By Michael Crichton
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    The dinosaur the T-Rex is snacking on in JP3 is a Datausaurus, according to the JP3 novelization. (From: OsamaKiller)
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    Jeff Long's 'Werewolves' [Part 1 of 4]
    By Aragorn




    A line of five jeeps come to a stop on a hill overlooking a town
    as the sun starts to go down. The passenger of the first jeep,
    a female in her twenties with a sword on her back, steps out
    and looks out at the town below. This is KATHRYN BELLA.

    The driver of the first jeep, a person around the same age as
    Kathryn, SETH BANNO, gets out and walks up and stands next
    to Kathryn as she raises a pair of binoculars to her eyes.

    This is it, alright. The newspapers
    explained how all contact was lost with
    this town, and whenever someone was sent
    to check on it, they never came back.
    This has to be that town. It’s deserted
    as hell and in the area they said it would

    That would mean the werewolves are getting
    more bold. They would never have attacked
    an entire town before.

    Kathryn lowers her binoculars.

    Let’s get started.

    Kathryn and Seth head back to their vehicle and the line of
    jeeps drive off, heading down the hill.


    The jeeps drive down the deserted streets as the sun is finishes
    going down. They reach what has to be the center of the town,
    for it seems that every street connects to it, and there is a
    giant stone clock in the middle.

    Kathryn gets out of her jeep, followed by the other five Hunters.
    She turns to face them.

    Ok, this is it. We’ve got approximately
    twenty minutes until the moon shows itself.
    Until then, these are normal people with
    no extra strength. However we don’t know
    how many there are, or even where they
    are, so we don’t go home until we’ve
    searched every nook and cranny of this
    place. That includes every closet of every
    house. We’re going to be here for a couple
    days, so watch each other’s backs and
    shoot to kill. If they’re in human form,
    some may use lies to trick you into believing
    they are someone they aren’t. If you see
    any other humans here other then us, shoot
    them. Are we clear?

    The team all gives the ‘ok’ that they understand and goes back
    To their jeeps to load up their weapons that include daggers,
    guns, grenades, dynamite, and other various home-made weapons.
    The guns are a metallic silver color and they look a bit more
    ‘high-tech’ then normal guns and they require both hands to
    hold them. There are also various types of handguns. Each member
    puts on a headset.

    After they load up and prepare, they disperse in groups of two.
    Kathryn and an older man, MARTIN RANDLE, pair up, the ex-priest
    MARK LAURENCE and Seth team up, and the 18-year old boy MICHAEL
    CARRIE and another 20-ish man BEN CORNETT team up. The three teams
    go off in separate directions. Kathryn and Martin take Main Street
    while Mark and Seth start off down one street of houses on one
    side of Main Street and Michael and Ben go down another on the
    other side of Main Street.


    Kathryn and Martin walk down the middle of the road of Main Street,
    guns held out. When they get to the end, Kathryn goes on one side
    while Martin takes the other.

    Kathryn tries the door to the first store, but finds it locked.
    She uses the butt of her gun to smash the window in, shattering
    the glass. She steps inside and sees that it’s a jewelry store.
    She looks around the big room, not really any hiding places left.
    She looks behind the counters and moves slowly towards the storage room. She gets the door open and peers in to find a completely
    empty room. She sighs and turns, heading back out the way she


    Martin is in the first building on the other side of the street,
    which is a bar. He takes a quick glance around first, scanning
    the room. Some tables and chairs are knocked over and a small
    pool of dried blood lays on the floor, but not much else on
    first glance.

    He begins to slowly walk around the area, looking at the floor
    And overturned tables, looking for clues. He holds his gun out
    the entire time, being very cautious. While holding his gun out,
    he walks in the direction of the bar counter, often turning around
    in complete 360 degrees circles, watching his back and sides.

    After he reaches the bar counter, he looks behind it, scanning
    The aisle up and down, seeing only a few small puddles of blood.
    He jumps over the counter and lays his gun down on the counter
    as he faces the countless amounts of different types of alcohol.

