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    At the end of TLW, you can see Steven Spielberg sitting between Ian and Sarah in the television reflection.
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    Jeff Long's 'Werewolves' [Part 3 of 4]
    By Aragorn


    The van drives into the deserted town from the beginning of the
    script and drives down the streets until it reaches Main Street,
    where the damaged jeeps are, and where the old Base Camp used
    to be. The van stops and everyone except Gentry gets out and starts
    gearing up.

    Ok, by the sounds of last night, he
    already has an entire pack of werewolves
    again. It’s daytime now, so they’ll be
    hiding, but if we see anyone, we shoot
    to kill. As soon as it starts becoming
    evening, we all meet back here. Seth,
    you take Jeff with you. I’ll take Yvonne.
    Mark, you stay and guard Gentry and the
    van. Let’s rock and roll.

    They go off into their groups as Mark sits on the area of the
    van where the side door slides open and close.

    Why do I always get the crappy job?

    Because Yvonne and Jeff need to be trained
    more, and since Kathryn and Seth are the most
    trained, it’s up to them to do the training,
    and someone has to stay here to be a bodyguard.

    Being a middle child sucks…

    We cut to a montage yet again, similar to the one near the
    beginning, where we see the two pairs searching various places in
    the town, always coming up empty-handed. During these montages, we
    also see, but don’t hear, Seth talking to Jeff and Kathryn talking
    to Yvonne, also showing some actions with their hands. It’s obvious
    they’re explaining the hunting and different methods and rules, ect.
    During a few clips we keep cutting to the sun going lower and lower
    in the sky.


    Mark is still in the same spot, however he’s laying back, and
    snoring loudly. Gentry is inside the van, reading a book. A shot
    goes off, causing Mark to jump awake, stumbling as he stands,
    and point his gun out.

    Kathryn, Yvonne, Seth, and Jeff are standing there. Kathryn’s gun
    is pointed at the sky.

    Wake up, sleepy-head.

    It’s almost night.

    You find anyone?

    No. Which means they’re hiding someplace.
    Gentry, get that tracker turned on. If this
    is a trap, I’d like to at least have some
    kind of an advantage.

    Yes, mam.

    Everyone else, change your ammo.

    Kathryn, Jeff, Seth, Yvonne, and Mark empty the regular ammo out
    from their guns and load them up with explosive rounds. The entire
    process takes about half a minute.

    Tracker up and running!


    Now what?

    Now we wait.


    Night has come and the moon and stars are out. Everyone is
    sitting or standing around, bored out of their minds. Kathryn is
    staring up at the stars, gazing.

    I sometimes wonder if there’s a God up
    there someplace, watching us.

    I used to think there was one. A long
    time ago. But things change.

    I know there’s a God because I kill
    werewolves for a living. Honest-to-
    goodness werewolves. Pure evil. And
    there has to be pure good to weigh
    the scales. I know there’s a God.
    I just don’t understand him.

    There’s no doubt some rational explanation
    for werewolves. We just haven’t figured
    it out yet.

    Gentry, not everything can be explained by
    science and text books. One day you’ll
    learn that.

    I’d rather die then admit to that.

    You keep coming with us out into the
    field and that just may happen yet,
    Gent. But don’t worry. Us big strong

    Kathryn and Yvonne cough.

    …And women, well protect ya!

    Everyone laughs, but the laughter is interrupted by a loud Beep.
    Beep. Beep noise.

    The tracker!

    Gentry climbs inside the van as everyone else stands up.

    All set?

    Everyone gives her the thumb’s up sign. She turns to Jeff,
    who has a nervous look on his face and is shaking slightly.

    You ok?

    Yeah, I’ll be fine.

    She eyes him for a moment longer, not really believing him,
    but then turns her attention out away from the van.

    Beep. Beep. Beep.

    I hope we’re prepared…


    What’s going on?

    It seems the faster it beeps, the closer
    they are. Even I didn’t know about that
    until now. Interesting…


    There’s a loud howl from right behind them and everyone suddenly
    whips around and takes a few steps back as a werewolf jumps from
    the other side of the van and lands on the roof. It stands to
    it’s full height and howls again. All the while, the tracker
    beeping like crazy.

    Kathryn raises her gun first and fires. There’s an explosion and a
    second later, there’s a spray of blood, and nothing on top of the
    van. However, the beeping from the tracker is still going nuts.

