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    The first skeletal remains of the Spinosaurus was destroyed in a bombing raid on Munich, West Germany during World War II. (From: 'Oviraptor')
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    Lan let the Games Begin (Part 4)
    By Aragorn

    CUT TO:


    We see a computer with fingers on the keyboard, but the shot takes up the entire screen. On the computer screen we can see the game camera zooming down to a street at night where two cars are sitting next to each other, engines' vibrating. The actual camera filming the movie scene slowly zooms in on the shot on the computer screen until the images on the computer screen fill our entire screen and everything changes from computer graphics and becomes live-action.

    Two cars � a red Diablo Lamborghini and a black McLaren � sit on the road, side-by-side, engines humming, as they wait for the single red streetlight above to turn green.

    Marcel waits nervously inside his Diablo, turning on his own stereo and removing a disc marked �Race Mix� from a CD holder, putting it in his CD player. �I Need Speed� by Capone blasts through his car. He bobs his head to the music as he starts his car up, revving the engine constantly to match Curtis� engine-ripping ear-pounding revving.

    The road that lies ahead becomes the highway and leads up a mountain, with a railing along the side that is closest to the cliffs, which lead down into a forest far below. After that, the road disappears around a curving turn.

    Curtis sits inside his McLaren, smoking a cigarette. He glances at Marcel and sneers. To try to come across as threatening as well, Marcel pushes his glasses further up against his face, with a smirk to match Curtis� sneer.


    MARCEL Mark, are you sure about this?

    Mark�s voice comes in loud and clear inside Marcel�s car, thanks to a headset that looks exactly like a headset MIC for a computer, complete with a cord that disappears into the dashboard of the car.

    (v.o.) Yes, I�m sure. You even said it yourself; you�re great at this game.


    Curtis sits, eying the road, wearing a similar headset.

    (v.o.) Len, we are so screwed.

    (v.o.) Well I figure as long as we give Curtis this game, then that�ll make him happy and we can always get back whatever points he looses in this game, when we play SpaceBuild and School Wars.

    CURTIS Um guys, you do know I can hear you, right?

    The radio is silent for a minute.

    (v.o.) Jeff, switch to channel three.


    White words appear on the screen:


    They disappear and then are soon replaced by:


    They disappear and they too, are replaced by:


    The streetlight turns green and the two cars speed forward, tires screeching as they pick up speed, going faster and faster, and are going over the speed limit within a few seconds and staying pretty much neck-in-neck.

    The Diablo swerves sideways, ramming into the side of Curtis� McLaren, knocking it into the railing just as he is going around the curve. This forces Curtis to slow down immensely as a few sparks fly. When he pulls away from the dent railing, we can see the side of his car is now scratched up pretty good.


    CURTIS Damn it!

    Curtis floors it and tries to catch up as quickly as possible.


    The McLaren races down the highway with the Diablo right ahead of it. Suddenly Marcel�s Diablo slams into a van and spins around out of control, banging against the side of the mountain as it screeches to a stop, now facing the wrong way. The van, angrily honking its horn, topples onto its side, slight smoke drifting up from it while the glass from its windows scatter across the road. Curtis zooms past Marcel like a blur.


    Marcel talks into his radio headset.

    MARCEL Maaaark! I thought these roads were clear!

    (v.o.) I set the traffic level to low, but I didn�t turn it off completely.

    Marcel screeches with frustration like a little girl and turns the wheel, turning his car around back the right way.


    Curtis� McLaren zooms down the road on the other side of the mountain, traveling downhill on a winding stretch. As he pulls around the corner, he drifts his car for several long seconds until he is on a straight-away and he straightens himself out. He continues racing straight-on and it isn�t long until he reaches the bottom of the mountain and drives through a very small town, next to a sandy beach with palm trees at varying intervals along the side of the road.


    Curtis looks in his rearview mirror and sees Marcel�s lights behind him, but still only half-way down the mountain. He smiles, confident in himself. That�s when his police scanner lights up, first with one red light blinking on, then two, and within a couple seconds all five are lit up.

    POLICE VOICE Dispatch, I am patrolling through Shark Inlet, over.


    The McLaren slows down, with Curtis looking for a side road to turn off onto. Suddenly we hear sirens close by and it�s only a matter of seconds until we also see the flashing lights on the side of a building at a corner just ahead of Curtis.


    CURTIS Shiiiit!

    He immediately slams on the brakes and turns his car around in a complete 180, flooring the gas again.