    Martin smiles as he reaches up and takes down a few different
    bottles, laying them on the counter, and then reaching under
    the counter to grab a glass. He opens the bottles and begins to
    make some kind of a mix. He turns to the ice machine and holds
    his glass under it and presses the button, but only warm water
    pours out.

    Martin moans as he quickly pulls the cup away and adds more alcohol
    to it. He takes a sip and smiles.


    Mark and Seth are walking down a random street.

    You’re the newest member here, Padre’.
    What’s you’re story?

    I am no longer a Padre’.

    What happened?

    These unholy beasts slaughtered my brother.
    He was doing a confession and this one
    woman turned into a devil-wolf and killed
    my brother. I saw the entire thing when
    I walked into the church. My life was
    spared only by Lady Kathryn stepping in
    and saving my life. I vowed to help her
    track down the devil-wolves and kill them

    They aren’t devil-wolves, Padre. They’re
    fuckin’ werewolves. Plain and simple.

    And where do werewolves come from originally?
    Does anyone know?

    Seth sighs.

    No Padre. I guess your theory’s just as
    credible as any other. I however like to
    believe the whole ‘virus’ thing myself.

    They reach the first row of houses and turn down the first walkway,
    heading for the first house. The door is open ajar and Seth and
    Mark glance at each other. They go and push it open some more
    as they turn on their halogen lights that are attached to their

    They slowly step inside the dark house, the light beams dancing
    across walls and furniture.

    Ok, split up. You take down here, I’ll
    take upstairs.

    Seth pats Mark on the shoulder

    Watch your back, Padre.

    Mark nods and pats Seth back. The two split up. Seth slowly
    walks up the stairs as Mark slowly moves around the first floor,
    searching every nook and cranny.


    Ben and Michael are walking down another random street, their
    halogen lights on.

    How many werewolves do you think there

    I don’t know. A lot. This pack wiped out
    an entire town.

    How come none have come out yet? I mean,
    surly they can smell us.

    It only just got dark. They’re probably
    already on their way to us now.

    Their lights shine on a big building in front of them. The town
    swimming pool

    Up for a swim?


    Mark moves quietly through the first floor, checking behind
    furniture and in closets, and checking for any signs of werewolves
    having been there. So far not a single sign.


    Seth moves through the master bedroom, looking under the bed,
    in the closet, and behind the door. No sign anywhere of any

    He goes back out into the hall and checks the next room, with
    the same results.


    Michael is checking out a changeroom in the swimming pool building,
    and judging by the pink walls, we can easily guess that he’s in
    the girl’s changeroom.

    He’s going through each and every locker, inspecting them. He
    stops when his light shines on a bathing suit, hung up.


    Ben is inspecting the actual pool area, walking around the concrete
    floor, shinning his light out across the water. He goes and looks
    in the water and sees that it’s murky. It hasn’t been cleaned in


    Michael goes and inspects the showers, finding the same thing as
    always – nothing. He goes back out into the main lobby of the
    building, shinning his light around as he walks. He turns,
    planning on going up the stairs to check out the second floor
    balcony and rooms, when he hears the sound of bare feet slapping
    on the floor.

    Michael turns around and sees a giant wolf walking towards him,
    coming out of the darkness, head lowered, growling. Michael raises
    his gun, about to shoot, but he hears more growling and looks
    around, seeing giant wolves coming at him from all directions.

    Oh shit.


    Ben hears a few gun shots and small explosion sounds and looks
    up from the water. He hears a scream and takes off running. As
    he does, he holds up a hand to his ear piece.

    Michael? Michael, do you read me?

    Silence. He presses a button on the side as he runs into a
    change room.

    Come in, Boss.

    What is it, Ben?

    Reporting from the town’s local swimming
    pool. Me and Michael split up to save time
    and I just heard shots fired and a scream.

    Michael’s only a kid. He probably saw his
    own reflection and jumped. But just in
    case, check in on it and if its anything
    you can’t handle, call for back up.

    Roger that, boss.