    Kathryn rushes around to the other side of the van and the werewolf
    is there, laying on the ground, but it’s legs are missing. It’s
    only there from the waist, up. It snarls at her and uses its hands
    to ‘walk’ towards her, picking up pace. She lowers her gun and fires
    straight into it’s head, causing brain, flesh, and fur to explode

    Kathryn walks back around to the others.

    Only one. Must have been a scout. Testing
    us. This pack is smart. Maybe it’s part of
    the whole new thing they got going on.

    The only werewolf that was probably different
    was the one that escaped from the last pack
    that was here. Everyone he Turns well be the
    new type of werewolf too.

    Exactly. That’s why we have to kill this
    pack as soon as possible, before it gets
    out of hand.

    Suddenly the beeping starts again and gets much, much, much faster
    until there’s the sound of a small bang and smoke starts rising up
    from it.

    Uh guys. The tracker just broke. Too many
    targets approaching too fast. It couldn’t
    keep up.

    Seth and Kathryn look at each other, then back out into the


    One howl is heard, and then another and another and another,
    and so on.

    Halogen lights!

    Everyone flips on the lights on their guns, except Jeff who’s
    using his twin 9MM’s, and the lights fall upon werewolf after
    werewolf as we see that they are completely surrounded.


    Everyone opens fire, shots slamming into the werewolves, blowing
    them up. Not all shots got their heads however, and the remaining
    bodies do their best to continue to move forward. Seth lowers
    his gun and blows up one moving torso, then changes directions
    and blows up another.

    Three werewolves jump and land on top of the van, snarling. Mark
    and Yvonne turn around and fire, killing the two on the sides.
    The middle one leaps down onto the ground and punches Mark, sending
    him flying back through the air. It moves in on Yvonne, snarling.
    She punches it, but the punch doesn’t phase it at all. It grabs
    her by the neck and pulls her close. All of a sudden Yvonne’s face
    gets splattered with its brains as the body falls to the ground.
    She looks over and sees Kathryn with a gun pointed in her direction.
    Kathryn turns back and continues firing.

    Mark stands up from where he had fallen and sees that he’s behind
    the pack of werewolves. He raises his gun and fires, blowing one
    up from behind.

    Where the fuck did they all come from?

    Maybe we didn’t get all of them last time.
    They could have just all been hiding.

    A werewolf ducks below a shot and runs up to Seth, lifting his
    gun up, causing him to be lifted up. Seth kicks it in the chest,
    but nothing happens. It throws Seth off to the side, but keeps
    his gun. It snaps it in two and drops the pieces to the ground.

    Seth lands between two werewolves. They both turn to him and
    go to slash at him. He ducks at the last second, causing the
    two werewolves to slash each other. That just pisses them off
    and they turn on each other, attacking each other. Seth rolls
    out from under them and comes back up to his feet.

    Kathryn fires her gun, but it clicks on empty. She uses it as a
    bat to hit the nearest werewolf in the jaws, causing its head
    to snap to the side. It snarls and faces her again as she drops
    the gun and takes out her sword.

    Come on you hairy bastard!

    She swings her sword, but the werewolf steps back out of the
    way. She takes a step towards it and slashes again, cutting it
    across the chest, causing it to yelp. It swipes at her and she
    jumps back, and when it moves towards her, she moves towards it
    quickly, and slices at it’s head, decapitating it. The body falls
    to the ground. She turns and slashes at another werewolf.

    Mark, from behind the werewolves, is about to fire, but gets pulled
    to the ground. He turns over and sees a werewolf torso walking on
    its hands, up his body. It stops at his stomach and is about to sink
    its teeth into him when Mark raises his gun and fires, blowing the
    werewolf torso up.

    Mark looks like he’s going to puke as he stands up. He turns and
    fires one last shot into the pack of werewolves, before his gun
    goes empty. He throws it down and takes out a stick of dynamite.
    He takes out his lighter and lights the end of it and sticks it
    into the tank of one of the ruined jeeps.

    Fire in the hole!

    Mark runs and ducks as there’s a gigantic explosion, the one jeep
    blowing up, the explosion causing the jeep next to that to blow
    up, and the one next to that, ect, in one massive explosion.

    When the explosion ends and the smoke clears, there are far less
    of the werewolves as before. A couple of them are on fire, but
    seem to be ignoring it as they move in. All around, from everyone,
    all we hear is the clicking of empty guns.