    POLICE VOICE This is Unit 23. I have sighted a black McLaren. He�s going over One-Sixty! This fool is going to get himself killed if he doesn�t slow down!


    �Rawkfist� by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play as the McLaren turns in the quick screeching 180-spin and begins to gather speed as it leaves back the way it had just come from, just as three cop cars barrel out onto the main road.


    Marcel�s Diablo races down the mountainside, but the McLaren comes into view and zooms right by, heading the opposite way.


    Marcel looks back as the McLaren zooms off behind him.

    MARCEL What the...

    His eyes go wide as his police scanner suddenly lights up and he sees the three cops zooming in his direction.

    MARK! I thought you turned the cops off!

    (v.o.) Why would I? I love the cops.

    MARCEL Because you aren�t the one playing!


    A few seconds before Marcel slams right into the first cop car, he swerves out of the way at the exact same time that the cop does, both cars swerving in the opposite directions. The cop car slams directly into the railing, while still going full speed, and flips itself over and onto its hood.

    Marcel stops short of going into a ditch on the side of the road, thanks to Marcel�s quick breaking. The front tires had started to go down, but an easy reverse fixes that.


    Marcel checks and sees that the other two cops have gone after Curtis, and laughs.

    MARCEL I�m winning this shit now.

    And so with a quick re-adjusting he is back on track, racing down the road in the right direction, while Curtis is still headed top-speed, in the wrong direction.


    We see the Diablo race off in the right direction again, quickly regaining its previous top speed.


    Curtis looks in his rear view mirror and sees that Marcel is continuing with the race.

    (v.o.) Curtis, what the fuck are you doing!? He�s going to win! You�re going the wrong way!

    (gritting teeth) Just shut up and let me drive.

    He slams on the breaks and turns the wheel.

    Don�t worry. There ain�t no way this dweeb�s gonna beat my ass.


    The McLaren screeches around in a 180 once again, so Curtis is now facing the right way, with the two remaining cops heading straight for him. He slams his foot on the pedal and goes flying down the road. He drives right in between the two cops, scrapping both sides of his car on theirs. After he has passed them, the cop cars turn around as soon as they can and continue the chase, but by this time, Curtis has gained quite a lot of distance on them.

    Curtis zooms through the small coastal village of Shark Inlet yet again, zooming under the giant twin stone Shark statues, with no further problems this time, although Marcel�s Diablo is so far ahead that the back lights from it are barely visible in the distance. Just after the small town, Curtis comes across a grassy field area on the side of the road, filled with a long sloped hill heading down, cut off by a few wooden pens filled with various livestock. Ahead, the road turns down and eventually twists around the bottom of the hill.


    Curtis looks in his rear view mirror and sees the cops gaining, so as soon as he sees a break in a couple of the livestock pens, he unexpectedly slams the steering wheel as hard as he can and at the last second roars off the road.


    When the McLaren screeches off the road, it starts trudging up grass and dirt as it races down the hill. The car is bouncing up and down roughly as it travels down the slope, winding left and right here and there to avoid upcoming holding pens.

    The cop cars try to follow, but get overwhelmed by trying to avoid all the pens and one of them ends up ramming right through a pen, sending wooden debris flying and animals running. The cop car looses control once it slams through the other end of the pen and goes flying in the air off a small bump in the ground, flipping, and landing upside down. The last cop car isn�t far behind and slams directly into the wreckage of the first car, flipping high into the air and crashing upside down as well, and rolls a bit further down the hill.

    Curtis screeches back out onto the highway at the bottom of the hill, directly in front of Marcel, having shaved a lot of time off by taking the �shortcut�, dragging some dirt onto the road.


    Curtis cheers loudly when he sees the position he is now in and the ground he gained.

    POLICE VOICE We are breaking off pursuit of the McLaren, over.


    The two cars speed down the highway, the Diablo only a split second behind the McLaren. As the two cars continue to race down the road, Marcel�s Diablo speeds up ever so slightly and bumps the back of Curtis� McLaren, making him swerve a little bit, but not enough to slow him down as he easily regains control and keeps his speed the same.

    Curtis hits a small decline in the road, but before his back tires ever hit it, his front tires hit the incline as his car speeds out of the over-sized ditch. This causes him to go slightly airborne, with Marcel right on his tail. The Diablo hits the back of the McLaren forcefully while in the air, which causes the McLaren to tumble to the ground and upon landing, flip a few times as it rolls across the road, coming to a stop upside down on the side of the road. The Diablo lands safe and sound and continues on down the road.