    By now Ben has ran out from the change room and into the main
    lobby. He stops dead in his tracks as he sees a pack of huge
    wolves feasting on Michael’s body, ripping into his throat and
    face, tearing at his stomach. One wolf even had Michael’s leg
    ripped off and was chewing on it away from the body.

    Suddenly every single wolf looks up at Ben and begins to growl.

    Boss, I think I’m gonna need back-up.

    One of the wolves steps towards Ben and howls.

    Fuck you.

    Ben raises his gun and fires.


    The round flies through the air and hits the wolf in the middle
    of the head, causing his head to explode, brains and blood flying


    All the other wolves hesitate.

    That’s right - Exploding rounds!

    He aims and fires again, blowing up the head of another nearby
    wolf. Suddenly all the wolves’ skins start rippling. Ben looks
    at one of them and sees that its getting butcher then it already
    is, and getting bigger. Suddenly it rears back on two legs and
    its front two legs shift and change into arms and hands. Its snout
    and head grow in size and its body gets more muscular. Soon enough
    every over-sized wolf in the area are now two-legged werewolves,
    and every single one is looking at Ben.

    Well that’s new…


    Martin is standing at the bar counter, mixing more drinks, having
    already finished a few. Suddenly the doors slam open and Kathryn
    walks in, looking pissed.

    Why the fuck aren’t you answering your

    (Slurring and Pointing)
    You know, if you mix this drink, with
    that one, you get something that tastes
    like Barf. I don’t know why I’m still
    drinking it…

    Kathryn reaches into a holster she has on her belt and pulls out
    a hand gun. She fires it, shattering the glass that Martin was
    holding. He looks down at the contents that are now on the floor.

    Oops-y. I spilt it all!

    We are on a hunt, Martin. You getting
    drunk off your ass during a hunt is
    unacceptable. Not only can it get yourself
    killed, but team mates as well. Ben and
    Michael just called in for back up and
    that’s where me and the others are going.

    Kathryn grabs Martin by the coat collar and starts dragging him
    towards the door.

    You are going to stay with the jeeps
    until I come back for you. You’re in
    no shape to hunt, and believe me, when
    this is over, you’re going to be in a
    lot of trouble.

    They reach outside and Kathryn shoves him towards the jeeps. She
    looks at him one last time and sees him mumbling something to
    himself as he looks at a bug crawl across the ground. He then
    tries to imitate it. Kathryn scoffs and climbs inside her jeep
    and drives off, heading for the swimming pool.


    Seth rushes down the stairs.

    Come on, Padre. Kathryn’s called us out.
    Ben and Michael called in for back up.
    We’re moving out.

    Seth rushes to the front door, in which Mark quickly meets
    up with him. Right before they turn to leave, they hear a
    crashing sound from the other side of the house. Seth and
    Mark look at each other.

    Two minutes and that’s it.

    Mark and Seth turn back around and head deeper into the house
    to where they heard the crash, guns raised. They reach the
    back room, which is filled with empty animal cages. There
    is another door off to the side of that one. The two walk
    towards it and Mark pushes the door open while Seth jumps
    in, gun pointed out.

    Nothing but a small operating table.

    It appears this house belongs to a vet.

    Suddenly there’s a creaking noise and they both look down, seeing
    part of the floor coming up. There is a trap door there and
    someone is coming up.

    Seth points the barrel of his gun through the opened crack.

    Ok, nice and easy now.

    The door opens up all the way and a female in her thirties
    walks up. She looks scared out of her mind.

    Mark raises his gun and puts it up next to her head, but Seth
    takes a hand off his gun and pushes Mark’s barrel away from
    the girl’s head. Seth keeps his gun on her, but not quite so

    You got 15 seconds to explain who you
    are and what you’re doing down there
    before I blow your fuckin’ head off.

    Ok, first off, I am not one of ‘Them’.
    My name is Yvonne Bartha. When they
    first attacked, I was sleeping. I woke
    up in the night to see werewolves
    attacking people. I couldn’t believe it.
    My husband pushed me down into this cellar
    while he fought off a werewolf. Never seen
    him since. There’s enough food rations
    and water down there to last several months.

    Mark points his gun at her again.