    Kathryn slashes at a werewolf with her sword, but it blocks with
    its claws and uses such force when it swipes, that it knocks her
    sword out of her hand. She backs up against the van as the werewolf
    steps closer to her.

    Seth takes out a dagger and stabs a werewolf in the neck with it
    and pulls with all his might to the side, spraying blood everywhere.
    The werewolf’s head falls to one side, hanging on by a few strands
    of flesh. Seth raises a fist and slams it down, knocking the head off the rest of the way. He turns and slashes at another werewolf, but it blocks by grabbing his arm and tightening until he lets go of the knife. Then it picks him up and throws him. He slams into the side
    of the van, almost knocking it onto its side, and falls to the ground.
    Kathryn helps him to his feet.

    Yvonne is now using her gun as a bat, but no werewolf is near her.
    She backs up to Kathryn and Seth.

    Mark is still behind everyone, but a werewolf has noticed him and
    starts to move towards him.

    Kathryn, Yvonne, and Seth brace for the worst, when Kathryn looks over
    and sees that Jeff is standing there, in shock, having not fired.


    The werewolves close in around them.

    Jeff, God Dammit!

    A werewolf reaches them and grabs Kathryn by the throat, lifting her up. It moves its head in, ready to feast on her. There’s three consecutive bangs in a split second, and the werewolf drops Kathryn
    and then falls down, dead, a half-inch hole in the side of its head,
    brains splattered. Two other werewolves are in the same state. Kathryn looks over and sees that Jeff is facing their direction, something in his eyes. Hatred.

    Holy shit! He killed three of them faster
    then I could blink!

    And he used normal rounds!

    Jeff turns and fires six times, as fast as he could, and within
    a couple seconds six werewolves dropped dead.

    Jeff takes a few steps from his spot, ejecting a clip from one of
    his guns and putting a new one in. He raises both his guns again
    and fires a few more times, taking another few down.

    He’s like a…a god damn robot or something!

    There’s a werewolf that has Mark on the ground, leaning over him,
    about to tear into him, when Mark hears a bang and it slumps over.
    Mark stands up and brushes himself off.

    He looks over and sees Seth and Yvonne jumping inside the van. He
    runs, but hears the sound of heavy footsteps running behind him.
    He sees Jeff point both guns at him and he closes his eyes as he
    runs. He hears a couple bangs and then opens his eyes. He looks
    behind him and sees two werewolves bodies laying on the ground,
    brains splattered next to them. Mark reaches the van and jumps

    Kathryn picks up her sword and puts it away.

    Come on Jeff, we’re getting out of here!

    Jeff fires at the last four werewolves. Three of them going down.
    The other jumps at the last second, and lands on Jeff, knocking
    him to the ground.

    Oh hell.

    The werewolf has Jeff’s arms pinned down as he leans in to bite
    into him. Kathryn runs over and swings her sword down, but makes
    sure not to swing it down all the way. The werewolf gets decapitated
    and the sword stops inches from Jeff’s throat. She puts her sword
    away and helps Jeff to his feet.

    Come on Jeff, it’s over. It’s over.

    They run back to the van and get in, closing the door. Mark starts
    to drive the van away, when a loud howl breaks the night’s silence,
    followed by another, and then another.

    It’s him. And he’s letting us know that
    this wasn’t all of them.


    How’d it go out there?

    Well things went bad at the beginning.
    Speaking of which, what happened Jeff?

    I…I froze. I was mesmerized by it all.
    Part of me was telling me that it was all

    After things turned bad, Jeff here unfroze
    and saved us, and here we are.

    You should have seen him.

    He was pretty good?

    Pretty good? You ever see a spaghetti

    That good?

    Fuckin’ better.

    Talk about fast shooting.

    Like a fuckin’ machine gun from hell!

    They all laugh and cheer, except Jeff, as Mark drives the van


    The team is in a different hotel now. Everyone is asleep,
    exhausted and relieved from the hunt earlier. Everyone except
    Jeff and Kathryn. Jeff is sitting by the window, guns on the table
    next to him. The door to the bathroom opens and Kathryn walks out,
    a towel wrapped around her hair. She walks over to Jeff. They
    whisper as they talk.

    A shower feels good after a night like
    tonight. I have a question for you.

    Jeff looks at her.


    Do you ever sleep?

    Sometimes. Got a lot on my mind again,
    after tonight.