    Marcel laughs a dorky laugh where his top jaw goes slightly further out then his bottom jaw and a slight amount of drool comes from the corner of his mouth.

    Learn to play, newb!


    Curtis is hanging upside down and slams his hands against the steering wheel.

    CURTIS Fuck!


    Curtis� McLaren blinks and disappears from view. A second later, it re-appears on the road, right-side up, and continues blinking for several more seconds while Curtis slowly accelerates.


    Marcel swerves his Diablo in and out of a small rush of traffic, a tunnel entrance behind him. He�s almost out when he plows directly into a transport truck and flips high into the air, continuing to flip over and over as he flies through the air. Marcel screams and continues doing so until he slams into the road, aiming straight down, and then topples over, upside down, just outside of the tunnel. Like with Curtis, after a second of blinking, he re-appears, right-side up, back on the road, all the traffic behind him and in the tunnel.

    As Marcel begins to accelerate, he sees the McLaren speed out of the tunnel behind him. �Click Click Boom� by Saliva starts playing as the McLaren continues gaining ground and comes into perfect view, gaining the distance between it and the Diablo. It honks its horn a few times.


    Marcel glances in his rear view mirror and sees Curtis driving the approaching car.

    MARCEL Mark!

    (v.o.) Stop blaming you�re bad gaming on me!


    A wide smile fills Curtis� face.

    CURTIS Merry Christmas, motherfucker!

    He laughs insanely.


    The McLaren slams into the back of the Diablo, jerking it a bit. Curtis swerves his car over a bit and the front of the McLaren just passes the back of the Diablo, but the two cars maintain this position for a few seconds. As they continue driving on, they approach a blind hill. When they reach it, the McLaren is slightly further then it had been a few seconds before, but still its front is only half-way up the distance of the Diablo. Towards the middle of the hill however, headlights appear at the top and a loud honking noise alerts them to oncoming traffic.

    Marcel slams on his breaks, tires screeching, rubber burning, and he maneuvers his car to just narrowly miss the oncoming car, and slides in behind Curtis� McLaren. Curtis however, having been on the right side of the road, had no trouble with traffic and continues going top speed, having gained a lot of air at the top of the hill, and landing safely on the ground on the other side, with nothing more then a slight bounce.

    Marcel speeds up, reaches the top of the hill, and then continues gaining speed as he zooms down it. The McLaren, ahead of him, swerves out of the way to pass a couple slower-moving traffic cars going in the same direction as the racers, and Marcel follows suit when he reaches the same traffic. Before long, the two racers are alone on the highway once again, and while the McLaren keeps the lead, the Diablo is slowly catching up to it, as its acceleration is slightly faster then that of the McLaren�s.

    Curtis drifts around a corner and the road travels between two high rock walls, with twists and turns all over the place. While Curtis constantly drifts the McLaren around each curve, Marcel just drives regularly, which actually causes him to loose some ground, as he seems to have trouble keeping the car under control. Quite often, the Diablo bangs into and scrapes the sides of the rock walls, slowing Marcel down a little bit more each time.

    Curtis is in the lead, and he approaches the end of the canyon, but notices the instant drop-off at the end. There is however, a knocked-over sign in the middle of the road, warning about the drop-off, with an arrow pointing down a much narrower, single-lane detour.


    Curtis�s eyes widen and he slams on the breaks.


    As the McLaren drastically slows to a crouch, the Diablo shoots past it without slowing down, and it shoots over the drop-off.


    Marcel screams and his eyes go wide as his car flies through the air, over the cliff. His car begins to tilt downwards.


    The Diablo tilts downwards as it flies through the air, and once it starts to tilt, the rest comes with pure momentum as it flips, and then flips again, and flips a third time, each time gaining more speed in the flipping. Miraculously, it lands on the desert ground below, up-right.


    Marcel is shaken up and his glasses are half-hanging from his face. He is shivering in fear, but when he sees that he landed up-right, he cheers loudly, and straightens his glasses, slamming on the gas pedal once again.


    The Diablo roars off across the open desert, looking for the road, kicking up dirt behind it and running right over a small cactus.


    Curtis reverses the McLaren, backing up until he reaches the detour road, changes gears, and then turns off down it, flooring the gas pedal once more. He enters a small narrow tunnel made out of the stone walls (the walls arch over to form the roof), and is through that in no time, and when he exits from the other side, he is back out on the open two lane road, with no walls anywhere around him, just open desert.