    Remember what Lady Kathryn said. They’ll
    lie when they’re in their human forms.

    It’s the middle of the night. Don’t you
    think that if she was a werewolf, that
    she’d be turned right now? That rule was
    for during the day.

    Mark lowers his gun, looking ashamed for over-reacting.

    So what? You guys are Werewolf Hunters
    or something?

    That’s exactly what we are. But we have
    to get going. We’re supposed to be backing
    our team up and we still have to walk
    to the jeeps before driving there. You
    can come with us.

    The three turn and rush through the house again, getting
    outside and rushing down the street, making their way to the


    Kathryn pulls the jeep to a screeching stop outside the swimming
    pool building and she jumps out, taking her gun with her. She
    puts her hand on her headset.

    Seth, Mark, where the hell are you two?

    We found a survivor. She’s perfectly 100
    percent human. She checks out. Turns out
    she encountered these things once before.
    We’re on our way now.

    Fine, I’ll deal with her after. Just get
    your asses over here on the double.

    Kathryn lets go of her headset and holds her gun with both
    hands as she rushes to the front doors of the dark swimming
    pool building.

    She smashes the glass in the front doors with the butt of
    her gun and steps inside, turning the halogen light on. She
    shines it around the main lobby area and gasps.

    The light falls upon the bloody remains of Michael, and
    blood splotches all over the place.

    Oh God…

    She moves slowly, often checking behind her and her sides.
    There’s a growl and she whips around. Out of the darkness
    of an opened room, an big object flies out at her, hitting

    Kathryn falls back and quickly reaches for her gun, pointing
    it out. Nothing else comes out from the shadows. All is silent.
    She stands and shines the light down at what hit her. She sees
    the deformed body of Ben, his face mangled, and his body ripped

    She lets out a cry and then suddenly hears a growl. She
    looks up and sees the outline of a werewolf walking out
    from where Ben’s body had been thrown from. The werewolf is
    walking on two legs.

    What the hell is happening here?

    Kathryn raises her gun and fires, hearing an exploding sound
    and a thump as the werewolf falls.

    There is another growl, then another, then another. Soon
    the entire lobby is filled with growls. As Kathryn whips
    around in all directions, her flashlight beam falls on dozens
    of werewolves, all walking towards her on two legs, in their
    new ‘humanoid’ forms. It is at this time she realizes that her
    and her team are in over their heads. The werewolf pack didn’t
    kill the entire town. They turned some of them. And there’s
    something strange about this pack. They can change into yet
    another form. Something never seen before in werewolf packs.

    Kathryn fires, blowing up a werewolf’s head. She turns and fires
    again, doing the same. When she turns back around, there’s
    a werewolf standing face-to-face with her. It grabs her gun,
    while she’s still holding on, and swings it inward, causing
    the butt of it to hit her in the side really hard.

    She falls to the floor as the werewolf takes her gun and snaps
    it in two. It progresses on her, and just as it reaches her,
    it leans down to bite her, but Kathryn reaches behind her and
    pulls out her sword.

    She swings up, decapitating the werewolf, its head landing on
    the floor beside her. This seemed to be the move that angered
    the others the most, for at that minute they all start hissing
    and growling, some howling. They all start moving in on her at

    Kathryn quickly gets to her feet just as a werewolf reaches
    for her. She swings out, cutting off its hand, causing it to
    howl in pain. She turns and runs, the werewolves giving chase.

    She starts up a set of stairs, when one werewolf leaps in the
    air and lands a couple steps in front of her. It turns around
    and snarls at her. Kathryn rams her sword through its chest. It
    yelps, then looks down at her, opening its mouth. She reaches
    into a holster and pulls out her hand gun. She points it right
    into the werewolf’s opened mouth and fires, exploding its head.
    Blood and brains splatter all over her. She pulls the sword
    out as the body falls. She turns and fires a couple shots behind
    her as she continues on up the steps.