    You alright?

    Yeah, now.

    Do you think you’ll be fine when we go
    back in?

    Jeff doesn’t say anything for a minute, but eventually nods.

    What made you unfreeze anyway?

    Your scream. I didn’t care if what was
    happening was impossible or not, it was
    happening and you were going to die if
    I didn’t snap out of it. I lost you once,
    and after all this time, I’ll be damned if
    I loose you again.

    Kathryn smiles and blushes a little. She leans in and kisses him
    on the lips. We can tell by Jeff’s eyes that he was caught off
    guard. She pulls away.

    Goodnight, Jeff.

    Kathryn goes over to one of the beds and climbs under the covers,
    closing her eyes. Jeff watches her as she sleep.


    Jeff had fallen asleep at the desk by the window. He opens his
    eyes and rubs them, groggily. He looks around the room and sees
    only Gentry and Yvonne.

    Where’s Kathryn and the rest?

    They went back to the town to burn the
    remains of the dead. Just to make sure.
    They left me here to watch over the place
    and Kathryn said to not wake you cause you
    don’t sleep nearly enough.

    Jeff smiles and looks over at Gentry, who is at another
    smaller table, working on fixing the Tracker.

    How’s that coming along?

    I didn’t even know it could beep as fast
    as it did last night. It’s going to be hard
    to fix. I don’t even know what I had done
    with it to begin with! But just give me
    enough time and I’ll figure it out though.

    Is there still hot water?

    I think so. I was the last one in the
    shower and it didn’t turn cold on me.

    Good. I’m going for a shower.

    Jeff turns and walks into the bathroom, closing the door.

    Do you think he’ll stay?

    Who knows?


    Kathryn, Seth, and Mark pull up to where they had the fight the
    night before and get out of the van.

    Why does Mark always get to drive?

    Because Gentry is busy with his inventions,
    I don’t have my license, and well, you
    shouldn’t have been allowed to get your
    license. And with all the weapons and guns
    we have, we don’t need police attention on
    us. Now let’s dispose of these bodies and

    Kathryn takes out her sword and goes around to the bodies that
    still have heads attached, and swings down, decapitating them,
    one at a time. Seth leans into Mark.

    That woman scares me.

    Mark smiles as him and Seth reach inside the van and take out a
    couple tanks of gasoline.

    Let’s burn these motherfuckers, eh Padre’?

    Burn them back to Hell.

    They start pouring the gasoline all over the dead bodies and
    body parts. Kathryn finishes lopping off the heads, with Seth
    and Mark finishing up right behind her.

    Who wants to do the honors?

    I will.

    Kathryn gives Seth a pack of matches and Seth takes one out and
    lights it.

    Not so badass now, are you, ya fuckin’
    rat bastards?

    And with that he throws the match down and the gasoline lights,
    the area going up in flames.

    Ye-haw! Bring out the marshmallows!

    The three of them laugh. Suddenly through the laughing, we can
    hear clapping. They stop laughing and the clapping continues.
    It stops.

    MALE V.O.
    Very funny! You’re a funny guy.

    They rush to the other side of the van and there’s a man in a
    trench coat standing there. Kathryn gasps.

    It’s him!

    She whips out her handgun and points it at him. The man laughs
    some more.

    You and your guns. When you’re one of us,
    you’ll have no need for such toys.

    Kathryn fires. In the split second that it takes for the bullet
    to reach him, he moves out of the way, and catches it between
    his fingertips. He lets it drop to the ground.

    As you can see, when I became one of the
    evolved werewolves, more then just my werewolf
    half was affected. My human half was as well.
    Soon enough, evolution well have us being able
    to change at will during the day. Just you wait.

    Mark and Seth are empty-handed, their guns left in the van, the
    door on the other side of the van. Kathryn steps back. She lowers
    her gun as she does so. The man steps towards her.

    Ahh, the face of the one who ordered my
    pack dead. Such a beautiful face for a

    What do you want with us, devil-beast?

    The man turns to look at him.

    Revenge. I will kill all of you, have no
    doubt about that. But I enjoy playing with
    my food first. Nasty habit, I know.

    Kathryn quickly raises her gun, but before she can fire, the man
    whips around and knocks it from her hand.

    You’ll make a fine werewolf…Kathryn.

    The man smiles and then turns and walks back to his motorcycle that’s
    there and drives off, coat flapping behind him.