    The McLaren roars down the highway, alone, for some time, until Marcel�s Diablo screeches out onto the road from the desert, tracking loose dirt onto the road, and turns his car just in time, so the two cars hit each other, side-by-side, and then both quickly pull away from the other. They race down the road, staying neck-in-neck once again for quite a bit.

    The Diablo pulls ahead slightly just as the two cars near an area with only two trees, one on either side of the road in the exact same spot. The Diablo continues to slowly gain more ground as they get nearer and nearer to the spot.


    Curtis flips a small compartment open next to his seat, where the cup holders and such would normally be, but is replaced by a black rectangular box. Inside this box are the controls for the NOS system. Curtis reaches down, turns a couple valves, and then pushes a button on the side of his steering wheel, instantly gaining almost double the amount of speed in a matter of seconds.


    Just seconds before they reach the two-tree area, Curtis�s McLaren bursts forward, sped up by the NOS, however, at the last possible second, Marcel swerves his Diablo over and the very front of it nicks the very back of Curtis� McLaren, forcing it to spin wildly out of control and slamming into one of the trees off to the side of the road. The Diablo speeds onwards.


    Curtis pushes some buttons on his dashboard and tries to reverse, but only bursts forward and slams into the tree once again. He pushes another button, but this time nothing happens when he steps on the gas pedal.

    CURTIS What the fuck is the control to fucking reverse again! I can�t remember it!

    (v.o.; yelling; impatient) That one right there, you dumb ass! You just fucking used it a couple minutes ago! HURRY!

    Curtis pushes another button and this time successfully reverses away from the tree.


    The McLaren backs up and straightens out, and begins driving forward again, quickly getting back on the road.


    Curtis� police scanner comes alive again, but this time, nothing lights up.

    We have a speeding Lamborghini on the straightaway, approaching Bluestone Ridge. Request the use of a spike strip.


    �Shapeshifter� by Celldweller feat. Styles Of Beyond plays. Marcel�s Diablo zooms down the highway, nearing a mountainous incline.


    Unlike Curtis� car, Marcel�s police scanner light section is completely lit up. He sees a group of police cars heading down the mountain towards him. As soon as he passes a lone boulder near the side of the road, he notices a cop car hiding behind it.


    The Diablo runs right over a glistening spike strip, blowing out its tires, causing sparks to fly as its metal wheels scrape against the road and it comes to a stop on the side of the road.


    Marcel punches his steering wheel.

    MARCEL Nooo!

    DISPATCH VOICE Permission granted, Unit 34.

    POLICE VOICE Spike strip deployed at the bottom of Bluestone Ridge.

    Marcel rolls his eyes.

    MARCEL Now you tell me!


    We see a group of cop cars surrounding the Diablo with a cop standing next to the car.

    COP You are under arrest!


    The McLaren speeds down the road with a lone cop behind it.


    Curtis pushes the NOS button and again gains an immense burst of speed, leaving the cop car behind. His police scanner�s lights begin to blink out, one by one.

    The McLaren is going too fast. I�m giving up the chase.


    The cop car turns around and drives away back the way it has just come from.


    Curtis laughs, but before his police scanner lights can fully all go out, they begin blinking back on again.

    CURTIS Huh?


    A group of cop cars turn the corner, lights flashing and sirens blaring, and almost ram right into Curtis, but they all scatter, allowing Curtis to zoom right through the middle of the group. Two of the cars break away, screech around, and give chase to Curtis while the others continue on.

    As the McLaren is able to continue on, full-speed, and the cops have to regain their speed, the McLaren is far ahead of them and reaches a fork-in-the-road, heading off down one of the paths without even hesitating on which one to take. Curtis races down the winding open road, passing a traffic car, and continuing on.


    Curtis sees flashing lights ahead of him on the side of the road, at the bottom of a mountain�s incline.

    CURTIS Shit! They�re everywhere!

    Dispatch, this is Unit 12, requesting permission to lay a roadblock.

    DISPATCH VOICE Permission granted, Unit 12.


    The McLaren zooms on by the one remaining cop car, which is stopped on the side of the road, Marcel�s Diablo stopped in front of it. Curtis reaches the incline and flies on up, only slowing down a tad. The other two cops are in close pursuit.

    At the top of the incline, Curtis drives the McLaren around a corner that winds around the white rocks of the current mountain, and pulls it into a drift. After the turn, he straightens out and zooms towards a tunnel in the mountainside ahead.


    As he nears the tunnel, Curtis notices something in the shadows. He turns the high beams on and lights up a looming roadblock with a group of cop cars in waiting, behind it, blocking the tunnel entrance. His eyes widen in fear.