    A werewolf that had been on the second floor walks down the stairs
    part way and stops in front of Kathryn. She fires at it, but it
    ducks. She swings her sword, but it moves back slightly, and
    then brings its arm down on the back of her sword, knocking it
    out of her hands, and over the edge of the stairs. Kathryn aims
    her gun again, but before she can fire, the werewolf punches her,
    sending her flying back through the air until she hits the wall
    hard, and crashes to the first floor.

    Kathryn opens her eyes as she slowly stands up, pain visible by
    her expression. She looks around and sees that she’s surrounded
    by the werewolves. She raises her gun and fires but all that
    comes out is a very loud and noticeable click.

    The werewolves move in on her, close enough that she could see
    a bug crawling through the fur of one of them.

    Suddenly there’s a huge crash and the room gets flooded with light.
    Kathryn and all the werewolves look over to find that a jeep had
    crashed through the front wall and into the lobby. Seth stands in
    the back of the jeep, leaning on the front roof, a machine gun
    resting on it. He begins screaming as he lets the bullets fly,
    explosions happening every time they hit something. Sometimes
    a part of a wall would explode, or a chair, or a table, and other
    times, bits of flesh, blood, guts, and fur would explode.

    One werewolf however, escapes the barrage of bullets and
    lifts up the front of the jeep, causing a few shots to hit the
    roof and explode, before Seth stops firing. Some debris rains
    down, but no one is hurt from it.

    The werewolf keeps lifting up, planning on tipping the jeep over,
    when suddenly it gets decapitated. The jeep falls back to the
    floor, crushing the body. Kathryn stands in front of it, holding
    her sword once again.

    A few escaped through the back.

    What the fuck were those things?

    A new breed of werewolves apparently.
    Stronger then before and they can change
    to a more humanoid shape.

    Seth hops down from the back of the jeep and reloads the machine
    gun. Mark gets out from the driver’s side, handing Kathryn a box
    of ammo for her hand gun. As she starts re-loading it, Yvonne steps
    out from the passenger side. Kathryn looks up.

    That her?

    Yeah. Only survivor.

    So you had an encounter with the werewolves;
    only survivor when your town gets ran-over,
    and you manage to survive this long.

    Yes. I had an underground cellar the size
    of a small house to stay in. I came up
    when I heard voices.

    Can you fire a gun?


    Kathryn turns to Mark.

    Mark, get this women a gun.
    (Turns back to Yvonne)
    Welcome to Team Kathryn.

    Mark goes to the back of the jeep as Seth goes to talk to Kathryn.
    Mark gives Yvonne a holster and handgun, and also one of the larger
    metallic guns.

    Seth and Kathryn are talking in low voices.

    Looks like they were having a town
    meeting here.

    There certainly were a lot of them.
    I wonder if that was all of them, or
    if there’s more out there.

    Well three of them did go out the back.

    We’ll have to hunt those ones down. We
    should do that tonight. Then we’ll wait
    till morning and search for people. This
    pack has already killed two of us, almost
    three. It’s a smarter and bigger pack
    then we’re used to. With new abilities.

    Where do you think those three went?

    First guess would be into hiding, but
    They are in werewolf form, so their hunger
    will make any of the dominate decisions.

    If there’s anything out there for them
    to eat, they’ll go there and eat before

    Kathryn puts her sword away.

    That’s what I was thinking. Which means
    Martin’s in trouble and they got a head
    start on us.

    Kathryn turns and heads for the jeep, Seth following her.

    Yvonne, Mark, you guys ride in the back.
    Have your weapons out and ready. Seth,
    you’re riding shotgun in the front. Let’s
    move, people!

    Everyone rushes to where they were told to go as Kathryn hops
    in the jeep and backs up with the tires squealing. When she
    gets out of the building, she turns the jeep around and heads
    down the street as fast as she can, heading for where she left


    The jeep comes to a screeching stop as everyone jumps out as
    fast as they can. Before them, all the other jeeps are wrecked
    and ruined; smashed beyond repair. Two werewolves are there,
    feasting on what’s left of Martin’s bloody remains, tearing and
    ripping at the flesh. (From now on, the werewolves will always
    be in ‘humanoid’ form unless other-wise stated).