    Kathryn stands, stunned.

    He knew my name.
    He knew my fucking name!

    This is some fucked up shit we’re in now.

    Let’s just get out of here.

    We’re all going to die…


    Yvonne is watching TV, Gentry still working away, when Jeff steps
    out of the shower. Without taking her eyes off the TV, Yvonne

    Gentry, why don’t you take a break? I saw
    that there’s an electronics’ store just
    down the street. You can see if there’s
    any parts you need.

    That’s actually a good idea. Might make
    things easier if I find something I need.
    Be back in a while.

    Gentry lays the device down on the table and gets up and leaves.
    Yvonne turns off the TV and looks over at Jeff.

    I was awake last night.

    Jeff looks over at her.

    Really? I didn’t notice.

    I pretended I was asleep. I didn’t want
    to interrupt you…

    (Cutting her off)
    Interrupt me? I didn’t do anything but
    look out the window all night.

    Let me finish. As I was going to say, I
    didn’t want to interrupt you…and Kathryn.

    Jeff sighs.

    You heard all that?

    I heard all there was to hear, and I saw
    all there was to see.

    Yeah, well it’s nothing.

    Didn’t look or sound like nothing to me.

    I’ve seen how her and Seth act around each
    other. I’m not blind.

    From what I’ve been told, they have a kind
    of brother-sister relationship going on, but
    that’s it.

    Jeff turns and looks out the window at the street below, not saying

    She still loves you too, you know.

    Jeff turns back to her and opens his mouth, about to say something,
    but closes it. He opens it a second later.

    You think so?

    It’s a women thing. Trust me, I know so.
    Don’t you?

    Jeff looks at the floor.

    Yeah, I guess I do.

    Suddenly the door slams open and Gentry walks in, followed by Kathryn,
    Seth, and Mark.

    I met up with them downstairs on my way out.
    They have something important to say.

    Yvonne and Jeff look over.

    What is it? What’s happened?

    We’re fucked!

    Kathryn, how about you let me explain
    this. He showed up. The target. He was
    a human at the time, but just as dangerous
    as any werewolf. He dodged and snatched a
    bullet, all in a split second. He knocked
    Kathryn’s gun away just as fast. He’s fucking
    with us. He admitted that he could have us
    all dead by now…and I believe him…but he
    enjoys playing with us first. Like a cat
    and a mouse.

    That’s not all.

    No, it’s not. He knew Kathryn by name.

    Silence in the room. Jeff is the first to speak.

    Kathryn, you’re out.

    Everyone turns to look at him as if he was crazy.

    I don’t think you have the authority to
    make that…

    I do, because I love her.

    Kathryn seems to snap out of the daze she’s been in and she looks at Jeff.

    It’s blown. They know you’re name, Kathryn!
    Change your name. Change your occupation.
    If you don’t, every hunt from now on will
    be a trap. And there will be a time when
    not even I will be able to save the day.

    What about the Team?

    Same as before, only as the hunters again,
    not the hunted. Seth can be in charge.

    You honestly think I can do that?

    You have to! I don’t want to loose you
    again. Not after all this time.

    Seth looks hard at Jeff.

    You haven’t seen her in 5 years! You can’t

    Jeff turns and punches Seth in the face, knocking him back.

    Don’t you dare tell me how I feel.

    Seth gets up and charges Jeff, tackling him at the waist, knocking
    him back into a wall. Jeff knees Seth, causing him to let go.
    Mark goes to break it up.

    I really don’t think…

    Jeff and Seth both push him out of the way.

    Shut up!

    Seth swings at Jeff, but Jeff dodges. Jeff swings at Seth, but
    Seth blocks it. He goes to kick Jeff, and hits him in the chest,
    causing him to stumble back.

    Knock it off!

    The two stop, right before they were about to punch each other,
    and look at Kathryn.

    If I leave, who’ll lead the Team? Not
    Gentry. He’s not trained. Not Yvonne. She’s
    too much of a novice. Same with Mark. And
    definitely neither two immature idiots who
    can’t even hold different opinions without
    trying to kill each other.

    Kathryn breathes in and out, closing and opening her eyes again.

    Jeff, I can’t quit just because they know
    my name. Is that all it takes? Is the next
    pack going to do the same? If they know
    that all they have to do is find out who
    we are and they can run us out, then it’s
    game over. They win. We can’t let that happen.