    POLICE VOICE Roadblock deployed, inside the Bluestone Tunnel.


    The McLaren, with no room to turn around, screeches to a stop, smoke rising from the burning rubber, and then instantly starts reversing. One of the pursuing cops, not noticing the roadblock himself, and not expecting the McLaren to suddenly stop on such short notice, continues on, full-speed, and slams right into the heavy bricks of the roadblock. The second cop car slams into the back of the McLaren, jerking Curtis around violently inside of it, and slamming him forward slightly, banging the front of the McLaren against the roadblock as well. The McLaren is stuck between the roadblock and a cop car.

    Suddenly a cop appears beside Curtis� car.

    COP Do you have any idea how fast you were going back there?

    Gee Officer, no, I didn�t notice the landscape zooming by me.

    COP I�m going to have to bring you in.

    We zoom away, and as we do, the live-action begins to change back into computer graphics, and we pull out from the computer screen.


    Curtis throws his headset off in anger as we finish zooming out.

    CURTIS Shit!

    LEN Relax Curtis. We still won.

    CURTIS No, not that. I just spelt my fucking drink on me!

    Len laughs as Curtis starts dabbing at the growing wet spot on his pants with a napkin. Jeff looks over at Mark and sees that he’s busy filling out the various game settings for the next game. He taps Len on the shoulder, who turns around to face him.

    JEFF Hey, I’m gonna sit the first round of this game out.

    What? Why?

    JEFF I’m gonna do an energy drink run.

    CURTIS Oh, pick me up another Orbitz. I just spelt this fucker all over my lap.

    Curtis reaches into his pocket and takes a few seconds to count out three dollars worth in quarters, nickels, and dimes, and plants them in Jeff’s hand.

    LEN Jeff, can’t you wait for when we take a break or something? I don’t want an extra bot on the team in your place for this game. Bots get us killed.

    Jeff glances at Mark again and sees that he’s totally emerged in his computer.

    JEFF Sorry Len, I’m thirsty. Want anything?

    LEN Well if you’re going, I could do with a couple Bawls.

    JEFF Yeah, you can. Fuckin’ pussy.

    LEN Just shut up and get me my drinks.

    Jeff stands up and walks across the room towards the canteen counter at the other end. He passes by Karsen.

    JEFF Hey Karsen, you want anything?

    KARSEN Sure, I’ll take a Root Beer.

    Jeff passes by Mark next.

    Hey Mark, I’m gone to hit on your hot underage sister.

    Mark waves his hand irritably, not paying the least bit of attention to Jeff while he starts the game. Jeff shrugs, smiles, and approaches the canteen counter.

    Hey Miranda.

    MIRANDA Hey...Jeff, right?

    JEFF Yeah.
    (awkward pause) So...What do ya think of this weather we've been having? I mean one day its freezing cold, the next its warm, what’s up with that?

    Miranda chuckles, but doesn’t say anything back regarding his question.

    MIRANDA So what game are you boys playing now?

    JEFF School Wars.

    MIRANDA I’ve seen Mark play that game before. Is it any good?

    JEFF Only like, one of the best games ever!

    Miranda smiles at Jeff’s enthusiasm, and Jeff’s face lights up when he sees that she’s smiling at him.

    MIRANDA So what can I get for ya?

    JEFF How about an arrow for Cupid, cause I think he just found his next match.

    Miranda bursts out laughing.

    MIRANDA Mark was right. You’re such a dork!

    Jeff frowns, looking hurt.

    Awww, don’t be sad. It’s a cute kind of dork.

    Jeff smiles again.

    (Overly masculine voice) Uhh, get me a couple Root Beers, an Orbitz, and two Bawls.

    Miranda bursts out laughing again and has to support herself against the counter to stop from loosing her balance. Jeff frowns again, face turning red.

    You know what I mean!
    (quietly, grinding teeth) Damn you Len, Damn you...

    Miranda gets Jeff his drinks and Jeff gives her the money. Deciding he’s already made a big enough fool of himself, Jeff heads on back to his seat without saying another word to Miranda, frowning the entire time. He slams Karsen’s Root Beer down next to his computer, and then continues on to his own seat, giving Curtis his Orbitz, Len his Bawls, and keeping the second Root Beer for himself. He loads up the game on his computer and as we zoom in on the screen, the pixilated figures and landscape becomes live-action.

    9/28/2007 5:24:16 PM
    (Updated: 9/30/2007 6:29:29 PM)

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