    One of them looks up and sees the people. It howls, causing the
    other one to look up. They growl and snarl and take a couple steps
    towards the hunters, however they don’t make it any further
    then that. The hunters let off a few rounds each, causing
    the two werewolves to start exploding all over. Within seconds
    all that remained were a few pieces of flesh and hair here
    and there, and some puddles of blood.

    Kathryn goes to one of the destroyed jeeps and takes out three
    tanks of gasoline. She goes and puts two of them in the back
    of the working jeep. She takes the top off the third and begins
    pouring it all over Martin’s body.

    Seth, take Mark back to the swimming pool
    and hope that they haven’t turned yet. Be
    careful. There’s still at least one more
    werewolf running around. Yvonne, you stay
    here with me.

    Seth pats Mark on the back as he gets in the driver’s side.

    Come on, Padre’.

    Mark gets in the passenger side as Seth drives the jeep away.

    We burn the bodies so they don’t come
    back as werewolves.

    I know…I’ve gathered that.

    Kathryn lights a match and flicks it down, causing Martin’s body
    to go up in flames.


    Seth and Mark are in the lobby, dousing gasoline over the
    remaining body parts of Ben and Michael.

    Has anyone ever turned while in this
    condition before?

    Before we picked you up, we had this
    one team member. Real fuckin’ asshole.
    I hated him. Way too cocky and full of
    himself. That cockiness got him killed.
    Had all his arms and legs fuckin’ ripped
    off. Been dead for hours. Yet he still
    changed. Couldn’t move or anything, but
    it was before we had exploding rounds.
    Took a few shots to the head to kill him.
    Now we just burn the bodies to be sure.

    How long have you been part of Team Kathryn?

    From the beginning. I was the first person
    she recruited. She was originally a lone
    hunter, but she came across me. The sole
    survivor of a werewolf attack on my family
    when we were broke down. I only survived
    because Kathryn showed up before they got
    to me. She asked if I had any place to go
    and I said no. She asked if I wanted to
    help her hunt the creatures. I didn’t
    think twice about it and haven’t looked
    back since.

    Well, werewolf survivors becoming hunters
    instead of being killed is a good idea to
    me. You can never have too many hunters.

    Ain’t that the fuckin truth, Padre’.

    Seth pulls Mark back as he throws a match down, igniting the two
    bodies and the remains.


    The jeep stops next to Kathryn and Yvonne and Seth and Mark get

    Is it done?

    It’s done.

    Ok, listen up. There’s still at least
    one more werewolf here. Chances are, it
    probably ran away, unless there’s more
    of them here, in which case it would have
    went to them. Normally I’d say we hunt
    it now, but seeing as how this pack already
    killed three of us, we’re gonna wait for
    daylight and continue our search then.
    In the meantime, we’ll set up camp here.
    We’ll have at least one person on watch
    at all times and we can sleep in the back
    of the jeep. This area is pretty open,
    so there won’t be any sneak attacks. I’ll
    take first watch.

    Yvonne and Mark start making themselves comfortable in the back
    of the jeep as Seth walks up to Kathryn.

    You sure you’re ok standing watch by

    Yes Seth. I did it for a couple years on
    my own before.

    Right. I’ll relieve you in a couple hours.

    Kathryn nods as Seth goes and climbs in the back of the jeep.


    Yvonne opens her eyes to see that everyone else was already up
    and moving. She yawns as she climbs out from the back of the
    jeep. She approaches Kathryn, who was cleaning her sword.

    What’s the plan for today?

    Kathryn glances up at her.

    We spend the day and night going through
    this town and killing anyone we find.
    Last night was the last full moon for a
    month, so we won’t come across any werewolves
    now for awhile. We mop up the rest of
    this town and then go home for a month.
    We all live together, so you’re welcome
    to join us there if you want.


    Kathryn cleans the last bit of blood off her sword and puts it
    back in its sheath.

    Ok everybody, change up your ammo. No
    need for exploding shots now for another
    month. No need to waste them. Use normal
    ammo from now on.

    Everyone does as she says, emptying out one kind of round from
    their guns and loading up another kind.