    Jeff sighs.

    Kathryn, I don’t think I’d be able to
    handle seeing you get killed.

    You won’t have to!

    There’s a moment of silence.

    Everyone but Jeff, out.

    But Kathryn…


    Seth slams his fist on the table, cracking it. Then he turns and
    storms out of the room. Yvonne nudges Gentry and Mark.

    Come on. They need some privacy.

    Yvonne gently pushes them out the door, closing it behind her. Jeff
    and Kathryn are left facing each other, alone.

    Look Jeff, if you really want me to quit
    That badly, then I will. But not yet. I
    have to see this through. I won’t be able
    to sleep at night, wondering if there’s a
    pack of evolved werewolves out there, getting
    more and more in numbers, and possibly even
    evolve more. That’s too big of a risk on
    this world. Don’t think I’m not scared.

    Tears come to Kathryn’s eyes.

    I’m scared as hell. For the first time in
    five years, I have something to live for.
    I don’t want to die. Or worse, Turn. I know
    how scared you are that something is going to
    happen to me, because I feel that fear as well.
    But I have to see this through. You must understand that.

    Jeff stood, tears in his eyes.

    I do.

    After this, I’ll quit. I swear to you I will.
    I’ll leave the Team in Seth’s hands and me and
    you can go live a normal life away from all
    this, ok?

    Jeff nods.

    Then let’s get this finished.

    Just what I was thinking.

    How did they find out your name?

    Their human half has evolved as well,
    becoming more and more like their werewolf
    half. Maybe they also got a better sense of
    hearing as well, and one of them was close
    enough to hear my name get mentioned. We
    only know what he looks like, not anyone
    else in his pack. They could be anyone we
    pass on the street. He likes playing with us.
    He might even know all our names.

    That makes Jeff silent.

    I need to go find Seth. Calm him down. I’ll
    be back soon.


    She leans in and kisses him again. She turns, smiling, and walks
    out of the room. After she leaves, Mark, Gentry, and Yvonne walk
    back in.

    So what’s the verdict?

    She’s gonna finish this hunt, but after that
    both me and her are outta here. Taking off
    someplace and starting over.

    I understand.

    Can’t speak for Seth though.

    Jeff shrugs.

    Not much he can do about it. He does have
    quite a kick though.

    Yvonne, Mark, and Gentry chuckle. Jeff smiles.


    Seth is standing outside the hotel by the main entrance. Kathryn
    walks out and stands by him.

    I’m sticking around. At least until the
    end of this hunt.

    So that’s it? Anything we might have had:
    out the window.

    I’ve told you before that nothing could
    ever happened between us.

    You’re letting a scared little boy…

    (Cutting him off)
    Of course he’s scared! I’m scared too. I’d
    be even more scared if he wasn’t scared.

    He’s not just scared about you. He’s scared
    of the werewolves. He even admitted to that.

    It takes an insane person not to be scared
    of them.

    So I’m insane now?

    Kathryn smiles.

    Oh, definitely.

    Seth looks at her sternly, but then a smile breaks out.

    So what now? Well he be too scared for
    our next ‘meeting’ with them?

    I don’t think he’ll ever not be. They’ll
    never stop scaring him.

    Then what do we do?

    Nothing. Sooner or later they’re going to
    piss him off. And that won’t be a good thing.


    Everyone is in the room, sitting around.

    So what’s the plan?

    This guy seems fixated more on me then
    the rest of you. He approached me. He
    talked to me. He said my name. He also
    knows I’m the leader and I’m the one that
    gave the order to kill his pack. To him, I’m
    more responsible then anyone else and he
    wants me more then the rest of you. He’ll also
    come for me himself. He wants that privilege.
    Tomorrow morning we’ll go back to the town.
    We’ll wire one of the houses with explosives
    and I’ll stay inside of it as bait…

    (Cutting her off)
    No way!

    It’s the only way Jeff. Don’t worry. I’ll have
    an escape route behind me so I won’t be hit in
    the blast. He seems to be the ring leader here,
    so with him gone, it shouldn’t be hard to track
    down and kill the rest of them.

    So what do we do for the rest of today?

    Relax for once.


    Yvonne lays on a bed, watching TV, Gentry is still working on the
    Tracker, Seth and Mark are playing cards, and Jeff and Kathryn stand
    out on the balcony, holding hands as they look at the city life
    below them. The sky is dark, not just from the evening sky, but
    from rain clouds. Thunder rumbles and rains begins to fall. Jeff
    and Kathryn run back inside, laughing at something.

