned to look at her. “I think later on I’m going to ask him out for coffee tonight,” Allison said. “Spend some time with him. Get to know him better.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Leticia agreed. “Good luck.”


    “Why don't you just leave him alone?” Mike asked Dillon as he also stood, standing up to the two bullies.

    “Now where's the fun in that?” Dillon asked with a cruel smile. Laughing, the two bullies turned and walked away. Soon enough they had disappeared in the room full of moving bodies.

    “I'm going to kill them,” Jeff whispered through clenched teeth. He and Mike sat back down and Mike continued eating, but Jeff just stared in the direction that Steven and Dillon had gone to, eyes burning with hatred.


    Later that day after another couple classes, during the afternoon break, the students were roaming the halls yet again, some areas packed with more kids then others. Among these people were Leticia, Allison, and Shauna, who were walking up a staircase, one step at a time.

    Shauna said to Allison, still snickering, “Can you believe Jeff likes you? I mean like, just look at him.” Shauna started chuckling. She hadn’t heard Leticia and Allison talking in the cafeteria earlier because the roar of laughter from everyone had been too loud, and then they were in different classes for the afternoon, so Shauna never found out that Allison also liked Jeff.

    “Shut up,” Allison barked at her friend. Shauna was taken aback with surprise and was stunned. What was up with her friend? She had never acted like that before. Maybe she was sick or something. After all, after that cafeteria scene, she must be sick and tired of people saying stuff like that.

    “But...But you used to make fun of him all the time,” she stuttered, hoping not to anger her more.

    “And he used to make fun of me,” Allison said, on the verge of a bad mood.

    “What's going on?” Shauna asked as she turned backwards and continued walking, but stayed looking at Allison and Leticia.

    “Let me spell it out for you,” Leticia said. “Jeff used to make fun of her, and he likes her. Allison used to make fun of him….” She saw that Shauna was still clueless. Leticia added in a slow voice, “Allison…likes…Jeff.”

    Shauna almost stumbled, but caught herself. She turned back around to watch where she was going as they got to the top of the stairs. “No way!”

    “It's true,” Allison admitted in a whisper. She couldn’t believe she was telling Shauna this.

    Shauna was surprised. She had known Allison for about a year and a half, and not once had she known that she liked Jeff.

    Savanna ran up to them from down the hall, pushing by other students. “I found out who likes you!” she exclaimed to Allison with a big smile.

    “Yeah, Jeff,” Shauna mumbled. “She already knows.”

    “No, other then Jeff.”

    “Who?” Allison asked, wonder sparking in her mind. This has been quite an interesting first day. She had found out that Jeff liked her back, and now someone else.

    Savanna’s smile grew bigger. “Dillon. I heard him and Steven talking about it as I passed them in the hall.”

    Allison felt her heart sink. Great. She thought sarcastically. Dillon and Jeff were great enemies and since Dillon found out that Jeff liked Allison, he was probably going to be harder on him then usual. Allison had to think of a way to tell Dillon that she only likes him as a friend, but not so he gets angry and does something to Jeff.


    Jeff walked down a crowded hall, talking to Edward who also had his afternoon break at the same time as Jeff. They walked by another elevator entrance, the doors open. The entrance was blocked off though with yellow tape and the janitor, Mr. Butler, was washing a red liquid off the walls with a mop.

    Mr. Eugene Butler was a seventy-two-year-old dark-skinned man that wasn’t much taller then half the students were. He had been working at Heartfield High School his entire career, and then he had been transferred to Great Mills High School when the schools changed over.

    Jeff and Edward stopped when they saw the mess and turned to watch the janitor moping the floor of the elevator, the walls still covered in the red liquid.

    “What happened here?” Jeff asked. “Looks like a scene from a horror movie or something.”

    “No one knows what happened,” Mr. Butler answered without looking at them, still mopping. “We think it's a prank made by one of the students.”

    The two boys shrugged and continued on their way. Once they were gone, Mr. Butler's walkie-talkie hissed to life.

    “Eugene?” Mrs. Stuart's voice rang out through the walkie-talkie.

    Mr. Butler sighed and laid the mop in the corner of the elevator. He reached onto his belt and took out his walkie-talkie and pressed the ‘talk’ button. “What?”

    “There's more of that fake blood in the boy's bathroom on the second floor. When you're done the elevator, you have to go and clean it up.”

    Mr. Butler sighed. Was he ever going to get a brake from this damn school? All morning long he had been cleaning food off the floors, now fake blood. He hated his job and couldn’t wait to retire, but the money was good.


    Edward and Jeff were at the giant map outside the office, looking to see where their next classes were. Other students were walking up and down the hall behind them, the occasional one bumping into them.

    Edward felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around seeing Roberta standing there, smiling.

    “Hey Edward, what's up?” She asked.

    “Not much,” He answered, smiling back.

    “I'm having a problem finding Neil. He ran off last class and there’s been no sign of him.” Roberta was a little concerned deep down, but she also felt relived that she could talk to Edward without feeling afraid for his safety.

    “Probably gone fucking someone else,” Edward mumbled, not really meaning to have said it out loud. He hoped Roberta wouldn’t get mad at him over that.

    “I'm going to dump him once I find him.” Edward was so surprised that Roberta didn’t deny that possibility, that he couldn’t help but form some kind of smile at the edge of his mouth.

    “So, you going out with anyone?” She asked.

    Edward whipped all the way around to face her. “No.”

    “Well you are now. Here's my number.” She took out a small piece of paper from her pocket and a pen from her other pocket and scribbled down a phone number. When she was done, she passed it to him. Edward looked at it and back up, just in time to see her smile and then turn and walk away.

    Edward turned back around to face Jeff, who turned from the map to face Edward. Edward smiled at him. “Now that I got a girlfriend, I want you to get one. Ask Allison out before she slips through your fingers. I hear Dillon likes her too.”

    Jeff felt his heart sink down into his legs when he heard that. If he was ever going to go against Dillon, this was the time. “Well fuck Dillon. He won't get her,” Jeff said determinedly.

    “The bell’s about to ring, so I’ll talk to you later.” Edward turned and walked down the hall, fading into the crowd.

    Jeff stared after him. There was no way Dillon was going to get Allison. No way. A few minutes later, the bell rang.


    Principal Roy Johnson sat alone in his office. His office was in the side of the main office, the door closed. There was a giant window looking out into the hall, but the blinds were closed.

    He had recently hung up the phone from the School Board over an official matter and decided he needed more coffee and stood up. He picked up his empty mug and opened the door, leaving his room.

    A couple minutes later, Grim Reaper walked in through the back door that led to the hall as though no one saw him, and walked over to Mr. Johnson’s chair. He reached inside his cloak and pulled out a sharp needle. He bent down and reached under the chair, where he then proceeded to slowly stick the pointed blade of the needle up through the bottom, so the tip of it stuck out the top, but barley noticeable.

    He removed his hand and the needle stuck in the chair. Grim Reaper turned and left through the back door into the empty hall, quietly closing the door behind him. Almost right away Mr. Johnson walked back in, closing the main door behind him.

    He went back to his desk and laid his cup back down, which was now filled with steaming black coffee.

    He turned his seat around and sat down. He felt a sharp stabbing pain in his bottom, causing him to immediately jump back up, rubbing his ass.

    He turned and bent down, examining the chair. His eyes fell upon the needle blade pointing out the top of the chair and he reached below and pulled it out. He stood up and held the tube up to the light to get a better look at it. He saw that the contents of the needle were clearly written on the side, as if he was meant to know what the needle contained.

    After reading the side of the needle tube, his eyes shot wide open.

    10/6/2005 11:07:33 PM

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