    Just by the books today, folks. Nothing
    fancy. You see a human other then us, you
    kill them. Simple as that. I want to get
    out of this shit hole, so lets hurry.
    Seth, you take Mark again. I’ll take
    the newer rookie. You guys take the left
    side of Main Street, we’ll take the right.
    Now let’s move.

    The four people fan into two groups and begin to spread out.

    We see a montage of shots that include various and numerous shots
    of the two groups exploring various houses and stores and other
    parts of the town, always coming up empty-handed. They sometimes
    come across blood and even a severed arm in one house, but no
    full bodies, and nothing alive. In between some of the shots,
    we cut to shots of the sun rising higher and then sinking lower.
    We finish the montage on a shot of all four meeting back at the
    jeep as dusk arrives.

    We found zip. You guys?

    Fuckin’ nada. Seems the only surviving
    one left town while he could. He’s out
    there right now someplace, probably
    hitchhiking to the nearest town.

    Are we going to go after him?

    No. It’s another month until the next
    Full moon. It’ll be impossible to find
    him now. Chances are we’ll come across
    him again sometime in the future and kill
    him. We’ll probably never know it’s him
    though. Any werewolf we kill could be him
    and we’d never know. They all look alike
    to me. Unless he’s in his humanoid wolf
    form that is.

    Seth turns to Yvonne.

    We’ve come across a couple with different
    fur color, but most of the time, it’s
    always the same. Fur color means nothing
    anyway. Doesn’t make them stronger, doesn’t
    make them smarter. But they’ve only ever
    been big wolves. The ones that attacked
    your town…They can change to another form.
    The big two-legged, buff critters. That’s
    new to us.

    Pardon my impatience, but seeing as how
    we’re done here, I was wondering if we
    could head home now.

    My thoughts exactly. Time to leave this
    shit hole. Mark, you drive. Seth, you
    and Yvonne can take the back for now.
    We’ll change up when we stop for gas.

    As night falls on them and fog begins to rise up, they pack
    everything and load up into the truck.

    Mark starts the jeep, but right before he steps on the gas,
    he hears Seth.

    Wait, don’t go!

    Mark and Kathryn look out the windows behind them and see a lone
    figure in a trench coat walking towards them, coming out of the

    Don’t go anywhere, Mark. It could be the
    one from last night. Although I have no
    idea what the hell he’s doing.

    Everyone watches as the figure slowly steps out of the fog, towards
    them and then stops.

    What the fuck…

    He trails off as the skin on the figure starts rippling and
    expanding. Fur begins to grow and his face starts transforming
    into a snout. Within seconds the figure’s clothes are ripped,
    laying on the ground, and the figure is now a werewolf.

    Everyone starts saying things such as ‘What the fuck?’, ‘How
    The hell?’, ‘What’s fuckin going on here’, all at once and by
    The time they finish, the werewolf leaps in the air and lands
    In the back of the jeep with Yvonne, who screams, and Seth. It
    snarls at them, baring it’s teeth.

    Seth reaches for one of the metallic guns and fires, just as Mark
    slams on the gas pedal. Between the shot and the change of speed
    from none to some, the werewolf flies off the back of the jeep
    with a yelp. The jeep flies forward, Mark’s foot all the way
    down on the pedal.

    Back in the distance, the werewolf climbs to his feet and lets
    out a long howl.

    After they leave it behind, Seth relaxes and drops the gun.

    It…got back up…Jesus Christ…

    Yeah, I realized after I fired that we
    changed the ammo this morning. That was
    a regular shot that it got hit by. Speaking
    of changing ammo…

    Seth turns and puts his head in the window that leads into the
    front of the jeep.

    How the FUCK can he change into a

    I…I…I don’t know.

    Kathryn looks up at the sky.

    It’s a crescent moon tonight, not a full
    moon. People only change into werewolves
    on full moons! I don’t understand it!

    9/12/2004 8:17:34 PM
    (Updated: 9/12/2004 8:19:07 PM)
    (Updated: 9/13/2004 3:28:10 AM)

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