    What’s so fuckin’ funny?

    Just discussing old times.

    Hey, we’re going to my bar. Anyone want to
    join us?

    Seth eyes the cards in his hands a few times over, and then lays
    them face-down on the table. He eyes Jeff and Kathryn.

    Not me. I think I’m going to rest before

    I don’t drink, but I do wish to hang out
    with the rest of you.

    It’s not like there’s much on TV anyway.

    I’ll go. I think I have the Tracker fully

    Good news, Gentry. Alright guys, let’s go.
    Take it easy, Seth.

    They all head out, and after they’re gone, Seth takes one of
    Jeff’s guns and throws it as hard as he can at the door.



    The van, Mark drives down the street, windshield wipers going
    full speed. Lightning flashes and seconds later thunder booms,
    rumbling the van.

    This is a mighty big storm.

    We don’t even need the Tracker on nights
    like this. Wet dogs smell bad enough, but
    can you imagine a wet werewolf? Pheeew-eeee.
    Talk about a warning.

    They all break up laughing, even Jeff.

    Normally the bar’s closed on such stormy
    nights, so with any luck, it’ll just be
    us there.

    Kathryn looks at him seductively.

    Well then, I guess we’ll have to make sure we
    don’t drink too much.

    Well I do have my own room upstairs.

    The two smile.

    Now, now children, none of that.

    Everyone starts laughing some more.

    I already feel drunk and we haven’t even
    gotten there yet!

    Hey Jeff, back before I left I remember
    that you used to write a lot. Short stories
    and stuff. How’d that go?

    Well I finished that one novel about the
    Grim Reaper. That got published, but didn’t
    do too good. Then I did a movie script about
    a super hero named Nightboy, and that got
    bought by some guy, but I never heard anything
    about it since. That was three years ago.
    I stopped writing after that.

    That novel about Grim Reaper. That was
    ‘School Day’, wasn’t it?

    You read it?

    I own a copy. I love it!

    Jeff laughs.

    Well if we survive the next few days, I’ll
    sign your copy.

    We’re here.

    The van comes to a stop across the street. They get out into the
    raging storm, getting soaked in seconds. They rush across the street
    and Jeff takes out his keys, unlocking the door, opening it, allowing
    everyone to go in before him.


    The entire bar is dark. We can hear the rain drumming on the outside
    of the building. Lightning flashes and lights up the inside. In
    the instant of light, we are able to see a single figure standing
    at the bar, his back turned.

    Who the hell is that?

    No answer.

    He reaches over and flips the light switch. The empty bar lights
    up and they see that it’s the other owner of the bar.

    Oh thank god, it’s just you Trevor. What
    are you doing here?

    No answer. Everyone looks at each other as Jeff slowly approaches
    his friend and co-owner, TREVOR MELTON.

    Trev, is everything alright?

    Suddenly Trevor’s skin begins to ripple.

    What the…

    He trails off as there’s a bone crunching sound and Trevor gets
    bigger and more muscular, fur sprouting out all over his body.
    His clothes rip and fall to the floor. He whips his head around
    and his face is a werewolf’s face, snarling. The Trevor-Wolf
    backhands Jeff, sending him flying back across the bar and
    slamming into a wall. He falls to the floor and moans.

    Shit! Our weapons are in the van!

    The Trevor-Wolf takes a step towards them and howls. Kathryn runs
    and jumps, kicking it in the snout, causing it to snap its head
    to the side, snarling. She uses all her strength and punches it
    in the face.

    Mark uses the distraction time to run to the other end of the bar
    and throw a table upside down, breaking off a table leg, making sure
    He breaks it in such a way that the end is sharp.

    Kathryn throws another couple punches, but the werewolf punches her
    back, sending her flying up, hitting off the roof, and crashing to
    the floor, breaking a table. Gentry turns and runs out of the bar.

    Yvonne starts taking shooters off the tables and throwing them at
    the Trevor-wolf to distract it. It snarls as it turns on her.

    Mark reaches the Trevor-wolf and catches it by surprise as he swipes
    the broken table leg sideways like a sword. The werewolf howls in
    pain as its neck slits, but just slightly. Not enough to decapitate
    it. It punches at Mark, but he ducks and when he comes back up again,
    he rams the table leg through the werewolf’s head, right between the
    eyes. Blood squirts out all over Mark as he digs it deeper, going
    through the brain. He rams it even deeper, and it comes out the back,
    torn brain matter on the end of it.

    The body falls with the table leg still in the head.

    How the fuck is he a werewolf? I’ve seen
    him at night before!

    Suddenly we hear a low growl and another werewolf leaps from the
    second floor landing and lands in the middle of the floor.

    At that moment Gentry runs back into the bar.


    She turns and Gentry throws her sword to her, which she catches and
    unsheathes as soon as she has hold of it.


    Mark turns and sees Gentry about to throw him a handgun.

    Pass it to Jeff!

    Gentry turns and throws it to Jeff, who catches it, whips around,
    and fires.

    It misses however, because the has werewolf started changing into
    its ‘wolf’ form, so it is slightly lower by the time the bullet
    reaches it, causing the bullet to fly over its head and embed
    into a wall.

    I missed?

    Get over it and fire again!

    Within seconds the werewolf is a Big Wolf and it leaps and lands
    on Kathryn, trying to bite into her face. She uses the sword to put
    up to block it’s teeth, and while she’s at it, she pushes up with
    all her strength, cutting the sword through the werewolf’s mouth
    and out the back of it’s head, causing the top half to fall away.

    Kathryn crawls out from under the body and gets to her feet.

    Gentry, why didn’t the tracker go off?

    It’s in the van and the bar is out of range.
    We would have needed a receiver in here.

    We need to search the rest of the bar.

    As Mark, Yvonne, and Jeff start searching every bit of both floors of
    the bar, Kathryn and Gentry walk over to the Trevor-Wolf’s dead body.
    Kathryn looks at Gentry.

    We have to be absolutely sure.

    She raises her sword and swings it down, decapitating the Trevor-Wolf.
    Gentry flinches, closing his eyes.

    A few minutes later Jeff, Yvonne, and Mark return.

    Nothing. Place is empty. Seems like this
    guy here…

    He points to the second werewolf.

    …came here and Turned Jeff’s friend. It
    was another trap. They knew we were headed

    Which means…

    She trails off. Everyone looks at each other.

    The hotel room…

    Oh god…Seth…

    Everyone takes off running out of the bar, through the rain, and
    into the van.


    The group runs through the hotel’s hallways like insane people.
    They reach their hotel room and see claw marks in the wall by
    the door. Kathryn throws the door open and everyone piles into
    the room as lightning flashes and thunder booms.

    The room is dark, the light broken. The place is trashed. Everything
    knocked over and knocked down, the beds with deep gashes in them,
    the window broken, rain pouring into the room. But no sign of Seth.
    Kathryn runs to the window and looks out, but there’s no body on
    the ground below. Everyone else is searching the room. Jeff grabs
    his guns and cocks them.

    Kathryn throws her sword on one of the beds as she rushes and looks
    in the bathroom. Nothing.

    Maybe…Maybe he got out in time.

    Yeah, he probably did.

    We need to go look for him.

    She goes over to the closet to get a dry jacket, but when she
    opens it, she screams and steps back. Everyone crowds around and
    they all gasp. Seth’s body is in the closet, sitting on the floor,
    leaned up against the wall. His body is full of gashes and rips,
    a huge gash from a bite, in his arm. Kathryn quickly turns away

    Gentry, get her out of here!

    Come on Kathryn.

    Gentry takes Kathryn by the shoulders and leads her out of the room.

    Someone has to do it. Lady Kathryn’s not
    in any state to.


    What? Why me?

    Because…You’re second in command.

    Christ! Is that what you guys think? Look,
    I’ll do it, but only for Kathryn’s sake.

    Jeff goes and grabs Kathryn’s sword and walks back over. Mark and
    Yvonne drag the body out of the closet. Jeff breathes in and out
    and raises the sword. Suddenly Seth’s eyes open and he gasps a
    breath of air. Yvonne notices that his arms are slightly more hairy.

    Do it! Do it now!

    Jeff rams the sword down, slicing Seth’s head almost all the way
    off, hanging on by only a few strands of flesh.

    They know we’re here, and they can easily
    find us no matter where we run. I’m tired
    of running. This all ends tomorrow.

    Jeff rams the sword into the floor, sticking it there, and then
    storms out of the room.

    9/13/2004 1:21:28 PM

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